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The British Chronicles

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  1. five descent-lines from Roman Emperors to British Kings
  2. ancestors & descendants of Britain's King Arthur
  3. genealogy of Israel's Davidic Dynasty
  4. descent from Christianity's Holy Family to Britain's Royal Family
  5. The Grail-Kings
  6. Old British Royal House
  7. genealogy of the Lougher Family: male-line descendants of Britain's Iron Age Kings
  8. The Jacobites: The Stuart King James II & His Heirs
  9. Kings & Princes of Wales
  10. Kings of Scotland
  11. Kings of Ulster: independent Irish kingdom
  12. Kings of Ireland
  13. The Picts
  14. early Frankish kings & the Merovingians
  15. some descent-lines from Africa to Europe
  16. some descent-lines from Arabic Royalty to European Royalty
  17. descent-lines from Asia to Europe
  18. ancestors & descendants of Central America's ancient Aztec Emperors
  19. ancestors & descendants of South America's Inca Emperors
  20. Egyptian Pharaohs
  21. descent-line from Ancient Egypt to Modern Britain
  22. descent-line from Ancient Greece to Modern Greece
  23. Nimrod & Ancient Sumeria
  24. Descents From Antiquity [="DFA"], the Babylonian Emperors
  25. miscellaneous descent-lines
  26. the Balthae Dynasty: Gothic Kings
  27. Lombard Kings
  28. male-line ancestry of the Plantagenets of England & the Capetians of France
  29. early Danish kings
  30. Cerdic of Wessex
  31. the "Beli Mawr Pedigree"
  32. the "Aedd Mawr Pedigree"
  33. the "Beli & Anne Pedigree"
  34. Heirs-Male of the Old British Royal House
  35. story of the First Christmas
  36. Jesus & His Passion
  37. The Holy Family & the Desposyni
  38. The Church, The Papacy, & The Desposyni
  39. Atlantis: the "lost continent"
  40. Who was Geoffrey of Monmouth's Brutus?
  41. the Mamikonids [genealogy]
  42. complete list of British Monarchs
  43. the Habsburg Dynasty's origin
  44. Carolingian Dynasty
  45. early kings & later dukes of Brittany, now the French province of Bretagne
  46. Tamar-Telphi [& a Jewish kingdom in Ancient Ireland]
  47. House of DRACULA, descent-lines

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