I hope you don't find this Copyright notice intimidating! If you've purchased the CD-Rom, you certainly have all the rights you'd expect to have: Use this as part of your own genealogical project, and sell the result if you wish.

Copyright Notice

The genealogical information in these pages is not copyrighted. (It would be absurd for me to try to copyright it since so much has been obtained from other Internet users who are happy to share.) I'm happy to share also, so please feel free to use this genealogical data as you wish (though it would be polite to mention my site if you use a lot of this information).

The format I use for my pedigree pages is my own design; you can use this format yourself, if you wish, but please give me credit if you put a large pedigree on the Internet in this format.

There are a few pages, mostly non-genealogical ones, on this site which are my own creative inventions; for example my List of Greatest Mathematicians. When I put a great deal of time into developing such a page, I am naturally annoyed when someone else steals it, copying it word-for-word and claiming himself as the author!

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