Jamie's Ancestors; Generations 66 - 128 (and beyond)

Here's the ninth and final section of my giant Ahnenreihe. (Refer to the first section for explanations.)

Generation 66    (My 63-great grandparents)

37956338939379073040:   Jeshua (claimant DAVIDIC Prince); or: prob. not Jason (son of Simon II ben Onias II); also begat Zamvdas, Enaneus; ? - 88+ BC
37956338939379073042:   poss. Pedubast II of EGYPT; also begat Psenptah II
37956338939379073046: *** Same as 4838425463775298002 (Mithridates V EUERGETES (King) of PONTUS)
37956338939379073047: *** Same as 4838425463775298003 (Laodice (V) of SYRIA)
37956338939379077124: *** Same as 2419212731887649006 (Mithridates VI `the Great' (King) of PONTUS)
37956338939379077125:   poss. Komosarye; or: Hypsicratea or: Berenice of COMMAGENE, q.v.
*A37956338939379077125:   prob. Laodice (Queen) of PONTUS; also bore Mithridates, Arcathius, Machares, Cleopatra, Drypetina; (sister-wife of Mithridates VI)
37956338939379077128:   Cotys of THRACE
A37956338939379077128:   Rheskuporis (King) of THRACE
37956338939379077132:   Zeno of LAODICEA; 90? BC - 38? BC
37956338939379187712:   Ahujang
37956338939379187728:   Shemaya II (38th EXILARCH); (ha-DAVID); ? - 40?
37956338939379188736:   Koudjide (Prince) of EGRISI; (K'ujisuni)
37956338939379188737:   (Miss) de KARTLI; (K'art'li)
37956338939379188738: *** Same as 9489084734844797186 (Pharnabazus I/II (King) of IBERIA)
37956338939379188739: *** Same as 9489084734844797187 (daughter of Tigranes II)
37956338939379188742:   Antialcidas (King) of BACTRIA; ? - 100? BC
37956338939379188744:   Artaxias I (King) of IBERIA; (skip this generation?); aka Arshak I; prob. aka Artavasdes; aka Mnemon; (ACHAEMENID)
37956338939379188746:   Meribanes (Mirvan Mruan) I (King) of IBERIA; the IRANIAN; (3rd King of KARTLI); ? - 109? BC
37956338939379188747:   (Miss) PHARNABAZID
37956338939379188748:   Tigranes I ARTASHESIAN (King) of ARMENIA; 140? BC - 95? (or 55) BC
37956338939379188750: *** Same as 2419212731887649006 (Mithridates VI `the Great' (King) of PONTUS)
37956338939379188751:   poss. Cleopatra of ATHAMANIE; or: Laodice, q.v.
*A37956338939379188751: *** Same as 2419212731887649007 (poss. Berenice of COMMAGENE)
37956338939379188752: *** Same as 18978169469689594374 (Tigranes II `the Great' (King) of ARMENIA)
37956338939379188753: *** Same as 18978169469689594375 (prob. Cleopatra of PONTUS)
37956338939379189312:   Mannos II Aloho of OSRHOENE; ? - 34? BC
37956338939379189320: *** Same as 151200795742978062 (Arsaces XV Phraates IV ARSHAKUNI)
37956338939379189321: *** Same as 151200795742978063 (Thea Urania MUSA)
37956338939379195904:   (NN) of KUSHANS
37956338939379195905: *** Same as 4744542367422399489 ((NN; Heiress) of BACTRIA)
37956338939379195908: *** Same as 151825372801505689604 (prob. Liu Pang (EMPEROR) of HAN DYNASTY (CHINA))
37956338939379195912: *** Same as 37956338939379188742 (Antialcidas (King) of BACTRIA)
37956338939379195914:   Devabhumi (EMPEROR) of INDIA
A37956338939379195914:   Eucratides I (King) of BACTRIA; ? - 145?? BC
37956338939379195916:   Strato I Epiphanes (King) of BACTRIA (MATHURA); ? - 75+? BC
A37956338939379195916:   Demetrius II (King) of Indic BACTRIA; ? - 147? BC
37956338939379195917:   daughter (or g-daughter) of Vasujyeshtha; Princess of INDIA; aka (Miss) SUNGA
A37956338939379195917:   (Miss) ARSACES
37956338939379195918:   Apollodotus (King) of BACTRIA; aka Apollodotus II Basileos MAGALOU; ? - 95? BC
37956338939379195920:   Bhumimitra (EMPEROR) of INDIA
37956338939379195972:   Azilizes (King) of SAKAS
37956338939379195973:   (NN; Princess) of PARTHIA
37956338940186279968:   Apollodotos II (King) of PANCANADA; ? - 83+ BC
37956338940186280064:   Simuka Satavahana (King) of MAHARASHTRA; ? - 248+ BC
37956338940186280128:   Abhiraka (Chief) of ABHIRA
37956338940460943392:   First Speaker of Iranian; also begat poss. Avestan; ca 1800 BC
37956339353843204128:   Galas (Galates)
*A37956339353843204128:   Albiorix `Galates' (King) of CELTS; also begat Camulos (King of Britons)
37956339353843204152:   Attalus I Soter ATTALID; also begat Attalus II Philadelphus; `the Preserver'; King of PERGAMUM; brilliant statesman who defeated the Seleucid King Antiochus Hierax, conquering much of N.W. Anatolia; (this territory was soon lost back, but Pergamum remained an important center); 269 BC - 197? BC
37956339353843204153:   Apollonis of CYZICUS
37956339353843204154:   Ariarathes IV `Eusebes' (King) of CAPPADOCIA; ? - 163? BC
37956339353843204155:   Antiochis (Princess) of SYRIA
37956339353843209762: *** Same as 2419212731887649006 (Mithridates VI `the Great' (King) of PONTUS)
37956339353843209766: *** Same as 1209606365943824492 (Ptolemy IX (PHARAOH) of EGYPT)
37956339353843209767:   poss. Cleopatra Selene of EGYPT; also m. (2nd) Ptolemy X (her brother), (3rd) Antiochus VIII Grypus (King of Syria), (4th) Antiochus IX Cyzicenus (King of Syria), (5th) Antiochus X Eusebes (King of Syria); (co-Regent in Syria); ? - 69 BC
37956339353843209788: *** Same as 677011953549608 (Marcus `the Orator' ANTONIUS)
37956339353843209789: *** Same as 677011953549609 (Julia)
37956339353843210016:   Mithradates II of PARTHIA; ? - 88? BC
37956339353843210017:   Aryazata Automa of ARMENIA
37956343200012075008:   Sampsigeramus I (King) of EMESA; ? - 55? BC
37956343200012075012:   Lysanias (Tetrarch) of ABILENE
37956343200012075013:   (NN; Princess) of CHALKIS
*A37956343200012075013:   poss. Alexandra ASMONEA
37956343200012075020:   (NN) of EMESA; also begat poss. Azizus (King)
37956343200012081408:   poss. Gaius Aelius Paetus; or: one of his descendants; (Roman Consul); ? - 286+ BC
37956343200012124328:   Saon de THESPIES
37956343200012130824:   Theras (King) of THERA; (eponym?)
37956343200014714904:   (NN) ... (NN); many missing generations
37956343200014714906:   Charmides
37956343200014714907:   daughter of Andocides
37956343200014714908:   (NN) ... (NN); about 7 missing generations
37956343200014715016:   Leon
37956343200014757896:   Marcus Valerius Messala Niger; (Consul)
37956343200014757897:   Valeria Polla
37956343200014757898: *** Same as 10832191257513868 (Marcus Calpurnius Bibulus)
37956343200014757899: *** Same as 10832191257513869 (Porcia Catonis)
37956343200014757900:   Gaius Claudius Marcellus; (Proconsul)
37956343200014757901:   Junia Bruta
37956343200014758040:   Aulus Caecina Severus; (Consul); 45? BC
37956343200014758100:   poss. Appius Claudius Pulcher; (Consul)
37956343200014758102: *** Same as 18978171600007378950 (Gaius Claudius MARCELLUS (Minor))
37956343200014758103: *** Same as 169252988387403 (Octavia `the Younger' THURINIA)
37956343200016085120:   (NN) ... (NN) Pomponius; many missing generations
37956343200016451392:   Caesennius; 40? BC - ?
37956343200016455952:   Lucius AEMILIUS Paullus Macedonicus; (Consul); ? - 160 BC
37956343200016455953:   Papiria MASSONIS Major
37956343200016456992:   Marcus Fabius Vibulanus; ? - 477+ BC
37956343200016456994:   Numerius Otacilius
37956343200125419520:   Pinus; progenitor and eponym of PINARII
37956343200125527044:   (NN) ... (NN), gens FULVIA; many missing generations
37956343200125527046:   Sempronius Tuditanus
37956343200125527712:   Lucius LENTULUS; (Praetor Urbanis); ? - 81+ BC
37956343200125527718:   Lucius Julius CAESARIS; 107? BC - 40 BC
37956343200125527719:   Cornelia SULLA; also m. Gnaeus Quintus Pompeius, Mamercus Aemilius; ? - 45? BC
37956343200125527752:   Publius Quintilius Varus; ? - 74? BC
37956343200125527760:   Lucius Calpurnius Piso Caesonius; (Roman Consul); ? - 107 BC
37956343200125527762:   Calventius; (a Gaul); Placentia
37956343200125528576:   prob. Herius Asinius; (Commander of the Marrucini in the Marsic War); ? - 90 BC k. in Battle against Gaius Marius
37956343200125528580:   (NN) ... (NN), gens QUINCTIA; many missing generations
37956343200376422400:   Kokkhan (3rd King) of HUNS; aka Laoshan; aka Chi-Yu; 5th King of the 1st XIONGNU Dynasty; ? - 161 BC
C37956343200376422400:   Budli (of HUNS); or: Tumen TENGRIQUT, q.v.
37956343200376422401:   (Miss) of CHINA
37956343200376422404:   Jing (Liu Qi) (EMPEROR) of CHINA; of HAN DYNASTY; ? - 141 BC
37956343200376422405:   Wang Zhi; ? - 126? BC
A37956343200597676072:   Inyotef III (King) in THEBES; aka Intef (Antef) Nakhtnebtepnefe (Nakjtnebtepnefer); 3rd PHARAOH of 11th Dynasty in EGYPT; ? - 2061 BC
A37956343200597676073:   Iah (Queen) of EGYPT
A37956343200597676088:   Adb al-MASIH
37978172723455592448:   Malik ibn NASR of al-HIRAH; or: 'Abdallah of al-HIRAH (Malik's son)
37990464181122367488:   Zar'ay of ETHIOPIA
37990659604315940864:   Tong-myong (1st King) of KO-GURYO; aka Dongmyeong (Jumong) Seong of GOGURYEO; ? - 19+ BC
37990659604315940865:   (NN; Heiress) of CHOLBON PUYO; or: Soseuno (Princess) of GAERU; (2nd wife)
38679737145818611712:   Brudebant; (of PICTS)
38679737145843777535:   prob. Urleo (9th King) of SCONE, sister of; also bore Urgant (King)
38679833902741194264:   Arcas (King) of ARCADIA; aka Ursa Minor; (identified with a constellation); aka Arkas of ARKADIA
38679833902741194265:   Leanira of LACEDAEMON; or: Chrysopelia the NYMPH or: Erato the DRYAD; poss. aka Meganira; (of SPARTA)
*A38679833902741194265:   Meganira; (Meganeira)
38679833902741194268:   Elatus (King) of ARCADIA; also begat Ischys, Aepytus, Cyllen, Dotis; also m. Amphictyone; (Elatos)
38679833902741194269:   Laodice (Princess) of CYPRUS; also bore poss. Ischys, Aepytus, Cyllen
38679833902741194344:   Cadmus (King) of THEBES; also begat Bacchanals (Ino/Leucothee : Autonoe); (Kadmos); (seeking his lost sister Europa, killed Ares' sacred serpent and founded Thebes; but Ares eventually brought tragedy to his family, Cadmus fled becoming King of ENCHELIANS, later he and Harmonia became serpents); poss. introduced Greek alphabet; (The Bacchanals were the attendants of Bacchus (Dionysos, q.v.))
38679833902741194345:   poss. Dragon of THEBES; aka Draco (GOD)
A38679833902741194346:   Erginus
A38679833902741194402: *** Same as 302186202365165648 (Aeolus of THESSALY)
A38679833902741194403:   poss. Protogenia of THESSALY; also bore Aethlius, poss. Endymion; (Protogeneia)
38679833902741194416: *** Same as 37773275295645698 (Zeus the OLYMPIAN)
38679833902741194417:   Leto the TITAN; aka Latona
38679833902741194418:   Orthopolis (King) of AEGIALIA; ? - 1405? BC
A38679833902741194576:   Atreus (King) of MYCENAE in ARGOS; (served Thyestes the broiled flesh of Thyestes' own sons)
A38679833902741194577:   Aerope of CRETE; also m. (instead) poss. Plisthenes (King); (Europa)
A38679833902741194578:   Dias of MYCENAE
A38679833902741194579:   Archippe
38679833902741194584:   Endymion (King) of ELIS; also m. Naiad, Iphianassa, Asterodia
38679833902741194585:   Chromia of THESSALY
38679833902741194586:   Coronus
38679833902741209088:   Blascon (King) of ITALY
38679833902741209090:   Epher (Efer) ibn MIDIAN; poss. aka Atlas
*A38679833902741209090: *** Same as 302186202365165842 (Atlas the TITAN)
38679833902741209091:   poss. Shua, a CANAANITE
38679833902741210112:   Methusaleh (Mathusale) ben ENOCH; aka Motoshaleh ibn EDRES; aka Methushaleh (Mathusala Methusael Methuselah Mathusalem) ADANYA; `Man of the dart'; 3317 BC - 2348 BC
38679833902741210113:   Ednah bint AZRAIL (ADANYA)
38679833902741210114:   Barakil (Baraki'il Elisha) ADANYA
38679833902741210116: *** Same as 38679833902741210112 (Methusaleh (Mathusale) ben ENOCH)
38679833902741210117: *** Same as 38679833902741210113 (Ednah bint AZRAIL (ADANYA))
A38679833902741228288: *** Same as 37773275295645698 (Zeus the OLYMPIAN)
A38679833902741228289:   Lysithoe
A38679833902741228290: *** Same as 302186202365165840 (poss. Tmolus (King) of LYDIA)
A38679833902741228352:   Criasus of ARGOS; (skip this generation?)
A38679833902741228353:   Melantho; (skip?)
38679833902741228356: *** Same as 37773275295645752 (Inachus the RIVER GOD)
38679833902741228357: *** Same as 37773275295645753 (Melia the OCEANID)
38679833902741228358: *** Same as 37773275295645698 (Zeus the OLYMPIAN)
38679833902741228359: *** Same as 151093101182582855 (Dino the GRAEAE)
38679833902741228360:   (NN) of the DANAANS (Sea People); also begat Danaans of Sardinia (Shardana : ancestral to Danaans of Balearic Isles), poss. Cadmus of Thebes (q.v.), Danites in Greece (Argos & Dor), Danaans near Isauria, Danites among Israel (incl. Samson); The Dispersion of the Tribe of DAN; (DANAUNA; DANAOUNA; DANAOI; DANOI; DENYEN)
38679833902741230720:   Shu, GOD of Wind; also begat the Ogdoad (Nun & Nunet : Amun & Amunet : Heh & Hehet : Kek & Keket); poss. Ra; of the NETERU; (The eight chaos Gods of the OGDOAD are sometimes shown as offspring of Shu.)
38679833902741230721:   Tefnut, GODDESS of Moisture
38679833902741230722: *** Same as 38679833902741230720 (Shu, GOD of Wind)
38679833902741230723: *** Same as 38679833902741230721 (Tefnut, GODDESS of Moisture)
38694936914719473664:   Connla (Conly Connla) Cruiaidhchealgach CAEM; aka Conla Caomb; aka Conlaus Caomh; 76th MONARCH of IRELAND; d. of natural causes
A38694936914719473664:   Fer Anarath MacFER
38694936914719473665:   poss. Sabhdh ingen LUGHAIDH (Princess) of IRELAND
38694998367147118592:   Edaman MacGOS
38694998367179780096:   Iobath MacBEOTHACH; aka Ebath MacBETHACH
38703951690296459264:   Rudraige (Ruadhraighe) Mor MacSITTRID; also begat Breasal Boidhiobhadh (88th M), Congal Claroineach (90th M), Conragh (poss. father of 105th M); aka Ruadhri (Rory) MOR; 86th MONARCH of IRELAND; eponym of Clan-na-Rory; father of two Monarchs; ? - 218? BC
38706234826191536128:   Gobhre
38707319769299162112:   Augaine Mor MacECHACH; 66th MONARCH of IRELAND; Ugaine (Ughaine Ugainy) MOR; aka Hugony (Hugonius) `the Great'; sailed to and attacked Africa & Sicily; murdered by brother Badbchadh (67th Monarch)
38707319769299162113:   Caesir (Cessair) Cruthach (Princess) of FRANKS
38707403710133174272:   Shemaiah ben SHLOMO
A38707403710133174272: *** Same as 354949243126590902272 (Meshullam ben ZERUBABEL)
38707403710133176320:   Eliezer ha-DAVID; aka Eliezer ben YOSHAFAT
38707403710198193664:   Zayd ibn HUMAYSA; or: poss. Zayd ibn KAHLAN (Zayd's 3-g grandfather)
38707403710202380288:   Yashjub ibn YARAB (Ruler) of SABA' (SHEBA); (Yoshjab)
38707403710202380290:   prob. (King) of ETHIOPIA
38707403710202383360:   Zilalsan (King) of the MASSYLI; (Zilamsam); ? - 250? BC
38707403710202383362: *** Same as 19353701855101191686 (Hamilcar BARCA (Dictator) of CARTHAGE)
38707403710202383372:   Hannibal (Prince) of CARTHAGE
A38707403710202383372:   (NN) ... (NN); some missing generations
38707403710202383373:   (NN), an Iberian
38707403710202383744:   Philadelphus (II) PTOLEMY of EGYPT; 2nd PHARAOH of the Ptolemaic (33rd) Dynasty; 308? BC - 246? BC
38707403710202383745:   Arsinoe I of GREECE (of THRACE)
38707403710202383746:   Magas (King) of CYRENE; 325? BC - 250? BC
38707403710202383747:   Apame of SYRIA
38707403710202383750:   Neferibre (Nupheho) of EGYPT; also begat Psamtik VII
38707403710202383751:   Herib (Kheru) of EGYPT
38707403710202383752:   Antiochus II `Theos' (King) of SYRIA; 287? BC - 246 BC murdered
38707403710202383753:   Berenice SYRA; or: poss. Laodice I of SYRIA, q.v.
38707403710202383754:   Andromachus of SYRIA; (General); ? - 225 BC
38707403710202383756:   Ariobarzanes (II; King) of PONTUS; (Antiochus); ? - 240? BC
*A38707403710202383756:   (NN) of MITHRIDATID Dynasty
38707403710202383758: *** Same as 38707403710202383752 (Antiochus II `Theos' (King) of SYRIA)
38707403710202383759:   Laodice I (II ?) of SYRIA; (d' ARGEAD); ? - 226+ BC
38707403710202383808:   Anemhor of EGYPT; ? - 217 BC
38707403710202383809:   Herankh of EGYPT
38707403710202383872:   (NN), descendant of Arsaces
38707403710202384000:   Samos I (King) of ARMENIA; (Sames, Samus)
38707403710202384002:   Arsaces I (King) of PARTHIA; (Arshak); ? - 217? BC
38707403710202384008:   Ziaelas (King) of BITHYNIA; ? - 230? BC
38707403710202384010:   Demetrius II Aetolicus (King) of MACEDONIA; 274 BC - 229 BC
38707403710202384011:   Stratonice of MACEDONIA
38707403710202384012: *** Same as 38707403710202384010 (Demetrius II Aetolicus (King) of MACEDONIA)
38707403710202384013:   Phthia (Chryseis-Phthia) of EPIRUS
38707403710202384020: *** Same as 9676850927550595938 (Antiochus III `Megas' (King) of SYRIA)
38707403710202384021: *** Same as 9676850927550595939 (Laodice (Laodike) III (IV) of PONTUS)
38707403710202384030:   poss. Polycrates of ARGOS; or: poss. Polycrates of ATHENS; also begat Zeuxo, Encrateia, Hermione; Governor of CYPRUS
38707403710202384031:   poss. Zeuxo of CYRENE; also bore Zeuxo, Encrateia, Hermione
38707403710202384032: *** Same as 9676850927550595938 (Antiochus III `Megas' (King) of SYRIA)
38707403710202384033: *** Same as 9676850927550595939 (Laodice (Laodike) III (IV) of PONTUS)
A38707403710202384034: *** Same as 9676850927550595938 (Antiochus III `Megas' (King) of SYRIA)
A38707403710202384035: *** Same as 9676850927550595939 (Laodice (Laodike) III (IV) of PONTUS)
38707403710202511360:   'Awwam; or: Bildas bayt KEDAR (Awwam's grandfather)
A38707403710202511360:   Amin
38707471939998318592:   Beidbe MacLUGDACH CONMAIC
A38707471944276508672:   poss. Eadhna (King) of ULADH
38707471944410726400: *** Same as 604749245160882176 (Conall Cernach MacAMARGEN)
38707473426046517248:   Helenus V (King) of SICAMBRI; aka Helenos of SICAMBRIANS; ? - 339? BC
A38707473426046517248:   Astyanax of TROY; poss. King of SCEPSIS; (some show him killed as a boy, poss. by Odysseus, q.v.; some show him raised by Neoptolemus and becoming King); aka Scamandrius Astyanax, des CIMERIENS
38707473426057003008:   Rechtaid Rigderg MacLUGAID `the Red King'; aka Reachta (Reachtaidh) Righdhearg; aka Reacht Righ-dearg; 65th MONARCH of IRELAND; (called the Red King because of possible involvement in slaying of Queen Macha, the 64th Monarch); ? - 633? BC (or 451? BC)
44368655387825012736:   Galates II (King of GAULS); also begat Nannes (father of Remis : grandfather of Francus : gt-grandfather of Pictus)
44368655387826847744:   (NN) ... (NN) Aemilius; about 4 missing generations
44368655387826864128:   Caius Julius Iullii; aka Gaius Julius Julus
B44368655387826864128: *** Same as 693260240434794752 (Vopiscus Julius Iullus)
44368655387827585024:   Gnaeus Marcius
44368655387827601408:   Orestes (King) of ARGOS, MYCENAE & Sparta; (HERO and eponym of Oresteia )
44368655387827601409:   Erigone of MYCENAE
44368655387833401344: *** Same as 346630120217378816 (Dyfnarth (Cynfarch Cyfnarch) (Duke/King) of CORNWALL)
C44368655387833401344:   Andragius (King) in BRITAIN; aka Andryw ap CERYN
44368655387833401346:   (NN; King) of LLOEGR; also begat Pymer (King)
44368655387833925632:   Neri (Neriah) ha-DAVID; aka Neriah ben MELKHI; (King Jehoiachin adopted Neri's sons as heirs; some sources show relationship reversed, Jehoiachin as natural father and Neri as guardian)
*A44368655387833925632:   Jehoiachin ha-DAVID (21st King) of JUDAH; also begat Zedekiah (heir & only natural son : died young), (stepsons:) Malchiram, Pedaiah, Shenazzur, Jekamiah, Hoshama, Nedabiah (q.v.); aka Jehoiakin (Jeconiah Jechonias Coniah Joachin) `the Captive'; aka Yehuychyn (Yekonyhu) ben YEHUYAQIM; (he was 2nd husband of Tamar, not father); (became 1st EXILARCH in Babylon when Judah fell to Nebuchadnezzar II early in his reign; cursed by Jeremiah); Judah 616? BC - 561 BC Babylon
44368655387833925633:   Tamar (Heiress) of the DAVIDIC Dynasty; aka Tamar bat YOHANAN
44368655387833925634: *** Same as 44368655387833925632 (Neri (Neriah) ha-DAVID)
44368655387833925636:   Nabushumailisir (Prince) of BABYLON
44368655387833925638:   Nabu-balatsu-iqbi (II); Governor/Satrap of HARRAN; (Naabubalatsuiqbi, Nabusbalasuigpi); (this lineage partly based on that provided by Kenneth D. McAlpine)
44368655387833925639:   Adda-Guppi' (Princess) of ASSYRIA; (Adda-Gupti); ? - 547?? BC
44368655387833942016:   Zadok (II) ha-KOHEN; (Sadoc Sedecias Sodeas); High Priest
*B44368655387833942016:   poss. Zadok (II) ha-KOHEN [alt ped]; (Sadoc Sedecias Sodeas); High Priest
A44368655387833942016:   Odeas (Hoshaiah); 27th High Priest
44368655387833942019:   daughter of Joshua
A44368655390290739200:   Neriah (Nearchus); ? - 312 BC
44368655390290739202:   Pedaiah ha-DAVID; aka Pedaya (Phadaia) ben NERIA
A44368655390772496384:   Antiochus the HERACLIDE
A44368655390772496386:   Iolaos (Prince) of MEGARA
A44368655390772496387:   Megara of THEBES
44368655390776786944:   Aulus Manlius Capitolinus; (Consular Tribune); ? - 370+ BC
44368655390776795136:   Tiberius Quinctius Pennus Cincinnatus
44368655390776795137:   Postumia
44368655390777276288:   Publius Licinius Crassus; 300? BC - ?
44368655390777276352: *** Same as 1386520480963357384 (Licinius)
44368655390822891680:   Ceryx
44368655390823862272: *** Same as 2773040961926491396 (Onias II ben SIMON)
44368655390823862784:   Anani (DAVIDIC Prince); also begat Onaid (Tobit's twin); (Hananiah)
A46211933856289783808:   Mader (King) of GERMANS; (Madyas; built Milan); ? - 589+ BC
A46280813899354734592:   Li Xian (Jingzong) of LIANG; Prefect of SHU & Beiping
46280813899354735648:   (NN)
46280813899354735656:   (NN) of the Peiligang Culture; or: (NN) of the Cishan Culture; 5500 BC - 4900 BC 5400 BC - 5100 BC
A46280814447986475008:   Lupano (Duke) of CANTABRIA; aka Luzio Lupo `the Evangelio'; (Lucio); ? - 36+
A46280814447986475009:   Agrippina

Generation 67    (My 64-great grandparents)

75912677878758146080:   Perachiah
75912677878758146084:   Psenptah (I; II) of EGYPT; (Psherenptah)
75912677878758154250:   Pairisades V (King) of BOSPHORE; ? - 109? BC
A75912677878758154250: *** Same as 4838425463775298002 (Mithridates V EUERGETES (King) of PONTUS)
A75912677878758154256:   Saladas I (King) of THRACE; poss. aka Cotys V; ? - 57 BC
75912677878758375424:   Kay Kubad
75912677878758375456:   (NN) ... (NN) ha-DAVID; several missing generations
75912677878758377472:   Kujis de KARTLI; aka K'ujis (Kajd) of EGRISI
75912677878758377473:   (Miss) de KARTLI
75912677878758377484:   Lysias Anicetus (King) of BACTRIA; ? - 110? BC
75912677878758377485:   (Miss) of BITHYNIA; poss. aka of BACTRIA
75912677878758377488:   Artavasdes I (King) of ARMENIA; also begat Cyrus the Younger; prob. aka Artaxias
75912677878758377492:   poss. (NN) ... (NN), NEBROTID; very many missing generations
75912677878758377494:   Sauromaces I PHARNABAZID (King) of IBERIA; aka Sayurmak I
75912677878758377495:   (Miss) of PARTAW
75912677878758377496:   Artaxias I the CONQUEROR (King) of ARMENIA; eponym of ARTAXID Dynasty; ? - 159? BC
75912677878758377497:   Satenike (Princess) of ALANS; (Satenik)
75912677878758377502:   Alexander VII of ATHAMANIE; ? - 145? BC
75912677878758377503: *** Same as 2419212731887648985 (Cleopatra III Thea of EGYPT)
75912677878758378624:   Abgar II of OSRHOENE; ? - 53? BC
75912677878758391828:   (NN) ... (NN); poss. missing generations
A75912677878758391828: *** Same as 151825355757516783666 (Agathokles I (King) of BAKTRIAI)
A75912677878758391829: *** Same as 151825355757516783667 (Alexandria of BACTRIA)
75912677878758391832:   Menandros (Milipanda) I (King) of MATHURA; aka Menander (Meander) `Soter' Dikaios (King) of BACTRIA; ? - 130+ BC
A75912677878758391832: *** Same as 303650711515033567334 (Demetrios (Demetrius) I (King) of BAKTRIAI)
75912677878758391833:   Agathokleia BAKTRIAI; aka Agathoclea of BACTRIA
A75912677878758391833:   Philoxene(?) of SYRIA
75912677878758391834:   Vasumitra (EMPEROR) of INDIA; (skip this generation?); (SUNGA)
A75912677878758391834: *** Same as 37956339353843210016 (Mithradates II of PARTHIA)
A75912677878758391835: *** Same as 37956339353843210017 (Aryazata Automa of ARMENIA)
75912677878758391836: *** Same as 75912677878758391832 (Menandros (Milipanda) I (King) of MATHURA)
75912677878758391837: *** Same as 75912677878758391833 (Agathokleia BAKTRIAI)
75912677878758391840:   Kanva-Vasudeva (EMPEROR) of INDIA
75912677878758391944:   Aspabatis (King) of SAKAS; (Asparavarma)
75912677880372559936:   Antialkidas I (King) of PANCANADA; ? - 116+ BC
75912677880372560256:   (NN) ... (NN); some missing generations
75912677880921886784:   First Speaker of Late Indo-Iranian; also begat Nuristani (Ashkun : Prasuni : Tregami : Waigali etc.); (Andronovo Culture); ca 2200 BC
75912678707686408256:   Polyphemus the CYCLOPS
A75912678707686408256: *** Same as 162350618211316698948567040 (Heracles (ALCIDES) of THEBES)
75912678707686408257:   Galatea the NEREID
A75912678707686408257:   poss. Galatea Keltine (Queen) of CELTS
75912678707686408304:   Attalus(?) of PERGAMUM; eponym of ATTALID
75912678707686408305:   Antiochis (d' ARGEAD; of PERGAMON) SELEUCID; Princess of SYRIA
75912678707686408306:   Athenaeus of CYZICUS
75912678707686408308:   Ariarathes III (King) of CAPPADOCIA; ? - 220? BC
75912678707686408309:   Stratonice of SYRIA; (SELEUCID; ANTIGONID)
75912678707686408310: *** Same as 9676850927550595938 (Antiochus III `Megas' (King) of SYRIA)
75912678707686408311: *** Same as 9676850927550595939 (Laodice (Laodike) III (IV) of PONTUS)
75912678707686419534: *** Same as 2419212731887648984 (Euergetes II (VIII) PTOLEMY of EGYPT)
75912678707686419535: *** Same as 2419212731887648985 (Cleopatra III Thea of EGYPT)
75912678707686420032: *** Same as 2419212731887648994 (Artabanus I (II) of PARTHIA)
75912678707686420034: *** Same as 37956338939379188748 (Tigranes I ARTASHESIAN (King) of ARMENIA)
75912686400024150026: *** Same as 4744542367422384130 (Ptolemy (Alexander) bar MENNEUS)
A75912686400024150026:   Aristobulus of JUDAEA
75912686400024150027: *** Same as 4744542367422384131 (poss. Alexandra (Regent))
A75912686400024150027:   Salome of JUDAEA; (allegedly danced for her step-father, claiming John the Baptist's head as reward); 14? - 62+
75912686400024162816:   poss. Publius Aelius Paetus; (Plebeian aedile); ? - 296+ BC
75912686400024248656:   Callicrates I de THESPIES
75912686400024261648:   Autesion (King) of THEBES
75912686400029429808:   Eumolpus III
75912686400029429812:   Aristonymus
75912686400029429814:   Andocides (I; III); also begat Leogoras II (m. daughter of Tisander (q.v.))
75912686400029429816:   Pericles (Perikles) II; ? - 406 BC
75912686400029430032:   (NN) ... (NN); some missing generations
75912686400029515792:   Manlius VALERIUS Messala
75912686400029515794:   Lucius Valerius Flaccus; (Consul)
75912686400029515795:   Saufeia
75912686400029515800:   Marcus Claudius Marcellus; 268? BC - 208 BC
75912686400029515802:   Decimus Iunius Brutus Callaicus; also begat Junia (m. Publius Crassus), Decimus, Lucius, Marcus, Junia (m. Lucius Autronius); also m. Aemilia Lepidorum; (Consul)
75912686400029515803:   Clodia MARCELLA (MARCELLORUM)
75912686400029516080:   Aulus Caecina Largus; 70? BC
75912686400029516200:   Gaius Claudius Pulcher; (Praetor)
75912686400032170240: *** Same as 1386520480961789872 (Pomponius (Pompo))
75912686400032902784:   Lucius Caesennius Cento; (Legatus of Hispania)
75912686400032911904: *** Same as 21664382513587350 (Lucius Aemilius Paullus)
75912686400032911906:   Gaius Pampirius MASSO; (Pontifex; Consul); ? - 231+ BC
75912686400032911907:   Fabia
75912686400032913984:   Kaeso Fabius
75912686400250839040: *** Same as 354949243102620680194 (Numa Pompilius (2nd King) of ROME)
75912686400251055424:   Lucius Cornelius LENTULUS; (Consul); ? - 130? BC
75912686400251055425:   Popilla LAENATUM Minor
75912686400251055436: *** Same as 677011953549610 (Lucius JULIUS (III) CAESAR)
75912686400251055437: *** Same as 677011953549611 (Cossutia FULVIA)
75912686400251055438: *** Same as 21664382515052456 (Lucius CORNELIUS Sulla Felix)
75912686400251055439:   Ilia CAESARIS; (Ioulia)
75912686400251055504:   Quintilius Varus; 175? BC - ?
75912686400251055520:   Lucius Calpurnius Piso Caesonius; (Roman Consul); ? - 148+ BC
75912686400251057160:   Quinctius
75912686400752844800:   Batur Tengriqut (2nd King) of HUNS; aka Mag-Tun Khan; 4th King of the 1st XIONGNU Dynasty; ? - 174+ BC
*A75912686400752844800: *** Same as C18978171600188211200 (Beztur (Baktur) of the HUNS)
C75912686400752844800:   Chamad (of HUNS); aka Kamad Tengriqut of HSIUNG-NU
75912686400752844802:   Hui of CHINA
75912686400752844808:   Wen (Liu Heng) (EMPEROR) of CHINA; instituted civil service examinations; of HAN DYNASTY; ? - 156 BC
75912686400752844809:   Dou Yi (Empress) of CHINA; Daoist woman of considerable political influence
75912686400752844810:   Wang Zhong
75912686400752844811:   Zang Er; ? - 141+ BC
A75912686401195352144:   Inyotef II (King) in THEBES; aka Intef Wahankh; 2nd PHARAOH of 11th Dynasty in EGYPT; ? - 2069? BC
A75912686401195352145:   poss. Neferukayet (Queen) of EGYPT
A75912686401195352176:   Nugaylah
75956345446911184896:   Nasr ibn AZD of al-HIRAH
75980928362244734976:   Sargway of ETHIOPIA
75981319208631881728:   Kumwa (King) in South MANCHURIA; aka Geumwa of BUYEO; EMPEROR of DONGBUYEO; 100? BC - 47+ NC
75981319208631881729:   Yuhwa of BUYEO
75981319208631881730:   poss. (NN) ... (NN); some missing generations
77359474291637223424:   Urguist; (of PICTS)
77359474291687555071:   prob. Urpant (8th King) of SCONE, sister of; also bore Urleo (King)
77359667805482388528:   male spirit of Artemis; or: Zeus the OLYMPIAN, q.v.; Artemis was lesbian lover of Callisto; (IMMORTAL); prob. STEPFATHER
77359667805482388529:   Callisto of ARCADIA; also bore (as lover of Hermes) poss. Pan; also m. Hermes, Zeus; poss. impregnated when Zeus impersonated Artemis in bed; changed to a bear by Juno; aka Calisto NYMPH of the Hunt, Ursa Major; (identified with a constellation)
*A77359667805482388529:   poss. Helice
77359667805482388530:   Amyclas (King) of LACEDAEMON; also begat Argalus, Harpalus (ancestor of Patreus King of Patrae)
A77359667805482388530:   Croco of ARCADIA; (Crocon Krokon)
77359667805482388531:   Diomede of the LAPITHS; also bore Argalus
A77359667805482388531:   Saesara
77359667805482388536: *** Same as 38679833902741194264 (Arcas (King) of ARCADIA)
77359667805482388537: *** Same as 38679833902741194265 (Leanira of LACEDAEMON)
77359667805482388538:   Cinyras (King) of CYPRUS; also begat Braesia, Oxyporus, Orsedice, Laogore, Adonis; also m. Myrrha (Smyrna), Cenchreis, Oreithyia; Founder of PAPHOS; (perhaps wealthest King of his era; was supposedly also King of ASSYRIA; promised to send 50 ships to aid Agamemnon against Troy, but sent a single real ship and 49 of mud)
77359667805482388539:   Metharme of CYPRUS
77359667805482388688: *** Same as 151093101182582932 (Agenor of PHOENICIA)
77359667805482388689: *** Same as 151093101182582933 (Telephassa, daughter of the NILE)
77359667805482388690: *** Same as 302186202365165830 (Ares (the OLYMPIAN; GOD of War))
A77359667805482388692: *** Same as 302186202365165616 (Poseidon (the OLYMPIAN; GOD of the Sea))
A77359667805482388806: *** Same as 1208744809460662592 (Deucalion (King) of PTHIA)
A77359667805482388807: *** Same as 1208744809460662593 (Pyrrha of PTHIA)
77359667805482388834: *** Same as 302186202365165646 (Coeus (Koios) the TITAN)
77359667805482388835: *** Same as 302186202365165647 (Phoebe (Phoibe) the TITAN)
77359667805482388836:   Plemnaaus (King) of AEGIALIA; ? - 1430? BC
77359667805482388837: *** Same as 2417489618921326735 (Demeter, GODDESS of Civilization)
A77359667805482389152: *** Same as 75546550591291460 (Pelops (King) of PISA, LYDIA and/or MYCENE)
A77359667805482389153: *** Same as 75546550591291461 (Hippodamia of PISA)
A77359667805482389154:   Catreus (King) of CRETE
A77359667805482389156: *** Same as 75546550591291460 (Pelops (King) of PISA, LYDIA and/or MYCENE)
A77359667805482389157: *** Same as 75546550591291461 (Hippodamia of PISA)
77359667805482389168: *** Same as 37773275295645698 (Zeus the OLYMPIAN)
*A77359667805482389168:   Aethlius (King) of ELIS (AEOLIS); (Aethlios)
77359667805482389169:   Calyce of ELIS; aka Kalyke I
77359667805482389170:   Ithonus of THESSALY; (Itonus)
77359667805482389171: *** Same as 302186202365165985 (Melanippe (Arne))
77359667805482389172:   Thersander
77359667805482418176:   Altheus (Altheo); ? - 1667? BC
77359667805482418180: *** Same as 2977530060285014169893213248 (Midian (Madian) ibn ABRAHAM)
77359667805482418182:   poss. Barsan (King) of ADULLAM; (relation to Parsaba (King) of ADULLAM ?)
77359667805482420224:   Enoch (Henoch) ben JARED; also begat Mashamos, poss. Enoch (poss. father of Emzara), etc.; aka Hanokh (Enoc Henoc) ADANYA; aka Edres ibn YARED; aka Idris, PROPHET of Allah; `the Initiated'; poss. aka Iemhotep; 2nd PROPHET of the Seal; poss. first astronomer; (didn't die, but taken by God and appointed Chief of Archangels); 3382 BC - 3017 BC
77359667805482420225:   Ednah ADANYA; (Edna Edni)
77359667805482420226:   Azrial ADANYA; (Asrial Ezrael Azrail)
77359667805482420227:   Baraka (Azarial) bint RASHUJAL
77359667805482420228: *** Same as 77359667805482420224 (Enoch (Henoch) ben JARED)
77359667805482420229: *** Same as 77359667805482420225 (Ednah ADANYA)
A77359667805482456704: *** Same as 4834979237842653844 (Argus (King) of ARGOS)
A77359667805482456705: *** Same as A4834979237842653845 (Evadne)
77359667805482456720:   Dan ibn JACOB; also begat Hushim (Husim Chushim), Shuham (Suham), Tenth (Lost) Tribe of Israel, poss. people of Beta Israel (`Falasha'); (9th son); cursed; poss. eponym of DANAIOI; Paddanaram
*A77359667805482456720:   Danel (HERO) of UGARIT; also begat Aqhat ben Danil, Paghat; (Daniel Danil)
77359667805482461440:   Thoth, GOD of Wisdom; or: Ra, GOD of the Sun; Creator of the world; poss. identified with the Great Cackler (celestial bird); poss. identified with Seth ibn Adam (q.v.)
*A77359667805482461440:   Atum, Creator GOD of EGYPT; (Ancient Egypt had several distinct myths of creation gods, especially the ENNEAD, with Atum creating Shu and Tefnut, Geb and Nut in the next generation, then Osiris, Isis, Set and Nephthys.)
77359667805482461441:   Maat, GODDESS of Universal Order; or: Ra himself gave birth; poss. STEPMOTHER
77359667805482461442: *** Same as 77359667805482461440 (Thoth, GOD of Wisdom)
*A77359667805482461442:   Ra, GOD of the Sun; aka Re
77359667805482461443: *** Same as 77359667805482461441 (Maat, GODDESS of Universal Order)
77389873829438947328:   Irereo Fathach `the Wise' of IRELAND; aka Iaran Gleofathach, Iarngleo (Iarraingleo Jaran); 74th MONARCH of IRELAND; slain by Fearchorb
A77389873829438947328:   Fer Almach MacLAEBCHOR
77389873829438947330:   Lugaid (III) Laidech MacECHACH; aka Lughaidh Laighe (Lagha); 60th MONARCH of IRELAND
77389996734294237184:   Gos MacSIN
77389996734359560192:   Beothach (Bethach) MacIARBONEL FAIDH
77407903380592918528:   Sittrid (Sithrich) MacDUIB
77412469652383072256:   Enna
77414639538598324224:   Eochy Buadech MacDUACH; also begat Badhbhchadh (67th M); aka Eochaid Buiglaig (Buaid); Achaius Beidhach; last King of the FIRBOLG; Ugaine's natural father: Ugaine's foster-father was 63rd Monarch, grandson of Argatmar MacSirlaim, q.v.; son Badhbhchadh reigned as MONARCH for just three hours
77414639538598324225:   Tamar Tephi ha-DAVID
*A77414639538598324225: *** Same as 44368655387833925633 (Tamar (Heiress) of the DAVIDIC Dynasty)
77414639538598324226:   (NN; King) of FRANKS
77414807420266348544:   Shlomo ben DAVID
77414807420266352640:   Jehoshaphat ha-DAVID; aka Yoshafat ben YOASH
77414807420396387328:   Humaysa ibn AMR
77414807420404760576:   Ya'rab ibn QAHTAN; also begat Am're (King); eponym of the ARABS; (Yarab); aka Ya'rib ibn KOHTAN; by 794 BC - ?
77414807420404760580:   prob. (NN) ... (NN) of ETHIOPIA; very many missing generations
77414807420404766720:   Niptasan (Prince) in LIBYA
77414807420404766744:   Mago III (King) of CARTHAGE
A77414807420404766744:   Castalius of DELPHOS
77414807420404767488:   Soter `Saviour' PTOLEMY (PHARAOH) of EGYPT; aka Ptolemy (Ptolemaios) I; inherited Kingship of EGYPT from Uncle Alexander; by 356? BC - 282? BC
77414807420404767489:   (Miss) of EGYPT
*A77414807420404767489: *** Same as 77414807420404767493 (Berenice (Berenike) I of MACEDONIA)
77414807420404767490:   Lysimachus (King) of THRACE; aka Lysicmachus of MACEDONIA; (of EPHESUS); ? - 281 BC
77414807420404767491:   Nicaea (I) of MACEDONIA; (Nikaia)
77414807420404767492:   Philip of CYRENE
77414807420404767493:   Berenice (Berenike) I of MACEDONIA; of EGYPT; 340? BC - 280? BC
77414807420404767494:   Antiochus I `Soter' (King) of SYRIA; SELEUCID; 324? BC - 261 BC
77414807420404767495:   Stratonice of MACEDONIA; aka Stratonice (Stratonike) I ANTIGONID; ? - 268 BC
77414807420404767500:   Neferibre of EGYPT
77414807420404767502:   Khababask (anti-King) of EGYPT
77414807420404767503:   (NN; Princess) of NUBIA
77414807420404767504: *** Same as 77414807420404767494 (Antiochus I `Soter' (King) of SYRIA)
77414807420404767505: *** Same as 77414807420404767495 (Stratonice of MACEDONIA)
77414807420404767508:   Achaeus I (Prince) of SYRIA; aka Acaeus (Achaios) al-SURIYAH; ? - 270? BC
77414807420404767509:   Aesopia the PERDICCID of MACEDONIA; or: Laodice; (Aesopina; d' ARGEAD); ? - 267? BC
77414807420404767512:   Mithridates II (I) Ctistes (King) of PONTUS; 340? BC - 266 BC
A77414807420404767512:   Mithridates I (King) of PONTUS; ? - 266 BC
77414807420404767518: *** Same as 77414807420404767508 (Achaeus I (Prince) of SYRIA)
77414807420404767519: *** Same as 77414807420404767509 (Aesopia the PERDICCID of MACEDONIA)
77414807420404767616:   Pedubast of EGYPT
77414807420404767617:   Nefersobek of EGYPT
77414807420404767744:   (NN) ... (NN); poss. missing generations
77414807420404768000:   Aroandes III (King) of ARMENIA; aka Ervand-Orontes III; ? - 260? BC
77414807420404768004: *** Same as 38707403710202383872 ((NN), descendant of Arsaces)
77414807420404768016:   Nicomedes I (King) of BITHYNIA; ? - 255? BC
77414807420404768017:   Ditizela
77414807420404768020:   Antigonus II `Gonatas' (King) of MACEDONIA; 319 BC - 239 BC
77414807420404768021:   Phila (II) of SYRIA
77414807420404768022: *** Same as 77414807420404767494 (Antiochus I `Soter' (King) of SYRIA)
77414807420404768023: *** Same as 77414807420404767495 (Stratonice of MACEDONIA)
77414807420404768026:   Alexander II (King) of EPIRUS; of the MOLOSSIANS; 294? BC - 245 BC
77414807420404768027:   Olympias of EPIRUS; aka Olympas AEACID; ? - by 235 BC
77414807420405022720:   Nashid
A77414807420405022720:   Manhar
77414943879996637184:   Lugaid Conmac MacOIRBSIU
A77414943888553017344:   Cormac (King) of ULADH
77414946852093034496:   Priamus (V; Priam) (King) of SICAMBRI; ? - 358? BC
A77414946852093034496: *** Same as 186095628767783767519657992 (Hector the TROJAN)
A77414946852093034497: *** Same as 186095628767783767519657993 (Andromache of THEBE)
77414946852114006016: *** Same as 77389873829438947330 (Lugaid (III) Laidech MacECHACH)
88737310775650025472:   Olbius of GAUL
88737310775653695488:   Mamericus `Aemilius'; aka Mamercus, Aemylos; (progenitor of gentes AEMILIA); 720?? BC - ?
88737310775653728256:   Lucius JULIUS Iullii (Julus)
88737310775655170048:   Ancus Marcius (4th King) of ROME; conquered the Latins; (possibly mythical); ? - 616 BC
88737310775655170049:   Hostilia
88737310775655202816:   Agamemnon (King) of MYCENAE; also begat Iphigenia (Iphianassa : sacrificed to appease Artemis), Chrysothemes (Chrysothemis), Chryses of Tauris (by Chryseis), Pelops (by Cassandra of Troy (q.v.)), Teledamus (also by Cassandra), Halesus (of unknown mother); slain by Clytaemnestra & Aegisthus
88737310775655202817:   Clytaemnestra of SPARTA; also bore Iphigenia, Chrysothemes, Aletes; aka Clytemnestra
88737310775655202818:   Aegisthus (King) of MYCENAE; also begat Aletes; Murdered King Agamemnon, q.v., & his family; aka Egisthe (King) of MYCENES; slain by Orestes & Electra, q.v.
88737310775655202819: *** Same as 88737310775655202817 (Clytaemnestra of SPARTA)
C88737310775666802688:   Cherin (King) in BRITAIN; also begat Fulgenius (King), Edadus (King); aka Ceryn ne Tharyn O Enw Arall ap PORREX
88737310775667851264:   Melchi (Melki) ha-DAVID; aka Melkhi ben ADDI
A88737310775667851264:   Eliakim (20th King) of JUDAH; aka Jehoiakim (Joakim Jechonias) ha-DAVID; aka Yehuyaqim ben YEHU'ACHAZ; Judah 633? BC - ? Babylon
A88737310775667851265:   Nehushta of JERUSALEM
88737310775667851266:   Johanan (Crown Prince) of JUDAH; ? - 609 BC k. at Battle of Megiddo
88737310775667851272: *** Same as 317091051193977929728580 (Nabopolassar (II; King) of CHALDEA)
88737310775667851273: *** Same as 317091051193977929728581 (poss. Shamish-iddina of SISTAN)
88737310775667851276:   Nabu-balat-iqbi (I; Satrap) of SYRIA
88737310775667851277:   Shuma-damqa (High-Priestess) of ASSYRIA; poss. `High Priestess of Sin'; ? - 646? BC
88737310775667851278:   Assur-bani-pal (II; King) of ASSYRIA; (Ashurbanipal); (his lineage is based on work of Kelsey J. Williams); 15/16th (and last) King of Neo-Assyrian Period; ? - 627? BC
88737310775667851279:   Ashursharrat (Queen) of ASSYRIA
88737310775667884032:   Meraioth ha-KOHEN; (skip this generation?)
A88737310775667884032:   Neriah (Nerias); 26th High Priest
B88737310775667884032: *** Same as 45433503117141939848226 (Jehoiada I (18th High Priest) of ISRAEL)
B88737310775667884033: *** Same as 45433503117141939848227 (Jehosheba (Princess) of JUDAH)
88737310775667884038:   Joshua (CONQUEROR) of JERICHO; also begat ancestress of Huldah, other daughters; aka Yehoshua (Yeshua) ben NUN; (Josue, Osee, Hoshea); successor to Moses
88737310775667884039:   Rahab (Rachab) `the Harlot'; also bore daughters of Joshua; (taverner, saved the lives of Israel's spies in Jericho, so was saved in destruction of Jericho; Harlot may mean widow); poss. aka Saleen bat AMINADAB; Jericho
A88737310780581478400:   Yehezqiyah (Governor) of JUDEA; ? - 330+ BC
A88737310780581478401:   Barsine
88737310780581478404: *** Same as 44368655387833925632 (Neri (Neriah) ha-DAVID)
88737310780581478405: *** Same as 44368655387833925633 (Tamar (Heiress) of the DAVIDIC Dynasty)
A88737310781544992768: *** Same as 162350618211316698948567040 (Heracles (ALCIDES) of THEBES)
A88737310781544992769:   Astyoche of EPHYRA; or: Meda (Astyoche's sister)
A88737310781544992772:   Iphicles of THEBES; (Iphikles)
A88737310781544992773:   Automedusa (Princess) of MEGARA
A88737310781544992774:   Creon (7th King) of THEBES; (Kreon)
A88737310781544992775:   Eurydice (Regent Queen) of THEBES
88737310781553573888:   Titus Manlius Capitolinus; also begat Marcus; 450? BC - ?
88737310781553590272:   Lucius Quinctius CINCINNATUS; (Dictator of ROME)
88737310781553590273:   Racilia
88737310781553590274:   Aulus Postumius Tubertus; (Dictator of ROME)
88737310781554552576: *** Same as 346630120240839346 (Gaius LICINIUS Varus)
88737310781645783360:   Eumolpus (I) THRAX; also begat Immaradus; eponym of EUMOLPID
88737310781647725568:   Hattush (DAVIDIC Prince); declared DAVIDIC Heir by Ezra the Scribe
A92423867712579567616:   prob. (NN) ... (NN); several missing generations
A92561627798709469184:   Li Chenggong of LIANG; Prefect of HENAN
92561627798709471296:   (NN) ... (NN); many missing generations
A92561628895972950016:   Lupo I (Duke) of CANTABRIA; (fought with Augustus Caesar)
A92561628895972950018: *** Same as 169252988387406 (Marcus VIPSANIUS Agrippa)
A92561628895972950019: *** Same as 169252988387407 (Julia Augusta CAESONIA)

Generation 68    (My 65-great grandparents)

151825355757516292160:   Johanan (Yohanna); also begat Jude I
151825355757516292168:   Nesisti of EGYPT
151825355757516308500:   Pairisades IV (King) of BOSPHORE; (King of CIMMERIANS in BOSPHORUS); ? - 125? BC
A151825355757516308512:   Cotys III (King) of THRACE; (Kotys)
A151825355757516308513:   (Miss) of PAPHLAGONIA
151825355757516750848:   Kay Fashin
151825355757516750912: *** Same as 619318459362130788352 (Elioenai ha-DAVID)
151825355757516754944:   (NN) ... (NN); many missing generations
151825355757516754946:   Samara(?) de MTSXETA
151825355757516754947:   (Miss) de ISFAHAN
151825355757516754968:   Heliocles I (King) of BACTRIA; ? - 140? BC
151825355757516754970:   Nicomedes II `Epiphanes' (King) of BITHYNIA; ? - 127? BC
151825355757516754971:   Nysa
151825355757516754976: *** Same as 37956338939379188748 (Tigranes I ARTASHESIAN (King) of ARMENIA)
151825355757516754984: *** Same as 39608149916407017840674 (Nimrod (King) of ASSYRIA & BABYLON)
151825355757516754988:   Pharnabazus I (King) of IBERIA; (P'arnawaz I)
151825355757516754989:   Durtska de KOVKAN
151825355757516754990:   (NN; Prince) of PARTAW
151825355757516754992:   Zariadres (Strategos/King) of SOPHENE; eponym of the ZARIADRIDS; (Zareadres I; ORONTID)
151825355757516754994:   (NN; King) of ALANS
151825355757516755004:   Amynandros of ATHAMANIE; ? - 189? BC
151825355757516755005:   Apama of MEGALOPOLIS
151825355757516757248:   Abgar I Figo of OSRHOENE; ? - 68? BC
151825355757516783656:   Ghosha (EMPEROR) of INDIA
151825355757516783664:   poss. Demetrios II (King) of BAKTRIAI; aka Demetrius II Antiketos; (often confused with his father/grandfather Demetrios I); ? - 185+ BC (or 165? BC)
151825355757516783665:   daughter of Antimachus
151825355757516783666:   Agathokles I (King) of BAKTRIAI; aka Agathocles of BACTRIA; ? - 165+ BC
A151825355757516783666:   Lysias I of SYRIA; ? - 224 BC
151825355757516783667:   Alexandria of BACTRIA; or: poss. daughter of Pantaleon of BACTRIA
151825355757516783668:   Vasujyeshtha (of MAGADHA) (EMPEROR) of INDIA
151825355757516783888:   Azes I (King) of SAKAS
151825355757516783889:   (NN; Princess) of BACTRIA
151825355760745119872: *** Same as 75912677878758391832 (Menandros (Milipanda) I (King) of MATHURA)
151825355760745119873: *** Same as 75912677878758391833 (Agathokleia BAKTRIAI)
151825355760745120512:   (NN; King) in Northern INDIA; of the SAKA Dynasty
151825355761843773568:   First Speaker of Indo-Iranian; (Sintashta-Petrovka culture); ca 2700 BC
151825357415372816512: *** Same as 302186202365165616 (Poseidon (the OLYMPIAN; GOD of the Sea))
151825357415372816513:   Thoosa the NYMPH
151825357415372816514: *** Same as 604372404730331234 (Nereus the SEA-GOD)
A151825357415372816514:   Narbos CELTAE (of CELTS)
151825357415372816515: *** Same as 604372404730331235 (Doris the OCEANID)
151825357415372816608:   father of Philetaros of PERGAMUM; also begat Philetaeros (King/Gov. of Pergamum), (NN : father of Eumenes I (King/Gov. of Pergamum))
*A151825357415372816608:   poss. Attalus
151825357415372816610: *** Same as 77414807420404767508 (Achaeus I (Prince) of SYRIA)
151825357415372816611: *** Same as 77414807420404767509 (Aesopia the PERDICCID of MACEDONIA)
151825357415372816616:   Ariamnes II (King) of CAPPADOCIA; ? - 230? BC
151825357415372816618: *** Same as 38707403710202383752 (Antiochus II `Theos' (King) of SYRIA)
151825357415372816619: *** Same as 38707403710202383759 (Laodice I (II ?) of SYRIA)
A151825372800048300052: *** Same as 593067802403800154 (Herod Pollio (King) of CHALCIS (CHALKIS))
A151825372800048300053:   Mariamne of JUDAEA; or: Bernice; 29 - 79+
A151825372800048300054:   Herod Philip (Tetrarch) in JUDAEA; aka Philip Herod I (Thomas?, Esau); aka Herod II; aka Herod Boethus; ? - 34
A151825372800048300055:   Herodias of JUDAEA; (eponym, an asteroid is named after her); 15? BC - 39+
151825372800048325632:   poss. Publius Aelius Paetus; (Roman Consul); ? - 337+ BC
151825372800048523296:   Tisamenus (King) of THEBES
151825372800058859616:   Musaens
151825372800058859624:   Symmachus
151825372800058859628:   Leogoras (I)
151825372800058859632:   Pericles `the Powerful' Acamantis of ATHENS; also begat Paralus; aka Pericles (Perikles) CHOLARGENSIS; (statesman and great Orator who led Athens to greatness; eponym of The Age of PERICLES ); Athens 495? BC - 429 BC Athens
151825372800058859633:   Aspasia of MILOS; also m. Lysides; (noted courtesan; Pericles' mistress)
151825372800058860064:   Themistocles
151825372800059031584:   Manlius Valerius MESSALA
151825372800059031588:   Gaius Valerius Flaccus
151825372800059031589:   Bachia
151825372800059031590:   Lucius Saufeius
151825372800059031600:   Marcus Claudius MARCELLUS; (Consul, Proconsul, Quaestor, etc.); ? - 209? BC
151825372800059031604:   Marcus Iunius Brutus; also begat Marcus, Lucius; (Consul); ? - 178+ BC
151825372800059031606: *** Same as 151825372800059031600 (Marcus Claudius MARCELLUS)
151825372800059032160:   Aulus Caecina; 95? BC
151825372800059032161:   Caesennia Paetina
151825372800059032400: *** Same as 10832191256793846 (Appius Claudius Pulcher)
151825372800059032401: *** Same as 10832191256793847 (Caecilia Metella Balearica)
151825372800065805568:   Publius Caesennius; Etruria 95? BC - 69 BC
151825372800065827968:   (NN) ... (NN) FABIUS; many missing generations
151825372800502110848:   Publius Cornelius LENTULUS; (Princeps Senatus); ? - 118? BC
151825372800502110850: *** Same as 2708047814198442 (Popillius LAENAS)
151825372800502110878: *** Same as 1354023907099220 (Lucius Julius (II) CAESAR (Sextus))
151825372800502110879: *** Same as 1354023907099221 (Popillia (Major) LAENATUM)
151825372800502111008:   Publius QUINTILIUS Varus; (Praetor); ? - 167+ BC
151825372800502114320: *** Same as 2907744199496621367494656 (Alba (5th King) of ALBA LONGA)
151825372801505689600:   Tumen TENGRIQUT (1st King) of HUNS; founder of first Hunnish (HSIUNG-NU) Empire; 3rd King of the 1st XIONGNU Dynasty; (Tu-Men); ? - 209+ BC
C151825372801505689600:   Bukem (of HUNS); aka Buken of HSIUNG-NU
151825372801505689604:   prob. Liu Pang (EMPEROR) of HAN DYNASTY (CHINA); aka Gao (Gaozu), Liu Bang; as police officer under arrest, led rebellion against Qing Dynasty; founded Han Dynasty 206 BC; ? - 195 BC
151825372801505689616: *** Same as 151825372801505689604 (prob. Liu Pang (EMPEROR) of HAN DYNASTY (CHINA))
151825372801505689617:   Bo; one of at least seven wives
151825372801505689622:   Zang
A151825372802390704288:   Inyotef I (King) in THEBES; aka Intef I Sehertawy; Founder of 11th Dynasty in EGYPT; 2200? BC - ?
A151825372802390704352:   Adb al-MADAN
151912690893822369792: *** Same as 302401591485956096 (Azd of al-HIRAH)
151912690893822369793: *** Same as 302401591485956097 (Zaynab)
151961856724489469952:   Germa Safar of ETHIOPIA; (Germa Asfare)
151962638417263763456:   Hae Buru (King) of the PUYO; aka Haeburu of BUYEO; 1st EMPEROR of DONGBUYEO; ? - 48 BC
151962638417263763458:   Hae Baik (King) of the PUYO
151962638417263763460:   (NN; King) of Old CHOSON; last KIJA King
154718948583274446848:   Gestgurtich; (of PICTS)
154718948583375110143:   prob. Wurgust (7th/14th King) of SCONE, sister of; also bore Urpant (King), poss. Bruide Bont (King); aka Uirges; (from here King lists differ; perhaps this was when the separation into Northern and Southern Pictish Kingdoms occurred)
154719335610964777057:   Artemis (the OLYMPIAN; GODDESS of the Hunt); aka Diana; Apollo's twin
154719335610964777058:   Ceteus of ARCADIA; or: Lycaon (Ceteus' father)
*B154719335610964777058:   Nycteus; also begat Antiope (Zeus' lover); also m. Polyxo
A154719335610964777058: *** Same as 2417489618921326772 (Lycaon (King) of ARCADIA)
154719335610964777059: *** Same as 2417489618921326773 (Nonacris of ARCADIA)
154719335610964777060: *** Same as 604372404730331694 (Lacedaemon (King) of LACEDAEMON)
A154719335610964777060:   Triptolemus; aka Buzyges; (taught agriculture to the Greeks)
*B154719335610964777060:   Triptolemus [alt ped]
154719335610964777061: *** Same as 604372404730331695 (Sparta of LACEDAEMON)
154719335610964777062:   Lapithus of the LAPITHS
A154719335610964777062:   Celeus (King) of ELEUSIS; also begat Demophon, Demo, Diogeneia, Pammerope, Callidice, Callithoe, Abas (Prince); also m. Deiope
154719335610964777063:   Orsinome of the LAPITHS
A154719335610964777063:   Meganeira; also bore Demophon, Demo, Diogeneia, Pammerope
154719335610964777076:   Sandocus of SYRIA; founded Celenderis in southern Anatolia; (Sandacus); Syria
*A154719335610964777076: *** Same as 19339916951370597208 (Apollo the OLYMPIAN)
154719335610964777077:   poss. Paphos of CYPRUS
*A154719335610964777077:   Pharnace of HYRIA
154719335610964777078:   Pygmalion of CYPRUS
154719335610964777079:   Galatea, statue of ideal woman; (created by Pygmalion, brought to life by Aphrodite)
154719335610964777672:   Peratus (King) of AEGIALIA; ? - 1455? BC
A154719335610964778308: *** Same as A18886637647822866 (Minos (II; King) of CRETE)
A154719335610964778309: *** Same as A18886637647822867 (Pasiphae of CORINTH)
*B154719335610964778309:   Crete (Princess) of CRETE
A154719335610964778336: *** Same as 302186202365165648 (Aeolus of THESSALY)
A154719335610964778337: *** Same as 302186202365165649 (Enarete of THESSALY)
154719335610964778338: *** Same as 302186202365165648 (Aeolus of THESSALY)
154719335610964778339: *** Same as 302186202365165649 (Enarete of THESSALY)
154719335610964778340:   Amphictyon (King) of ATHENS; (deposed Kranaos, his father-in-law, reigned 12 years, deposed by Erichthonius)
154719335610964778341:   Kranae; (Cranae)
154719335610964778344:   Sisyphus (King) of CORINTH; also begat Ornytos (King of Phocide & Corinth : ancestor of Kings of Corinth), Thersandros (father of Kings Haliartos & Coronos); Anticlia's lover; (Sisyphe Sisyphos; condemned to push rock uphill forever)
154719335610964778345:   poss. Merope the (youngest) PLEIADE; also bore (by Sisyphus) Ornytos (King of Phocide & Corinth : ancestor of Kings of Corinth), Thersandros (father of Kings Haliartos & Coronos); also m. poss. Orion; Queen of CORINTH as wife of Sisyphus, widowed, did she then marry Polybus ?; (Maerope); poss. of the DORIANS; (identified with a constellation); faded away, her marriage to Sisyphus making her mortal
154719335610964836352:   Thuscus
154719335610964836364:   (NN) ... (NN); some missing generations
154719335610964840448:   Jared ben MAHALALEL (ADANYA); aka Yared (Yered Iareth) ibn MEHLAIEL; `Descent'; 3544 BC - 2582 BC
154719335610964840449:   Baraka ADANYA
154719335610964840450:   Daniel (Danel)
154719335610964840452: *** Same as 154719335610964840448 (Jared ben MAHALALEL (ADANYA))
154719335610964840453: *** Same as 154719335610964840449 (Baraka ADANYA)
154719335610964840454:   Rasujal
*A154719335610964840454:   Rasujal ben MAHAJAEL
154719335610964840455:   (Miss) bint MEHAJAEL
154719335610964913440:   Jacob ibn ISAAC (King of GOSHEN); aka Israel (Yisrael, eponym of ISRAEL); aka Jacob ben ISAAC (of the YEGEV) the SEMITE; aka Yaqub, PROPHET of Allah for Israel; poss. identified with Horus, q.v.; usurped throne from his twin brother Esau; poss. aka Yaqaru (King) of UGARIT; aka Jakob (Yaakov) YISRA'EL; Haran 1892? BC - 1745? BC Egypt
154719335610964913441:   Bilhah, the Handmaid; also bore (by Reuben) poss. Pallu (father of Eliab); (Bilah Bala) ``Rachael gave him Bilhah her handmaid to wife''
154719335610964922880:   poss. Ptah, Creator GOD; aka Ta-Tenen; eponym of EGYPT (`Eqypt' = `Het-Ka-Ptah' = `House of the spirit of Ptah'); poss. aka Min GOD of Coptos, Khnum GOD of Elephantine
A154719335610964922880: *** Same as 154719335610964922880 (poss. Ptah, Creator GOD)
154719335610964922881:   Sekhmet, GODDESS of Destruction
A154719335610964922881:   Waters of the Nile River; or: Ptah-Naunet
154719335610964922882: *** Same as 154719335610964922880 (poss. Ptah, Creator GOD)
154719335610964922883: *** Same as 154719335610964922881 (Sekhmet, GODDESS of Destruction)
A154719335610964922884: *** Same as 154719335610964922880 (poss. Ptah, Creator GOD)
A154719335610964922885:   Neith (Patron GODDESS of Sais); GODDESS of War and Hunting; poss. related to Phoenician Goddess Tanit
154779747658877894656:   Melghe (Meig) Molbthach (71st MONARCH) of IRELAND; aka Melga (Meilge) Molfach `the Praiseworthy' MacCOLETHACH; slain by Maoib
A154779747658877894656:   Laebchor MacECHACH
154779747658877894660:   Eochaid (Eochaidh) (VII) MacAILELLA; (Eochu); 57th MONARCH of IRELAND; ? - 777? BC (or 580? BC)
154779993468588474368:   Sin MacMATHSIN
154779993468719120384:   Jarbhainiel Faidh; aka Iarbonel Faidh MacNEMED
154779993468719120385:   poss. Machu
154815806761185837056:   Dub (Dubh II) MacFHOMUIR; King of ULADH
154824939304766144512:   Cetghun (King) in LEITRIM
154829279077196648448:   Duach (II) Ladhghrach (LADRACH); aka Dui Ladrach MacFIACHACH; 59th MONARCH of IRELAND; killed 58th Monarch; slain by 60th Monarch
154829279077196648450:   Jehoiahaz ha-DAVID (19th King) of JUDAH; poss. aka Zidkiah ben YOSHIA; (Shallum Jehoahaz Ahaz Joachaz); deposed and carried hostage, with his mother, to Egypt by Pharaoh Necho II; aka Yehu'achaz ben Y'ASHYAHU; 631? BC - 608+ BC
154829279077196648452: *** Same as 75600534035247104 (Merodachus (King) of SICAMBRI)
154829614840532697088:   David ben AKUV
154829614840532705280:   Joash ha-DAVID; aka Yoash ben EFRAIM
154829614840792774656:   Amr ibn ARIB
154829614840809521152:   Qahtan ibn 'ABIN (Ruler) of SABA'; also begat Hazaramaut (ancestor of Sadif); Ruler of SHEBA; aka Kahtan; aka Joktan, q.v.; (progenitor of Arabs of South Arabia); eponym; by 827 BC - ?
154829614840809521153:   poss. (NN; aboriginal) of SHEBA
154829614840809521160:   prob. (NN; 1st King) of ETHIOPIA; (of the Kushite pre-Solomonic Dynasty)
154829614840809533440:   Ailymas (King) in DOUGGA; (allied with Agothocle)
154829614840809533488:   Hamilcar II (King) of CARTHAGE; ? - 319+ BC
A154829614840809533488:   Delphus (eponym) of DELPHOS
154829614840809534976:   poss. Lagus `the Rabbit' of MACEDONIA; or: poss. Philip II of MACEDONIA, q.v.; `brother of Alexander the Great'; poss. aka Magas; 354? BC - ? prob. Ptolemy's STEPFATHER
*A154829614840809534976:   Lagus (Magas) of MACEDONIA [alt ped]; 354? BC - ?
154829614840809534977:   Arsinoe; (she was Ptolemy's mother, but who was father? In some traditions she was pregnant by King Philip when wed to Lagus.)
154829614840809534978:   Nectanebo II (King) of EGYPT
154829614840809534980:   Agathocles
154829614840809534982:   Antipater I (Regent) of MACEDONIA; 397? BC - 319 BC
*A154829614840809534982:   poss. Antipater of MACEDONIA; also begat poss. Phila (d' Iolausi : q.v.)
154829614840809534984:   Amyntas; poss. aka Amyntas IV of MACEDONIA
154829614840809534985:   poss. Cynane of MACEDONIA
154829614840809534986: *** Same as 154829614840809534976 (poss. Lagus `the Rabbit' of MACEDONIA)
154829614840809534987:   Antigone
154829614840809534988:   Seleucus I `Nicator' (King) of SYRIA; Satrap of BABYLON; 358? BC - 280? BC murdered
154829614840809534989:   Apame (Apama) of BACTRIA; (Bactria is near present-day Afghanistan); 345? BC - 280+ BC
154829614840809534990:   Demetrius I (King) of MACEDONIA; also m. other hetairai & concubines; aka Demetrius Poliorcetes ANTIGONID; 336 BC - 283 BC
154829614840809534991:   Phila (d' Iolausi) of MACEDONIA
154829614840809535000:   Psamtik Men of EGYPT
154829614840809535004: *** Same as 154829614840809534978 (Nectanebo II (King) of EGYPT)
154829614840809535005:   Khedebneithirbinet; (1st wife)
154829614840809535016: *** Same as 154829614840809534988 (Seleucus I `Nicator' (King) of SYRIA)
154829614840809535017: *** Same as 154829614840809534989 (Apame (Apama) of BACTRIA)
154829614840809535018:   Alexander III `the Great' (King) of MACEDONIA; also begat poss. NN (ancestor of Malay Sultans); also m. Shahrul Bariah (Princess of India), Stateira II, poss. Stateira I; TEMENID; greatest CONQUEROR in history; founder (PHARAOH) of the 32nd Dynasty of EGYPT; defeated Darius III, q.v., to become King of PERSIA; invaded India; aka Dhul-Qarnayn; (MIPHMHH #33); 356? BC - 3/7/323 BC d. of typhoid fever
154829614840809535019:   Roxane (Roxana) of SOGDIA; also m. Memnos, Mentor; murdered by Cassander
*A154829614840809535019:   Barsine (Princess) of PERSIA; (Alexander's 2nd wife); aka Barzine of BACTRIA
154829614840809535024:   Ariobarzanes of CIOS; 363 BC - 337 BC
*B154829614840809535024:   Ariobarzanes (ARSHAMID) [alt ped]; 365? BC - 339? BC
A154829614840809535024:   Ariobarzanes; ? - 338? BC
154829614840809535232:   Anemhor Nesisty of EGYPT
154829614840809535488:   Arsaces of the PARNI; eponym of the ARSACID Dynasty
154829614840809536000:   Mithridates I `Ctistes' (King) of ARMENIA; Mithranes; ? - by 317? BC
154829614840809536032:   Zipoetes (King) of BITHYNIA; also begat Zipoetes II (rival King); ? - 279? BC
154829614840809536040: *** Same as 154829614840809534990 (Demetrius I (King) of MACEDONIA)
154829614840809536041: *** Same as 154829614840809534991 (Phila (d' Iolausi) of MACEDONIA)
154829614840809536042: *** Same as 154829614840809534988 (Seleucus I `Nicator' (King) of SYRIA)
154829614840809536043: *** Same as 154829614840809534989 (Apame (Apama) of BACTRIA)
*A154829614840809536043: *** Same as 77414807420404767495 (Stratonice of MACEDONIA)
154829614840809536052:   Pyrrhus I (II; King) of EPIRUS & MACEDONIA; also m. Birkenna (dau of Bardytis); of the MOLOSSIANS; (employed elephants in battle); 319 BC - 272 BC
154829614840809536053:   Lanassa of SYRACUSE; (von SYRAKUS); ? - 279+ BC
154829614840809536054: *** Same as 154829614840809536052 (Pyrrhus I (II; King) of EPIRUS & MACEDONIA)
154829614840809536055:   Antigone of MACEDONIA; or: prob. not Lanassa of SYRACUSE, q.v.; aka von KYRENE
154829614840810045440:   Haza bayt KEDAR
A154829614840810045440:   Sabuh
154829887759993274368:   Oirbsiu Mor MacFECHEN DEIN
A154829887777106034688:   Eadhna (King) of ULADH
154829893704186068992:   Antenor II (III; King) of SICAMBRI; of the CIMMERIANS; ? - 384? BC
154829893704186068993:   Cambra; eponym of SICAMBRI tribe
177474621551300050944:   Lemannus of GAUL; (Lemmanus)
177474621551307390976: *** Same as 354949243102620680194 (Numa Pompilius (2nd King) of ROME)
*A177474621551307390976:   Amulius (14th King) of ALBA LONGA; also begat Antho; (seized power when his older brother Numitor was abroad; reigned for 43 years); slain by Remus & Romulus
177474621551307390977: *** Same as 332387505011340550346547134467 (Egeria the NYMPH or CAMENAE)
177474621551307456512:   Numerius Julius Iullii (Julus)
177474621551310340096:   Marcius II; aka Numa MARCIUS
177474621551310340097:   Pompilla; (Pompilia)
177474621551310340098:   Tullus HOSTILIUS (3rd King) of ROME; ? - 641 BC
177474621551310340099:   Silvia
177474621551310405632: *** Same as A19339916951370597288 (Plisthenes (King) of MYCENAE)
177474621551310405633: *** Same as A19339916951370597289 (Cleolla of MYCENAE)
177474621551310405634:   Tyndareus (King) of SPARTA; also begat Timandra, Castor, Pollux, Phylonoe; (Tyndarius Tyndare)
177474621551310405635:   Leda of AETOLIA (of PLEURON); also bore Timandra, Castor, Pollux, Phylonoe
177474621551310405636:   Thyestes (King) of MYCENAE; also begat Tantalus II (King)
177474621551310405637:   Pelopia of MYCENAE; (raped by her own father)
C177474621551333605376:   Porrex II (King) in BRITAIN; aka Porrex ap COEL
177474621551335702528:   Addi ben COSAM; (ben KOSAM; ha-DAVID)
A177474621551335702528: *** Same as 177474621551335702532 (Josias (Josiah) ha-DAVID (18th King) of JUDAH)
A177474621551335702529: *** Same as 177474621551335702533 (Zebidah (Zebudah; bat PEDAIAH) of RUMAH)
A177474621551335702530:   Elnathan of JERUSALEM
177474621551335702532:   Josias (Josiah) ha-DAVID (18th King) of JUDAH; aka Y'ashyahu ben 'Amon, Yoshiyahu ben AMMON; aka Yoshia ben AMON; (restored Temple, see Chronicles 2 Chapts. 34-35); 648? BC - 609 BC Megiddo k. at Battle of Megiddo (against Necho II of Egypt)
177474621551335702533:   Zebidah (Zebudah; bat PEDAIAH) of RUMAH
177474621551335702552: *** Same as 317091051193977929728580 (Nabopolassar (II; King) of CHALDEA)
177474621551335702553:   prob. Shumadamqa (Princess) of ASSYRIA; (Shuadamqa)
177474621551335702554:   Assur-etil-same-ersiti-uballitsu
177474621551335702556:   Esarhaddon (King) of ASSYRIA; aka Assur-etil-ilani-mukin-aplo; aka Ashur-akh-iddina (Esarhadon Esar-haddon); 14/15th King of Neo-Assyrian Period; (defeated Pharaoh Taharka and captured Memphis); ? - 669 BC
177474621551335702557:   Eshurhemet(?) (Queen) of ASSYRIA; or: Naqi'a-Zakutu; (1st wife); aka Esara-hammat; ? - 673 BC
177474621551335702558:   prob. child of Sennacherib
177474621551335768064:   Ahitub (II) ben AMARIAH; poss. High Priest; aka Achitob ha-KOHEN
A177474621551335768064:   Jotham; 23rd Co-High Priest
177474621551335768076:   Nun ben ELISAMA
177474621551335768078:   (NN) ... (NN); some missing generations
A177474621561162956800:   (NN) ha-DAVID
A177474621561162956802:   Nearchus; general for Alexander the Great, q.v.
A177474621561162956803: *** Same as A154829614840809535019 (Barsine (Princess) of PERSIA)
A177474621563089985538:   Phylas (King) of EPHYRA
A177474621563089985544: *** Same as 324701236422633397897134080 (Amphitryon of MYCENAE)
A177474621563089985545: *** Same as 324701236422633397897134081 (Alcmena of MYCENAE)
A177474621563089985546: *** Same as 2597609891381067201212973058 (Alcathous (King) of MEGARA)
A177474621563089985547:   Euachme (Princess) of ONCHESTUS & MEGARA; (2nd wife)
A177474621563089985548:   Menoeceus of THEBES; or: Pelops of PISA, q.v.; also begat poss. Astydamia (q.v.); (Menoecee Menoeceos)
A177474621563089985550: *** Same as A177474621563089985548 (Menoeceus of THEBES)
177474621563107147776:   Aulus Manlius Vulso Capitolinus; also begat Aulus (Consular Tribune); 470? BC - ?
177474621563107180544:   Lucius Quinctius
177474621563107180548:   Publius Postumius Tubertus
177474621563291566720: *** Same as 302186202365165616 (Poseidon (the OLYMPIAN; GOD of the Sea))
177474621563291566721:   Deiope
*A177474621563291566721:   Chione
177474621563295451136:   Hashubah; (Hashabniah)
A184847735425159135232:   prob. Walther (co-King) of GERMANS; also begat Main; (ruled with Panno and Schard); ? - 884? BC
A185123255597418938368:   Li Yu (Zitong) of LIANG
185123255597418942592:   (NN)
*A185123255597418942592:   poss. First Speaker of Old Chinese; (the placement of Chinese speakers here is probably wrong ; researchers deduce that, while Sino-Tibetan is ancient, Chinese itself arose with the Han Dynasty)
A185123257791945900032:   (NN) ... (NN) of CANTABRIA; several missing generations

Generation 69    (My 66-great grandparents)

303650711515032584320: *** Same as 693260240481622856 (Joazar (Joezer))
303650711515032584336:   Horemkhet of EGYPT; ? - 194 BC
303650711515032617000:   Pairisades III (King) of BOSPHORE; ? - 150? BC
303650711515032617001:   Komosarye of BOSPHORE
A303650711515032617024:   Sothimus (Prince) of THRACE
A303650711515032617025:   poss. Athenais of PERGAMUM
A303650711515032617026:   Pylaimenes (II) of PAPHLAGONIA
303650711515033501696:   Kay Abika
303650711515033509888:   Egres (founder & eponym) of EGRISI; also begat Megrelians; aka Egros (Egers) YAPHETIDY
303650711515033509892:   (NN) ... (NN) de MTSXETA; many missing generations
303650711515033509894:   (NN) de ISFAHAN
303650711515033509936:   Eucritides I of BACTRIA; ? - 155? BC
303650711515033509940: *** Same as 9676850927550596002 (Prusias II `Cynegus' (King) of BITHYNIA)
303650711515033509941: *** Same as 9676850927550596003 (Apame of MACEDONIA)
303650711515033509976: *** Same as 151825355757516754946 (Samara(?) de MTSXETA)
303650711515033509977: *** Same as 151825355757516754947 ((Miss) de ISFAHAN)
303650711515033509978:   (NN) ... (NN) de KOVKAN; many missing generations
303650711515033509984:   Xerxes I (King) of ARMENIA; or: poss. Ervand-Orontes IV, q.v., Xerxes' brother; (Xerses)
303650711515033509985: *** Same as 37956339353843204155 (Antiochis (Princess) of SYRIA)
303650711515033510010:   Alexander VI of MEGALOPOLIS; also begat Philip VI; ? - 192? BC
303650711515033510011:   Apama; also bore Philip VI
303650711515033514496:   Bakru II of OSRHOENE; ? - 94? BC
303650711515033567328:   Antimachos I (King) of BAKTRIAI; (skip this generation?)
303650711515033567330:   Antimachus I Theos of MACEDONIA; ? - 180? BC
*A303650711515033567330:   Antimachus I (King) of BACTRIA [alt ped]; aka Antimachus I Theos of MACEDONIA, q.v.; ? - 220 BC
303650711515033567331:   (Miss) of BACTRIA
303650711515033567332:   Pantaleon (Subking) of BACTRIA; (skip this generation?); ? - 175+ BC
A303650711515033567332: *** Same as 19353701855101191876 (Seleucus II `Kallinikos' (King) of SYRIA)
303650711515033567333:   (Miss) of BACTRIA; (skip?)
A303650711515033567333:   (NN), a mistress
303650711515033567334:   Demetrios (Demetrius) I (King) of BAKTRIAI; ? - 171+ BC (or 185? BC)
303650711515033567335:   Sundari MAURYA of MAGADHA; (2nd wife)
303650711515033567336:   Agnimitra (of MAGADHA) (EMPEROR) of INDIA; ? - 141 BC
303650711515033567337:   Dharini
303650711515033567776:   Megas (King) of SAKAS; (Maues)
303650711515033567777:   (NN; Princess) of BACTRIA
303650711515033567778: *** Same as 18978169469689597956 (Amyntas (King) of BACTRIA)
303650711523687547136:   First Speaker of Late Indo-Slavic; also begat prob. Armenian (poss. incl. Phrygian), poss. Getic; aka Armeno-Aryan (excluding Balto-Slavic); ca 2900 BC
303650714830745633026: *** Same as 302186202365165710 (Phorcus the TITAN)
303650714830745633027: *** Same as 302186202365165711 (Ceto (IMMORTAL))
A303650714830745633028:   (NN) ... (NN) (Kings) of CELTS; about 17 missing generations
A303650714830745633216:   Attalus; ? - 317 BC
A303650714830745633217:   Atalante
303650714830745633232:   Ariarathes II (King) of CAPPADOCIA; ? - 280? BC
A303650745600096600106:   Joseph of JUDAEA
A303650745600096600107:   Olympias of JUDAEA
A303650745600096600108: *** Same as 10832191257525356 (Herod I (King) of JUDAEA (JUDEA))
A303650745600096600109:   Mariamne of JUDAEA; `esteemed the most beautiful woman of that time'
A303650745600096600110: *** Same as 5416095628762678 (Aristobulus (Aristobulos I; IV) of JUDAEA)
A303650745600096600111: *** Same as 5416095628762679 (Berenice (Berenike; II) bar COSTOBARUS)
303650745600096651264:   poss. Publius Aelius; or: one of his descendants; (Quaestor); ? - 409+ BC
303650745600097046592:   Thersander (King) of THEBES
303650745600097046593:   Demonassa
303650745600117719232:   Antiphemus
303650745600117719248:   Socrates
303650745600117719249:   Callisto (II); also bore Lycophro III; also m. Cleombrotus
303650745600117719256:   Andocides (I)
303650745600117719264:   Xanthippos (Strategos/General) of ATHENS; also begat Ariphron; (defeated Persians at Mycale, 479 BC)
303650745600117719265:   Agariste II ALCMAEONIDAE; also bore Ariphron
303650745600117719266:   Axiochus of MILOS; (Axiochos)
303650745600117720128:   Poliarchus
303650745600118063168:   Manlius Valerius Messala; (Consul)
303650745600118063176:   Lucius Valerius Flaccus; (Consul)
303650745600118063200:   Marcus Claudius Marcellus; (Consul)
303650745600118063208:   Marcus Iunius Brutus
303650745600118064320:   Aulus Caecina
303650745600118064321:   Larga
303650745600118064322:   Caesennius
303650745600131655936: *** Same as 74133482812531208 (Fabius (progenitor & eponym of gens FABIA))
303650745601004221696:   Lucius LENTULUS; 228? BC - ?
303650745601004222016:   Publius Quintilius VARUS; (a Priest); 235? BC - 169 BC
303650745603011379200:   Tengriqut (Tribal Chief) of HUNS; 2nd King of the 1st XIONGNU Dynasty; ? - 240+ BC
C303650745603011379200:   Bondefard (of HUNS); aka Bentekur of HSIUNG-NU
303650745603011379208:   Liu Zhijia; of peasant class
303650745603011379209:   Wang Hanshi; of peasant class
303650745603011379244:   Zang Tu
A303650745604781408576:   Mentuhotpe (Mentuhotep) I (Prince/Governor) of THEBES
A303650745604781408704:   Jursham
303923713448978939904:   Bahr Asgad of ETHIOPIA; (Bahr Asged)
303925276834527526912:   Hae Mosu (King) of the PUYO; aka Haemosu of BUYEO; 1st EMPEROR of BUYEO
303925276834527526916: *** Same as 303925276834527526912 (Hae Mosu (King) of the PUYO)
309437897166548893696:   Feth; (of PICTS)
309437897166750220287:   prob. Gurtich (6th/13th King) of SCONE, sister of; also bore Wurgust (King); aka Ges Cuirti
309438671221929554114: *** Same as 37773275295645698 (Zeus the OLYMPIAN)
309438671221929554115: *** Same as 38679833902741194417 (Leto the TITAN)
309438671221929554116: *** Same as 2417489618921326772 (Lycaon (King) of ARCADIA)
B309438671221929554116:   Hyreius (King) of HYRIA; (skip this generation?); also begat Lycus, Histiaea; (Hyrieus)
B309438671221929554117:   Clonia (Celaeno); or: poss. Amphitrite the NEREID, q.v. or: skip; also bore Lycus
A309438671221929554120:   Cheimarrhous; or: Oceanus the TITAN, q.v.
B309438671221929554120: *** Same as A154719335610964777062 (Celeus (King) of ELEUSIS)
A309438671221929554121:   Polyhymnia the MUSE of Hymns (Sacred Poetry); or: Gaia the Earth GODDESS, q.v.; (her emblem is a veil)
B309438671221929554121: *** Same as A154719335610964777063 (Meganeira)
309438671221929554124: *** Same as 19339916951370597208 (Apollo the OLYMPIAN)
A309438671221929554124:   Eleusinus (King & eponym) of ELEUSIS; also begat Dysaules; also m. Cothonea, Meganeira, Cyntinea, Hyona
309438671221929554125:   Stilbe the NYMPH; Princess of ARKADIA
309438671221929554126:   Eurynomus of the LAPITHS
309438671221929554152:   Astynous of SYRIA
309438671221929554154: *** Same as 154719335610964777078 (Pygmalion of CYPRUS)
A309438671221929554154:   Megassares (King) of HYRIA; (in Boeotia)
309438671221929554155: *** Same as 154719335610964777079 (Galatea, statue of ideal woman)
309438671221929554156: *** Same as 18886637647822872 (The Soil (PRIMORDIAL God))
309438671221929554158: *** Same as 154719335610964777078 (Pygmalion of CYPRUS)
309438671221929554159: *** Same as 18886637647822849 (Aphrodite Pandemos the OLYMPIAN)
309438671221929555344: *** Same as 302186202365165616 (Poseidon (the OLYMPIAN; GOD of the Sea))
309438671221929555345:   Calchinia
B309438671221929556618:   Asterius (King) of CRETE; aka Astur (King) of CRETE & ALEMANIA; (Asterion, Anubis, Lobo, Ammon)
*C309438671221929556618:   Asterion (King) of CRETE [alt ped]
B309438671221929556619: *** Same as 37773275295645733 (Europa of PHOENICIA)
309438671221929556680: *** Same as 1208744809460662592 (Deucalion (King) of PTHIA)
*A309438671221929556680: *** Same as 18886637647822872 (The Soil (PRIMORDIAL God))
309438671221929556681: *** Same as 1208744809460662593 (Pyrrha of PTHIA)
309438671221929556682: *** Same as 4721659411955718 (Kranaos (King) of ATHENS)
*A309438671221929556682:   Cranaus (King) of ATHENS [alt ped]; (contemporary of Deucalion)
309438671221929556683: *** Same as 4721659411955719 (Pedias of LACEDAEMON)
309438671221929556688: *** Same as 302186202365165648 (Aeolus of THESSALY)
309438671221929556689: *** Same as 302186202365165649 (Enarete of THESSALY)
309438671221929556690: *** Same as 302186202365165842 (Atlas the TITAN)
309438671221929556691: *** Same as 302186202365165843 (Pleione the OCEANID)
309438671221929672704:   Hercules LYBIUS; poss. King of Ancient SPAIN
*A309438671221929672704:   Hercules LYBIUS [alt ped]
309438671221929672728:   poss. Bera (King) of SODOM; (Barsa)
309438671221929680896:   Mahalalel ben KENAN; aka Mehlaiel ibn QENAN; aka Mahalaleel (Malaleel Mlahel Mahlalail); `God shines forth'; 3609 BC - 2714 BC
309438671221929680897:   Dinah (Dina)
309438671221929680898:   Rashujal; (Rasujal)
309438671221929680899:   poss. Rachujal
309438671221929680900: *** Same as 309438671221929680896 (Mahalalel ben KENAN)
309438671221929680901: *** Same as 309438671221929680897 (Dinah (Dina))
309438671221929680908: *** Same as 309438671221929680896 (Mahalalel ben KENAN)
A309438671221929680908: *** Same as 309438671221929680910 (Mehajael ben IRAD)
309438671221929680909: *** Same as 309438671221929680897 (Dinah (Dina))
A309438671221929680909:   Lia bint JOEL
309438671221929680910:   Mehajael ben IRAD; (first to fashion cedar into beams); (Mahjael Maviael Mehjael); aka Mehujael QAYINITIDY
309438671221929826880:   Isaac ibn ABRAHAM; aka Ishaq (Yitzhak Isaakh Yitzak) of KADESH; poss. aka Mempsasthenoth; poss. related to Isis; aka Ishaq, PROPHET of Allah for CANAAN; Heir of the Covenant; 1922 BC - 1742 BC
309438671221929826881:   Rebekah (Rebecca) bint BETHEUL
309438671221929845762: *** Same as A77359667805482461442 (Ra, GOD of the Sun)
309559495317755789312:   Cobthach Caol BREAGH (69th MONARCH) of IRELAND; aka Caobthach (Covac) Coel `Lean' BROEG; aka Cobhacus CAOL-BHREAGH; (his death commemorated in oldest Irish poem); ? - 541? BC murdered by nephew, Labhraidh Loingseach Mae mac Oiliolla Aine
A309559495317755789312:   Eochaid Altlethan MacAILELLA
309559495317755789320:   Ailill (Oiliall; II) Finn MacAIRT; aka Olioll Fionn; 56th MONARCH of IRELAND; ? - 784? BC (or 587? BC)
309559986937176948736:   Mathsin MacLOCH
309559986937438240768:   Nemedius Machta; also begat Arthur, Ainin, Fergus Leathdhearg (father of Briaton Maol); aka Nemedh (Nemed) of AGNOMAN; founder (& eponym) of (mythical?) NEMEDIAN Dynasty of Ireland
309559986937438240769:   Macha; eponym of Ard Mhacha (Armagh)
309631613522371674112:   Fomhar; or: prob. not Fhomuir (Fomhar) MacARGATMAIR (q.v. : Fomhar's ancestor)
309649878609532289024: *** Same as 158545805066233112952832 (Mochta MacMESOMAIN)
309658558154393296896:   Fiacha (Fiachaidh) TOLGRACH; 55th MONARCH of IRELAND; slain by 56th Monarch at Battle of Borin
309658558154393296900: *** Same as 177474621551335702532 (Josias (Josiah) ha-DAVID (18th King) of JUDAH)
309658558154393296901:   Hamutal (Hamnutal) bat JEREMIAH (mi-LIBNAH); (bat YIRMIA); Rumah
309659229681065394176:   Akkub (Akuv) ha-DAVID; 25th EXILARCH in Babylon; ? - 200+ BC
309659229681065394177:   prob. (Miss) bat HIZKIAH (ha-DAVID)
309659229681065410560:   Ephraim ha-DAVID; aka Efraim ben BAASHA
309659229681585549312:   Arib ibn YASHUB
309659229681619042304:   (NN) ... (NN); many missing generations
309659229681619042306:   (NN) ... (NN) of SHEBA; several missing generations
309659229681619042320:   prob. (NN) ... (NN) of KUSH; many missing generations
309659229681619066880:   (NN) ... (NN) of GAETULIA; some missing generations
309659229681619066976:   Saphax (Prince) of CARTHAGE
A309659229681619066976: *** Same as 19339916951370597208 (Apollo the OLYMPIAN)
A309659229681619066977:   Celaeno
*B309659229681619066977:   Thyia
309659229681619069952:   poss. Philip II (King) of MACEDONIA; TEMENID; 382? BC - 336 BC assassinated
A309659229681619069952: *** Same as 309659229681619069954 (poss. Meleagros the PERDICCID)
309659229681619069953:   poss. Olympias of the MOLOSSIANS; Princess of EPIRUS; 375 BC - 316 BC
309659229681619069954:   poss. Meleagros the PERDICCID; (Meleager); (von MAKEDONIEN)
309659229681619069955:   grandchild of Alcestas I
309659229681619069956:   Tjahapium of EGYPT; (Tchahapimu, Tjahepimu)
*A309659229681619069956:   prob. Tjahapium of EGYPT [alt ped]; or: Teos Setepeninhour (Tjahapium's father); (Tchahapimu, Tjahepimu)
309659229681619069957:   Udjashu of EGYPT; (Wedjashu)
309659229681619069964:   Iollas (Prince) of MACEDONIA; aka Iolus (Ioiaos Iolaus Iolaos)
A309659229681619069964:   Cassander (King) of MACEDONIA; also begat Philip; (Kassandros); Macedonia 358? BC - 297 BC
309659229681619069968:   poss. Perdikkas III of MACEDONIA
309659229681619069969:   poss. Cynane
309659229681619069970: *** Same as 309659229681619069952 (poss. Philip II (King) of MACEDONIA)
309659229681619069971:   Audata of ILLYRIA
309659229681619069974:   Cassander; or: poss. Cassander (King, q.v.), Cassander's nephew; (Kassandros)
309659229681619069976:   Antiochus (General) of MACEDONIA; (de ORESTIS); ? - 330+ BC
309659229681619069977:   Laodice
309659229681619069978:   Spitamana (Satrap) of BAKTRIA; aka Spitames (Spitamenes) of BACTRIA; 365? BC - 325? BC
309659229681619069979:   Apame (Amastris) of DASCYLIUM; or: Amira of PHRYGIA
309659229681619069980:   Antigonus I `Monophthalmus' of MACEDONIA; King of PHRYGIA; eponym of ANTIGONID; ? - 301 BC
309659229681619069981:   Stratonice of THRACE
309659229681619069982: *** Same as 154829614840809534982 (Antipater I (Regent) of MACEDONIA)
309659229681619070000:   Petehorendjatef (Peteharendotes) of EGYPT
309659229681619070010:   Nesibanebdjedet
309659229681619070011:   Meryethapi
309659229681619070036: *** Same as 309659229681619069952 (poss. Philip II (King) of MACEDONIA)
309659229681619070037: *** Same as 309659229681619069953 (poss. Olympias of the MOLOSSIANS)
309659229681619070038:   Oxyartes of SOGDIA; (warlord); (of BALKH; SOGDIANA); 377? BC - ?
A309659229681619070038: *** Same as 619318459363238139956 (Artabazus (II; III; Satrap) of BITHNIYA (BACTRIA))
309659229681619070039:   poss. Barsine of STATERIA; ? - 323? BC
A309659229681619070039: *** Same as 619318459363238139957 ((Miss) of PERSIA)
309659229681619070048:   Mithridates I (Prince) of CIOS; ? - 337+ BC
A309659229681619070048:   poss. Ariobarzanes II; also begat Mithridates II; ? - 337? BC
B309659229681619070048:   Ariobarzanes II (ARSHAMID)
309659229681619070049:   Arrhina
309659229681619070464: *** Same as 38707403710202383750 (Neferibre (Nupheho) of EGYPT)
309659229681619070465: *** Same as 38707403710202383751 (Herib (Kheru) of EGYPT)
309659229681619070976:   Phriapites (Leader) of the PARNI; migrated to Parthia from Central Asia; (Phriapatius); 345? BC - ?
309659229681619072000:   Aroandes II (King/Satrap) of ARMENIA; aka Orontes III; aka Ervand (Ervand-Orontes) II ERVANDUNI; ? - 331? BC
309659229681619072064:   Bas (King) of BITHYNIA; (Byas); ? - 326? BC
309659229681619072104:   Aeacides (King) of EPIRUS; also begat Deidameia, Troias; ? - 313+ BC
309659229681619072105:   Phthia (the Thessalian) of PHARSALUS
309659229681619072106:   Agathocles of SYRACUSE
309659229681619072107:   Alcia (Adia)
*A309659229681619072107:   poss. Theoxena
309659229681619072110: *** Same as 77414807420404767492 (Philip of CYRENE)
309659229681619072111: *** Same as 77414807420404767493 (Berenice (Berenike) I of MACEDONIA)
309659229681620090880:   Bildas bayt KEDAR
A309659229681620090880:   al-Hamaysa'
309659775519986548736:   Fechen Dein MacSEGDA
A309659775554212069376:   Daire (King) of ULADH
309659787408372137984:   Marcomir I (King) of SICAMBRI; of the CIMMERIANS; led his people from Black Sea to Holland, conquered No. Gaul; ? - 412? BC
354949243102600101888:   Paris of GAUL
A354949243102614781952: *** Same as 5679187889641838608388 (Procas (13th King) of ALBA LONGA)
354949243102614913024:   Jullus (Julus) of ROME; progenitor of IULLII; eponym of JULIUS
354949243102620680192:   poss. Anscarius Marcius; poss. aka Marcius I; (friend of Numa Pompilius)
354949243102620680194:   Numa Pompilius (2nd King) of ROME; also begat poss. Numa; also m. Lucretia; (reigned 44 years); 753? BC - 673? BC
354949243102620680195:   Tatia (Princess) of SABINES; or: poss. Lucretia, q.v.; (1st wife)
354949243102620680196:   (NN) Hostilius
354949243102620811268: *** Same as 75546550591291412 (Oibalos (King) of SPARTA & LACEDAEMON)
354949243102620811269: *** Same as 75546550591291413 (Batia the NAIAD)
354949243102620811270: *** Same as 649402472845266795794268166 (Thestius of PLEURON (of AETOLIA))
354949243102620811271:   Eurythemis of PLEURON; aka Eyrythemis of CALYDON; poss. aka Deidameia
354949243102620811272: *** Same as 75546550591291460 (Pelops (King) of PISA, LYDIA and/or MYCENE)
354949243102620811273: *** Same as 75546550591291461 (Hippodamia of PISA)
354949243102620811274: *** Same as 177474621551310405636 (Thyestes (King) of MYCENAE)
354949243102620811275: *** Same as A38679833902741194577 (Aerope of CRETE)
C354949243102667210752:   Coillus; or: King Millus (Coillus' brother ?); aka Coel ap CADELL
354949243102671405056:   Cosam (Cosan) ha-DAVID; aka Kosam ben ELMODAM
A354949243102671405060:   poss. Achbor
354949243102671405064:   Amon ha-DAVID (17th King) of JUDAH; also begat Kareah (poss. father of Ion of Ireland); aka Amon ben MANASHEH (ben MANASHE); he and his father worshipped Baal and Asherah; 664? BC - 640? BC assassinated
354949243102671405065:   Jedidah bat ADAIAH of BOZKATH; or: prob. not Adaia Boskat bat YEDIDIA; aka Idida bat HADAIA of BESECATH
354949243102671405066:   Pedaiah of RUMAH
354949243102671405106:   Shamash-shuma-ukin (Prince) of ASSYRIA; Viceroy of BABYLON; ? - 684+ BC
354949243102671405108: *** Same as 177474621551335702556 (Esarhaddon (King) of ASSYRIA)
354949243102671405109: *** Same as 177474621551335702557 (Eshurhemet(?) (Queen) of ASSYRIA)
354949243102671405112:   Sennacherib (King) of ASSYRIA & BABYLON; also begat Assur-Nadin-Shum (ruler of Babylon), Assur-Mulik, Nergal-Sharezar (Nebo-SarEsher); 13/14th King of Neo-Assyrian Period; (conquered Judah under Ezechias, q.v.; his son Ashur-nadin-shumi is reckoned 10th King of Dynasty X of Babylon); ? - 681+ BC
354949243102671405113:   prob. Tashmetum-sharrat (Princess) of BABYLON; (Tashmentum)
*A354949243102671405113: *** Same as 289583884730625 (Naqi'a-Zakutu, poss. Princess of ASSYRIA)
354949243102671405116: *** Same as 354949243102671405112 (Sennacherib (King) of ASSYRIA & BABYLON)
354949243102671536128:   Amariah ben AZARIAH; aka Amarias ha-KOHEN
A354949243102671536128:   Juelus; 21st Co-High Priest
354949243102671536152:   Elisama ben AMMIUD
354949243102671536157:   Sherah (Sara Sheerah); (emigrated to Canaan, became very wealthy)
*A354949243102671536157:   Serah (Sara) [alt ped]; (very long-lived; emigrated to Canaan, became very wealthy); poss. d. in Eden
A354949243122325913600:   (NN) ha-DAVID
A354949243126179971094:   Megareus (King) of ONCHESTUS & MEGARA
A354949243126179971095:   Iphinoe (Princess) of MEGARA
A354949243126179971096:   Oclasos of THEBES; (skip this generation?); (Oklasos)
354949243126214295552:   Gnaeus Manlius Vulso; 505? BC - ?
354949243126214361088:   Lucius Quinctius
354949243126214361096:   Publius Postumius Tubertus; (Consul)
354949243126583133442: *** Same as A154719335610964777060 (Triptolemus)
A354949243126583133442:   Boreas the (North) WIND; (GOD); aka Buriash (Uburiash Burariash)
A354949243126583133443:   Orithuia; (Orithiya Oreithyia)
354949243126590902272:   Meshullam ben ZERUBABEL; also begat Ohel, poss. Berechiah (q.v. : 6th Exilarch), Jushab-Hesed; 4th EXILARCH in Babylon
A369695470850318270464:   Gal (co-King) of GERMANS; also begat Alber; (ruled with his brothers); ? - 1006+ BC
A370246511194837876736:   Li Gan (Youqing) of LIANG; Marquis of GUANNEI
A370246511194837885184:   First Speaker of proto-Chinese
A370246515583891800064:   Astur IV (King) of CANTABRIA

Generation 70    (My 67-great grandparents)

607301423030065168672:   Djedhor of EGYPT
607301423030065234000:   Leukon (Prince) of BOSPHORE; also begat Prytanis
607301423030065234002:   Spartocus V (King) of BOSPHORE
A607301423030065234048:   Diegylis (King) of THRACE
A607301423030065234049: *** Same as 4838425463775298001 (Apama of BITHYNIA)
A607301423030065234050: *** Same as 9489084838460801038 (Attalus III Philometor Euergetes ATTALID)
A607301423030065234051: *** Same as 9489084838460801039 (Berenice (Berenike))
607301423030067003392:   Kay Manush
607301423030067019776: *** Same as 593067795940376592 (Togarmah (Tugarna) ben GOMER of UR)
607301423030067019784:   Uphlos (Uplos) YAPHETIDY
607301423030067019872:   Heliocles of BACTRIA
607301423030067019873:   Laodice of BACTRIA
607301423030067019956:   Kavkaz (eponym of CAUCASUS); also begat Dzurdzuk (Derdzuk), Tiret'i, Circassians, Abhazlarin; aka Caucas (Kavkasos Kovkas Kovkases) YAPHETIDY
607301423030067019968: *** Same as 19353701855101192000 (Arsames I (King) of ARMENIA)
607301423030067019969: *** Same as 19353701855101192001 (prob. (Miss) of PARTHIA)
607301423030067020020:   Agathocles of MEGALOPOLIS
607301423030067020021:   Athena of SARDIS
607301423030067028992:   Bakru I of OSRHOENE; ? - 112? BC
607301423030067134656: *** Same as 303650711515033567334 (Demetrios (Demetrius) I (King) of BAKTRIAI)
607301423030067134657:   Berenike (SYRIAI ?; or of BACTRIA ?); (1st wife)
607301423030067134660:   (NN) of MACEDONIA
A607301423030067134660: *** Same as 607301423030067134668 (Euthydemos (King) of BAKTRIAI (MAGNESIA))
607301423030067134662:   Diodotus II of BACTRIA; ? - 235? BC
607301423030067134664: *** Same as 303650711515033567334 (Demetrios (Demetrius) I (King) of BAKTRIAI)
607301423030067134665: *** Same as 303650711515033567335 (Sundari MAURYA of MAGADHA)
607301423030067134666: *** Same as 607301423030067134662 (Diodotus II of BACTRIA)
607301423030067134667:   poss. (Princess) of BACTRIA
607301423030067134668:   Euthydemos (King) of BAKTRIAI (MAGNESIA); aka Euthydemus I Theos; ? - 220? BC
607301423030067134669:   Berenike(?) of BACTRIA
607301423030067134670:   Brihadratha MAURYA (King) of MAGADHA; (Brhadratha); EMPEROR of INDIA; ? - 181+ BC
607301423030067134671:   daughter of Abhisara AVANTI
*A607301423030067134671:   poss. Berenike BAKTRIAI
607301423030067134672:   Pusyamitra SHUNGA of MAGADHA; EMPEROR of INDIA; ? - 149 BC
607301423030067134673:   Marhindi MAURYA; (Mahindi)
607301423030067135554:   Archebius (King) of BACTRIA
607301423047375094272:   First Speaker of Early Indo-Slavic (Satem Core); also begat poss. Balto-Slavic (q.v.), Catacomb Grave Culture; (the language of the Catacomb culture is unknown but was prob. proto-Daco-Moesian); (Daco-Moesian, Armeno-Phrygian and poss. Hellenic are sometimes considered to form a Paleo-Balkan family); ca 3100 BC
A607301429661491266056:   Lucus (King) of CELTS
A607301429661491266432:   Andromenes; also begat Polemon, Amyntas, Simmias
A607301429661491266434:   Orontes of ORESTIS; also begat Perdiccas, Alcestis; aka King Orestes
607301429661491266464:   Orophone (Prince) of CAPPADOCIA; (Holophernes Orophones Holopherne)
A607301491200193200218:   Simon Boethus of JUDAEA; (made High Priest of Jerusalem by his son-in-law, King Herod)
607301491200194093184:   Polyneices
607301491200194093185:   Argeia
607301491200194093186:   Amphiaraus (co-Ruler) of ARGOS; (One of the Seven against Thebes)
607301491200194093187:   Eriphyle; (persuaded Amphiaraus to raid Thebes, despite knowing this would lead to his death); slain by Alcmaeon (her own son)
607301491200235438464:   Eumolpus II
607301491200235438498:   Lycophron (II); (Lycophro)
607301491200235438499:   Callistomacha
607301491200235438512:   (NN) ... (NN); many missing generations
607301491200235438528:   Ariphron (Strategos) of ATHENS; (Ariphro)
607301491200235438530: *** Same as 317091051193977929835576 (Hippocrates of ATHENS)
607301491200235440256:   Themistocles of ATHENS; (famous politician and general)
607301491200235440257:   Archippe
607301491200236126336:   Manlius Valerius Messala; (Consul)
607301491200236126352:   Lucius Valerius Flaccus; (Consul)
607301491200236126400:   Marcus CLAUDIUS Marcellus; (Consul)
607301491200236126416:   Lucius Iunius Brutus; ? - 249+ BC
607301491202008443392:   Lucius LENTULUS; ? - 173 BC
607301491202008444032:   (NN) ... (NN) Quintilius Varus; about 4 missing generations
607301491206022758400:   Kia (Tribal Chief) of HUNS; progenitor (eponym) of the XIONG Dynasty; ? - 270? BC
C607301491206022758400:   Tarkens (of HUNS); aka Farkas of HSIUNG-NU
A607301491209562817152:   father (Anchtifi?) of Mentuhotpe
A607301491209562817408:   Abd Yalil
607847426897957879808:   Senfa Ared of ETHIOPIA
607850553669055053824:   poss. Heaven (GOD)
618875794333097787392:   Guididgaedercach; (of PICTS)
618875794333500440575:   prob. Guidid Gaed Brecach (5th/12th King) of SCONE, sister of; also bore Gurtich (King); aka Guided Gaeth Breatnach
B618877342443859108232: *** Same as 302186202365165616 (Poseidon (the OLYMPIAN; GOD of the Sea))
B618877342443859108233:   Alcyone the PLEIADE; also bore (all by Poseidon) Aethusa, Hyperernor, Aloeus, Hopleus, Nireus, Triops; (TITAN); (identified with a constellation)
A618877342443859108240: *** Same as 302186202365165830 (Ares (the OLYMPIAN; GOD of War))
A618877342443859108242: *** Same as 37773275295645698 (Zeus the OLYMPIAN)
A618877342443859108243: *** Same as C302186202365165867 (Mnemosyne the TITAN)
A618877342443859108248: *** Same as 302186202365165636 (Hermes (the OLYMPIAN; the Messenger GOD))
A618877342443859108249: *** Same as 75546550591291497 (Daeira)
618877342443859108250: *** Same as 4834979237842649324 (Peneus the RIVER GOD)
618877342443859108251: *** Same as 4834979237842649325 (Creusa the NAIAD)
618877342443859108304:   Phaethon of SYRIA
618877342443859108305: *** Same as 18886637647822849 (Aphrodite Pandemos the OLYMPIAN)
618877342443859110690:   Leucippus (King) of AEGIALIA; ? - 1505? BC
B618877342443859113236:   Tectamus (King) of CRETE; aka King of DORIDE
C618877342443859113236: *** Same as 18886637647822866 (Minos `the Elder' (King) of CRETE)
B618877342443859113237:   (NN; Princess) of IOLCUS; (was she Tectamus's mother or wife?)
C618877342443859113237:   Androgeneia
A618877342443859113364: *** Same as 18886637647822872 (The Soil (PRIMORDIAL God))
A618877342443859113365:   Pandrosos of ATHENS
*B618877342443859113365: *** Same as 18886637647822873 (Gaia (Gaea) the Earth GODDESS)
618877342443859345408: *** Same as 604372404730331144 (poss. Dodanim)
A618877342443859345408:   Mizraim (1st PHARAOH of ZOANITE Dynasty); also begat Ludim (Lubim), Anamim, Naphtuhim (Nephthuim); aka Mesram (Misream, Mesrain, Mesraim; aka Mitzraim EGYPTUS ben HAM; HAMITIDY) founder of Egypt in Hebrew legend; eponym of MISR (EGYPT)
A618877342443859345409:   Isis
618877342443859361792:   Cainan (Keinan); aka Qenan ibn ANOSH; `Possession'; aka Kenan ADANYA; 3679 BC - 2769 BC
618877342443859361793:   Mualeleth ADANYA; (Maualaelaeth Muaalet)
618877342443859361794:   Barakiel
618877342443859361795: *** Same as 618877342443859361793 (Mualeleth ADANYA)
618877342443859361796: *** Same as 618877342443859361792 (Cainan (Keinan))
618877342443859361797: *** Same as 618877342443859361793 (Mualeleth ADANYA)
618877342443859361798:   Enosh (Henos Enos) ADANYA; `Man'; aka Anosh ibn SHEETH; aka Idris; 3769 BC - 2864 BC
618877342443859361799:   Noham ADANYA; (Noam)
A618877342443859361818:   Joel ben BART
A618877342443859361819:   Mara bat ENOCH
618877342443859361820:   Irad (Jared) ben ENOCH; (Invented dams, etc.); aka Erad QAYINITIDY
618877342443859361821:   poss. Mia bat BART
618877342443859653760:   Abraham (Avraham Ibrahim) of GENESIS; also begat Jokshan (Jecsan : Yoqshan : father of Sheba & Dedan), Medan (Madan), Shuah (Sue : Shuach); Patriarch of the Old Testament; aka Abram ben TERAH (of UR); `Father of Exaltation'; aka Abraham ibn AZAR, 2nd Ulul Azmi of ISLAM; 5th PROPHET of the Seal; poss. aka Ibiranu III (King) of UGARIT; poss. 1st astronomer; (MIPHMHH #114); 2052? BC - 1877? BC or 1996 BC - 1821 BC
618877342443859653761:   Sarai (Sarah) (Princess) bint HARAN
*A618877342443859653761:   Sarai (Sarah) bas TERAH
618877342443859653762:   Bethuel the ARAMEAN; aka Betheul (Betuel; of PADDAN-ARAM) ibn NAHOR; Paddanaram
619118990635511578624: *** Same as 38707319769299162112 (Augaine Mor MacECHACH)
619118990635511578625: *** Same as 38707319769299162113 (Caesir (Cessair) Cruthach (Princess) of FRANKS)
619118990635511578640:   Art MacLUGAID (MacLUGDACH); (Artur II); 54th MONARCH of IRELAND; slain by 55th Monarch
619119973874353897472:   Loch MacEDAMAN
619119973874876481536:   Agnoman (Adnamhain) of SCYTHIA; aka Agnomain (MacPAIMP) of the GREEKS of SCYTHIA
619263227044743348224:   Feabhardhile
619317116308786593792:   Murchad (Muireadhach; I) Balgrach MacSIMON; also begat Dui Teamrach (father of 51st M & 53rd M); aka Muiredach Bolgrach (Bolgach); 46th MONARCH of IRELAND; 3 grandsons were MONARCH; slain by 47th Monarch
619317116308786593802:   Jeremiah (the PROPHET) mi-LIBNAH; fled Babylon to Ireland with gt-granddaughter and `Stone of Destiny'; eponym of `jeremiad'
619318459362130788352:   Elioenai ha-DAVID; also begat Anani II (21st Exilarch), Johanan I (22nd Exilarch : father of 27th E), Hodaviah (23rd Exilarch : father of 28th E), Eliashib (24th Exilarch : father of 29th E), Pelaiah (Exilarch), Delaiah; 17th EXILARCH in Babylon
619318459362130788354:   Hizkiah (II) ha-DAVID; also begat Nakhum I (19th Exilarch); (Hezekieh Khiskiya); 18th EXILARCH in Babylon
619318459362130821120:   Baasha ha-DAVID; aka Baasha ben AVRAHAM
619318459363171098624:   Yashjub ibn ZAYD
619318459363238084608: *** Same as 726936049874271037573130 ('Abin ibn SHELAH)
619318459363238084612:   poss. Saba (eponym) of SHEBA; (Sheba Sheva)
619318459363238084640:   Hor-Khem (King) of KUSH; founder of 2nd Kushite Dynasty; ? - 2000?? BC
619318459363238133760:   Iarbas (King) of GAETULIA (in LIBYA); (Hiarbas)
*A619318459363238133760:   Iarbas (King) of GAETULIA [alt ped]; (Hiarbas)
619318459363238133761:   Anna (Princess) of TYRE
619318459363238133952:   Hanno II `the Great' (Dictator) of CARTHAGE; ? - 360+ BC
A619318459363238133954:   Hyamus
B619318459363238133954:   Castalius; also begat Laphrius
619318459363238139904:   Amyntas III (King) of MACEDONIA; TEMENID; ? - 370? BC
619318459363238139905:   Eurydice of LYNCESTIS (LYNCESTAE); ? - 365 BC
619318459363238139906:   Neoptolemus I (King) of EPIRUS; also begat Alexander I (King of Epirus); of the MOLOSSIANS; poss. aka Pyrrhus (King) of PTHIA; ? - 360? BC
619318459363238139907:   (Miss) of CHAIOIA; or: Andromache; poss. aka Antigone(?) of MACEDONIA
619318459363238139908:   Balakros the PERDICCID; (Balacrus)
619318459363238139910:   child of Alcestas I
619318459363238139912:   Takhos (Djed-Hor) of EGYPT; (army officer)
A619318459363238139912:   Teos Setepeninhour (Djedhor) of EGYPT; (skip this generation?); ? - 359+ BC
619318459363238139913:   Nesenpermut
619318459363238139914:   Khabhre of EGYPT
A619318459363238139928: *** Same as 154829614840809534982 (Antipater I (Regent) of MACEDONIA)
619318459363238139936: *** Same as 619318459363238139904 (Amyntas III (King) of MACEDONIA)
619318459363238139937: *** Same as 619318459363238139905 (Eurydice of LYNCESTIS (LYNCESTAE))
619318459363238139942:   Bardyllis (King) of ILLYRIA; also begat Bircenna
619318459363238139948: *** Same as 309659229681619069964 (Iollas (Prince) of MACEDONIA)
619318459363238139952:   Seleucius of MACEDONIA; eponym of SELEUCID Dynasty
619318459363238139956:   Artabazus (II; III; Satrap) of BITHNIYA (BACTRIA); also m. sister of Memnon; 387? BC - 325? BC
619318459363238139957:   (Miss) of PERSIA; aka daughter of Arsames
619318459363238139958: *** Same as 619318459363238139956 (Artabazus (II; III; Satrap) of BITHNIYA (BACTRIA))
619318459363238139960:   Philip of ELIMAEA
619318459363238139962:   Corrhagus (Corrhaeus Korrhagos) (King) of THRACE; 400? BC - ?
619318459363238140000:   Anemhor of EGYPT
619318459363238140022: *** Same as 619318459363238139912 (Takhos (Djed-Hor) of EGYPT)
619318459363238140023: *** Same as 619318459363238139913 (Nesenpermut)
619318459363238140078:   prob. Darius III (Shah) of PERSIA; aka Daravayahus; (lost the Persian Empire to Alexander the Great, q.v., in a series of battles beginning in 334 BC; in 331 BC Alexander was intimidated at the Battle of Gaugamela by 15 Persian elephants but prevailed against odds and conscripted the elephants into his own army); ? - 330? BC slain by his own men
619318459363238140079:   prob. Stateira I; also bore Stateira II (m. Alex. the Great); also m. poss. Alexander the Great; `most beautiful woman on Earth'; (captured by Alexander the Great since, per custom, she accompanied her husband to war); ? - 332? BC d. in childbirth
619318459363238140096:   Orontobades (Prince) of CIOS
A619318459363238140096:   poss. Ariobarzanes I; also begat Mithridates; ? - 362? BC
619318459363238141952:   Arsaces (Arsakes); (skip this generation?); aka Artaxerxes
619318459363238144000:   Aroandes I (Satrap) of (Eastern) ARMENIA; aka Orontes I (II), Ervand; poss. eponym of the ORONTIDS; 420? BC - 362? BC
619318459363238144001:   Rodogune (Rhodogune) ACHAEMENID of PERSIA
619318459363238144128:   Botyrus (Botrys Boteiras)
619318459363238144208:   Arhybbas (II; King) of EPIRUS; aka Arybas (Arrybas Arymbas Arrybbas) of the MOLOSSIANS; 390? BC - 323 BC
619318459363238144209:   Troas (Queen) of EPIRUS
619318459363238144210:   Menon (IV; the THESSALIAN) of PHARSALUS; 375? BC - 321? BC
619318459363238144212:   Karkinos of SYRACUSE
A619318459363238144214: *** Same as 77414807420404767492 (Philip of CYRENE)
A619318459363238144215: *** Same as 77414807420404767493 (Berenice (Berenike) I of MACEDONIA)
619318459363240181760:   Yidlaf bayt KEDAR; (Yadlaf)
A619318459363240181760:   Yashjub
619319551039973097472:   Segda MacCAITHRE
A619319551108424138752:   Fiachna (King) of ULADH
619319574816744275968:   Antenor I (II; King) of the CIMMERIANS; poss. aka Euxim of the TROJANS; (after him, the Cimmerians were ruled by the historic Archaeanactid Dynasty, beginning with Archaeanax); ? - 433? BC
709898486205200203776:   Romus of GAUL
709898486205229826048:   poss. Romulus (1st King) of ROME; or: source: Divine Twins, q.v.; also begat Aollius; eponym of ROME; Murdered Remus; aka Quirinus the GOD; ? - 5/7/716? BC disappeared mysteriously
*A709898486205229826048: *** Same as 4721659411955712 (Iulus ASCANIUS (founder & 1st King) of ALBA LONGA)
709898486205229826049: *** Same as 4721659411955713 (Roma (wife of Iulus Ascanius))
709898486205241360384:   poss. source: Maris (Etruscan GOD of Fertility); poss. aka Marcius I
709898486205241360388:   Pomponius the SABINE; (of CURES)
*A709898486205241360388:   Pomponius the SABINE [alt ped]; (of CURES)
709898486205241360389:   poss. Jullia Prima of ROME
*A709898486205241360389:   poss. Silvia
709898486205241360390:   Titus Tatius (King) of SABINA; (attacked Rome after rape of the Sabines, becoming co-King with Romulus); eponym of the TITIES; (King of the SABINES)
709898486205241360392:   Hostius(?) Hostilius; also begat Hostus
709898486205241360393:   Hersilia `the Raped' of SABINA
709898486205241622542: *** Same as 649402472845266795794268164 (Porthaon (King) of PLEURON)
C709898486205334421504:   Catellus (King) in BRITAIN; aka Cadell ap GERAINT
709898486205342810112:   Elmadam (Helmadan Elmodam) ha-DAVID; aka Elmodam ben ER
A709898486205342810120:   Michaiah
709898486205342810128:   Manasses ha-DAVID (Manasseh) (16th King) of JUDAH; prob. in his reign that Ark of the Covenant of Yahweh was removed from Jerusalem; aka Manasheh ben HIZQIYAH, Manasseh ben HEZEKIAH; aka Menashe ben HIZKIA; 709? BC - 642? BC
709898486205342810129:   Meshullemeth bat HARUZ of JOTBAH; (Meshulleweth)
709898486205342810130:   Adai'ah ben ETHAN (ha-LEVI); aka Adaia (Adaiah Addo) of BOZKATH; (a priest)
*A709898486205342810130:   poss. Adaiah of BOZKATH [alt ped]; (a priest)
709898486205342810212: *** Same as 177474621551335702556 (Esarhaddon (King) of ASSYRIA)
709898486205342810213: *** Same as 289583884730625 (Naqi'a-Zakutu, poss. Princess of ASSYRIA)
709898486205342810224:   Sargon II `the Great' (117th King) of ASSYRIA; 12/13th King of Neo-Assyrian Period; also 6th King of Dynasty X of BABYLON; conquered Israel (ten of 12 tribes) in 722 BC; ? - 705+ BC
*A709898486205342810224:   prob. Sargon II `the Great' (117th King) of ASSYRIA [alt ped]; 12/13th King of Neo-Assyrian Period; also 6th King of Dynasty X of BABYLON; conquered Israel (ten of 12 tribes) in 722 BC; ? - 705+ BC
709898486205342810225:   poss. Atalia; or: prob. Ra'ima of HARRAN; aka Taliya
*A709898486205342810225:   poss. Atalya of JUDAH; or: Naqi'a-Zakutu, q.v.
709898486205342810226:   Merodach-Baladan (King) of BABYLON; aka Marduk-apal-iddina II, Merodach-balladan II; 5th King of Dynasty X of Babylon; ? - 702 BC
*A709898486205342810226:   Merodach-Baladan II (King) of BABYLON [alt ped]; ? - 702 BC
709898486205343072256:   Azariah ben JOHANON; High Priest; aka Azarias (Azaryah) ha-KOHEN
A709898486205343072256:   Sudeaus; 20th Co-High Priest
709898486205343072304:   Ammiud ben LAADAN
709898486205343072314:   Beria ben EPHRAIM; also begat Rapha, Reseph
A709898486205343072314:   Asher (Aser) ibn JACOB; also begat Imnah (Jimnah Jamne Jemna), Ishva (Ishuah Jesua Ishvah), Ishvi (Isui Jessuri Jessui), Beriah (Beria Brie : father of Heber & Malchiel), poss. Shamer, poss. Helem, poss. Ulla, Eleventh Tribe of Israel; also m. Adon; (12th son)
A709898486244651827200:   (NN) ha-DAVID
A709898486252359942188:   Onchestus (King) of ONNCHESTUS; or: (aka?) Hippomenes or: Poseidon
A709898486252359942189:   Oenope of SICYON; (Oenone)
A709898486252359942190:   Nisus (King) of MEGARA; (Nisos)
A709898486252359942191:   Abrota (Princess) of ONCHESTUS
A709898486252359942192:   Pentheus (King) of THEBES; (Penthee)
709898486252428591104:   Gnaeus Manlius Vulso; (Roman Consul); ? - 474+ BC
709898486252428722176:   (NN) ... (NN), gens QUINCTIA; some missing generations
709898486252428722192:   Quintus Postumius
A709898486253166266884: *** Same as 2417489618921325096 (Astraeus the TITAN)
A709898486253166266885: *** Same as 2417489618921325097 (Eos the TITAN)
A709898486253166266886: *** Same as 151093101182582912 (Erechtheus (King) of ATHENS)
A709898486253166266887: *** Same as 151093101182582913 (Praxithea (II) of ATHENS)
709898486253181804544: *** Same as 11092163846958481408 (Zorobabel ha-DAVID (Heir) of the DAVIDIC Dynasty)
709898486253181804545: *** Same as 22184327695145369601 (Esther (Princess) ha-DAVID)
A739390941700636540928:   Wolfheim Siclinger (King) of GERMANS; also begat Kels, Hillyr (grandfather of Panno & Schard); ? - 1056+ BC
A740493022389675753472:   Li Guang of LIANG; General of the Front Guard of Han
A740493022389675770368:   First Speaker of Northeastern Tibeto-Burman; aka Sinitic; (the clading for S-T shown here is based on George van Driem, 1995)
A740493031167783600128:   (NN) ... (NN) of CANTABRIA; several missing generations

Generation 71    (My 68-great grandparents)

1214602846060130337344:   Horemkhet of EGYPT; ? - 200 BC
1214602846060130468000:   Pairisades (Prince) of BOSPHORE
1214602846060130468004: *** Same as 1214602846060130468000 (Pairisades (Prince) of BOSPHORE)
A1214602846060130468096:   Cotys II (King) of THRACE
A1214602846060130468097:   Semestra
1214602846060134006784:   Nauzar (King) of Mythical IRAN; Last King of the PISHDADIAN dynasty; (Nowzar); slain by Afrasiab
1214602846060134039568:   Mtsxetos (King) of KARTLI; also begat Jawaxos, Odzrkhos (Odzrxos); (Mtskhethos)
1214602846060134039746: *** Same as 303650711515033567334 (Demetrios (Demetrius) I (King) of BAKTRIAI)
1214602846060134039912: *** Same as 593067795940376592 (Togarmah (Tugarna) ben GOMER of UR)
1214602846060134040042:   Alexander V of SARDIS; also begat Philip V; ? - 243? BC
1214602846060134040043:   Nyaea; also bore Philip V
1214602846060134057984:   Fardhasht of OSRHOENE; ? - 115? BC
1214602846060134269314: *** Same as 607301423030067134662 (Diodotus II of BACTRIA)
1214602846060134269320:   Sophytes of MACEDONIA; ? - 303? BC
1214602846060134269324:   Diodotos I (King) of BAKTRIAI; aka Diodotus I of BACTRIA; ? - 248? BC
1214602846060134269325:   (NN), a concubine
1214602846060134269334:   Antimachus I (King) of BACTRIA; ? - 220 BC
*A1214602846060134269334: *** Same as A303650711515033567330 (Antimachus I (King) of BACTRIA [alt ped])
1214602846060134269336:   Apollodotos (General); aka Apollodotus of SYRIA
1214602846060134269338: *** Same as 1214602846060134269324 (Diodotos I (King) of BAKTRIAI)
1214602846060134269339:   poss. (Miss) of SYRIA
1214602846060134269340:   Kunala (King) of TAXILA, Gandahar & Kashmir; also begat (by 1st wife) Emperor Samprati (patron of Jainism), (by 2nd wife) Emperor Devadharma, Emperor Satamdhanu; aka Kunula MAURYA of INDIA; poss. same as Jalauka (King) of KASHMIR; Ruler in Western Empire; (in legend, he blinded himself in a subterfuge by his stepmother); (Dasaratha, shown as son in one source, is probably Kunala's half-nephew.); ? - 225+ BC
1214602846060134269341:   (NN) (of NEPAL ?), his 2nd wife; also bore Devadharma (Emperor), Satamdhanu (Emperor)
1214602846060134269342:   Abhisara (IV; King) of AVANTI
A1214602846060134269342: *** Same as 303650711515033567334 (Demetrios (Demetrius) I (King) of BAKTRIAI)
A1214602846060134269343: *** Same as 607301423030067134657 (Berenike (SYRIAI ?; or of BACTRIA ?))
1214602846060134269346: *** Same as 607301423030067134670 (Brihadratha MAURYA (King) of MAGADHA)
1214602846060134269347: *** Same as 607301423030067134671 (daughter of Abhisara AVANTI)
1214602846060134271108:   Eucratides II (King) of BACTRIA
1214602846060134271109:   Laodice of BACTRIA
1214602846094750188544:   First Speaker of Late Indo-Hellenic; also begat poss. Armeno-Phrygian; `Kurgan wave 3'; poss. aka Late Indo-Germanic; ca 3400 BC
A1214602859322982532112:   Vardus II (King) of CELTS; (Bardus)
A1214602859322982532868: *** Same as 4954547674905905119682 (Archelaus I (King) of MACEDONIA)
1214602859322982532928:   Ariamnes (I) of CARIA; also begat Ariarathes I (King of Cappadocia); Satrap of CAPPADOCIA
A1214602982400386400436:   Boethus; Alexandria
1214602982400388186368:   Oedipus (King) of THEBES; also begat Eteocles (King of Thebes : father of King Laodamas), Phrastor, Laonytus, Ismene; also m. Iocaste; (this gives Oedipus' presumed natural pedigree)
1214602982400388186369:   Eurygania of THEBES; (2nd wife); aka Eurygeneia (Euryganeia)
1214602982400388186370: *** Same as 151093101182582790 (Adrastus (King) of ARGOS & SICYON)
1214602982400388186371: *** Same as 151093101182582791 (poss. Amphithea of ARGOS)
1214602982400388186372:   Oicles (King) of ARGOS; or: poss. Apollo the OLYMPIAN, q.v.
1214602982400388186373:   Hypermnestra
1214602982400388186374: *** Same as 302186202365165580 (poss. Talaus (King) of ARGOS)
1214602982400388186375: *** Same as 302186202365165581 (poss. Lysianassa of SICYON)
1214602982400470876928: *** Same as 44368655390822891680 (Ceryx)
1214602982400470876996:   Lycurgus (II); also begat Abro II, Lycurgus III; (quaestor; one of the Ten Orators)
1214602982400470876997:   Callisto (I)
1214602982400470876998:   Philippus of AEXONE; (Philip)
1214602982400470877024: *** Same as 37773275295645714 (Telemachus (King) of ITHACA)
1214602982400470877025:   Nausikaa (Nausicaa); also bore Perseptolis, Ptoliporthus
1214602982400470880512:   Neocles of ATHENS
1214602982400470880513:   Abrotonum (harlot of Thrace); or: Euterpe
1214602982400470880514:   Lysander of ALOPECE
1214602982400472252672:   Manlius Valerius Messala; (Consul)
1214602982400472252704:   Publius Valerius Flaccus; (Consul); 270? BC - 210? BC
1214602982400472252800:   Marcus Claudius Marcellus; (Consul)
1214602982400472252832:   Decimus Iunius Brutus Scaeva; (Consul); 330?? BC - ?
1214602982404016886784:   Lucius Cornelius LENTULUS
1214602982404016888064:   Gnaeus Quintilius Varus; ? - 331 BC
1214602982412045516800:   (NN) ... (NN); very many missing generations
C1214602982412045516800:   Othmar (of HUNS); aka Othmar of HSIUNG-NU
A1214602982419125634816: *** Same as A4838425463775313984 (Hadoram (Haddram))
1215694853795915759616:   Bazen of ETHIOPIA
1237751588666195574784:   Ofinecta; (of PICTS)
1237751588667000881151:   prob. Finechta (4th/11th King) of SCONE, sister of; also bore Guidid (King); aka Ollfinachta
B1237754684887718216466: *** Same as 302186202365165842 (Atlas the TITAN)
B1237754684887718216467: *** Same as 302186202365165843 (Pleione the OCEANID)
1237754684887718216608:   Tithonus of SYRIA; (skip this generation?)
1237754684887718216609: *** Same as 37773275295645747 (Hemera (GODDESS))
1237754684887718221380:   Thurimachus (King) of AEGIALIA; ? - 1530? BC
B1237754684887718226472: *** Same as 2597609891381067183177072670 (Dorus (King) of the DORIANS)
*C1237754684887718226472:   Dorus (King) of the DORIANS [alt ped]; aka Doros (King) of CORINTH; eponym
B1237754684887718226473: *** Same as B618877342443859113237 ((NN; Princess) of IOLCUS)
B1237754684887718226474: *** Same as 2417489618921324640 (Cretheus (King) of IOLCUS)
C1237754684887718226474: *** Same as 2417489618921324640 (Cretheus (King) of IOLCUS)
B1237754684887718226475: *** Same as 2417489618921324641 (Tyro of THESSALY)
C1237754684887718226475: *** Same as 2417489618921324641 (Tyro of THESSALY)
A1237754684887718226730: *** Same as 9443318823911436 (Cecrops (I; King) of ATHENS)
A1237754684887718226731: *** Same as 9443318823911437 (Aglaurus of ATHENS)
A1237754684887718690816: *** Same as 79216299832814035681352 (Ham ibn NOAH)
A1237754684887718690817: *** Same as 79216299832814035681353 (Nehelatamah ADANYA)
A1237754684887718690818:   (NN) ... (NN); poss. missing generations
1237754684887718723584: *** Same as 618877342443859361798 (Enosh (Henos Enos) ADANYA)
1237754684887718723585: *** Same as 618877342443859361799 (Noham ADANYA)
1237754684887718723586: *** Same as 618877342443859361798 (Enosh (Henos Enos) ADANYA)
1237754684887718723587: *** Same as 618877342443859361799 (Noham ADANYA)
1237754684887718723588: *** Same as 618877342443859361798 (Enosh (Henos Enos) ADANYA)
1237754684887718723589: *** Same as 618877342443859361799 (Noham ADANYA)
1237754684887718723596:   Seth; aka Sheeth ibn ADAM; `the Substitute'; 1st PROPHET of the Seal; aka Shet ADANYA; 3874 BC - 2962 BC
1237754684887718723597:   Azura; poss. aka Noba; aka Aklemia; aka Azurah ADANYA
1237754684887718723598: *** Same as 1237754684887718723596 (Seth)
1237754684887718723599:   Kalimath; or: Azura, q.v.
A1237754684887718723636: *** Same as 1237754684887718723642 (Bart ben CAIN)
A1237754684887718723637: *** Same as 1237754684887718723643 (Beth bat CAIN)
A1237754684887718723638: *** Same as 1237754684887718723640 (Enoch (Henoch))
A1237754684887718723639:   Una bat CAIN
1237754684887718723640:   Enoch (Henoch); first-born son of Kain, developed architecture and cities; eponym of City of Enoch; aka Hanokh QAYINITIDY
1237754684887718723641:   Niba; or: Adan (daughter of Cain)
1237754684887718723642:   Bart ben CAIN
1237754684887718723643:   Beth bat CAIN
1237754684887719307520:   Terah (Thare Terih) (King?) of AGADE; aka Tarakr ben NAHOR the SEMITE; aka Turgi ben NACHOR; aka Azar ibn NAHOOR; `Virtue high'; Ur, Chaldea 2122? BC - 1917? BC
1237754684887719307521:   'Edna bat 'ABRAM; or: poss. Maria; poss. aka Amthelo; aka Edna bas CORNEBO
*A1237754684887719307521:   Amthelo of AGADE; (Amtheta Amathlai)
1237754684887719307522:   Haran (Harran) ben TERAH; also begat Iscah; (of UR); Ur 2052? BC - by 1917 BC
A1237754684887719307522: *** Same as 1237754684887719307520 (Terah (Thare Terih) (King?) of AGADE)
1237754684887719307523:   Maria; or: Neferytotenen
A1237754684887719307523:   poss. Tohwait of EGYPT
*B1237754684887719307523: *** Same as 1237754684887719307521 ('Edna bat 'ABRAM)
1237754684887719307524:   Nahor (ben TERAH) the ARAMEAN; also begat Buz, Jidlaph, Pildash, Hazo, Chesed (Kesed), Tebah, Gaham, Tahash, Maacah; also m. Reumah; poss. aka Niqmepa III (King) of UGARIT; (Nachor)
1237754684887719307525:   Milcah (Milkah) bint HARAN; also bore Buz, Jidlaph, Pildash, Hazo, Chesed; (other children were by Reumah)
1238237981271023157280:   Lugaid (II) Lamderg MacECHACH; aka Luighaidh (Lughaid) Lamhdhearg; 52nd MONARCH of IRELAND
1238239947748707794944:   Eadamhuin (Edaman) MacMAL; ? - 789? BC
1238239947749752963072:   Paim (Pamp); aka Paimp MacTAIT
1238526454089486696448:   Carbre
1238634232617573187584:   Simon (Siomon) BREACH; 44th MONARCH of IRELAND; killed 43rd Monarch; aka Simeon Breac; ? - 903? BC slain by 45th Monarch
1238634232617573187585:   (NN)
1238634232617573187604: *** Same as 11092163846958485504 (Hilkial ben SHALLUM)
1238636918724261576704:   Neariah ha-DAVID; also begat Azrikam (20th Exilarch); (Naariai Na'arya); 15th EXILARCH in Babylon
1238636918724261576708: *** Same as 1238636918724261576704 (Neariah ha-DAVID)
1238636918724261642240:   Abraham ha-DAVID; aka Avraham ben GIDEON
1238636918726342197248: *** Same as 4838425463775297536 (Zayd (ibn KAHLAN) of al-HIRAH)
1238636918726476169224: *** Same as 363468024937135518786564 (Joktan ben EBER)
1238636918726476169280:   (NN) ... (NN) of KUSH; many missing generations
1238636918726476267520:   (NN) ... (NN) of LIBYA; some missing generations
A1238636918726476267520: *** Same as 37773275295645698 (Zeus the OLYMPIAN)
A1238636918726476267521:   Garamantis the NYMPH
1238636918726476267522: *** Same as 74133482813667358 (Mattan (I; King) of TYRE)
1238636918726476267904:   Mago II (King) of CARTHAGE; ? - 375 BC
B1238636918726476267908: *** Same as 18886637647822872 (The Soil (PRIMORDIAL God))
1238636918726476279808:   Arrhidaeus (Prince) of MACEDONIA; aka Arrhidaios (Arrhabaios) TEMENID; (relation to Arrhidaeus, q.v., of same name?)
1238636918726476279809:   poss. Cleopatra
1238636918726476279810:   Irrhus (Prince) of LYNKOS; aka Sirrhas (Sirra) of the LYNCESTIANS
1238636918726476279811:   (Miss) of LYNCESTAE
1238636918726476279812:   Alcetas I (King) of EPIRUS; aka Alkelos I MOLOSSI ek EPIRUS
1238636918726476279814:   (NN) ... (NN) of CHAIOIA; many missing generations
1238636918726476279816:   Amyntas TEMENID of MACEDONIA; Vassal of Persia; ? - 411? BC
1238636918726476279820:   Alcetas I (King) of MACEDONIA; aka Alketas (Alcestus) the PERDICCID; ? - 540? BC
1238636918726476279824:   Amphiomis (Amenpayum) of SEBENNYTE
A1238636918726476279824:   Nectanebo I of EGYPT; 1st PHARAOH of 30th Dynasty; (Nekhet-nebef)
A1238636918726476279825:   Ptolmais; or: Oudjashou
1238636918726476279826:   Nihtmaatepede (rival-King) of EGYPT; also begat Titare (rival-King); ? - 421+ BC
1238636918726476279884:   (NN) ... (NN); many missing generations
1238636918726476279912:   Pharnabaszus (Satrap) of DASKYLEION; aka Pharnabazus (Pharnakes) II DASCYLIUM; ? - 380? BC
1238636918726476279913:   Apame (Princess) of PERSIA
1238636918726476279914:   Arsames (Prince) of PERSIA; aka Arshaam
1238636918726476279915:   Sisygambis of PERSIA
1238636918726476279920:   Machatas of ELIMAEA; (Machtas)
1238636918726476280000:   Neferibre of EGYPT
1238636918726476280156: *** Same as 1238636918726476279914 (Arsames (Prince) of PERSIA)
1238636918726476280157: *** Same as 1238636918726476279915 (Sisygambis of PERSIA)
1238636918726476280192:   poss. son of Artabazanes
A1238636918726476280192:   Mithridates I
1238636918726476283904: *** Same as 1238636918726476288002 (Artaxerxes II (Shah) of PERSIA)
1238636918726476288000:   Artasyras (Satrap) of HYRCANIA; (Artasuras; of PERSIA); ? - 401? BC
1238636918726476288002:   Artaxerxes II (Shah) of PERSIA; aka Mnemon; aka Artaxerxes II Abataka; ACHAEMENID; 8th PHARAOH of the 27th Dynasty of EGYPT; during his reign Egypt became independent of the Persian Empire, but Persia regained the Ionian cities of Anatolia; 456? BC - 359? BC
1238636918726476288003:   Stateira (Statira) of ARMENIA; or: poss. Aspasia of SCYTHIA, q.v.; (1st wife); ? - 402? BC poisoned by her mother-in-law Parysatis
1238636918726476288256:   Doedalsus (Dydalsus)
1238636918726476288416: *** Same as 1238636918726476279812 (Alcetas I (King) of EPIRUS)
*A1238636918726476288416:   poss. Alcetas I (King) of EPIRUS [alt ped]; 430? BC - 370? BC
1238636918726476288418: *** Same as 619318459363238139906 (Neoptolemus I (King) of EPIRUS)
1238636918726476288419: *** Same as 619318459363238139907 ((Miss) of CHAIOIA)
1238636918726476288420:   prob. (NN) of PHARSALUS
1238636918726480363520:   Tabakh bayt KEDAR; (Tabikh)
A1238636918726480363520:   Ya'rub; 298?? BC - ?
1238639102079946194944:   Caithre MacALTA
A1238639102216848277504:   Conchobhar (King) of ULADH
1238639149633488551936:   Helenus IV (King) of the CIMMERIANS; (Helenos)
1419796972410400407552:   Allobrox (King) of CELTS
1419796972410459652096: *** Same as 302186202365165830 (Ares (the OLYMPIAN; GOD of War))
*A1419796972410459652096: *** Same as A177474621551307390976 (Amulius (14th King) of ALBA LONGA)
1419796972410459652097:   Rhea Silvia (Princess) of ALBA LONGA; also bore Remus (Romulus' twin); (1st Vestal Virgin, raped by Mars, imprisoned by her uncle Amulius who threw her sons into the River); aka Ilia
1419796972410482720768:   Tinia (Etruscan GOD of Sky); (Jupiter : Zeus); (Tinia, Uni and Menrva are the three highest gods in the ETRUSCAN Pantheon)
1419796972410482720769:   Uni (Etruscan Supreme GODDESS); (Juno : Hera)
1419796972410482720776:   (NN) ... (NN) SABINE; many missing generations
A1419796972410482720776:   Demophon
1419796972410482720777:   poss. colonists from Greece; many missing generations
A1419796972410482720777:   descendant of Parapilius
1419796972410482720778: *** Same as 709898486205229826048 (poss. Romulus (1st King) of ROME)
A1419796972410482720778:   Faustulus
1419796972410482720779: *** Same as 709898486205241360393 (Hersilia `the Raped' of SABINA)
A1419796972410482720779: *** Same as 1419796972410459652097 (Rhea Silvia (Princess) of ALBA LONGA)
1419796972410482720780:   (NN) ... (NN) the SABINE; few missing generations
1419796972410482720786: *** Same as 709898486205241360390 (Titus Tatius (King) of SABINA)
C1419796972410668843008:   Gerontius (King) in BRITAIN; aka Geraint (Gerennus) ap ELIDR WAR
1419796972410685620224:   Er (Her) ben JESUS; (ben YOSHUA; ha-DAVID)
A1419796972410685620240:   Gemariah
1419796972410685620256:   Ezechias (Hezekiah) (15th King) of JUDAH; (during his reign the north was conquered by Assyria and the ``ten lost tribes'' were deported); aka Hizqiyah ben 'ACHAZ; aka Hizkia ben AHAZ; `whom God has strengthened'; (much praised in Bible); 741? BC - 687? BC
1419796972410685620257:   Hephzibah bat ISAIAH; aka Heftziba (Hepzibah Hepsibah) bat ISHAYA
1419796972410685620258:   Haroz (Haruz) of JOTBAH
1419796972410685620260:   Ethan (ben ZIMMAH) ha-LEVI
A1419796972410685620260:   (NN) ... (NN) ha-LEVI; many missing generations
1419796972410685620448:   Tiglath-pileser III (King) of ASSYRIA; aka Tukulti-apal-eshar; aka Pulu; 10/11th King of Neo-Assyrian Period; (ferocious ruler, conquered much of Egypt and Persia); ? - 727+ BC
A1419796972410685620448:   Harmake of HABIGAL; aka Har-Irihar, Urudu-Gin
1419796972410685620449:   Yabaa of JUDAH; (Yaba)
1419796972410685620450:   prob. Shalmaneser V (King) of ASSYRIA; aka Ululai; 11/12th King of Neo-Assyrian Period; (captured Samaria (during reign of Osorkon IV, q.v. in Egypt))
*B1419796972410685620450:   Assur-Nirari V (114th King) of ASSYRIA; 9/10th King of Neo-Assyrian Period
A1419796972410685620450: *** Same as 2839593944821371240898 (Joatham (Jotham) (13th King) of JUDAH)
1419796972410685620451:   prob. Baniti; (Banita)
A1419796972410685620451: *** Same as 2839593944821371240899 (Ahio (Princess) bat AZRIKAM)
1419796972410685620452:   Nabonassar of BABYLON; poss. aka Yakin (King) of CHALDEA; (or were Nabonassar and Yakin brothers?); ? - 734? BC
*B1419796972410685620452:   Nabonassar (Prince) of BABYLON [alt ped]; aka Yakin
A1419796972410685620452:   Ukin-Zer (King) of BABYLON; (founded Dynasty IX of Babylon); aka Yakin
1419796972410685620453:   daughter of Nabu-shum-ishkun
A1419796972410685620453:   (NN; Princess) of BABYLON
1419796972410686144512:   Johanon ben AZARIAH; aka Johanan (Johannan) ha-KOHEN
A1419796972410686144512:   Phideas (Pedaiah); 19th Co-High Priest
1419796972410686144608:   Laadan ben THAAN
1419796972410686144628:   Ephraim ben JOSEPH; also begat Becher (Beker), Seventh Tribe of Israel; `doubly fruitful'; progenitor (eponym) of EPHRAIMITE Tribe; (second son but given birthright because of Jacob's prophecy); (famous Ephraimites include Joshua and Prophet Samuel)
A1419796972410686144628: *** Same as 154719335610964913440 (Jacob ibn ISAAC (King of GOSHEN))
A1419796972410686144629:   Zilpah, the Handmaid; (Leah's hand-maiden, given to Jacob by Leah after Leah was too old to bear children)
A1419796972489303654400:   Hanani ha-DAVID
A1419796972504719884376: *** Same as 302186202365165616 (Poseidon (the OLYMPIAN; GOD of the Sea))
A1419796972504719884378: *** Same as A9669958475685298600 (Epopeus (King) of SICYON)
A1419796972504719884379: *** Same as 4834979237842649293 (Antiope of THEBES)
A1419796972504719884380: *** Same as 37773275295645728 (Pandion II (King) of ATHENS & MEGARA)
A1419796972504719884381: *** Same as 37773275295645729 (Pylia (Princess) of MEGARA)
A1419796972504719884382: *** Same as A709898486252359942188 (Onchestus (King) of ONNCHESTUS)
A1419796972504719884383: *** Same as A709898486252359942189 (Oenope of SICYON)
A1419796972504719884384:   Echion (King) of THEBES; poss. aka Lycothorses (King) of ILLYRIUM; the SPARTID
A1419796972504719884385:   Agave (the BACCHANAL) of THEBES; (Agaue Agabe)
1419796972504857182208:   Publius Manlius; 560? BC - ?
1419796972504857444352: *** Same as 75912686400251057160 (Quinctius)
A1478781883401273081856:   Frank (King) of GERMANS; (Francus Franco); eponym of FRANKS; ? - 1114+ BC
A1480986044779351506944:   Li Sheng (Shang) of LIANG; Magistrate of CHENGJI
A1480986044779351540736:   First Speaker of Sino-Bodic; also begat Northwest T-B (Bodic : Himalayan); aka Northern Tibeto-Burman
A1480986062335567200256:   Herdo (King) of CANTABRIA; (fought with Hannibal)

Generation 72    (My 69-great grandparents)

2429205692120260674688:   Psenptah of EGYPT; (Psherenptah)
2429205692120260936000:   Spartocus IV (King) of BOSPHORE; (King of CIMMERIANS in BOSPHORUS)
A2429205692120260936192:   Seuthes IV (King) of THRACE; ? - 171 BC
2429205692120268013568:   Manush
2429205692120268079136:   Kartlos (Karthlos) YAPHETIDY; also begat Gajis, Gardbos, Kaxos, Koghkis, Georgians (Kartvellians); eponym of KARTLI; aka K'art'los
2429205692120268080084: *** Same as 77414807420404767508 (Achaeus I (Prince) of SYRIA)
2429205692120268080085: *** Same as 77414807420404767509 (Aesopia the PERDICCID of MACEDONIA)
2429205692120268115968:   Geba'u of OSRHOENE
2429205692120268538640: *** Same as 154829614840809535018 (Alexander III `the Great' (King) of MACEDONIA)
2429205692120268538641:   Parysatis of PAROPERISDES
2429205692120268538648:   Diodotos Achaiou of MACEDONIA; Prince of SYRIA; (Diodorus)
2429205692120268538668:   Achaius of MACEDONIA; Prince of SYRIA
2429205692120268538669:   Laodice of MACEDONIA
2429205692120268538672: *** Same as 1214602846060134269320 (Sophytes of MACEDONIA)
2429205692120268538678: *** Same as 38707403710202383752 (Antiochus II `Theos' (King) of SYRIA)
2429205692120268538679: *** Same as 38707403710202383759 (Laodice I (II ?) of SYRIA)
2429205692120268538680:   Ashoka (Asoka) Vardhana (EMPEROR) of (No. & Cent.) INDIA; also begat (by 1st wife) Emperor Subhagasena (father of Sundari & Emperor Saliska), (by 2nd wife) Tivara (father of Dasaratha); aka Samrat Ashoka Vardhana Maurya; (turned from war to religion, establishing Buddhism); (MIPHMHH #53); ? - 233+ BC
2429205692120268538681:   Padmavati SINDHU; (3rd/4th wife)
2429205692120268538682:   poss. Devapala of NEPAL
2429205692120268538683:   poss. (Miss) of TIBET
2429205692120268538684:   Abhisara III of PANCANADA
2429205692120268542216: *** Same as 151825355757516754968 (Heliocles I (King) of BACTRIA)
2429205692189500377088:   First Speaker of Early Indo-Hellenic; also begat prob. Illyrian (or Illyro-Albanian?), poss. Messapic, poss. Paionian; this branch is prob. associated with Yamnaya (Pit Grave) culture (but anti-Gimbutas theorists say Tripolye culture ca 4500 BC); poss. aka Early Indo-Germanic; ca 3600 BC
A2429205718645965064224:   Longhus (King) of CELTS; (Longho)
2429205718645965065856:   Datames of CARIA; Satrap of SYRIA or CAPPADOCIA
*A2429205718645965065856:   Datamnes of PERSIA
2429205964800776372736:   Laius (King) of THEBES; (poss. natural father of Oedipus); (Laios)
2429205964800776372737:   Jocasta of THEBES; or: Eurycleia (daughter of Ecphas); (1st wife and poss. mother of Oedipus); (Iocaste)
2429205964800776372738:   Hyperphas of THEBES
2429205964800776372744:   Antiphates (King) of ARGOS
2429205964800776372746: *** Same as 649402472845266795794268166 (Thestius of PLEURON (of AETOLIA))
2429205964800776372747: *** Same as 354949243102620811271 (Eurythemis of PLEURON)
2429205964800941753992:   Lycophron; (famous poet and grammarian); Chalcis, Euboea
2429205964800941753994:   Abron, a BATESIAN; also begat Callias; (Abro)
2429205964800941754050:   poss. Alkinoos (King) of the PHAEACIANS
2429205964800941754051:   poss. Arete
2429205964800941761024:   (NN) ... (NN); some missing generations
2429205964800944505344:   Manlius Valerius Maximus Messala; (Consul); 306? BC - 252+ BC
2429205964800944505408:   (NN) ... (NN), VALERIUS (POPLICOLA); eight missing generations
2429205964800944505600:   Marcus Claudius MARCELLUS; (Consul)
2429205964800944505664:   Decimus Iunius Brutus Scaeva; (Consul)
2429205964808033773568:   Lucius Cornelius LENTULUS
2429205964808033776128:   Quintilius Varus; 410? BC - ?
2429205964824091033600:   Chungvi; 1st King of the 1st XIONGNU Dynasty; ? - 1800+? BC
C2429205964824091033600:   Kadar (of HUNS); aka Kadara of HSIUNG-NU
2431389707591831519232:   Nalke of ETHIOPIA; (Nalku)
2475503177332391149568:   Debbecan; (of PICTS)
2475503177334001762303:   prob. Denbacan (3rd/10th King) of SCONE, sister of; also bore Finechta (King); (Aenbecan Oenbegan)
2475509369775436433216:   Cephalus of ATHENS; Priest (& mortal lover) of Eos; (Kephalos)
2475509369775436433217: *** Same as 2417489618921325097 (Eos the TITAN)
2475509369775436442760:   Aegyrus (King) of AEGIALIA; ? - 1555? BC
C2475509369775436452944: *** Same as 19339916951370597208 (Apollo the OLYMPIAN)
C2475509369775436452945:   Phthia
A2475509369775437381637: *** Same as 9669958475685307681 (Isis, GODDESS of EGYPT)
2475509369775437447192:   Adam, the First Man; also begat sons & daughters; first man (in Judeo-Christian myth); poss. aka Adapa (King) of ERIDU, q.v. (1st man in Assyro-Babylonian tradition); PROPHET of Allah; (of EDEN); eponym of Adam's Apple; Garden of Eden 4004 BC - 3070 BC
*A2475509369775437447192:   poss. Man of the Bronze Age; (date is for Early Minoan I; arsenical bronze); 3000 BC - ?
2475509369775437447193:   Eve, the First Woman; also bore sons and daughters; `Eve' poss. means `Life'; (of EDEN); aka Hawwah; Garden of Eden 4000 BC - by 3074 BC
2475509369775437447194: *** Same as 2475509369775437447192 (Adam, the First Man)
2475509369775437447195: *** Same as 2475509369775437447193 (Eve, the First Woman)
2475509369775437447198:   Samael (Sammael) the DEMON; `Venom of God'; poss. aka ARCHANGEL of Death; 1st lover of Eve; (Lilith's 2nd husband); poss. aka Lucifer (Eosphorus; the Satan)
*A2475509369775437447198:   Enki Samael (IMMORTAL) [alt ped]
2475509369775437447199:   Lilith the DEMONESS; also bore the Lilin; (Samael's 2nd wife; poss. 1st wife of Adam; after leaving Adam she became a succubus); Daughter of DARKNESS; aka Ashtaroth the GODDESS of Fertility, GODDESS of NIGHT
*A2475509369775437447199:   Lilith (IMMORTAL) [alt ped]
A2475509369775437447278: *** Same as 2475509369775437447280 (Kain (Cain) ben ADAM)
A2475509369775437447279: *** Same as 2475509369775437447285 (Leah bat ADAM)
2475509369775437447280:   Kain (Cain) ben ADAM; also begat Adan (Atun Una), Tatiana, Zana, Luluwa, Nenokh; also m. poss. Aclima (q.v. : Abel's wife & Cain's own twin), Ramona, Lilith, Kanafatafaa, Luluwa, Awan, Labudha, Ashuth; 1st builder of city (built Enoch); 1st killer (Murdered his brother Abel); aka Qayin ADANYA; eponym of QAYINITIDY; slain by Lemach (his 3-g grandson)
2475509369775437447281:   poss. Qalmana; or: poss. Leah (Qalmana's sister); aka Awan (Asuana Haziana Jamila) ADANYA; (Abel's twin)
2475509369775437447282: *** Same as 1237754684887718723596 (Seth)
2475509369775437447284: *** Same as 2475509369775437447280 (Kain (Cain) ben ADAM)
2475509369775437447285:   Leah bat ADAM
2475509369775437447286: *** Same as 2475509369775437447280 (Kain (Cain) ben ADAM)
2475509369775437447287: *** Same as 2475509369775437447285 (Leah bat ADAM)
2475509369775438615040:   Nahor ben SERUG; poss. King of UR & AGADE; poss. aka Niqmepa II (King) of UGARIT; `Pleasant mountain'; known from ancient Babylonian inscriptions as Chief of HARAN; aka Nahoor ibn SROOJ; aka Nakhor (Nachor Nahur) of UR; 2151? BC - 2003? BC
2475509369775438615041:   Jaska ('Ijaska) bat NESTAG; (Iyaseka Ijosek Iyosaka Lyosaka)
*A2475509369775438615041:   poss. Milcah
2475509369775438615042:   'Abram; poss. aka Avram CORNEBO; ? - 2125 BC
A2475509369775438615042:   Cornebo (of CHALDEA ?); (Karnebo)
2475509369775438615043:   (Miss) de UR; (Ur)
2475509369775438615044: *** Same as 1237754684887719307520 (Terah (Thare Terih) (King?) of AGADE)
2475509369775438615045: *** Same as 1237754684887719307521 ('Edna bat 'ABRAM)
A2475509369775438615046:   poss. not Mentuhotpe IV (III; PHARAOH) of EGYPT; or: Mentuhotpe's father or grandfather; aka Mentuhotep Nebtawyre; 6th and last of 11th Dynasty; overthrown by Amenemhat; ? - 1991? BC
2475509369775438615048: *** Same as 1237754684887719307520 (Terah (Thare Terih) (King?) of AGADE)
2475509369775438615049: *** Same as 1237754684887719307521 ('Edna bat 'ABRAM)
2475509369775438615050: *** Same as 1237754684887719307522 (Haran (Harran) ben TERAH)
2476475962542046314560:   Eochaid (V) Uarchas MacLUGAID; aka Eochaidh Uaircas (Uarceas); aka Eoghai Goir Gheas; 50th MONARCH of IRELAND; murdered 49th Monarch
2476479895497415589888:   Mail (Mal) MacLUGAID; of MUNSTER; ? - 802? BC
2476479895499505926144:   Tait (Tat)
2477052908178973392896:   Glas
2477268465235146375168:   Aedham (Aodhan) GLAS (MacNUADHAT); Prince of IRELAND
2477273837448523153408:   Shemaiah ha-DAVID; also begat Hattush II (14th Exilarch), Shemida (15th Exilarch), Igeal, Bariah, Shaphat; (Shemaiai Shmaya); 13th EXILARCH in Babylon; poss. ``keeper of the east gate'' Nehemiah 3:29
2477273837448523284480:   Gideon (ben NATAN) ha-DAVID
2477273837452952338560:   poss. Aethiops (King) of KUSH; poss. aka King Nimrod the MIGHTY, q.v.; founder of 1st Kushite Dynasty; eponym (prob. mythical) of ETHIOPIA; ? - 3000?? BC
2477273837452952535040:   Ammon of LIBYA; aka Jupiter Ammon
2477273837452952535041: *** Same as A1238636918726476267521 (Garamantis the NYMPH)
A2477273837452952535042:   Garamas (in LIBYA); eponym of the GARAMANTES; (poss. 1st man); Libya?
2477273837452952535808:   Syphax (Prince) of CARTHAGE
2477273837452952559616: *** Same as 1238636918726476279816 (Amyntas TEMENID of MACEDONIA)
2477273837452952559620:   Arrabaios (King) of LYNKOS; King in ILLYRIA; poss. aka Telestes of CORINTH
2477273837452952559622:   Arrhabaeus I of LYNCESTAE; (skip this generation?)
2477273837452952559624:   Tharypus (King) of the MOLOSSIANS; aka Tharrybas (Tharrhypas Tharrypas Tharrypos) (King) of EPIRUS; 430? BC - 390? BC
2477273837452952559628:   (NN; King) of CHAIOIA
2477273837452952559632:   Alexander I (King) of MACEDONIA; aka Alexander (Alexandros) Philhellene TEMENID; ? - 454 BC
2477273837452952559640:   Aeropus I (King) of MACEDONIA; aka Aeropas the PERDICCID; 600? BC - 558 BC
2477273837452952559648:   Thannyras (anti-King) of EGYPT
A2477273837452952559648: *** Same as 619318459363238139912 (Takhos (Djed-Hor) of EGYPT)
A2477273837452952559649: *** Same as 619318459363238139913 (Nesenpermut)
2477273837452952559652:   Inamennifnebu (rival-King) of EGYPT; ? - 442+ BC
2477273837452952559768: *** Same as 604372404730331136 (Dardanus (Dara) (King) of ACADIA)
2477273837452952559824:   Pharnaces I (Satrap) of DASCYLIUM; (ARSHAMID); ? - 414? BC
2477273837452952559826: *** Same as 1238636918726476288002 (Artaxerxes II (Shah) of PERSIA)
2477273837452952559827:   prob. Aspasia of SCYTHIA
*A2477273837452952559827: *** Same as 1238636918726476288003 (Stateira (Statira) of ARMENIA)
2477273837452952559828:   Ostanes of PERSIA; aka Ousfaam
2477273837452952559830: *** Same as 1238636918726476288002 (Artaxerxes II (Shah) of PERSIA)
2477273837452952559831: *** Same as 1238636918726476288003 (Stateira (Statira) of ARMENIA)
2477273837452952559840:   Derdas (King) of the ELIMIOTAI
2477273837452952559841:   daughter of Archelaus I
2477273837452952560000:   Djedhor (Takhos) of EGYPT
2477273837452952560384:   Artabazanes of PERSIA
A2477273837452952560384: *** Same as 2477273837452952559824 (Pharnaces I (Satrap) of DASCYLIUM)
2477273837452952576000:   Orontes I of PERSIA; (Eruand Auruuant Arwand Aruandes Ardoates, means HERO); prob. eponym of ORONTID Dynasty
2477273837452952576004:   Darius (Ochus) II (Shah) of PERSIA; also begat Cyrus `the Younger' (m. Aspasia the Phocaean); aka Darius (Daravayahus Dareios) II `Nothus' ACHAEMENID; Killed his half-brother to obtain throne; 5th/7th PHARAOH of the 27th Dynasty of EGYPT; 475? BC - 404? BC
2477273837452952576005:   Parysatis ACHAEMENID of PERSIA; also bore Cyrus `the Younger'; also m. Hydranes III; ? - 395? BC
2477273837452952576006:   Hydarnes (III) of ARMENIA; (skip this generation?)
A2477273837452952576832:   Alcandre
2477273837452952576840:   Menon III of PHARSALUS; ? - 400? BC
2477273837452960727040:   Jaham bayt KEDAR; (Jahim)
A2477273837452960727040:   Yashjub
2477278204159892389888:   Alta MacOGAMAIN
A2477278204433696555008:   Hunamun (King) of ULADH
2477278299266977103872:   Priam IV (King) of the CIMMERIANS; (Priamos)
2839593944820800815104:   Janigenas of GAUL
2839593944820919304194:   Numitor (15th King) of ALBA LONGA; or: prob. not Aeneas `the Dardanian' (q.v., Numitor's ancestor)
2839593944820965441536:   Pantheon of Neolithic & Old EUROPE; also begat Bird goddess (Siris of Sumeria), Snake Goddess (Wadjet of Egypt), Bear Goddess; (Before the Indo-European conquests, there was an Old European religion known only from vases, statues, etc.); aka Pelasgian, Mediterranean, Aegean
A2839593944820965441552:   son of Sabinus; poss. missing generations
A2839593944820965441554:   (NN) ... (NN); several missing generations
2839593944820965441560: *** Same as 5546081923478450176 (Sabinus)
C2839593944821337686016: *** Same as 86657530054362112 (Elidurus (King) in BRITAIN)
*D2839593944821337686016:   poss. Runo (King) in BRITAIN; (predecessor of King Gerontius)
2839593944821371240448:   Jesus (Jose Joshua) ben ELIAZER; aka Yoshua ben ELIEZER (ha-DAVID)
A2839593944821371240480:   Shaphan (Saphan) the SCRIBE; also begat Ahikam (father of Gedaliah), Elasah, Jaazaniah; (tasked with heeding Huldah the Prophetess, q.v.; sent with Maaseiah (Gov.) and Joah (son of Joahaz the recorder) to repair the Temple)
2839593944821371240512:   Achaz (Ahaz) (14th King) of JUDAH; also begat oldest son (sacrificed as infant to Moloch (pagan god)), Maaseiah (murdered in war); aka Jeho-Ahaz (Jehoahaz) of JUDAH; aka 'Achaz (Achas) ben YUTHAM; aka Ahaz ben YOTAM; 753? BC - 716? BC (or 725)
2839593944821371240513:   Abijah bat ZECHARIAH (Heiress) of ISRAEL; also bore (NN : sacrificed to pagan god), Maaseiah (k. in war); aka Avia (Abija) bat ZEKHARIA
2839593944821371240514:   Isaiah (the PROPHET) ben AMOZ
2839593944821371240520:   Zimmah ben SHIMEI; aka Zamma ha-LEVI
A2839593944821371240520: *** Same as 11630976797988340895842304 (Aaron ha-LEVI)
2839593944821371240896:   Ashur-dan III (King) of ASSYRIA; (skip this generation?); poss. aka Assur-Dan II; 8/9th King of Neo-Assyrian Period; ? - 754+ BC
A2839593944821371240896:   Tukh-Tug (Prince) of the HABIGAL Dynasty
A2839593944821371240897:   sister of Adadnirari III
2839593944821371240898:   Joatham (Jotham) (13th King) of JUDAH; also begat Tabael (ancestor of Gedaliah (Gov. of Judea)); aka Yutham ben UZYAH; aka Yotam ben UZIA; 773? BC - 732? BC
2839593944821371240899:   Ahio (Princess) bat AZRIKAM
2839593944821371240900: *** Same as 1419796972410685620448 (Tiglath-pileser III (King) of ASSYRIA)
B2839593944821371240900: *** Same as 5679187889642742481792 (Adad-nirari III (King) of ASSYRIA)
2839593944821371240901: *** Same as 1419796972410685620449 (Yabaa of JUDAH)
2839593944821371240904:   Eriba-Marduk (King) of BABYLON; 17th King of Dynasty IX of Babylon; ? - 765+ BC
A2839593944821371240904:   Balatshu, Prince DAKKURI; or: poss. Eriba-Marduk (King) of BABYLON (poss. Balatshu's grandfather-in-law)
B2839593944821371240904:   Balasu (Belesys), chief of the DAKKURI; (the Dakkuri was a CHALDEAN tribe)
A2839593944821371240905:   Muballidat
B2839593944821371240905:   (Miss), Heiress of BABYLON; (the Dakkuri was a CHALDEAN tribe)
2839593944821371240906:   Nabu-shum-ishkun (King) of BABYLON; 18th King of Dynasty IX of Babylon; ? - 740+ BC
2839593944821372289024:   Azariah ben AHIMAAZ; 14th High Priest; aka Azarias ha-KOHEN; poss. aka Abimelech
A2839593944821372289024:   Axiomar (Axioramus); 17th Co-High Priest
2839593944821372289216:   Thaan ben THALE
2839593944821372289256: *** Same as 23820240482280113362375278856 (Joseph ben JACOB)
2839593944821372289257: *** Same as 23820240482280113362375278857 (Asenath (bint SHECHEM))
A2839593944978607308800: *** Same as 610217952 (Hacaliah (Hechaliah Hakaliah) ha-DAVID)
A2839593945009439768768: *** Same as 38679833902741194344 (Cadmus (King) of THEBES)
A2839593945009439768769: *** Same as 38679833902741194345 (poss. Dragon of THEBES)
A2839593945009439768770: *** Same as 38679833902741194344 (Cadmus (King) of THEBES)
A2839593945009439768771:   Harmonia (of THEBES) the NYMPH; also bore Bacchanals (Ino : Autonoe), Penthesileia
A2957563766802546163712:   Heccar (King) of GERMANS; (Hykar Highter); allegedly same as Hector the TROJAN, q.v.; ? - 1155+ BC
A2961972089558703013888:   Li Bokao of LIANG; Prefect of LONGXI & Hedong
A2961972089558703081472:   First Speaker of Eastern Tibeto-Burman; also begat Southwest T-B (Burmic (Lolo-Burmese) : Karenic), Southeast T-B (Qiangic : Rung (Nungish etc.)); ca 5000 BC
A2961972124671134400512:   Astur III (King) of CANTABRIA

Generation 73    (My 70-great grandparents)

4858411384240521349376:   Horemkhet of EGYPT
4858411384240521872000:   Pairisades II (King) of BOSPHORE; also begat Leukon II (King), Hygiainon (King); ? - 245+ BC
A4858411384240521872384:   Teres III (King) of THRACE
A4858411384240521872385:   Theoxene of MACEDONIA
4858411384240536027136:   Manushrud
4858411384240536158272: *** Same as 593067795940376592 (Togarmah (Tugarna) ben GOMER of UR)
4858411384240536231936:   Awyu of OSRHOENE
4858411384240537077282:   Subhuti of PAROPERISDES (Kabul)
4858411384240537077296: *** Same as 2429205692120268538668 (Achaius of MACEDONIA)
4858411384240537077297: *** Same as 2429205692120268538669 (Laodice of MACEDONIA)
4858411384240537077336: *** Same as 309659229681619069976 (Antiochus (General) of MACEDONIA)
4858411384240537077337: *** Same as 309659229681619069977 (Laodice)
4858411384240537077338:   Diodotus of ERYTHRAI
4858411384240537077360:   Bindusara Amitraghata (Samraj) of North INDIA; (Amitrochates); `Destroyer of Foes'; ? - 273+ BC
4858411384240537077361:   Subhadrangi Dharma
4858411384240537077362:   Yudhisthira (King) of KASHMIR
4858411384240537077368:   Abhisara II of TAXILA
4858411384379000754176:   First Speaker of Late Indo-European; also begat proto-Tocharian (prob. Afanasievo & later Okunevo cultures); the fanout of Indo-European branches is roughly contemporaneous with the Globular Amphora cultural expansion, but the relationship is unclear; `Kurgan wave 2'; ca 3800 BC
A4858411437291930128448:   Bardus (King) of SAMOTHEA (BRITONS); aka Vardus I (King) of CELTS; eponym & founder of Bards; (overthrown by Albion son of Neptune)
4858411437291930131712:   Camissares of CARIA; Satrap of CILICIA; ? - 382 BC
A4858411437291930131712:   Artamnes of PERSIA
4858411929601552745472:   Labdacus (King) of THEBES
4858411929601552745474: *** Same as A177474621563089985548 (Menoeceus of THEBES)
4858411929601552745488: *** Same as 2417489618921324660 (Melanthus `the Seer' (King) of ARGOS)
4858411929601552745489: *** Same as 2417489618921324661 (Iphianira of ARGOS)
4858411929601883507984:   Lycurgus of SPARTA; slain by 30 Tryants
4858411929601883508100:   Phaeax; poss. eponym of the PHAEACIANS
4858411929601883508102:   Rhexenor
4858411929601883522048:   Lycus of ATHENS; (founder & eponym of LYCOMEDAE (LYCOMID) clan); (Lycos)
4858411929601889010688:   Marcus Valerius Maximus; (Consul); 335? BC - 286+ BC
4858411929601889010816:   Publius Valerius Poplicola; (Consul)
4858411929601889011328:   Gaius Iunius Brutus
4858411929616067547136:   Servius Cornelius LENTULUS; (Consul); ? - 302+ BC
4858411929616067552256:   Marcus Quintilius Varus; (Consular Tribune); ? - 403+ BC
4858411929648182067200:   (NN) ... (NN); some missing generations
C4858411929648182067200:   Biler (of HUNS); aka Balor of HSIUNG-NU
4862779415183663038464:   Mahase of ETHIOPIA
4951006354664782299136:   Cait; (of PICTS)
4951006354668003524607:   prob. Gede Olgudach (2nd/9th King) of SCONE, sister of; also bore Denbacan (King); aka Geide Ollgothach
4951018739550872866432: *** Same as 302186202365165636 (Hermes (the OLYMPIAN; the Messenger GOD))
4951018739550872866433:   Herse of ATHENS
*A4951018739550872866433: *** Same as 1208744809460662531 (Creusa of ATHENS)
4951018739550872885520:   Thelxion (Telexion) (King) of AEGIALIA; ? - 1580? BC
C4951018739550872905890: *** Same as 4834979237842649324 (Peneus the RIVER GOD)
C4951018739550872905891:   Phillyra
4951018739550874894384:   Elohim, GOD of Israel; aka Yahweh, GOD of Judah; aka Jehovah, GOD of the CHRISTIANS; poss. aka Semahl, GOD of Assyria; poss. aka Yeadara, GOD of the Qemant; `Elohim' prob. means `the Powerful Ones', with `Yahweh' (`He who is') being Elohim's monotheistic incarnation.; (In Ugaritic myth, Yahweh was a son of El); (relation to Dushara/Dusares God of the Nabataeans ?); (relation to Qos/Qaus/Koze God of the Edomites ?)
A4951018739550874894384:   Man of late Copper Age; Funnel Beaker and Yamnaya cultures in East-Central Europe, with Kurganized cultures (e.g. Baden, Ezaro, Glob Amph) emerging to their southwest; 3500 BC - ?
4951018739550874894386: *** Same as 4951018739550874894384 (Elohim, GOD of Israel)
4951018739550874894396: *** Same as 4951018739550874894384 (Elohim, GOD of Israel)
A4951018739550874894396:   poss. source: Nergal, Assyrian GOD in Underworld; also begat Ninazu; God of Pestilence (& poss. war, Sun); eponym of planet Mars (Assyrian name)
A4951018739550874894397:   Eresh-kigal (IMMORTAL) [alt ped]
*B4951018739550874894397:   prob. Ereshkigal, GODDESS of DARKNESS; also bore Ninazu, poss. Belit-Sheri (wife of Amurru (q.v.)); aka Allatu, GODDESS of Underworld; aka Irkalla of IRKALLA (Underworld); (twin of Enki Ea)
4951018739550874894398: *** Same as 4951018739550874894384 (Elohim, GOD of Israel)
A4951018739550874894398: *** Same as A4951018739550874894396 (poss. source: Nergal, Assyrian GOD in Underworld)
A4951018739550874894399: *** Same as A4951018739550874894397 (Eresh-kigal (IMMORTAL) [alt ped])
4951018739550874894560: *** Same as 2475509369775437447192 (Adam, the First Man)
*A4951018739550874894560: *** Same as 2475509369775437447198 (Samael (Sammael) the DEMON)
4951018739550874894561: *** Same as 2475509369775437447193 (Eve, the First Woman)
*A4951018739550874894561: *** Same as 2475509369775437447199 (Lilith the DEMONESS)
4951018739550874894562: *** Same as 2475509369775437447192 (Adam, the First Man)
4951018739550874894563: *** Same as 2475509369775437447193 (Eve, the First Woman)
4951018739550874894570: *** Same as 2475509369775437447192 (Adam, the First Man)
4951018739550874894571: *** Same as 2475509369775437447193 (Eve, the First Woman)
4951018739550877230080:   Serug (Sargon; ben RAGAU) King/Governor of UR & AGADE; aka Srooj (Sargun Saragh Saruch Sorogh Sarug) ibn RA'O; 2181? BC - 1951? BC
4951018739550877230081:   Melka
4951018739550877230082:   Nestag (of UR) of the CHALDEES; or: Kheber the CHALDEAN
A4951018739550877230082: *** Same as A2475509369775438615042 (Cornebo (of CHALDEA ?))
4951018739550877230084:   Heraclim
A4951018739550877230084: *** Same as 4951018739550877230080 (Serug (Sargon; ben RAGAU) King/Governor of UR & AGADE)
4951018739550877230085:   poss. Shela
A4951018739550877230085: *** Same as 4951018739550877230081 (Melka)
4951018739550877230086: *** Same as 4951018739550877230080 (Serug (Sargon; ben RAGAU) King/Governor of UR & AGADE)
4951018739550877230087: *** Same as 4951018739550877230081 (Melka)
A4951018739550877230092:   Mentuhotpe III (II; PHARAOH) of EGYPT; aka Mentuhotep Sankhkare; 5th of 11th Dynasty; ? - 1997? BC
A4951018739550877230093:   Imi; secondary Queen
4952951925084092629120:   Lugaid (I) Iardon MacENNA; aka Lughaedh Jardhoim; aka Lughaidh Iardhonn; 48th MONARCH of IRELAND; ? - 871? BC slain by 49th Monarch
4952959790994831179776:   Lugaid (Luy Luighaidh) MacITHA
4952959790994831179777:   Fial; poss. River GODDESS (& eponym) of the Feale
4952959790999011852288:   Seara (Sera); also begat Starn (father of Tuan)
4954105816357946785792:   Indereach
4954536930470292750336:   Nuahhas (Nuadha) FIONN FAIL; aka Nuadhat I; aka Nuadhar Finnfail `the Fair'; aka Nuodhas Fionn Fail; 39th MONARCH of IRELAND; ? - 745? BC slain by 40th Monarch, q.v.
4954547674897046306816:   Shecaniah (I) ha-DAVID; (Secheniai Shakhna); 12th EXILARCH in Babylon
4954547674897046568960:   Nathan ha-DAVID; aka Natan ben AVIMELEH
4954547674905904677120:   Cush ben HAM; also begat Seba (Sebah), Havilah (Hevila), Sabtah (Sabatha : progenitor of Indians), Raamah (Regma : father of Sheba/Saba & Dedan/Dadan); aka Chus (`Cush' means `black') HAMITIDY; poss. aka Chusou (Chinese myth), poss. aka Chaos
4954547674905904677121: *** Same as 39608149916407017840675 (poss. Hept Ishtar)
4954547674905905070080:   (NN) ... (NN); some missing generations
A4954547674905905070084: *** Same as 19339916951370597208 (Apollo the OLYMPIAN)
A4954547674905905070085:   Acacallis (Princess) of CRETE; also bore Amphithemis (m. Tritonis : father of Nasamon & Caphaurus), Cydon (founder of Cydonia); also m. Zeus, Hermes; aka Acalle (Akakallis); (Apollo's 1st love, her father banished her to Libya after she was seduced)
4954547674905905071616:   Gisco (Prince) of CARTHAGE
4954547674905905119240:   (NN) ... (NN) of CORINTH; some missing generations
4954547674905905119244:   Aeropus
4954547674905905119245:   poss. Eurynae
4954547674905905119248:   Admetus of the MOLOSSIANS; or: poss. (NN), Admetus' son; (Admetos); King of EPIRUS; beyond here lineage is mythical
4954547674905905119249:   poss. Phthia (Princess) of PHARSALOS
4954547674905905119256:   (NN) ... (NN); many missing generations
4954547674905905119257:   (NN) ... (NN); many missing generations
4954547674905905119264:   Amyntas TEMENID (I; King) of MACEDONIA; 540? BC - 498? BC
4954547674905905119280:   Philip I (King) of MACEDONIA; aka Philippos I the PERDICCID; (ARGAEAD); ? - 578 BC
4954547674905905119281:   Nikonoe
4954547674905905119296:   Inaros of EGYPT; (resistance-leader); ? - 454+ BC
4954547674905905119304:   Ankhef
4954547674905905119648:   Pharnabazos I (Satrap) of DASCYLIUM; (of DASKYLEON); ? - by 430 BC
4954547674905905119654:   (NN; King) of SCYTHIA
4954547674905905119656: *** Same as 2477273837452952576004 (Darius (Ochus) II (Shah) of PERSIA)
4954547674905905119657: *** Same as 2477273837452952576005 (Parysatis ACHAEMENID of PERSIA)
4954547674905905119680:   Pausanias of MACEDONIA
4954547674905905119682:   Archelaus I (King) of MACEDONIA; aka Archelaos TEMENID; ? - 399 BC
4954547674905905120000:   Amasis (anti-King) of EGYPT; aka Ahmose II
4954547674905905120768:   Darius I `the Great' (King) of PERSIA; also m. Phademia of Cappadocia, Artysone of Persia, Phratagune of Persia; 2nd PHARAOH of the 27th Dynasty of EGYPT; aka Daravayahus; reigned 522 - 486 BC; 550? BC - 486? BC
4954547674905905120769:   Aminta of PERSIA; aka Amita of PARTHIA
4954547674905905152000:   Hydarnes II (Satrap) of ARMENIA; (Hydranes); of PERSIA
4954547674905905152008:   Artaxerxes I Longimanus (Shah) of PERSIA; also begat Xerxes II, Sogdianos; also m. Alogyne; aka Artaxerxes (Artakhshatar) I Makrokheir; 4th PHARAOH of the 27th Dynasty of EGYPT; 500? BC - 424? BC
4954547674905905152009:   Andia (Andria) of BABYLON; Heiress of BABYLON; (4th wife. concubine?); 524? BC - ?
*A4954547674905905152009:   Kosmartydene (of BABYLON ?); poss. confused with her daughter-in-law Esther
4954547674905905152010: *** Same as 4954547674905905152008 (Artaxerxes I Longimanus (Shah) of PERSIA)
4954547674905905152011:   Damaspia; or: another lawful wife (Kosmartydene?)
4954547674905905152012: *** Same as 4954547674905905152000 (Hydarnes II (Satrap) of ARMENIA)
A4954547674905905153664:   Mounichos
4954547674905905153680:   Alexidamos of PHARSALUS; (ek PHARSALOS); 450? BC - ?
4954547674905921454080:   Tahash bayt KEDAR; (Nahish)
A4954547674905921454080:   Tha'alabah
4954556408319784779776:   Ogaman MacFIDCHOR
A4954556408867393110016:   Eochaidh (King) of ULADH
4954556598533954207744:   Marcomir (King) of the CIMMERIANS; (Marcomer)
5679187889641601630208:   Jasius of GAUL; (Iasius)
5679187889641838608388:   Procas (13th King) of ALBA LONGA; reigned for 23 years
A5679187889641930883104: *** Same as 5546081923478450176 (Sabinus)
A5679187889641930883108:   Parapilius; several missing generations
D5679187889642675372032:   poss. Idvallo (King) in BRITAIN
5679187889642742480896:   Eliazer (Eliezer) ben JORIM; or: poss. Joseph (Eliazer's 4-g grandfather); aka Eliezer ben YORAM (ha-DAVID)
A5679187889642742480960:   Azaliah; (Assia)
5679187889642742481024: *** Same as 2839593944821371240898 (Joatham (Jotham) (13th King) of JUDAH)
5679187889642742481025: *** Same as 2839593944821371240899 (Ahio (Princess) bat AZRIKAM)
5679187889642742481026:   Zechariah (16th King) of ISRAEL; aka Zachariah `the Recorder' ben YEROBOAM (ha-JEHU); aka Zekharia ben YEROBOAM; ? - 753+ BC assassinated
5679187889642742481028:   Amoz ben JOSIAH
5679187889642742481040:   Shimei ben JAHATH; aka Semei ha-LEVI
5679187889642742481792:   Adad-nirari III (King) of ASSYRIA; also begat poss. Shalmaneser IV; 6th King of Neo-Assyrian Period; ? - 782 BC
A5679187889642742481794: *** Same as 11358375779285484963584 (Shamshi-adad V (King) of ASSYRIA)
5679187889642742481796:   Uzziah (Azariah) (12th King) of JUDAH; (some srcs, eg. St. Matthew, skip this generation and/or his father); aka Uzyah (Uzaryah) ben 'AMATZYAH; aka Uzia ben AMATZIA; (a good King but branded with leprosy for sacrilege); 812? BC - 739? BC
5679187889642742481797:   Jerusha (High Priestess) of ISRAEL; aka Yerusha (Jerushah) bat ZADOK
5679187889642742481798:   Azrikam ben AZEL, BENJAMINITE Sheik
5679187889642742481808:   Marduk-shahin-shumi (King) of BABYLON; (Marduk-Sadin-Sumi); ? - 810+ BC
A5679187889642742481810:   Nabonasser (King) of BABYLON
B5679187889642742481810: *** Same as 2839593944821371240904 (Eriba-Marduk (King) of BABYLON)
A5679187889642742481811:   (Miss) of ASSYRIA
5679187889642742481812:   Agar Nabu of BABYLON
5679187889642742481813:   daughter of Marduk-balassu-iqbi
5679187889642744578048:   Ahimaaz ben ZADOK; 13th High Priest; aka Achimaas (Achamaz) ha-KOHEN; (is he ever confused with Ahimaaz the NAPHALITE, q.v. ?)
*B5679187889642744578048:   poss. Ahimaaz ben AMARIAH
A5679187889642744578048:   Jeshua (Isus) I; 16th Co-High Priest
5679187889642744578432:   Thale ben BERIA
A5679187890018879537542: *** Same as 302186202365165830 (Ares (the OLYMPIAN; GOD of War))
A5679187890018879537543: *** Same as 18886637647822849 (Aphrodite Pandemos the OLYMPIAN)
A5915127533605092327424:   Brenner (King) of GERMANS; (Breno); ? - 1186+ BC
A5923944179117406027776:   Li Zhongxiang of LIANG; Prefect of HEDONG
A5923944179117406162944:   First Speaker of Sino-Tibetan; also begat Western T-B (Baric : Sal : Kamarupan); aka Tibeto-Burman; (poss. assoc. with O3a5 y-Haplogroup)
*B5923944179117406162944:   poss. Sino-Tibetan (old taxonomy); also begat Tibeto-Burman, Karen, proto-Chinese; (the old clading gave three principal branches for Sino-Tibetan)
A5923944249342268801024:   Cantabro (King) of CANTABRIA; eponym of CANTABRIA; ? - 400? BC

Generation 74    (My 71-great grandparents)

9716822768481042698752: *** Same as 38707403710202383750 (Neferibre (Nupheho) of EGYPT)
9716822768481042698753: *** Same as 38707403710202383751 (Herib (Kheru) of EGYPT)
9716822768481043744000:   Spartocus III (King) of BOSPHORE; ? - 284+ BC
A9716822768481043744768:   Cotys (Prince) of THRACE; (Kotys)
A9716822768481043744770: *** Same as 19353701855101192006 (Philip V `Philhellin' (King) of MACEDONIA)
9716822768481072054272:   Manushchyhr al-MALIK; aka Manosh Chehr (Manuchehr Manushchihr Manuschihr); slew Tur and Rum/Selm
9716822768481074154720:   Chandragupta Maurya (Samraja) of MAGADHA; founder (eponym) of the MAURYAN Dynasty; ? - 297+ BC
9716822768481074154721:   Nandini (Princess) of MAGADHA
9716822768481074154722: *** Same as 9716822768481074154720 (Chandragupta Maurya (Samraja) of MAGADHA)
9716822768481074154723: *** Same as 9716822768481074154721 (Nandini (Princess) of MAGADHA)
9716822768481074154736:   Abhisara of TAXILA; (skip this generation?)
9716822768481074154737:   poss. (Miss) of TAXILA; (speculation)
9716822768758001508352:   First Speaker of Indo-European Proper; also begat poss. Mesoeuropeic (Italic : Germanic : etc.); late Sredny-Stog and Kemi-Oba cultures, the early horse-riders of the E. European steppes; ca 4000 BC
A9716822874583860256896:   Druis (King) of BRITONS; (skip this generation?); (Druiyus); eponym & founder of Druids
A9716822874583860263424:   Smerdis of PERSIA
9716823859203105490944:   Polydorus (King) of THEBES; (Polydoros)
9716823859203105490945:   Nycteis of THEBES
9716823859203767015968:   Lycurgus
9716823859203767016200: *** Same as 302186202365165616 (Poseidon (the OLYMPIAN; GOD of the Sea))
9716823859203767016201:   Korkyra
9716823859203767016204:   Nausithoos (King) of the PHAEACIANS
9716823859203767044096: *** Same as 37773275295645728 (Pandion II (King) of ATHENS & MEGARA)
9716823859203767044097: *** Same as 37773275295645729 (Pylia (Princess) of MEGARA)
9716823859203778021376:   Marcus Valerius Maximus; (Consul)
9716823859203778021632: *** Same as 621876726989041793368064 (Volusus Valerius)
9716823859203778022656:   Gaius Iunius Brutus
9716823859232135094272:   Gnaeus Cornelius LENTULUS; 365? BC - ?
9716823859232135104512:   Quintilius Varus; 470? - ?
9716823859296364134400:   Hu `Son of Heaven'
C9716823859296364134400:   Kear (of HUNS); aka Kari of HSIUNG-NU
9725558830367326076928:   Bawaris of ETHIOPIA; (Baweris)
9902012709329564598272:   Bruithne; (of PICTS)
9902012709336007049215:   sister of King Cruithne; also bore Gede Olgudach (King)
9902037479101745732866: *** Same as 9443318823911436 (Cecrops (I; King) of ATHENS)
9902037479101745732867: *** Same as 9443318823911437 (Aglaurus of ATHENS)
9902037479101745771040:   Telchis (Telichis) (King) of AEGIALIA; also begat poss. Apis (King); ? - 1630? BC
*A9902037479101745771040:   Apis (King) of AEGIALIA; King of PHORONEA; ? - 1605? BC
A9902037479101749788768:   Man of the advanced Pastoral Era; developed ox-drawn wagon, dairy & tanning products, horse bridle; 4000 BC - ?
9902037479101749788769:   Atiratu, Semitic GODDESS of Fertility; aka Ilatu, Attaru, Astarte, Asherah, poss. Asratum; (one of several names for the ancient Mother GODDESS, see list at Minerva)
A9902037479101749788792: *** Same as 27462867496927314547581277943945732445029138434 (source: Enlil, GOD of Wind)
A9902037479101749788793: *** Same as 27462867496927314547581277943945732445029138435 (source: Ninlil, GODDESS of Heaven (Air))
A9902037479101749788794:   Nanna, GOD of the Moon; aka Sin; (Chief GOD of UR)
B9902037479101749788794: *** Same as 54925734993854629095162555887891464890058276868 (Anu, GOD of the Sky)
A9902037479101749788795:   Ningal, GODDESS of the Moon; also bore Utu (Shamash : God of Sun); poss. aka Inanna Ishtar
B9902037479101749788795: *** Same as 878811759901674065522600894206263438240932429889 (Nammu, GODDESS of the Sea)
9902037479101754460160:   Reu (Ragau Ra'u) (King?) of LAGASH; aka Ra'o ibn PHALEG; (Yen); `Friend'; Palestine 2213? BC - 1974? BC Ur, Chaldea
9902037479101754460161:   'Ora bat 'UR
9902037479101754460162:   Kaber; (Kabar)
9902037479101754460163:   poss. Ruth; or: Kaber bint PELEG
9902037479101754460168:   Pelag ben EBER; aka Phaleg ibn HUD (or ibn ABER); (Falikh Peleg); `Opening'; prob. not King of BABYLON; Shinar 2243? BC - 2004? BC
9902037479101754460169:   Lomna bint SINA'AR; aka Lomna of SENAAR
9902037479101754460170: *** Same as 9902037479101754460160 (Reu (Ragau Ra'u) (King?) of LAGASH)
9902037479101754460171: *** Same as 9902037479101754460161 ('Ora bat 'UR)
A9902037479101754460184:   Mentuhotpe II (I; PHARAOH) of EGYPT; also begat poss. Pharaoh Intef Qakare; aka Mentuhotep Nebhetepre; 4th of 11th Dynasty; founded MIDDLE KINGDOM; ? - 2009? BC
A9902037479101754460185:   Neferu; aka (NN), daughter of Intef III
A9902037479101754460186: *** Same as A9902037479101754460184 (Mentuhotpe II (I; PHARAOH) of EGYPT)
A9902037479101754460187: *** Same as A9902037479101754460185 (Neferu)
9905903850168185258240:   Enna (II) Derg MacDUACH; (skip this generation?); aka Eanna (Enda Eadhna) Dearg; 47th MONARCH of IRELAND; ? - 880? BC
9905919581989662359552:   Ith (Ithe Ioth) MacBREGUIN; sighted Ireland from the top of the Tower in Brigantia, Spain; aka Ith na HEIREANN; slain by the Tuatha-de-Danans
9905919581989662359554:   Gallamh `Milesius' (King) in SPAIN; also begat Anbergis, Amergin (Amairgin) Misr the Druid, Colpa na Gotia, Arneus (poss. Airioch Feabhruadh), Dila, Donn de Galicia, etc.; aka Mil (Mileadh) Espane MacBILE; numerous fantastic exploits; aka Galamh MIL'ESPAINE; eponym of MILESIAN Dynasty; 853? BC - 806? BC
9905919581989662359555:   Scota Tephi (Princess) of EGYPT; or: sister-in-law of Solomon ben DAVID, q.v.; aka Scotta MISR; eponym of SCOTLAND
9905919581998023704576:   Sru
9908211632715893571584:   Srubh
9909073860940585500672:   Giallchadh of IRELAND; aka Giallchaidh (Gialchadh) MacAILIOLL; 37th MONARCH of IRELAND; ? - 787? BC slain by 38th Monarch
9909095349794092613632:   Obadiah ha-DAVID; (Ovadaya); 11th EXILARCH in Babylon
9909095349794093137920:   Abimelech ben AHITHOPHEL (ha-DAVID); aka Avimeleh ben AHITOFEL
9909095349811809354240: *** Same as 79216299832814035681352 (Ham ibn NOAH)
9909095349811810140160:   Lehabim ben MIZRAIM; (Leahabim Laabim)
A9909095349811810140170: *** Same as A18886637647822866 (Minos (II; King) of CRETE)
A9909095349811810140171: *** Same as A18886637647822867 (Pasiphae of CORINTH)
9909095349811810143232:   Hamilcar I (King) of CARTHAGE
9909095349811810238480:   prob. Telestes (King) of CORINTH; of the BACCHID Dynasty; (last King of his line); ? - 747? BC slain by Arieus & Perantas
9909095349811810238488:   poss. Antiochos
9909095349811810238490: *** Same as 4954547674905905119264 (Amyntas TEMENID (I; King) of MACEDONIA)
9909095349811810238496:   Alcon of EPIRUS; or: Molossus (King) of EPIRUS, q.v.
*A9909095349811810238496:   Charops (King) of EPIRUS; or: Neoptolemos (Charops' father); (any relation to same-named King of SYME ?)
9909095349811810238497:   Agariste (Princess) of SICYON
9909095349811810238498:   Menon I of PHARSALUS; 525? BC - 472? BC
9909095349811810238499:   poss. daughter of Orestes of TAGOS
9909095349811810238512: *** Same as 83123666237829433077429960704 (prob. Helenus of TROY (King of the SCYTHIANS))
9909095349811810238515: *** Same as 186095628767783767519657993 (Andromache of THEBE)
9909095349811810238528: *** Same as 1238636918726476279820 (Alcetas I (King) of MACEDONIA)
9909095349811810238560:   Argaeus I (King) of MACEDONIA; aka Argaios I of the PERDICCID; ? - 611 BC
9909095349811810238561:   Prothoe
9909095349811810238592:   Psamtik III (10th PHARAOH) of EGYPT; also begat Psamtik IV, Hophra II, Pausiris (father of Amyrteus)
9909095349811810238608:   Pedubaste III (rival-King) of EGYPT; also begat Ankhhor, Peduhek (father of Djedhor); (Seheribre Pedubaste); ? - 521+ BC
9909095349811810238609:   Khedibet; also bore Ankhhor, Peduhek (father of Djedhor)
9909095349811810239296:   Artabazos I (Satrap) of DASCYLIUM; 525? BC - 449? BC
9909095349811810239360:   Derdas (II) of MACEDONIA; (of the ELIMIOTAI)
9909095349811810239364:   Perdiccas II (King) of MACEDONIA; also begat NN (son by Cleopatra : k. by Archelaus); also m. Cleopatra; ? - 413? BC
9909095349811810239365:   Simiche, poss. a slave
9909095349811810240000: *** Same as 9909095349811810238592 (Psamtik III (10th PHARAOH) of EGYPT)
9909095349811810240001:   Pasenkhonsu of EGYPT; (sister of Iryandatare)
9909095349811810241536:   Hystaspes (Satrap) of PARTHIA; also begat Artabanus, Artaphrenes I, poss. Otanes, Artozostre of Parthia, Artanes; (Vixtaspa Vishtasp); King of ANSHAN; 588? BC - 521+ BC (or 495?)
9909095349811810241537:   Meshar (Meshayyanath)
*A9909095349811810241537: *** Same as 11092163846958481409 (Rhodah (Princess) of PERSIA)
9909095349811810241538:   poss. Gobryas (II) of PARTHIA; also begat Maridonios (famous General)
9909095349811810241539:   poss. Rhadasname of PARTHIA
9909095349811810304000:   Hydarnes I of ARMENIA; also begat Sisamnes (Chiliarch of Persia); ``one of the seven great nobles of Persia''
9909095349811810304016:   Xerxes I `the Great' (King) of PERSIA; also m. Vasthi (Queen : rejected for disobedience); aka Neithiyti, Ahasuerus (Assuerus); 3rd PHARAOH of the 27th Dynasty of EGYPT; aka Khashayarsha (Khshayarsha); 519? BC - 465? BC
9909095349811810304017:   Esther (Queen) of PERSIA; aka Ester (Edissa Hadassah); (according to Old Testament, she saved the Jews, founding Purim festival); 519? BC - ?
*A9909095349811810304017:   prob. Amestris of PERSIA; (1st wife); 515? BC - ?
9909095349811810304018:   Nebuchadnezzar IV (King-claimant) of BABYLON; aka Nebuchadrezzar IV; 550? BC - 519+ BC
A9909095349811810307328:   Dryas
9909095349811810307360:   Menon II of PHARSALUS; 475? BC - 431? BC
9909095349811810307361:   Princess of ATHENS, daughter of Thucydides I
9909095349811842908160:   Makha bayt KEDAR; (Makhi)
A9909095349811842908160:   'Atr
9909112816639569559552:   Fidchor MacDAILBRE
A9909112817734786220032:   Machadh (King) of ULADH; (not shown among Argatmar's sons, perhaps he was a bastard; note name similarity to Macha Mongruadh 64th Monarch)
9909113197067908415488:   Dilulius (Diluglio) II (King) of the CIMMERIANS; (Diluglion)
11358375779283203260416:   Beligios of GAUL
11358375779283677216776:   Aventinus (12th King) of ALBA LONGA; reigned for 37 years; eponym of Aventine Hill
A11358375779283861766216: *** Same as 4721659411955712 (Iulus ASCANIUS (founder & 1st King) of ALBA LONGA)
D11358375779285350744064:   poss. Enniaunus (King) in BRITAIN
11358375779285484961792:   Jorim ha-DAVID; aka Yoram (Joram) ben MATTATHA
A11358375779285484961920:   Meshullam the SCRIBE; (Messulam)
11358375779285484962052:   Jeroboam II (15th King) of ISRAEL; aka Yeroboam ben YEHO'ASH; ? - 753+ BC
11358375779285484962056:   Amaziah (Amasias) (11th King) of JUDAH; ha-DAVID; aka 'Amatzyah ben YEHU'ASH; aka Amatzia ben YOASH; (Jehoash of Israel, q.v., waged war against him); 849? BC - 767? BC Lachish assassinated
11358375779285484962080:   Jahath ben GERSHON; aka Jeth ha-LEVI
11358375779285484963584:   Shamshi-adad V (King) of ASSYRIA; aka Assur-danin-apli; 5th King of Neo-Assyrian Period; ? - 811? BC
11358375779285484963585:   Sammuramat (Semiramis); (prob. source for mythical Semiramis, q.v.)
11358375779285484963592: *** Same as 11358375779285484962056 (Amaziah (Amasias) (11th King) of JUDAH)
11358375779285484963593:   Jecoliah of JERUSALEM; aka Jeholiah (Jecholiah Jecolia) bat AHAB; aka Yeholia bat AHAV
11358375779285484963594: *** Same as 44368655387833942016 (Zadok (II) ha-KOHEN)
11358375779285484963596:   Azel of ISRAEL; also begat Bocheru, Ishmael, Sheariah, Obadiah, Hanan; aka Azel ben MOZAN
11358375779285484963616:   Marduk-zera-uballit (Prince) of BABYLON; or: Baba-Achcha-Iddin (King) of BABYLON (Marduk-zera-uballit's son); ? - 810+ BC
A11358375779285484963620:   Eriba-Marduk (King) of BABYLON
A11358375779285484963621:   daughter of Adad-Shum-Ibai
11358375779285484963626:   Marduk-balassu-iqbi of BABYLON; ? - 812? BC
11358375779285489156096:   Zadok ben AHITUB; also begat Azarias (in Ethiopian tradition removed the Ark of the Covenant of Yahweh to Ethiopia); 12th High Priest, in time of David; aka Sadoc ha-KOHEN
A11358375779285489156096:   Joram; 15th Co-High Priest
B11358375779285489156096: *** Same as 45433503117141956624384 (Amariah ben MERAIOTH)
11358375779285489156864: *** Same as 709898486205343072314 (Beria ben EPHRAIM)
A11830255067210184654848:   Ylsing (King) of GERMANS; (Ulsing); allegedly same as Odysseus King of ITHACA; ? - 1224+ BC
A11847888358234812055552:   Li Chao (Kang, Rengao) of LIANG; Grand General of the Han
A11847888358234812325888:   First Speaker of proto-Sino-Tibetan
B11847888358234812325888: *** Same as A11847888358234812325888 (First Speaker of proto-Sino-Tibetan)
A11847888498684537602048:   (NN) ... (NN) in SPAIN; poss. missing generations

Generation 75    (My 72-great grandparents)

19433645536962087488000:   Eumelus (King) of BOSPHORE; (King of CIMMERIANS in BOSPHORUS); ? - 304+ BC
A19433645536962087489536:   Seuthes III (King) of THRACE; ? - 324? BC
19433645536962144108544:   Manosh Aorvar; aka Manuskhvarnar
*A19433645536962144108544:   Nirusanj
19433645536962148309440:   Ksemadharma (King) of MAGADHA
*A19433645536962148309440:   poss. Nanda MAHAPADMA
19433645536962148309441:   Mura
19433645536962148309442:   Dhanananda (King) of MAGADHA
19433645536962148309443:   poss. sister of Dhanananda
19433645536962148309472: *** Same as 619318459363238144000 (Aroandes I (Satrap) of (Eastern) ARMENIA)
19433645536962148309473: *** Same as 619318459363238144001 (Rodogune (Rhodogune) ACHAEMENID of PERSIA)
19433645536962148309474:   (NN) ... (NN) of TAXILA; some missing generations
19433645537516003016704:   First Speaker of Late Indo-Hittite; also begat Anatolian (Hittite : Luwian etc.); `Kurgan wave 1'; the Anatolian branch may tentatively be associated with Cernavoda I in Romania & , later, Ezero (Karanova VII) in Bulgaria; ca 4200 BC
A19433645749167720513792:   Sarronius (King) of BRITONS; (Saron Sarronus)
A19433645749167720526848:   Gallos of PERSIA
19433647718406210981888: *** Same as 38679833902741194344 (Cadmus (King) of THEBES)
19433647718406210981889: *** Same as A2839593945009439768771 (Harmonia (of THEBES) the NYMPH)
19433647718406210981890: *** Same as 9669958475685298586 (Nycteus (Regent) of THEBES)
19433647718406210981891: *** Same as 9669958475685298587 (Polyxo of THEBES)
19433647718407534031936:   Diogenes
19433647718407534032402: *** Same as 302186202365165642 (Asopus the RIVER GOD)
19433647718407534032403: *** Same as 302186202365165643 (Metope)
19433647718407534032408: *** Same as 302186202365165616 (Poseidon (the OLYMPIAN; GOD of the Sea))
19433647718407534032409:   Periboea; (Periboia)
19433647718407556042752:   Marcus Valerius MAXIMUS
19433647718407556045312:   prob. Gaius Iunius Brutus; (Tribune of the People); ? - 423 BC
19433647718464270188544:   Gnaeus Cornelius LENTULUS; 390? BC - ?
19433647718464270209024:   Sextus Quinctilius; (Roman Consul); prob. aka Quintillius Varus; ? - 453+ BC
C19433647718592728268800:   Kave (of HUNS); or: Kalti; aka Kavi of HSIUNG-NU; (some srcs reverse Kave and Kaled)
19451117660734652153856:   Bawawel of ETHIOPIA; (Bawewal)
19804025418659129196544:   Kinne; (of PICTS)
19804025418672014098430:   Cinge of PICTS; (Cringe)
19804025418672014098431:   (Heiress) of PICTS
19804074958203491542080:   Europs (King) of AEGIALIA; also begat Hermion; ? - 1655? BC
A19804074958203491542080: *** Same as 19339916951370614178 (Phoroneus of ARGOS)
A19804074958203491542081: *** Same as 19339916951370614179 (Teledice the NYMPH)
A19804074958203499577536:   Man of the Chalcolithic (Aeneolithic) Age; mixed farming, first cast copper cart axle; 4500 BC - ?
A19804074958203499577588: *** Same as 27462867496927314547581277943945732445029138434 (source: Enlil, GOD of Wind)
A19804074958203499577589: *** Same as 27462867496927314547581277943945732445029138435 (source: Ninlil, GODDESS of Heaven (Air))
A19804074958203499577590: *** Same as 27462867496927314547581277943945732445029138436 (Enki (Ea), GOD of Wisdom)
A19804074958203499577591:   Ningikuga, GODDESS of the Pure Reed
19804074958203508920320: *** Same as 9902037479101754460168 (Pelag ben EBER)
19804074958203508920321: *** Same as 9902037479101754460169 (Lomna bint SINA'AR)
19804074958203508920322:   'Ur ben KESED; aka Ur-Nammu; (eponym of UR)
19804074958203508920324: *** Same as 19804074958203508920336 (Eber ibn SHELAH)
19804074958203508920325: *** Same as 19804074958203508920337 ('Azurad bint NEBROD)
19804074958203508920336:   Eber ibn SHELAH; or: Peleg (q.v. : Eber's son); aka Heber of CHALDEA; aka Aber ('Aybar) ibn SHALEH; eponym of the HEBREWS; `Be high gift from God'; poss. aka Ibiranu I (King) of UGARIT; poss. King in BABYLON; poss. one of the Progenitors of Europe; aka Hud ibn SHALEH (4th PROPHET of Allah (for 'Ad)); (according to the Koran, by Hud's time man had forgotten the lesson of the Great Flood, so Allah sent a Great Drought with few survivors); 2277? BC - 1813? BC
19804074958203508920337:   'Azurad bint NEBROD; (Azarad)
19804074958203508920338:   Sina'ar; poss. aka Siniah HAMITIDY
A19804074958203508920368: *** Same as A18978171600298838036 (Mentuhotpe II Wahankh (King) in THEBES)
A19804074958203508920370: *** Same as A37956343200597676072 (Inyotef III (King) in THEBES)
A19804074958203508920371: *** Same as A37956343200597676073 (Iah (Queen) of EGYPT)
19811807700336370516480:   Dui (I) Finn MacSETNA; aka Duach Fionn, Dongh Fin; 45th MONARCH of IRELAND; ? - 893? BC
19811839163979324719104:   Breogan MacBRATHA of SPAIN; (Broegan Brian Breoghan Brigus); completed conquest of Northern Iberia; King of Galicia, Andalusia, Murcia, Castile, Portugal; poss. eponym of BRAGANZA and of BRIGANTES; 927? BC - 872? BC
19811839163979324719108:   Bile (Bille) MacNEMAIN of SPAIN; 889? BC - 839? BC
19811839163979324719110:   Necho II (Wehemibre) (PHARAOH) of EGYPT; also m. (3rd) Mimautiu; aka Wahimbre NEKAU (Nechao, Nekao) SAITE; (victorious against Josias King of Judah, q.v.; commissioned a Phoenician sea expedition which took two years to circumnaviage the continent of Africa); 660? BC - 595? BC
*A19811839163979324719110:   ben Mileach (PHARAOH) of EGYPT
19811839163979324719111:   Khedebnitjerbone (Chedebnitjerbone); (2nd wife)
19811839163996047409152:   Easru
19816423265431787143168:   Ros
19818147721881171001344:   Olioll Olchaoin (Prince) of IRELAND; aka Ailill Oalchlaen (Aolcheoin) MacSIRNA; aka Oilioll Aolchleon
19818190699588185227264:   Arnan ha-DAVID
19818190699588186275840:   Ahithophel ben SOLOMON (ha-DAVID); aka Ahitofel ben SHLOMO
19818190699623620280320: *** Same as A618877342443859345408 (Mizraim (1st PHARAOH of ZOANITE Dynasty))
19818190699623620286464:   Hannibal I (King) of CARTHAGE
19818190699623620286465:   (NN), a Greek; Syracuse
19818190699623620476960:   Aristomedes (King) of CORINTH
19818190699623620476992:   Pielus (King) of EPIRUS; (Pylades; poss. of AEGINA); (some srcs show the many missing generations after Pielus, not before)
A19818190699623620476992:   Neoptolemos (King) of EPIRUS; (Pielus)
19818190699623620476996:   Menekleides (King) of PHARSALUS; 555? BC - ?
19818190699623620476997:   granddaughter of Orestes of TAGOS
*A19818190699623620476997:   poss. daughter of Echekratidas II
19818190699623620476998:   Orestes of TAGOS; (of THESSALY); ? - by 453 BC
19818190699623620477120:   Perdiccas I (4th King) of MACEDONIA; aka Perdikkas; 1st historic King of Macedonia; (of ARGOS); eponym of PERDICCID; 690? BC - 649 BC
19818190699623620477121:   Cleopatra (poss. of PHRYGIA)
19818190699623620477184:   Ahmose II (Amasis) (King) of EGYPT; PHARAOH of the 26th Dynasty; ? - 526? BC
19818190699623620477185:   poss. Thentkheta (or Shapertape) of EGYPT
19818190699623620477216: *** Same as 19818190699623620477184 (Ahmose II (Amasis) (King) of EGYPT)
19818190699623620477218:   brother of Ahmose II
19818190699623620478592:   Pharnaces (ARSHAMID) of PARTHIA; (Governor); ? - 497 BC
19818190699623620478593:   daughter of Croesus
19818190699623620478720:   Derdas (I) of MACEDONIA; (of the ELIMIOTAI)
19818190699623620478728: *** Same as 2477273837452952559632 (Alexander I (King) of MACEDONIA)
19818190699623620478729:   poss. Antigone
19818190699623620483072:   Arshama (Arsames) of PARTHIA; King of PERSIA; eponym of ARSHAMID; 585? BC - 522+ BC
19818190699623620483074: *** Same as 22184327693916962816 (Salathial (Shealtiel) ha-DAVID)
19818190699623620483075: *** Same as 22184327693916962817 (poss. Hadast (Hetbath))
19818190699623620483076:   Maridonios of PARTHIA; (Mordonos)
19818190699623620483078: *** Same as 9909095349811810241536 (Hystaspes (Satrap) of PARTHIA)
19818190699623620483079: *** Same as 11092163846958481409 (Rhodah (Princess) of PERSIA)
19818190699623620608000:   Megabignes; (skip this generation?)
19818190699623620608032: *** Same as 4954547674905905120768 (Darius I `the Great' (King) of PERSIA)
19818190699623620608033:   Atossa (Hutaosa) of PERSIA; also m. poss. Cambyses II (poss. her half-brother), poss. Gaumata Magii (Bardiya : Smerdis); (had three husbands, all Kings or Usurper-kings of Egypt); (although we show Cyrus as her father, recently Settipani has changed his mind: Atossa was prob. not daughter of Cyrus II); 550? BC - ?
19818190699623620608034:   Abihail (ben SHIMAI ?) the JEW; aka Abihajil of ISRAEL; Persia 549? BC - ?
A19818190699623620608034:   Otanis of CAPPADOCIA; or: Cambyses II of PERSIA or: Otanis (Otanis' son); also begat Phaidyme (m. Kambyses II), Smerdomenes; aka Otanes (Ostanes) of PERSIA; 545? BC - 480+ BC
A19818190699623620608035:   sister of Darius the Great
*B19818190699623620608035:   poss. Neithiyti (Cambyses II 's 4th wife); (Nitetis)
19818190699623620608036:   Nidintu-Bel (Prince) of BABYLON; self-styled Nebuchadrezzar III; 580? BC - 522 BC
19818190699623620608037:   Gigitum
A19818190699623620614656:   Molossus (King) of EPIRUS; also begat poss. Admetus (q.v.); eponym of MOLOSSIANS
19818190699623620614720:   Menandridos of PHARSALUS; (Menandridus); 500? BC - ?
19818190699623620614722:   Thucydides I of ATHENS; political rival of Pericles; (Thukydides); 495? BC - 426? BC
19818190699623620614723:   daughter of Cimon II; 485? BC - ?
19818190699623685816320:   'Ayfa bayt KEDAR; (Aid)
A19818190699623685816320:   Yarbah
19818225633279139119104:   Dailbre MacEON
A19818225635469572440064: *** Same as 158531386123454297145344 (Argatmar (Argeadmar Airgeatmhar) MacSIRLAIM)
19818226394135816830976:   Plaserius (Plaserio) III (King) of the CIMMERIANS; (Plaserion)
22716751558566406520832:   Lugdus of GAUL
22716751558567354433552:   Allodius (11th King) of ALBA LONGA; reigned for 19 years; tyrant, contemptious of the gods; poss. suicide with thunderbolt
D22716751558570701488128:   poss. Marganus II (King) in BRITAIN
22716751558570969923584:   Matthat (Mathat) ben LEVI; aka Mattathan (Mattatha) ben LEVI (ha-DAVID)
A22716751558570969923840:   poss. Elkanah; or: prob. not Zerubbabel; (there are several Meshullams in the Old Testament, this connection seems tenuous)
22716751558570969924104:   Jehoash (Joash) (King) of ISRAEL; aka Yeho'ash ben YEHO'ACHAZ; aka Yehoash ben YEHOAHAZ; (waged war against Amaziah of Judah, q.v.); ? - 786+ BC
22716751558570969924105:   poss. (Miss) bat JEHOASH
22716751558570969924112:   Josiah (I; 10th King) of JUDAH; aka Joash (Joas Jehoash) ha-DAVID; (only member of royal family to survive a massacre); aka Yehu'ash ben 'ACHAZYHU; 871 BC - 796 BC slain by his servants
22716751558570969924113:   Jehoaddin of JERUSALEM; (Johaddan Jehoadda)
22716751558570969924160:   Lobni (Libni) ben GERSON; (skip this generation?)
22716751558570969927168:   Shalmaneser III (King) of ASSYRIA; aka Shulman-asharid (Salmanassar); poss. aka Enemessaros; 4th King of Neo-Assyrian Period; (defeated in battle by Ahab of Israel, q.v., but eventually conquered Syria); ? - 829? BC
22716751558570969927170:   poss. Marduk-Zakir-Schumi I (King) of BABYLON; ? - 826? BC
22716751558570969927186:   Ahab (10th King) of ISRAEL; also begat Ahaziah (Ochozias : 11th King of Israel : k. by Jehu), Joram (12th King of Israel : k. by Jehu); aka Achab ('Ach'ab) ben OMRY; (defeated Shalmaneser III of Assyria, q.v., at Battle of Karkar in 853 BC); ? - 843? BC k. in Siege
22716751558570969927192:   Eleasah of ISRAEL; or: poss. Moza ben ZIMRI (Eleasah's gt-grandfather); also begat Esek (father of Ulam & Jeush & Eliphelet)
22716751558570969927232:   Nabu-apila-iddina of BABYLON; (Nabu-Apal-Iddin); ? - 853? BC
A22716751558570969927240:   Yakin-Salu (Prince) of BABYLON; aka Marduk Shakin Shumi
A22716751558570969927241:   Karomat VI
A22716751558570969927242:   Adad-Shum-Ibai; (brother of Adad-Shum-Zeri)
22716751558570969927252: *** Same as 22716751558570969927170 (poss. Marduk-Zakir-Schumi I (King) of BABYLON)
22716751558570978312192:   Ahitub ben AMARIAH; also begat Ahimelech (father of Abiathar), Ahijah; aka Achitob ha-KOHEN; High Priest
*B22716751558570978312192:   poss. Ahitub [alt ped]; also begat Ahimelech (father of Abiathar), Ahijah; High Priest
A22716751558570978312192: *** Same as 2839593944821372289024 (Azariah ben AHIMAAZ)
A23660510134420369309696:   Larein (King) of GERMANS; allegedly same as Laertes; ? - 1277+ BC
A23695776716469624111104:   Li Xin (Youcheng) of LIANG; Grand General; Marquis of DIDAO
A23695776716469624651776:   First Speaker of Late Sino-Dene; also begat poss. Yenisei (Ket); poss. aka Sino-Yeniseian
*B23695776716469624651776:   First Speaker of Sino-Caucasian [Starostin Model]; also begat Yeniseian, Burushaski
A23695776997369075204096:   Oca (King) in SPAIN

Generation 76    (My 73-great grandparents)

38867291073924174976000:   Pairisades I (King) of BOSPHORE; also begat Prytanis (King), Satyrus II (King); ? - 310+ BC
A38867291073924174979072:   Kersobleptes (King) of THRACE; ? - 341+ BC
38867291073924288217088:   Manosh Aorvak; aka Manus Khvarnak
A38867291073924288217088:   Iraj (Heir of IRAN), q.v.
38867291073924296618880:   Kalasoka Kakavarman (King) of MAGADHA; (Kalashoka); ? - 385+ BC
A38867291073924296618880:   Mahananda
38867291073924296618884: *** Same as 19433645536962148309440 (Ksemadharma (King) of MAGADHA)
38867291073924296618885:   (Miss) of KASHMIR
38867291073924296618886: *** Same as 19433645536962148309440 (Ksemadharma (King) of MAGADHA)
38867291073924296618948:   Maurya IV of TAXILA
38867291075032006033408:   First Speaker of Indo-Hittite; also begat poss. Maykop culture (poss. ancestral to Anatolians : prob. source of Kurgan metallurgy); prob. Sredny Stog (and Khvalynsk) culture (but anti-Gimbutas theorists might say Balkan culture ca 6500 BC); ca 4500 BC
38867291075032006033409:   Woman of the Late Copper Age
A38867291498335441027584:   Magus (King) of BRITONS
A38867291498335441053696:   Otanes II of PERSIA
38867295436815068063872:   Lycurgus
38867295436815068064818:   Eurymedon
38867295436815112085504:   Marcus Valerius Lactucinus Maximus
38867295436815112090624:   Iunius Brutus
38867295436928540377088:   Servius Cornelius LENTULUS; also begat Servius; 430? BC - ?
38867295436928540418048:   Sextus Quintilius Varus; 530? BC - ?
C38867295437185456537600:   Kaled (of HUNS); or: Kavi; aka Kalti of HSIUNG-NU
38902235321469304307712:   Aglebul of ETHIOPIA; (Algebul)
39608050837318258393088: *** Same as 75576168685898014 (Dian Cecht)
39608050837318258393089: *** Same as 75576168685898015 (Mourriguaen)
39608050837344028196860:   Luchtain
39608050837344028196863:   (NN) ... (NN) of PICTS; many missing generations
39608149916406983084160:   poss. Aegialeus (King) of AEGIALIA; first inhabitant of SICYON; (Aegialee); ? - 1680? BC
A39608149916406999155072:   Man of the Danubian Neolithic Age; (by this time, farmers had developed some advanced techniques, but the term Aeneolithic is usually reserved for cultures with advanced metallurgy or dairy techniques); 5400 BC - ?
A39608149916406999155073:   Copper Metallurgy Stage 6a; Casting-in (e.g. for shaft-holes); Balkans 4500? BC
39608149916407017840644:   Kesed ben ARPHAXAD; (of ARRAPAKHTIS)
39608149916407017840645:   poss. Ninsun; (relation to Ninsun `the Wise', q.v. ?)
39608149916407017840672:   Shelah (ben CAINAN) of CHALDEA; aka Shaleh (Shelach Sala Sale Salah) ibn ARPHECKSHAD; poss. aka Salon; poss. one of the Progenitors of Europe; 2307? BC - 1874? BC
39608149916407017840673:   Mu'ak (Muak) ben KESED
39608149916407017840674:   Nimrod (King) of ASSYRIA & BABYLON; also begat poss. Mardon; aka Nebrod (Nemrod) the MIGHTY Hunter; poss. aka Seddiya; aka Ampaphel ben CUSH; ? - 2135 BC Italy executed by Shem
39608149916407017840675:   poss. Hept Ishtar; or: Neithhotep (daughter or sister of Crocodile); aka Isis, Semiramis, Uenephes (Henneit); poss. identified with Minerva, q.v. the GODDESS; (in Assyrian myth Nimrod married his own mother); (one of several names for the ancient Mother GODDESS, see list at Minerva)
39608149916407017840676:   Canaan (eponym of CANAAN); also begat the Jebusite, the Girgashite (Gergesite), the Sinite, the Arvadite (Aradian); aka Kana'n (Kenan Kna'an Kn'nw Kinnahu Chanaan) HAMITIDY; cursed by Noah (made Japheth's servant) for Ham's indiscretion; 2876? BC - ?
39608149916407017840677:   Arsal YAPHETIDY
39623615400672741032960:   Setna (II) Innarraid MacBREISSE; aka Seadhna Jonaroia; aka Seidnae Innaridh; aka Sedna Innarraigh; 43rd MONARCH of IRELAND; instituted regular salary for soldiers; ? - 929 BC
39623678327958649438208:   Brath (MacDEATHA) of SPAIN; (Breatha Bracheus Bratha) King of GEULIA and GALICIA; Gothia ? - ? Galicia
39623678327958649438216: *** Same as 19811839163979324719104 (Breogan MacBRATHA of SPAIN)
39623678327958649438220:   Psamtik (Psamtek) I of EGYPT; aka Psammetichos Wahibre; 1st PHARAOH (5th King) of 26th Dynasty; (he unified the eleven kingdoms of Egypt with the aid of Ionian and Carian Warriors); 684? BC - 610? BC
39623678327958649438221:   Mehetenweskhet of HELIOPOLIS; (Mehtenusekht); (1st wife)
39623678327992094818304:   Fraimaint; aka Braimend
*A39623678327992094818304:   Braiment MacFAITHECHTA
39632846530863574286336:   Dub (Dubh) MacFHOMUIR; King of ULADH (ULSTER)
39636295443762342002688:   Sirna Sirsaeglach `the Long Lived' MacDIAN; 34th MONARCH of IRELAND; aka Siorna Saogalach; slain by 35th Monarch
39636381399176370454528:   Rephaiah ha-DAVID; (Raphaiai); 10th EXILARCH in Babylon
39636381399176372551680:   Solomon ben DAVID (ha-DAVID); aka Shlomo ben DAVID
39636381399247240572928:   Mago I (King) of CARTHAGE; also begat Hasdrubal I (King); ? - 530+ BC
39636381399247240953920:   Eudemus (King) of CORINTH
39636381399247240953984:   prob. (NN) ... (NN) of EPIRUS; about 18 missing generations
A39636381399247240953984:   Arrybas (King) of EPIRUS; (Arrhybas)
39636381399247240953994:   Oresteides of THESSALY
A39636381399247240953994:   Echekratidas II
A39636381399247240953995:   Dyseris
39636381399247240953996:   Ekhekratides of TAGOS; (of THESSALY); ? - by 460 BC
39636381399247240954240:   Tyrimmas (3rd King) of MACEDONIA; or: poss. Archelaos (son of Tyrimmas' ancestor Temenos); also begat Gayanes, Aeropus; (Tirimmos; ARGEAD); prob. mythical
39636381399247240954241:   poss. Cleonice
39636381399247240954242:   Gordios (1st King) of PHRYGIA; (Gordius); peasant who became King after oracle foresaw a King who `came by wagon'; tied the Gordian knot ; poss. STEPFATHER
39636381399247240954368:   Khnemibre Taperu (General)
39636381399247240954369:   Takheredneset; (Tashereniseti)
39636381399247240954370:   Apries (Wahibre) (8th PHARAOH) of EGYPT; also m. (2nd) Ankhenseneferabre; (Haaibre Hophra); 595? BC - 568? BC
39636381399247240954436: *** Same as 39636381399247240954368 (Khnemibre Taperu (General))
39636381399247240957184: *** Same as 19818190699623620483072 (Arshama (Arsames) of PARTHIA)
39636381399247240957186:   Croesus (last King) of LYDIA; (Kroisos); (Invented first system of currency; considered among the wealthiest people of the ancient world); 615? BC - 546? BC
39636381399247240957440:   Arrhidaeus of MACEDONIA; (relation to same-named gt-grandfather of Alexander the Great of Macedonia ?? -- I am confused)
39636381399247240957441:   daughter of Amyntas I
39636381399247240966144:   Ariyaramna (Ariaramnes) of PARTHIA; King in PERSIA
39636381399247240966152: *** Same as 22184327693916962818 (Gobryas (Governor) of BABYLONIA)
39636381399247240966153: *** Same as 22184327693916962819 (daughter of Nabu-balatsu-iqbi)
39636381399247241216000:   Bababigna
39636381399247241216066:   Cyrus II `the Great' (1st Shah) of PERSIA; founding EMPEROR of the Persian Empire; `astonishing empire builder'; released Israelites from bondage; prob. not aka Bahman ibn ISFENDIYAR; (MIPHMHH #87); 600? BC - 529 BC
39636381399247241216067:   Neithiyti (Nitetis) of EGYPT; (his 4th wife); 580? BC - ?
*A39636381399247241216067:   poss. Cassandane of CAPPADOCIA; aka Kassandane (Amytis Cassandane) of PARTHIA; ? - 539 BC
39636381399247241216068:   Jair the JEW; also begat Mardochai (Esther's stepfather)
A39636381399247241216068:   Pharnaspes (Sokhres) of CAPPADOCIA; Prince of ANSHAN; aka Parnaspes of PERSIA
A39636381399247241216069:   Atossa of PERSIA
A39636381399247241216070: *** Same as 9909095349811810241536 (Hystaspes (Satrap) of PARTHIA)
B39636381399247241216070: *** Same as 19818190699623620477184 (Ahmose II (Amasis) (King) of EGYPT)
A39636381399247241216071: *** Same as 11092163846958481409 (Rhodah (Princess) of PERSIA)
B39636381399247241216071:   Khedenitjerbone (II); (his 3rd wife); (Chedebnitjerbone)
39636381399247241216072:   Belshazzer (Last EMPEROR) of BABYLON; (skip this generation!); also begat Gubaru, Ushtani, Arakha; (Belshazzar); ? - 533 BC
A39636381399247241229312:   Pyrrhus (King) of PTHIA & EPIRUS; also begat Pergamos; also m. Hermione; aka Neoptolemus of AEGINA; slayer of King Priam, q.v.; ? - 1164 BC Temple of Delphi slain by Orestes
A39636381399247241229313: *** Same as 186095628767783767519657993 (Andromache of THEBE)
39636381399247241229440: *** Same as 9909095349811810238498 (Menon I of PHARSALUS)
39636381399247241229444:   Melesias Alopekethen of ATHENS; Alopeke, Athens 525? BC - 460? BC
39636381399247241229446:   Cimon II of ATHENS; also begat Peisaniax III; King of CHERSONESE; aka Kimon II ek ATHINAI; statesman and general; 510? BC - 450? BC d. in campaign against Persian empire in Cyprus & Egypt
39636381399247241229447:   Isodike of ATHENS; (Isodice); 505? BC - 450? BC
39636381399247371632640:   'Abqar bayt KEDAR; (Abqar)
A39636381399247371632640:   Nadir
39636451266558278238208:   Eon MacCALASSAICH
39636452788271633661952:   Helenus III (King) of the CIMMERIANS; (Helenos)
45433503117132813041664:   Arbonus (King) of CELTS
45433503117134708867104:   Romulus Silvius of ALBA LONGA
D45433503117141402976256:   poss. (NN; King) in BRITAIN
45433503117141939847168:   Levi ben SIMEON; (ben SIMON; ha-DAVID)
A45433503117141939847680:   Tabael
45433503117141939848208:   Jehoahaz (14th King) of ISRAEL; aka Yeho'achaz ben YEHU'A; ? - 801+ BC
45433503117141939848210: *** Same as 22716751558570969924112 (Josiah (I; 10th King) of JUDAH)
45433503117141939848211: *** Same as 22716751558570969924113 (Jehoaddin of JERUSALEM)
45433503117141939848224:   Ozias (Ahaziah Ochozias) (8th King) of JUDAH; aka Jehoahaz ha-DAVID; aka 'Achazyhu ben YEHORAM; 893? BC - 841? BC slain by Yehu (King of Israel)
45433503117141939848225:   Zibiah of BEERSHEBA
45433503117141939848226:   Jehoiada I (18th High Priest) of ISRAEL; aka Joaidas (Yehoiada) ha-KOHEN
45433503117141939848227:   Jehosheba (Princess) of JUDAH; aka Yehosheba bat JEHORAM; she rescued Joash, her nephew (and future son-in-law), from a massacre; (Josabeth)
45433503117141939848320:   Gerson ben LEVI; also begat Shimei (Semei); (Gershon Guershon Guerschon)
45433503117141939854336:   Assur-nasir-pal II (King) of ASSYRIA; aka Ashurnasirpal II; 3rd King of Neo-Assyrian Period; ? - 859? BC
45433503117141939854337:   Mulisu
45433503117141939854340: *** Same as 22716751558570969927232 (Nabu-apila-iddina of BABYLON)
45433503117141939854341:   (Miss) of ASSYRIA
45433503117141939854372:   Omri `the Wicked' (9th King) of ISRAEL; aka Omry (Amri Khumri); Captain of the Hosts; poss. King of SAMARIA; (after Zambri rebelled in the time of Asa (q.v.) King of all Judea, Omri, then King of TIRZAH, was elected King of Israel (Melek Ysr'al)); poss. Gibbithon, Philistia ? - 869?
45433503117141939854384:   Rephaiah of ISRAEL; aka Raphah ha-BENJAMIM
45433503117141939854464: *** Same as 363468024937135518834690 (Nabu-shuma-ukin I (King) of BABYLON)
45433503117141939854465:   (Miss) of ASSYRIA; also bore Zabdanu, poss. wife of Adad-nirari II
A45433503117141939854480:   Marduk Zera UBALLIT of SEALAND
*B45433503117141939854480:   (NN) ... (NN) of BABYLON; many missing generations
A45433503117141939854482:   Sheshonq IV (PHARAOH) of EGYPT; (of 23rd Dynasty); ? - 786? BC
45433503117141956624384:   Amariah ben MERAIOTH; aka Amarias (Ameri) ha-KOHEN; High Priest
B45433503117141956624384:   Phinehas; also begat Ichabod
A47321020268840738619392:   Adalger (King) of GERMANS; (Adelger); ? - 1328+ BC
A47391553432939248222208:   Li Pengyao (Neide) of LIANG; Prefect of NAN; Marquis of DIDAO
A47391553432939249303552:   First Speaker of Sino-Dene; also begat poss. Burushaski; (Burushaski and Yenisei may form a Karasuk family, assoc. with Karasuk culture)
B47391553432939249303552:   First Speaker of Dene-Caucasian [Starostin Model]; also begat Vasconic (Basque)
A47391553994738150408192:   Salario (King) in SPAIN; (Salatio)
A47391553994738150408193:   Adalina

Generation 77    (My 74-great grandparents)

77734582147848349952000:   Leukon I (King) of BOSPHORE; also begat Spartocus II (King), Apollonios; (Leucon); ? - 349+ BC
A77734582147848349958144:   Cotys I (King) of THRACE; ? - 359+ BC
77734582147848576434176:   Nairyosang; aka Nirusanj
A77734582147848576434176:   Feridoun (Shah) of PERSIA; or: Jamshid (Feridoun's grandfather); (Fereydun; Afridun)
77734582147848576434177:   Guza
A77734582147848576434177:   poss. Arnavaz
77734582147848593237760:   Sisunaga (King) of MAGADHA; Governor of KASI; (Shishunaga); (appointed after Nagadashoka was banished by the populace)
A77734582147848593237760:   Nandivarddhana
77734582147848593237770:   Gopaditya Gonandiya (King) of KASHMIR
77734582147848593237896:   Maurya III of TAXILA
77734582150064012066816:   First Speaker of Early Indo-Hittite; prob. Samara culture (similar to Dnieper-Donets culture but with emphasis on horse); ca 5000 BC
77734582150064012066819:   Woman of the Middle Copper Age
A77734582996670882055168:   Samothes (1st King) of CELTICA; eponym of SAMOTHEA (BRITAIN); poss. aka Dis (4th son of Japhet); ? - 2014 BC
A77734582996670882107392: *** Same as A19818190699623620608034 (Otanis of CAPPADOCIA)
A77734582996670882107393: *** Same as A19818190699623620608035 (sister of Darius the Great)
77734590873630136127744:   Aristolaidas
77734590873630224171008:   Marcus Valerius LACTUTA; (Consul)
77734590873630224181248:   Iunius Brutus
77734590873857080754176:   Lucius CORNELIUS Maluginensis; 460? BC - ?
77734590873857080836096:   Publius Quintilius Varus; 560? BC - ?
C77734590874370913075200:   Dama (of HUNS); also begat (instead) poss. Kavi; aka Daman of HSIUNG-NU
C77734590874370913075201:   (Miss) of MEDIA; also bore (instead) poss. Kavi
77804470642938608615424:   Safelya of ETHIOPIA
79216101674688056393720:   Parthalan
79216101674688056393726:   ancestor of PICTS; Pictish origin is uncertain, though there are similarities with Iberians, who in turn may be related to Berbers; The Picts seem to have invaded Britain ca 1000 BC, so they were not the ancient people who built Stonehenge
79216101674688056393727:   (Miss) of the TUATHA de Danaans; In Irish legend, the Picts came to Ireland after the Celts, petitioned the Milesian Kings for land, were helped to conquer Scotland instead, and given, as wives, the widows of the Tuatha nobles killed by the Milesians
79216299832813966168320: *** Same as 37773275295645752 (Inachus the RIVER GOD)
79216299832813966168321: *** Same as 37773275295645753 (Melia the OCEANID)
A79216299832813998310144:   Man of the Mediterranian Neolithic Age; 6500 BC - ?
A79216299832813998310147:   Copper Metallurgy Stage 5; Open mould casting; 5000? BC - ?
79216299832814035681288:   Arphaxad (King) of ARRAPACHTIS; aka Arpheckshad (Arfakhshadh Arpachshad Arphachshad Arpaxad) ibn SAM; `Ability'; 2342? BC - 1904 BC
79216299832814035681289:   Rasueja (bint SHUSHAN); (Rasu'eya Rasuejah)
79216299832814035681344:   Cainain the SEMITE; (Cainen Cainan Kenem Kainam)
79216299832814035681345:   Melka (bint MADAI) of MEDES
79216299832814035681346: *** Same as 39608149916407017840644 (Kesed ben ARPHAXAD)
79216299832814035681347: *** Same as 39608149916407017840645 (poss. Ninsun)
79216299832814035681348: *** Same as 4954547674905904677120 (Cush ben HAM)
*A79216299832814035681348:   Baal, GOD of Thunder & Winter storms
79216299832814035681349: *** Same as 39608149916407017840675 (poss. Hept Ishtar)
*A79216299832814035681349: *** Same as 1208744809460662477 (Anchinoe of EGYPT, daughter of the NILE)
79216299832814035681352:   Ham ibn NOAH; aka Cham (Chain, Kham); progenitor of AFRICA; eponym of HAMITIDY
79216299832814035681353:   Nehelatamah ADANYA; aka EGYPTUS Ne'elatama'uk (Ne-elatama); aka Neelata-mek ben ELIAK of UR; aka Oliva
79216299832814035681354:   Batawil YAPHETIDY
79247230801345482065920:   Breisse Ri (Breasrigh) MacAIRT; aka Breas Rioghacta; 40th MONARCH of IRELAND; ? - 952? BC (or 736? BC)
79247356655917298876416:   Deaghatha (Dea; MacAIRCEDA) of SCYTHIA; (Death Deag); King of GOTHIA; Lord of GOTHLAND; of the GAELS
79247356655917298876440:   Necho I (Nekhao Memkheperre) of EGYPT; also m. Istemabat (1st wife), (2nd) Nes-Shu-Tefnut; Governor of Sais, poss. PHARAOH at MEMPHIS; 710? BC - 664? BC
79247356655917298876441:   Amenirdis (II); or: prob. not Istemabat (1st wife); (3rd wife)
79247356655917298876442:   Harsiast (High Priest); (Harsiese)
79247356655984189636608:   Jobhath (Johnath); poss. aka Rathacht
A79247356655984189636608: *** Same as 1267457626795008902299520 (Faithechta)
79265693061727148572672:   Fhomuir (Fomhar) MacARGATMAIR
79272590887524684005376:   Deman (Dian Dein Den Drin) MacROTHECTAID; or: Dian (Deman's son); Prince of IRELAND
79272762798352740909056:   Jeshaiah ha-DAVID; (Yeshaiah Yeshayahu Yeshaya); 8th EXILARCH in Babylon
79272762798352745103360:   David ben URIAH (ha-DAVID); aka David ben URIA
79272762798494481145856:   Malchus II (King) of CARTHAGE; ? - 550+ BC
79272762798494481907840:   Agelas II (King) of CORINTH
79272762798494481907968: *** Same as A19818190699623620614656 (Molossus (King) of EPIRUS)
A79272762798494481907968:   Phocos (King) of EPIRUS; (Phocus)
79272762798494481907988: *** Same as 19818190699623620476998 (Orestes of TAGOS)
A79272762798494481907988:   Aleuas I 'Pyrrhos'
A79272762798494481907990:   Kreon; also begat Scopas II (father of Scopas III)
A79272762798494481907991:   Echekrateia; also bore Scopas II (father of Scopas III)
79272762798494481907992:   Antiochus of TAGOS
79272762798494481908480:   Coenus ARGEAD (2nd King) of MACEDONIA; (Coinos)
79272762798494481908481:   Kleonike
79272762798494481908484:   (NN), a poor farmer
79272762798494481908738:   Psamtek II (Neferibre) (7th PHARAOH) of EGYPT; aka Psamtik (Psammetichus); 625? BC - 589? BC
79272762798494481908739:   Tjenmutetji
79272762798494481908740: *** Same as 79272762798494481908738 (Psamtek II (Neferibre) (7th PHARAOH) of EGYPT)
79272762798494481908741:   Takhuat (Takhaut) of ATHRIBIS
79272762798494481914372:   Alyattes (II) MERMNADAE (King) of LYDIA; (skip this generation?); also begat NN (wife of Melas King of Ephesus); ? - 560? BC
79272762798494481914882: *** Same as 4954547674905905119264 (Amyntas TEMENID (I; King) of MACEDONIA)
79272762798494481932288:   Teispes (King) of ELAM (ANSHAN); aka Shishpish (Tchishpish); aka Perses (poss. eponym of PERSIA); (there is frequent confusion between Teispes I and Teispes II (resp. father and son of Cyrus the Great); I've not tried to disentangle this)
79272762798494482432000:   Pazouk; (P'azouk)
79272762798494482432001:   poss. (NN) ... (NN); many missing generations
79272762798494482432132:   Cambyses I (King) of PERSIA; King of ANSHAN (ANZAN; ANSHAM); (vassal of the Medes); (Kambujiya); 630? BC - 559? BC
79272762798494482432133:   Mandane (Princess) of the MEDES
79272762798494482432134: *** Same as 39636381399247240954370 (Apries (Wahibre) (8th PHARAOH) of EGYPT)
A79272762798494482432134: *** Same as A39636381399247241216068 (Pharnaspes (Sokhres) of CAPPADOCIA)
79272762798494482432135:   Meritakhebt; (his 3rd wife)
A79272762798494482432135: *** Same as A39636381399247241216069 (Atossa of PERSIA)
79272762798494482432136:   Shimei the JEW; aka Sjimi of ISRAEL
A79272762798494482432136: *** Same as 158545525596988964864264 (Cyrus I (King) of PERSIA)
A79272762798494482432138: *** Same as 158545525596988964864264 (Cyrus I (King) of PERSIA)
B79272762798494482432142: *** Same as 39636381399247240954370 (Apries (Wahibre) (8th PHARAOH) of EGYPT)
79272762798494482432144:   Nabonidus (EMPEROR) of BABYLON; aka Labynetus I; aka Nabu-Na'id; 6th and last King of Dynasty XI of Babylon; (Nabonidus retired to desert leaving Belshazzer in charge; in 539 Cyrus II, q.v., captured Babylon which ceased to exist as an independent kingdom); ? - 539 BC
79272762798494482432145:   Neitaqert (Nitocris) (Queen) of BABYLON
A79272762798494482458624:   Achilles (Prince) of PTHIA; also m. Briseis, Diomede, prob. not Helen of Troy; HERO of the Iliad ; (of AEGINA); eponym of Achilles' tendon, Achilles' heel; aka Achilleus (Akhilleus) PELEIDES
A79272762798494482458625:   Deidamia of SCYROS; or: poss. Lanassa of EPIRUS
*B79272762798494482458625:   Deidamie (Laodamie) of LYCIA; (Deidameia)
79272762798494482458888:   (NN) ... (NN) of PHILAIDES Clan; many missing generations
79272762798494482458892:   Miltiades (III Lakiades) `the Great' of ATHENS; statesman and general; defeated army of Darius I at Marathon (490 BC); 554? BC - 489? BC d. in campaign against Aegean islands
79272762798494482458893:   Hegesypyle I (Princess) of THRACE
79272762798494482458894:   Euryptolemos I of ATHENS; (Euryptolemaus); 535? BC - ?
79272762798494743265280:   Isma'il bayt KEDAR; (skip this generation?)
A79272762798494743265280:   Humayl; 430?? BC - ?
79272902533116556476416:   Calassach MacMOCHTA
79272905576543267323904:   Dilulius (Diluglio) I (King) of the CIMMERIANS; (Diluglius Diluglion)
90867006234265626083328: *** Same as A37956339353843204128 (Albiorix `Galates' (King) of CELTS)
90867006234269417734208:   Agrippa (10th King) of ALBA LONGA; reigned 41 years
D90867006234282805952512:   Gorbonianus (King) in BRITAIN
90867006234283879694336:   Simeon ben JUDAH; aka Shimon ben YUDA (ha-DAVID)
A90867006234283879695360: *** Same as 5679187889642742481796 (Uzziah (Azariah) (12th King) of JUDAH)
A90867006234283879695361: *** Same as 5679187889642742481797 (Jerusha (High Priestess) of ISRAEL)
90867006234283879696416:   Jehu (13th King) of ISRAEL; aka Yehu'a ben NIMSHI; anointed by Yahweh to destroy the house of Ahab.; ? - 815+ BC
90867006234283879696448:   Jehoram (Joram) (7th King) of JUDAH; ha-DAVID; aka Yehoram (Yoram) ben YEHOSHAFAT; 910? BC - 841? BC slain by Jehu
90867006234283879696449:   Athalia of ISRAEL (9th Queen) of JUDAH; aka Athaliah (Athalyhu Athalie) bat AHAB (bat OMRI, bat OMRY); aka Athaliyah of SAMARIA; reigned as sole ruler for 7 years after death of her son; ? - 835+ BC slain in coup
90867006234283879696450:   poss. (NN) ... (NN) of BEERSHEBA or SHEBA; many missing generations
90867006234283879696452:   Amazia ha-KOHEN; High Priest
90867006234283879696454: *** Same as 90867006234283879696448 (Jehoram (Joram) (7th King) of JUDAH)
90867006234283879696455: *** Same as 90867006234283879696449 (Athalia of ISRAEL (9th Queen) of JUDAH)
90867006234283879696640:   Levi ibn JACOB; eponym of LEVITES (Priests of ISRAEL); by 1809 BC - by 1672 BC
90867006234283879696641:   Adinah bint JOBAB
90867006234283879708672:   Tukulti-urta II (King) of ASSYRIA; aka Tukulti-Ninurta II; 2nd King of Neo-Assyrian Period; ? - 884? BC
90867006234283879708682: *** Same as 90867006234283879708672 (Tukulti-urta II (King) of ASSYRIA)
90867006234283879708745:   poss. descendant of Ba'asha; (skip this generation?)
90867006234283879708768:   Binea ha-BENJAMIM
90867006234283879708930: *** Same as 181734012468567759417344 (Adad-nirari II (King) of ASSYRIA)
90867006234283879708931: *** Same as 181734012468567759417345 ((Miss) of BABYLON)
A90867006234283879708960:   Yakin of SEALAND
B90867006234283879708960: *** Same as 24977332483947352145679613335183360 (Hammurabi (King) of BABYLON)
A90867006234283879708964: *** Same as 20287323303914828512368644 (Shoshenk `D' (PHARAOH) of EGYPT)
90867006234283913248768:   Meraioth ben ZERAHIAH; or: poss. Azarias or Ithamar (Meraioth's son) or: poss. Azahel (Meraioth's grandfather?); aka Maraioth (Merajoth) ha-KOHEN; High Priest
B90867006234283913248768:   Eli (High Priest at SHILOH); also begat Hophni, poss. Samuel the Prophet; also m. poss. Hannah (mother of Samuel); Judge of ISRAEL; d. at age 98
*C90867006234283913248768:   Eli (High Priest at SHILOH) [alt ped]; also begat Hophni, poss. Samuel the Prophet; Judge of ISRAEL; 1239 BC - 1141 BC d. at age 98
A94642040537681477238784:   Ingram (King) of GERMANS; (Ingramus); ? - 1377+ BC
A94783106865878496444416:   Li Chong (Bo) of LIANG; Prefect of LONGXI; Duke of NANZHENG
A94783106865878498607104:   First Speaker of proto-Sino-Dene
B94783106865878498607104:   First Speaker of Dene-Daic [Starostin Model]
A94783107989476300816384:   (NN) ... (NN) in SPAIN; several missing generations
A94783107989476300816386:   Habis (2nd King) of the TARTESSIANS; also begat NN (ancestor of Argantonio (last King of Tartessians)); (mythical HERO; Gargoris attempted to kill him); aka Abidis

Generation 78    (My 75-great grandparents)

155469164295696699904000:   Satyrus I (King) of BOSPHORE; also begat Metrodorus, Gorgippos (King : father of Orchamos); ? - 389+ BC
A155469164295696699916288:   Seuthes II (King) of THRACE; ? - 405+ BC
A155469164295696699916289:   Stratonike of MACEDONIA
155469164295697152868352:   Varjidedin
A155469164295697152868352:   Abtiian; (Abtin)
A155469164295697152868353:   Faranak (Princess) of SCYTHIA
A155469164295697152868354:   Jamshid (Shah) of PERSIA; (presumably same as Jamshid al-MALIK, q.v.)
155469164295697152868355:   Aira
A155469164295697152868355:   Yimak
A155469164295697186475520:   Udyaaswa
155469164295697186475792:   Maurya II of TAXILA
155469164300128024133632:   First Speaker of Indo-Tyrrhenian; (skip this generation?); poss. No. Eurasiatic Mesolithic; relation of Etruscan to Indo-European is highly conjectural; ca 6500 BC
*A155469164300128024133632:   First Speaker of Eurasiatic [Starostin Model]; also begat Paleosiberian (Yukaghir : Eskimo-Aleut : Chukchi-Kamchatkan : Gilyak/Nivkh)
155469164300128024133633:   prob. Man of the Seroglazovo Culture; (pre-neolithic stockbreeding culture near the lower Volga River); 6500? BC - ?
155469164300128024133639:   Woman of the Early Copper Age
A155469165993341764110336: *** Same as 4834979237842651264 (Japhet (Iaphet) ibn NOAH)
155469181747260272255488:   (NN) ... (NN), Priests of ETEOBUTADAE; some missing generations
155469181747260448342016:   Marcus Valerius Maximus Lactuta; (Consul)
155469181747260448362496:   Lucius Iunius BRUTUS; also begat two sons (whom Lucius executed for treason); Founder (& 1st Consul) of Republic of ROME; (visited Delphic Oracle with Sextus (son of 7th King), who asked about next King, informed that King would be first to kiss his mother, pretended to stumble and kissed Earth, mother of all); ? - 509 BC
155469181747260448362497:   Vitellia
155469181747714161508352:   Lucius CORNELIUS Servius MALUGINENSIS Uritinus; (Consul); ? - 454+ BC
C155469181748741826150400:   Bor Isten (King) of the HUNS; aka Boristen Chungvi of HSIUNG-NU
C155469181748741826150401:   Ly-sze (Princess) of CHINA; or: Bura of HSIUNG-NU; (TSCHOU Dynasty)
155608941285877217230848:   Hande of ETHIOPIA
158432203349376112787440:   Agnoinn
158432203349376112787454:   (NN) ... (NN); some missing generations
A158432599665627996620288:   Man of the Fertile-Crescent Neolithic Age; 7500 BC - ?
A158432599665627996620295:   Copper Metallurgy Stage 4; Smelting ores; (The high temperatures required for smelting and casting were outgrowths of pottery kiln technology.); Anatolia by 5500 BC - ?
158432599665628071362576:   Shem (Sceaf Sam Sem) ibn NOAH; also begat Gec, Hoel, Gheter, Mechec, Kesed; also m. Ollo (dau of Eliakim); (the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle shows Shem as father of Bedwig); progenitor of Asia; eponym of SHEMITIDY, eponym of SEMITES; as shown (with variant spellings) Gheter, etc. are sometimes shown as children, sometimes as grandchildren; poss. aka Melchizedek (q.v.); `Renown'; poss. King of SALEM or JERUSALEM; poss. Priest of Aton (Adonai); poss. aka Shamash GOD of Sun, q.v.; poss. aka Tuisto of GERMANIA, q.v.; 4th PROPHET of the Seal; 2454? BC - 1842 BC
158432599665628071362577:   Sedeqetelebab; or: Ollo; aka Seduka-tel-bab (Zedeketelbad)
158432599665628071362578:   Shushan ben ELAM
158432599665628071362688: *** Same as 79216299832814035681288 (Arphaxad (King) of ARRAPACHTIS)
158432599665628071362689: *** Same as 79216299832814035681289 (Rasueja (bint SHUSHAN))
158432599665628071362690:   Madai (Medai Madian) ben JAPHETH; also begat Ian (Yan), the Medes (Medi); aka Shen Nung; progenitor (eponym) of the MEDES; 3rd son of Japhet
A158432599665628071362696:   Dagan, GOD of Grain; (Dagon); poss. aka El (Supreme GOD), q.v.
A158432599665628071362697:   Aserah, the Mother GODDESS; or: Sala (GODDESS, consort of Addu); aka Ishara (Akkadian GODDESS); aka Ishtar; poss. aka Inanna
158432599665628071362704: *** Same as 9669958475685302528 (Noah (Noe) ibn LAMEK)
158432599665628071362705: *** Same as 9669958475685302529 (Emzara (Coba))
158432599665628071362706: *** Same as 9669958475685302530 (Eliakim ben METHUSELAH)
158432599665628071362707: *** Same as 9669958475685302531 (poss. Edna)
158432599665628071362708:   Tiras ben JAPHETH; also begat Benib, Gerah, Lupirion, Gilak; eponym of THRACE, Tursha, Tyrsenoi, Athyras River; poss. eponym of Etruscans; 7th son of Japhet; one of the Progenitors of Europe; poss. aka Thor, GOD of War
158494461602690964131840:   Art (I) Inflig MacELLIM; also begat Fafertach, Sabdh; aka Art Imleach; 38th MONARCH of IRELAND
158494461602690964131841:   prob. Fafertach (Princess) of IRELAND; also bore Fafertach, Sabdh
158494713311834597752832:   Earchada MacALLDOIT (King) of GEULIA; (Aircid Arcadh Erha Ercha); Lord of GOTHLAND; King of GOTHIA
158494713311834597752880:   Nekauba Irib Re' (Neokhabis Nechepso) of EGYPT; aka Shepsere Tefnakht II; Prince of Sais; 3rd King of 26th Dynasty; 730? BC - 672? BC
158494713311834597752881:   Anakhka
*A158494713311834597752881:   daughter of Shebitku
158494713311834597752882:   Taharqa (Tirhakah) of EGYPT; also begat poss. Atlanersa (King of Nubia); 5th King of the 25th Dynasty; ? - 663? BC
158494713311834597752883:   Naparaye; (3rd wife)
158494713311834597752884:   Harkhebi
158494713311968379273216:   Magog ben JAPHETH; or: Gomer (q.v. : Magog's brother); also begat the Gothi, poss. Qashe, poss. Amiel, poss. Pinhas, poss. Golaza, poss. Samanakh, poss. Tipa, poss. Elicana, poss. Paruta, poss. Lubal; 2nd son of Japhet; aka Magoth; prob. aka Bedwig
158531386123454297145344:   Argatmar (Argeadmar Airgeatmhar) MacSIRLAIM; also begat Baduirn (father of 61st M : grandfather of Queen Macha Mongruadh 64th M), Dimain (father of 62nd M), Fintain (father of 63rd M); gt-grandfather of Queen Macha of the Golden Tresses; 58th MONARCH of IRELAND; 3 grandsons & 1 gt-granddaughter were MONARCH; ? - 747 BC slain by 59th Monarch
158545181775049368010752:   Rothectaid Rigderg (Roitheaehtaigh) MacMOEN; aka Rotheachtach (Rothachtach); 22nd MONARCH of IRELAND; slain by 23rd Monarch
158545525596705481818112:   Hananiah ha-DAVID; also begat Pelatiah (ancestor of anti-Kings : Bishops of Antioch etc.), Jesaiah; (Khanayia Hananiah); 5th EXILARCH in Babylon
158545525596705490206720:   Uriah ben AMINADAB (ha-DAVID); aka Uria ben YEHUDA
158545525596988962291712:   (NN) ... (NN) of CARTHAGE; about five missing generations
158545525596988963815680: *** Same as A346630120240410128 (Bacchis (King) of CORINTH)
A158545525596988963815936:   Dromon (King) of EPIRUS
A158545525596988963815976:   Theiodamas; (poss. brother of Echekrates I)
A158545525596988963815977:   Archedike
A158545525596988963815980:   Skopas I
A158545525596988963815982: *** Same as A79272762798494481907988 (Aleuas I 'Pyrrhos')
158545525596988963815984:   Ekhekratides of PHARSALUS
158545525596988963816960:   Caranus ARGEAD (1st King) of MACEDONIA
*A158545525596988963816960:   Caranus (1st King) of MACEDONIA [alt ped]
158545525596988963816961:   Lanike; (Lanice)
158545525596988963817476: *** Same as 19811839163979324719110 (Necho II (Wehemibre) (PHARAOH) of EGYPT)
158545525596988963817477:   Netakert (Nitokris); or: poss. Khedebnitjerbone, q.v.; (1st wife)
158545525596988963817482: *** Same as 19811839163979324719110 (Necho II (Wehemibre) (PHARAOH) of EGYPT)
158545525596988963817483: *** Same as 19811839163979324719111 (Khedebnitjerbone (Chedebnitjerbone))
158545525596988963828744:   Sadyattes MERMNADAE (King) of LYDIA; ? - 610? BC
158545525596988963828745:   poss. Sadyattes's sister
158545525596988963864576:   Achaemenes (King) of ELAM (ANSHAN); aka Hakhamanish (Hakhamanesh); founder (eponym) of ACHAEMENID Dynasty
158545525596988964864000:   Pask'am; or: Phavos or: (NN), son of Phavos
158545525596988964864002: *** Same as 158545525596988963864576 (Achaemenes (King) of ELAM (ANSHAN))
158545525596988964864264:   Cyrus I (King) of PERSIA; King of ANZAN; (Kuras); 660? BC - ?
158545525596988964864265:   Casandra
158545525596988964864266:   Astyages (King) of the MEDES; last King of the Medes; Astages; ? - 554+ BC
158545525596988964864267:   Aryenis MERMNADAE (Princess) of LYDIA; (Arynis)
158545525596988964864272:   (NN) ... (NN); some missing generations
158545525596988964864288: *** Same as 44368655387833925638 (Nabu-balatsu-iqbi (II))
158545525596988964864289: *** Same as 44368655387833925639 (Adda-Guppi' (Princess) of ASSYRIA)
158545525596988964864290:   Nebuchadnezzar II `the Great' (King) of BABYLON; also begat prob. not Nidintu-Bel (q.v.); aka Buht an-Nasr; aka Nabuchodonosor of ASSYRIA; defeated Egyptians; captured Jerusalem 597 BC; 2nd King of Dynasty XI of Babylon; ? - 562? BC
158545525596988964864291:   Neitaqert (Nitokris); aka Nitokert
*A158545525596988964864291: *** Same as 9763487237 (Amytis of MEDIA)
A158545525596988964917248:   Peleus (King) of PTHIA (PHTHIA); also begat seven other sons; a Greek HERO; his wedding to Thetis was attended by all the Gods except Eris/Discord
A158545525596988964917249:   Thetis the NEREID; also bore seven other sons; desired by Jupiter until he heard the prophecy that Thetis' son would be greater than his father
A158545525596988964917250:   Lycomedes (King) of SCYROS; King of the DOLOPES; (of SCYRUS)
B158545525596988964917250:   Bellerophon (King) of LYCIA; also begat Isandros, Hippolochos (King of Lycia : ancestor of Kings of Lycia); (Bellerophontes)
B158545525596988964917251:   Philonoe (Anticlia); also bore Isandros, Hippolochos (King of Lycia : ancestor of Kings of Lycia)
158545525596988964917776:   (NN) of the PHILAIDES Clan
158545525596988964917784:   Cimon I of ATHENS; also begat Stesagoras II (Tyrant of Chersonese); wealthy nobleman, won Olympic chariot races (532, 528, 524 BC); 585? BC - 524? BC assassinated by order of Tyrant Pisistratus
158545525596988964917785:   daughter of Kypselos Hypokleides; also bore Stesagoras II (Tyrant of Chersonese)
158545525596988964917786:   Oloros (King) of THRACE; King of ODRYSAE; (Olorus); ? - 515? BC
158545525596988964917788:   Megacles III of ATHENS; aka Magakles (Megakles) III ek ATHINAI; 552? BC - ?
158545525596988964917789:   Koisyra
158545525596989486530560:   'Ubayd bayt KEDAR; ('Ubaid Abaid)
A158545525596989486530560:   Muhallam Dhu al-'AYN
158545805066233112952832:   Mochta MacMESOMAIN
158545811153086534647808:   Almadius (Almadion) (King) of the CIMMERIANS
181734012468538835468416:   Tiberinus Silvius (9th King) of ALBA LONGA; reigned 8 years; eponym of Tiber River; k. in Battle
D181734012468565611905024: *** Same as 173315060108724224 (Morvidus (King) in BRITAIN)
181734012468567759388672:   Judah (Judas Jude) ben JOSEPH; aka Yuda ben YOSEF (ha-DAVID)
181734012468567759392832:   Josaphat
181734012468567759392896:   Jehoshapat (6th King) of JUDAH; ha-DAVID; aka Yehoshafat (Yehoshaphat Jehoshaphat Josaphat) ben 'AS'A; 930? BC - 848? BC
181734012468567759392897:   poss. daughter of Omri; aka (Miss) of SAMARIA
181734012468567759392898: *** Same as 22716751558570969927186 (Ahab (10th King) of ISRAEL)
181734012468567759392899:   Jezebel (Princess) of TYRE; aka Jezabel (YezeBa'al) bint ETHBAAL; (Murdered the prophets of Yahweh, who responded (1 Kings 21:23) `` The dogs shall eat Jezabel in the field of Jezrahel ''; eponym of a Bette Davis movie); (Robin Fox theorizes that Psalm 44 was her wedding hymn); slain by Jehu (& eaten by dogs)
181734012468567759392900: *** Same as 619318459363238084612 (poss. Saba (eponym) of SHEBA)
181734012468567759392904: *** Same as 709898486205343072256 (Azariah ben JOHANON)
181734012468567759393280: *** Same as 154719335610964913440 (Jacob ibn ISAAC (King of GOSHEN))
181734012468567759393281:   Leah (Lia) bint LABAN; (1st wife); Paddan Aram ? - ? Canaan
181734012468567759393282:   Jobab; also begat progenitor of Labibi; (Johab Yovav); `Jehovah to hold'; poss. aka Tibiscus (Tiobo); poss. eponym of TIBISCUS; one of the Progenitors of Europe; 2206 BC - ?
181734012468567759417344:   Adad-nirari II (King) of ASSYRIA; also m. poss. his own granddaughter; 1st King of Neo-Assyrian Period; ? - 891? BC
181734012468567759417345:   (Miss) of BABYLON
181734012468567759417490:   Ba'asha of SAMARIA (6th King) of ISRAEL; aka Baasa (Baa'asha) ibn ACHIY'A; King of SAMARIA; (Murdered Nadab and family to usurp the throne); ? - 877? BC
181734012468567759417536:   Moza ben ZIMRI; aka Moza of ISRAEL
181734012468567826497536:   Zerahiah ben UZZI; aka Zaraias (Zarahias Zarzias) ha-KOHEN; High Priest
B181734012468567826497536:   (NN) ... (NN); poss. few missing generations
C181734012468567826497536:   Ithamar ben MERAIOTH
A189284081075362954477568:   Baier (co-King) of GERMANS in Bavaria; (built Prague); poss. eponym of BAVARIA; ? - 1429+ BC
A189566213731756992888832:   poss. Li Tan (Guiyuan)
A189566213731756997214208:   First Speaker of Buro-Dene; also begat poss. Vasconic (Basque), poss. Burushaski, poss. Yenisei (Ket), poss. Sumerian; (Burushaski and Yenisei may form a Karasuk family)
B189566213731756997214208:   First Speaker of Borean [Starostin Model]
A189566215978952601632768:   Astur II (King) in SPAIN; (living at time of Trojan War)
A189566215978952601632772:   Gargoris (1st King) of the TARTESSIANS; aka Gargoris MELLICOLA; (supposedly introduced beekeeping and the plow to Iberia); ? - by 1184 BC
A189566215978952601632773:   poss. Gargoris' own daughter

Generation 79    (My 76-great grandparents)

310938328591393399808000:   Spartocus I (King) of BOSPHORE; also begat Spartocus II, Seleucus (King); eponym of SPARTOCID Dynasty of CIMMERIANS in BOSPHORUS; ? - 433+ BC
A310938328591393399832576:   Moesades (King) of THRACE
A310938328591393399832578: *** Same as 2477273837452952559632 (Alexander I (King) of MACEDONIA)
310938328591394305736704:   Veejak
A310938328591394305736704: *** Same as A155469164295697152868354 (Jamshid (Shah) of PERSIA)
A310938328591394305736705: *** Same as A155469164295697152868355 (Yimak)
A310938328591394305736708:   Tahmuras (Shah) of PERSIA; (Tahumers)
A310938328591394305736710: *** Same as A310938328591394305736708 (Tahmuras (Shah) of PERSIA)
310938328591394305736711:   Thrita
A310938328591394372951040:   Dharbaka
310938328591394372951584:   Maurya I of TAXILA
310938328591394372951585:   Candravarnna of PERSIA
310938328600256048267264:   First Speaker of Indo-Uralic; ca 8000 BC
A310938328600256048267264:   First Speaker of Nostratic [Starostin Model]
310938328600256048267278: *** Same as A19804074958203499577536 (Man of the Chalcolithic (Aeneolithic) Age)
310938363494520544510976:   Butes; eponym of the ETEOBUTADAE
310938363494520544510977:   Chthonia
310938363494520896684032:   Manlius Valerius Maximus; or: (NN), Manlius' relative; (Dictator of ROME)
310938363494520896724992:   Marcus Iunius BRUTUS
310938363494520896724993:   Tarquinia (Minor)
C310938363497483652300800:   poss. Hunor
C310938363497483652300802:   Yu-Wang (Kung-nieh) of CHINA; EMPEROR of the CHOU DYNASTY (ZHOU); ? - 771? BC
C310938363497483652300803:   Baosi
311217882571754434461696:   Ramhay of ETHIOPIA
316864406698752225574880:   Buain
316864406698752225574908: *** Same as A43328765027181064 ((NN; King) of the TUATHA de Danaans)
A316865199331255993240576:   Man of pre-Neolithic Age; e.g. Natufian culture (Jericho) of Levant; (fig trees imported from Sudan, as well as bats which feed on them, are example of clear evidence of proto-agriculture in Levant); 9400 BC - ?
A316865199331255993240590:   Metal smelting; (the smelting of metals was probably discovered by chance while firing pigmented pottery, perhaps malachite or azurite (copper), or galena (lead) pigments)
A316865199331255993240591:   Copper Metallurgy Stage 3; Hot hammering (annealing); Anatolia 7000? BC
316865199331256142725152: *** Same as 9669958475685302528 (Noah (Noe) ibn LAMEK)
316865199331256142725153: *** Same as 9669958475685302529 (Emzara (Coba))
*A316865199331256142725153:   Naamah the Charmer; (discovered arts of spinning and weaving); (Nahamah Na'amah Noema Naamus); (poss. a DEMONESS and succubus; some srcs show with same pedigree as Emzara)
316865199331256142725154: *** Same as 9669958475685302530 (Eliakim ben METHUSELAH)
316865199331256142725155: *** Same as 9669958475685302531 (poss. Edna)
316865199331256142725156:   Elam ben SHEM; eponym of the ELAMITES; (poss. of PERSIA ?)
316865199331256142725380: *** Same as 4834979237842651264 (Japhet (Iaphet) ibn NOAH)
316865199331256142725381: *** Same as 4834979237842651265 (Adataneses)
A316865199331256142725395:   poss. Inanna Ishtar (Queen) of HEAVEN; also bore the Seven Maskim; poss. aka Ningal; GODDESS from Sumerian myth, 3rd in hierarchy behind Anu and Enlil; aka Mari-Ishtar; (one of several names for the ancient Mother GODDESS, see list at Minerva)
*B316865199331256142725395:   poss. Inanna Ishtar (Queen) of HEAVEN [alt ped]; poss. aka Ningal; aka Inanna GODDESS of Love and War (Sumerian myth), Goddess of URUK, 3rd in hierarchy behind Anu and Enlil; (The myth that Inanna's Uruk supplanted Enki's Eridu prob. reflects prehistoric political fact)
316865199331256142725416: *** Same as 4834979237842651264 (Japhet (Iaphet) ibn NOAH)
316988923205381928263680:   Ellim (I) Ollfinsnechta MacROTHECHTAID; aka Elli Molli Naghta; aka Eiliomh (Elim) Ollfhionach; 36th MONARCH of IRELAND
316988923205381928263682: *** Same as 590437746769952 (Macniadh of IRELAND)
316989426623669195505664:   Ealloid (Alldoit) MacNUADAT (King) of GOTHIA; also begat Oiga; (Alladh Allot Alloid); Lord of GOTHLAND
316989426623669195505760:   Bakenranef (Bocchoris) Wah Ka Re' (PHARAOH) of EGYPT; aka Wahkare Bakenranef (Bokchoris); 2nd King of the 24th Dynasty; 750? BC - 715? BC burnt alive after capture by Shabaka
316989426623669195505762:   Stephinates of EGYPT; 2nd King of 26th Dynasty
A316989426623669195505762:   Shebitku (PHARAOH) of EGYPT; (Schebitku); (after death of Sargon II of Assyria, Shebitku defended Jerusalem from Assyria, e.g. at Battle of Eltekh, 701 BC); ? - 690 BC
A316989426623669195505763:   Qualhat
316989426623669195505764:   Khaliut (Prince) of KUSH; also begat Neferu (wife of Shabaka); (sometimes shown as Abar, name of his niece)
*A316989426623669195505764: *** Same as 316989426623669195505766 (Piye (Piankhi) II (PHARAOH) of EGYPT (& KUSH))
316989426623669195505765:   Peksatre (Peksater); or: Abale
316989426623669195505766:   Piye (Piankhi) II (PHARAOH) of EGYPT (& KUSH); (skip this generation?); also m. Tabiry; founded 25th Dynasty; (Pianchi); ? - 716? BC
316989426623669195505768:   Haremket; (Harmakhe)
316989426623936758546432: *** Same as 4834979237842651264 (Japhet (Iaphet) ibn NOAH)
*A316989426623936758546432:   poss. Japhet (Iaphet) of UR [alt ped]
316989426623936758546433: *** Same as 4834979237842651265 (Adataneses)
317062772246908594290688:   Sirlam (Siorlamhach) MacFINN; (Sirlamh Siorlamh); 49th MONARCH of IRELAND; murdered 48th Monarch; ? - 855? BC slain by 50th Monarch
317090363550098736021504:   Maen MacAENGUSA (Prince) of IRELAND; (Maoin Maon Mavin Main Moan)
317090363550098736021505:   Hvarfiad (Princess) of IRELAND
317091051193410963636224: *** Same as 11092163846958481408 (Zorobabel ha-DAVID (Heir) of the DAVIDIC Dynasty)
317091051193410963636225: *** Same as 22184327695145369601 (Esther (Princess) ha-DAVID)
317091051193410980413440:   Judah ben ELNATHAN (ha-DAVID); aka Yehuda ben ELNATAN
317091051193977924583424:   Kerthodonus (King) of CARTHAGE
A317091051193977927631872:   Castor (King) of EPIRUS
A317091051193977927631952: *** Same as 20293827276414587509476512 ((NN) ... (NN))
A317091051193977927631953: *** Same as 20293827276414587509476513 ((NN) ... (NN))
A317091051193977927631960: *** Same as A79272762798494481907988 (Aleuas I 'Pyrrhos')
317091051193977927631968:   (NN) ... (NN) of KREONIDA Clan; some missing generations
317091051193977927633920:   Aristodamidas the HERACLIDE; or: Phidon HERACLID (Aristodamidas' son); (Aristodamides)
A317091051193977927633920:   Poesas of ARGOS
317091051193977927657488:   Ardys (King) of LYDIA; ? - 624? BC
317091051193977927657490: *** Same as 317091051193977927657488 (Ardys (King) of LYDIA)
317091051193977927729152:   (NN); or: Teispes (King) of ANSHAN or: Tchishpish (q.v.); in legend he was raised by an eagle
317091051193977929728000:   Skayordis (Sgaiort); also begat P'arnas, Par'Oyr
317091051193977929728528: *** Same as 79272762798494481932288 (Teispes (King) of ELAM (ANSHAN))
317091051193977929728532:   Cyaxares (Uvakhshatra) (I; King) of the MEDES; aka Ahasuerus, Kyaxares; seized Ashur (614 BC) and Ninevah (612); reigned from India even unto Ethiopia; ? - 584? BC
317091051193977929728533:   Vashti
317091051193977929728534: *** Same as 79272762798494481914372 (Alyattes (II) MERMNADAE (King) of LYDIA)
317091051193977929728544: *** Same as 46523907191953346410889216 (Kish ben ABIEL, the BENJAMINITE)
317091051193977929728580:   Nabopolassar (II; King) of CHALDEA; aka Giv, Nebupolasar (Nabu-apal-usur), Nebu-Apal-Idin-Usur; 1st King of Dynasty XI of BABYLON; ? - 605 BC
317091051193977929728581:   poss. Shamish-iddina of SISTAN; aka daughter of Rustam I al-AKBAR
*A317091051193977929728581: *** Same as 177474621551335702553 (prob. Shumadamqa (Princess) of ASSYRIA)
317091051193977929728582: *** Same as 39636381399247240954370 (Apries (Wahibre) (8th PHARAOH) of EGYPT)
317091051193977929728583:   Neitmertefs; (skip?); (1st wife)
A317091051193977929834496: *** Same as 2597609891381067201212973056 (Aeacus (King) of AEGINA)
A317091051193977929834497: *** Same as 2597609891381067201212973057 (Endeis of MEGARA (Princess of SKYROS))
A317091051193977929834498: *** Same as 604372404730331234 (Nereus the SEA-GOD)
A317091051193977929834499: *** Same as 604372404730331235 (Doris the OCEANID)
B317091051193977929834500:   poss. Glaucos I (King) of CORINTH; (Glaukos I); STEPFATHER
*C317091051193977929834500: *** Same as 302186202365165616 (Poseidon (the OLYMPIAN; GOD of the Sea))
B317091051193977929834501:   Eurynome (Eurymede)
B317091051193977929834502: *** Same as 19339916951370597290 (Iobates (King) of LYCIA)
317091051193977929835552: *** Same as 324701236422633400151621632 (Philaeus of SALAMIS)
317091051193977929835568:   Stesagoras (I) of ATHENS; (some srcs show him as son of Cimon and Clitoria, rather than their father & husband)
317091051193977929835569:   Clitoria; aka widow of Kypselos; 610? BC - ?
317091051193977929835570:   Kypselos Hypokleides of the CHERSONESE; Archon of ATHENS; (Cypselus); 601? BC - ?
317091051193977929835571: *** Same as 317091051193977929835569 (Clitoria)
317091051193977929835572:   poss. (NN) ... (NN); some missing generations
317091051193977929835576:   Hippocrates of ATHENS; (skip this generation?); (Hippokrates)
317091051193977929835578:   Cleisthenes of ATHENS; `the Reformer'
317091051193978973061120:   Ad-Da'a; (skip this generation?)
A317091051193978973061120:   Lafath
317091610132466225905664:   Mesoman MacMUGO DOET CONMAC; (Messaman)
317091622306173069295616:   Gentilanor (Prince) of the CIMMERIANS; (Gentilianor Getmalor)
317091622306173069295617:   (NN), wife of Gentilanor
363468024937077670936832:   Capetus (II; 8th King) of ALBA LONGA; reigned 13 years
363468024937135518777344:   Joseph ben JONAN; aka Yosef ben YONAM (ha-DAVID)
363468024937135518785664:   Namsi (Nimshi)
363468024937135518785665:   poss. (Miss) bat ASA
363468024937135518785792:   Asa (Asaph) (5th King) of JUDEA; ha-DAVID; aka 'As'a ben 'ABYAM; 950? BC - 870? BC
363468024937135518785793:   Azubah (Queen) of JUDEA; aka Azuba of ISRAEL; 919? BC - 890+ BC
363468024937135518785794: *** Same as 45433503117141939854372 (Omri `the Wicked' (9th King) of ISRAEL)
363468024937135518785798:   Ithobaal I (King) of TYRE; aka Ethbaal (Ethba'al Eshbaal Etho-Ba'al) (King) of the SIDONIANS; founded dynasty, made Tyre dominant throughout Phoenicia, founded colonies; ? - 856+ BC
*A363468024937135518785798:   Ithobaal I (King) of TYRE [alt ped]; aka Etho-Ba'al; founded dynasty, founded colonies; ? - 856+ BC
363468024937135518785799:   poss. (NN; Princess) of TYRE; (speculation)
363468024937135518786562:   Laban ibn BETHUEL
363468024937135518786563:   Adinah
363468024937135518786564:   Joktan ben EBER; also begat Sheleph (Saleph Shelef); `Tribe to sustain'; aka Jectan (Yaqtan Joctan); poss. aka Qahtan (first speaker of Arabic); poss. aka Hister (eponym of ISTRIA); one of the Progenitors of Europe; relation to Qahtan ibn 'Abin, q.v. ?; 2267 BC - ?
363468024937135518786565:   poss. Hobba
363468024937135518834688:   Assur-dan II (King) of ASSYRIA; aka Ashur-dan II; 24th King of Middle Assyrian Period; ? - 912? BC
363468024937135518834690:   Nabu-shuma-ukin I (King) of BABYLON; also begat Zabdanu; ? - 888+ BC
363468024937135518834980:   Ahijah (poss. ben TOLA) of SAMARIA; (Achiy'a)
363468024937135518835072:   Zimri ben JEHOADDAH
363468024937135652995072:   Uzzi ben BUKKI; 6th High Priest; aka Ozi (Azahel?) ha-KOHEN
B363468024937135652995072:   Shebuel the Chief; (prob. author of Deuteronomy ); poss. aka Jonathan
*D363468024937135652995072:   Ithamar
C363468024937135652995072: *** Same as 90867006234283913248768 (Meraioth ben ZERAHIAH)
A378568162150725908955136:   Almann (King) of GERMANS; also begat Helvos (progenitor of Helvetii), Norein, Mied, Math, Theur; (Alman Altman); ? - 1489+ BC
A379132427463513985777664:   Li Xingzu (Yushen)
A379132427463513994428416:   First Speaker of Dene-Nostratic; aka Dene-Caucasian S-Group; (parts of language tree very roughly follow that of Glen Gordon); ca 21,000 BC
B379132427463513994428416: *** Same as 636801768436778796492786432 (First Speaker of Congo-Nostratic)
A379132431957905203265536:   (NN) ... (NN); poss. missing generations
A379132431957905203265544:   poss. Erythrus (King in Ancient SPAIN)
A379132431957905203265546: *** Same as A189566215978952601632772 (Gargoris (1st King) of the TARTESSIANS)

Generation 80    (My 77-great grandparents)

621876657182786799616001:   poss. child of Archaeanax
A621876657182786799665152:   Seuthes I (King) of THRACE
A621876657182786799665153:   Stratonice of MACEDONIA
621876657182788611473408:   Aeriaak
A621876657182788611473416:   Vivanghau; or: Hushang (Vivanghau's gt-grandfather)
621876657182788611473423:   Bita
A621876657182788745902080:   Ajatasatru
621876657182788745903170: *** Same as 4954547674905905120768 (Darius I `the Great' (King) of PERSIA)
621876657182788745903171: *** Same as 19818190699623620608033 (Atossa (Hutaosa) of PERSIA)
621876657200512096534528:   First Speaker of Eurasiatic Proper; also begat prob. American Arctic-Paleosiberian (Eskimo-Aleut : Chukchi-Kamchatkan); ca 8500 BC
A621876657200512096534528: *** Same as B189566213731756997214208 (First Speaker of Borean [Starostin Model])
621876726989041089021952: *** Same as 302186202365165824 (Pandion (I; King) of ATHENS)
621876726989041089021953: *** Same as 302186202365165825 (Zeuxippe of ATHENS)
621876726989041089021954: *** Same as 151093101182582912 (Erechtheus (King) of ATHENS)
621876726989041089021955: *** Same as 151093101182582913 (Praxithea (II) of ATHENS)
621876726989041793368064:   Volusus Valerius; 585?? BC - ?
621876726989041793449986:   Lucius Tarquinius Priscus (5th King) of ROME; also begat Aruns (m. Tullia : k. by brother Lucius), (NN : m. Servius Tullius (6th King)); aka Tarquin I (the Elder); aka Lucomo (Lucumo) (in Tarquinii) of RASENNA (ETRURIA); adopted by King Ancus Marcius, who made him his heir; built Circus Maximus; ? - 579 BC slain by Ancus Marcius's sons
621876726989041793449987:   Tanaquil (Princess) of ETRURIA; (skilled reader of omens: an eagle removing and replacing Lucius' hat meant he would rise to the throne : Servius (her future son-in-law) was observed to have his hair in flames while he slept); aka Caia Caecilia Tanaquil of TARQUINII
C621876726994967304601600:   Nimrod ben CUSH; also begat Magor, Hotep-Sekhemwy, Mardon
*D621876726994967304601600: *** Same as 39608149916407017840674 (Nimrod (King) of ASSYRIA & BABYLON)
C621876726994967304601604:   Hsian-Wang (Hsuan Ching) of CHINA; EMPEROR of the CHOU DYNASTY; (Xuan); ? - 782? BC
C621876726994967304601605:   Qiang
622435765143508868923392:   Sayfay of ETHIOPIA; (Safay)
633728813397504451149760:   Mais
A633730398662511986481152:   (NN) ... (NN); many missing generations
A633730398662511986481180:   Kiln-hardened Pottery; West Asia 9000? BC
A633730398662511986481183:   Copper Metallurgy Stage 2; Cold hammering
A633730398662512285450306:   Lemach (Lamech); also begat (by Ada) Jabal (Jabel : first to dress camels' skins), Jubal (invented harp); also m. Ada (Adah : Shellah's sister); slew Kain (his 3-great grandfather), mistaking him for a beast; poss. aka Akalem-Dug, Amalek; aka Lamekh QAYINITIDY
A633730398662512285450307:   Zillah (Tzilah Sella); also bore poss. Jubal; aka Shellah (Zillaah Silla) ADANYA
*B633730398662512285450307:   (NN), poss. Mother of Succubi & Incubi; also bore Yakshini, Qarinahs, Trauco, Tintin
633730398662512285450312: *** Same as 158432599665628071362576 (Shem (Sceaf Sam Sem) ibn NOAH)
633730398662512285450313: *** Same as 158432599665628071362577 (Sedeqetelebab)
A633730398662512285450790: *** Same as A9902037479101749788794 (Nanna, GOD of the Moon)
B633730398662512285450790: *** Same as 54925734993854629095162555887891464890058276868 (Anu, GOD of the Sky)
A633730398662512285450791: *** Same as A9902037479101749788795 (Ningal, GODDESS of the Moon)
B633730398662512285450791: *** Same as 54925734993854629095162555887891464890058276869 (Ki Urash, GODDESS of the Earth)
633977846410763856527360:   Rothechtaid (II) MacROAN; (Rotheachta Roitheachtaigh Roitheachtach); 35th MONARCH of IRELAND
633977846410763856527361:   prob. Dubha (Princess) of IRELAND
633978853247338391011328:   Nungatt (Nuadhat) MacNENAIL (King) of GETULIA; (Nuada Nuadhad Nuaghad); Lord of GOTHLAND
633978853247338391011520:   Tefnakhte (I) Shepses Re' of EGYPT; aka Shepsere Tefnakht I; `Chief of the West'; 1st PHARAOH of the 24th Dynasty; 770? BC - 720? BC
633978853247338391011524:   Ammeris of EGYPT; 1st King of 26th Dynasty; poss. NUBIAN governor of SAIS; poss. aka Kashta II, q.v.
A633978853247338391011524: *** Same as 316989426623669195505766 (Piye (Piankhi) II (PHARAOH) of EGYPT (& KUSH))
633978853247338391011525:   prob. descendant of Bakenranef; (scholars postulate a descent from Bakenranef as necessary for Stephinates' legitimacy as King)
A633978853247338391011525:   Abar the NUBIAN (Queen); (Abile)
633978853247338391011528:   Kashta (King) of KUSH & (Southern) EGYPT; poss. 1st King of the 25th Dynasty; (Kaschta); ? - 751? BC
633978853247338391011529:   poss. Shapenuapit (I; Heiress) of EGYPT; (Shepenwepet; 2nd wife)
633978853247338391011530: *** Same as 633978853247338391011528 (Kashta (King) of KUSH & (Southern) EGYPT)
633978853247338391011531:   prob. Pebatjma (Chief Queen); (Pabatama Pabtamer)
633978853247338391011532: *** Same as 633978853247338391011528 (Kashta (King) of KUSH & (Southern) EGYPT)
633978853247338391011533: *** Same as 633978853247338391011529 (poss. Shapenuapit (I; Heiress) of EGYPT)
*A633978853247338391011533: *** Same as 633978853247338391011531 (prob. Pebatjma (Chief Queen))
633978853247338391011536:   Shabaka (PHARAOH) of EGYPT; also m. (1st) Neferu (sister of Abhjar); Army Commander, killed Bakenranef; 3rd King of the 25th Dynasty
633978853247338391011537:   Abhjar; (2nd wife)
A633978853247873517092864:   Tubal-Cain (King) of UR; aka Tobalkan the Vulcan, Meso-Kalam-Dug; poss. aka Ptah; poss. aka Vulcan (Hephaestus, q.v.); (Invented furnace); (poss. same as Noah, q.v.); aka Tubalqayin QAYINITIDY
A633978853247873517092865:   Nin-banda of UR; (Ninbanda)
634125544493817188581376:   Finn (Fionn) MacBLAITH; 42nd MONARCH of IRELAND
634180727100197472043008:   Aeneas (Aengus Aonghus) Olmucaidh MacFIACHACH; aka Aongus Olmucach (Olmuccaid Olmaead); 20th/21st MONARCH of IRELAND; fought 30 battles in Scotland; ? - 1043? BC k. at Battle of Carman by 21st/22nd Monarch
634180727100197472043010:   Eochaidh (IV) Mumho (19th MONARCH) of IRELAND; also begat Enna (Eunius) Airgtheach (21st M); (killed 18th Monarch at Battle of Bealgadain); ? - 1448+ BC
634182102386821960826880:   Elnathan (Governor) of JUDEA; aka Elnatan ben AMINADAV
634182102386821960826881:   Shelomith; aka Shlomit bat ZERUBABEL
634182102387955849166848:   Malchus I (King) of CARTHAGE; ? - 750+ BC
A634182102387955855263744:   Lycos (King) of EPIRUS; (Lycus)
634182102387955855263936:   (NN) of KREONIDA Clan
634182102387955855267840:   Acous
A634182102387955855267840:   Croesus of ARGOS
634182102387955855314976:   Gyges MERMNADAE (King) of LYDIA; bodyguard to King Candaules, later Murdered him; ? - 650? BC
634182102387955855314977:   Tudo of MYSIA; also m. (1st) Candaules Heraclid (King of Sardis); Candaules exposed her to Gyges; she told Gyges he could then kill or be killed; aka widow of King Candaules of LYDIA
634182102387955855458304:   poss. (NN) ... (NN); many missing generations
634182102387955859456000:   Phavos (1st King) of ARMENIA; (P'awos); ? - 606 BC
*A634182102387955859456000:   Phavos (1st King) of ARMENIA [alt ped]; (P'awos Pharos?); ? - 606 BC
634182102387955859457064:   Phraortes (King) of the MEDES; aka Fravartish, Kashtariti; 720? BC - ?
634182102387955859457160:   Judarz; (this lineage gives a traditional descent from the Zoroastrian `First man')
*A634182102387955859457160:   prob. Bel-ibni (II) of BABYLON; Governor of SEALAND (ZEALAND); ? - 626+ BC
634182102387955859457162:   Rustam I `the Great' al-AKBAR; also begat Banu Goshasp, Sohrab; King of SISTAN
634182102387955859457163:   Tahnimeh (Princess) of SAMANGAN; also bore Banu Goshasp, Sohrab; aka Tahmimeh (Tahmineh) of SAMENGAN
B634182102387955859669000: *** Same as 154719335610964778344 (Sisyphus (King) of CORINTH)
B634182102387955859669001: *** Same as 154719335610964778345 (poss. Merope the (youngest) PLEIADE)
B634182102387955859669002: *** Same as A709898486252359942190 (Nisus (King) of MEGARA)
B634182102387955859669003: *** Same as A709898486252359942191 (Abrota (Princess) of ONCHESTUS)
634182102387955859671136:   Agamestor II (Archonte) of ATHENS; or: prob. not Agamestor I, q.v.
634182102387955859671137:   poss. (NN) ... (NN) of PHILAIDES Clan; some missing generations
634182102387955859671140:   Agamestros; or: Teisandros (Agamestros' brother); (Agamestor); 628? BC - ?
634182102387955859671141:   daughter of Periandros
634182102387955859671144:   Lycurgus
634182102387955859671152:   Megacles II of ATHENS; also begat Coesyra (m. Pisistratus (Tyrant)); rival to Tyrant Pisistratus; (Megakles); Sicyon 595? BC - 556? BC Sicyon?
634182102387955859671153:   Agariste I of SICYON; also bore Coesyra (m. Pisistratus (Tyrant)); (Argariste); Sicyon 590? BC - ?
634182102387955859671156: *** Same as 634182102387955859671152 (Megacles II of ATHENS)
634182102387955859671157: *** Same as 634182102387955859671153 (Agariste I of SICYON)
634182102387957946122240:   Hamdan bayt KEDAR
A634182102387957946122240:   al-Sabuh
634183220264932451811328:   Mug Doet (Conmac) MacFEARGUSA; (Moghatoi)
634183244612346138591232:   Priam III (King) of the CIMMERIANS; also begat poss. Teushapa (King : father of Lygdamis : grandfather of Sandakhshatra); (Priamos)
726936049874155341873664:   Capys (7th King) of ALBA LONGA; reigned 28 years
726936049874271037554688:   Jonam (Jona Jonan) ha-DAVID; aka Yonam ben ELIAKIM
726936049874271037571328:   poss. Tibni (8th(?) King) of ISRAEL; (Zimri); (relation to Tibni of TIRZAH, q.v. ?)
726936049874271037571330: *** Same as 363468024937135518785792 (Asa (Asaph) (5th King) of JUDEA)
726936049874271037571331: *** Same as 363468024937135518785793 (Azubah (Queen) of JUDEA)
726936049874271037571584:   Abia (Abijah) (4th King) of JUDAH; aka Abiam ha-DAVID; aka 'Abyam (Abijam) ben REHBEM; (won a battle against Israel with God's help); 970? BC - 911? BC
726936049874271037571585:   Ana bat AHIMAAZ; or: prob. not Maacah; (Asa's grandmother Maacah is called ``mother'' in writings after the early death of Ana); aka Ana the NAPHALITE
726936049874271037571586:   Shilhi of ISRAEL; (Salai Shilbai)
726936049874271037571596:   Ahiram Astartus (King) of TYRE; or: poss. Phelles (King) of TYRE, Ahiram's brother
A726936049874271037571596:   Shipit-Ba''al I (King) of BYBLOS
726936049874271037571597:   poss. daughter of Astarymus
A726936049874271037571597:   daughter of Baal-Eser
726936049874271037571598:   (NN) ... (NN) of TYRE; few missing generations
726936049874271037573124: *** Same as 618877342443859653762 (Bethuel the ARAMEAN)
726936049874271037573127:   poss. Milcah of UR
726936049874271037573128: *** Same as 19804074958203508920336 (Eber ibn SHELAH)
726936049874271037573129: *** Same as 19804074958203508920337 ('Azurad bint NEBROD)
726936049874271037573130:   'Abin ibn SHELAH
726936049874271037573131:   poss. Rawq
726936049874271037669376:   Tiglath-pileser II (King) of ASSYRIA; 23rd King of Middle Assyrian Period; ? - 935? BC
726936049874271037669380:   Shamash-mudammiq of BABYLON; ? - 901? BC
726936049874271037669381:   (Miss) of ASSYRIA
726936049874271037669960:   poss. (NN) ... (NN) of SAMARIA; many missing generations
726936049874271037670144:   Jehoaddah (Jarah) ben AHAZ; also begat Alemeth, Azmaveth; aka Jehoadah ha-BENJAMIM
726936049874271305990144:   Bukki ben ABISHUA; 5th High Priest; aka Bukkhi (Bocci) ha-KOHEN
B726936049874271305990144:   Gershom (Gersam) ben MOSES; also begat Jonathan
D726936049874271305990144: *** Same as 11630976797988340895842304 (Aaron ha-LEVI)
D726936049874271305990145: *** Same as 11630976797988340895842305 (Elisheba (Elizabeth))
A757136324301451817910272:   Deuto (King) of GERMANS; (eponym of TEUTONS); ? - 1553+ BC
A758264854927027971555328:   Li Ke (Daohong)
A758264854927027988856832: *** Same as 318400884218389398246393216 (First Speaker of Caucaso-Nostratic)
A758264863915810406531072:   Naraco (King) of SARDINIA
*B758264863915810406531072:   Norax (King) of SARDINIA; eponym of Nora; King of the TARTESSIANS; (Norace Naraco); Tartessos ? - ? Sardinia
A758264863915810406531088:   poss. Palatuus (King in Ancient SPAIN)

Generation 81    (My 78-great grandparents)

1243753314365573599232002:   Archaeanax (King) of BOSPHORE; also begat NN (father of Sagaurus); eponym of ARCHAEANACTID Dynasty of CIMMERIANS in BOSPHORUS
A1243753314365573599330304:   Sparadocus (Prince) of OLYNTHUS
A1243753314365573599330306: *** Same as 9909095349811810239364 (Perdiccas II (King) of MACEDONIA)
A1243753314365573599330307: *** Same as 9909095349811810239365 (Simiche, poss. a slave)
1243753314365577222946816:   Eethritaak
A1243753314365577222946832:   Yanghad
1243753314365577222946847:   Frazusha
A1243753314365577491804160:   Vidmasara
1243753314401024193069056:   First Speaker of Eurasiatic; also begat Gilyak (Nivkh : Nivhk)
1243753453978083586736128:   (NN) ... (NN) Valerius; several missing generations
1243753453978083586899972:   Demaratus (Bacchiad) the CORINTHIAN; also begat poss. Arruns Tarquinius (grandfather of Arruns Tarquinius Collatinus); (Greek BACCHID nobleman who fled to Tarquinii, Etruria, bringing Greek culture to Italy); aka Demaratos of KORINTHOS
1243753453978083586899973:   (NN), an ETRUSCAN; or: (Miss) of TARQUINII
1243753453978083586899974:   (NN) ... (NN) of gens CAECILIA; some missing generations
C1243753453989934609203200: *** Same as 4954547674905904677120 (Cush ben HAM)
C1243753453989934609203201:   Qarnabil YAPHETIDY
C1243753453989934609203208:   Li-Wang (Yi Hsieh) of CHINA; EMPEROR of the CHOU DYNASTY; `the Tyrant'; ? - 827? BC
1244871530287017737846784:   Zaware Nebrat of ETHIOPIA; (Zewari)
1267457626795008902299520:   Faithechta
A1267460797325023972962304:   Man of the Magelmose toolkit; also begat Sauveterrian Culture; (bow-and-arrow spreads to Asia); 9500 BC - 6000? BC
A1267460797325023972962305:   Woman of the Kemaran culture; Syria 12,000 BC - ?
A1267460797325023972962360:   poss. Exploding Pottery; (the Gravettians may have used hot kilns early, perhaps for exploding performance art!); Slovakia 19,000? BC
A1267460797325023972962367:   Copper Metallurgy Stage 1; Native metal
A1267460797325024570900612:   Methusael; (Invented first alphabet); aka Mathusael (Methushael Mathesula) QAYINITIDY
A1267460797325024570900614: *** Same as 618877342443859361792 (Cainan (Keinan))
A1267460797325024570900615: *** Same as 618877342443859361793 (Mualeleth ADANYA)
B1267460797325024570900615:   Mother of the Princes of HELL; also bore Lucifer (Prince of Pride), Mammon (Prince of Avarice), Leviathan (Prince of Envy), Beelzebub (Prince of Gluttony or Envy), Satan (Prince of Wrath : Sathanus), Belphegor (Prince of Sloth or Gluttony : Assyrian God Baal-Peor), Abaddon (Prince of Sloth : Destroyer); (other famous demons include Astaroth (Treasurer of Hell), Baal-Berith, Behemoth (devil's cupbearer), Belial, Dommiel (Gatekeeper of Hell), Mephistopheles (Prince of Deciet), Moloch (Chief of Hell's army), Rosier (demon of seduction), Succor-Beloth)
1267955692821527713054720:   Roan Ruad MacFAILBE; aka Ragna (Ronnach); Prince of IRELAND
1267955692821527713054722: *** Same as 4954536930470292750336 (Nuahhas (Nuadha) FIONN FAIL)
1267957706494676782022656:   Nenuaill (Nenal) (King) of GOTHLAND; (Nenual Nenuall); another version has Gothland in Black Sea marshes
1267957706494676782023040:   Osorkon IV `C' (High Priest) of MA'AT; 10th & final PHARAOH of the 22nd Dynasty of EGYPT; 800? BC - ?
1267957706494676782023048:   (NN) ... (NN) of NUBIANS; many missing generations
1267957706494676782023050: *** Same as 316989426623669195505760 (Bakenranef (Bocchoris) Wah Ka Re' (PHARAOH) of EGYPT)
A1267957706494676782023050:   poss. Alara (King) of KUSH
A1267957706494676782023051:   Kasaqa; also bore Tabiry (wife of Piye)
1267957706494676782023056:   poss. Piye (I; King) of KUSH; (of NAPATA); ? - 785+? BC
1267957706494676782023058:   poss. Osorkon III (PHARAOH) of EGYPT
1267957706494676782023062: *** Same as 1267957706494676782023056 (poss. Piye (I; King) of KUSH)
1267957706494676782023072: *** Same as 316989426623669195505766 (Piye (Piankhi) II (PHARAOH) of EGYPT (& KUSH))
1267957706494676782023074: *** Same as 316989426623669195505764 (Khaliut (Prince) of KUSH)
1267957706494676782023075: *** Same as 316989426623669195505765 (Peksatre (Peksater))
A1267957706495747034185728: *** Same as A633730398662512285450306 (Lemach (Lamech))
A1267957706495747034185729: *** Same as A633730398662512285450307 (Zillah (Tzilah Sella))
A1267957706495747034185730:   Abargi (Lord) of UR; (A-bar-gi)
A1267957706495747034185731: *** Same as A316865199331256142725153 (Naamah the Charmer)
1268251088987634377162752:   Blath (Bratha) MacLABRADA; slain by Breasrigh
1268361454200394944086016:   Fiachu Labrainn (Flacha LABHRIN) MacSMIRGOLL; 18th MONARCH of IRELAND; aka Fiachaidh Labhrainne; aka Fiocha Labrainn; slain by 19th Monarch at Battle of Belgadain
1268361454200394944086017:   (Miss) ingen MUGAETH
1268361454200394944086020:   Mofebis (Mafebbis Moefeibhis); or: prob. not Finn (Fionn) MacAILELLA, q.v. (some sources show Eochaid IV with pedigree of same-named 41st Monarch)
1268364204773643921653760:   Aminadab ha-DAVID; (carried captive to Babylon); aka Aminadav ben MELKIA
1268364204773643921653762: *** Same as 11092163846958481408 (Zorobabel ha-DAVID (Heir) of the DAVIDIC Dynasty)
1268364204773643921653763: *** Same as 22184327695145369601 (Esther (Princess) ha-DAVID)
1268364204775911698333696:   Acestes (King) of SICILY & Lower ITALY
1268364204775911698333697: *** Same as 37066741406833679 (Elissa Dido (Founder & 1st Queen) of CARTHAGE)
A1268364204775911710527488:   Eurymachos (King) of EPIRUS; (Eurymachus)
1268364204775911710527872:   prob. Maeon of THEBES
1268364204775911710535680:   Thestrus; (HERACLIDE)
A1268364204775911710535680:   Cleodulus of ARGOS
1268364204775911710629952:   Dascylus MERMNADAE; aka Daskylos of LYDIA
1268364204775911710629954:   Arnossus of MYSIA
1268364204775911710916608:   poss. Perses of ARGOS; legendary ancestor of Persian kings in Greek mythology; abandoned by his parents at the court of his grandfather Cepheus
1268364204775911718912000:   (NN) ... (NN) in ARMENIA; some missing generations
A1268364204775911718912000:   Kornak (King) of ARME-SUPRIA; ? - 623 BC
1268364204775911718914128:   Kyaxares of the MEDES; 750? BC - 714? BC
1268364204775911718914320:   Kishvad
A1268364204775911718914320:   Nebuchadnezzar of BABYLON; (skip this generation?); (Nabu-kudur-usur Nebuchadrezzar)
1268364204775911718914324:   Zal; (skip this generation?); also begat Huzavarak
1268364204775911718914325:   Rudabeh (Princess) of KABUL; also bore Huzavarak; (Rudaba)
1268364204775911718914326:   (NN; King) of SAMENGAN
1268364204775911719342272:   Laius
1268364204775911719342273:   daughter of Agamestor I
1268364204775911719342274: *** Same as 158545525596988964917776 ((NN) of the PHILAIDES Clan)
1268364204775911719342280:   poss. Miltiades I (Archonte) of ATHENS [alt ped]
*A1268364204775911719342280:   prob. Miltiades I (Archonte) of ATHENS
1268364204775911719342282:   Periandros (Tyrant) of CORINTH; also begat Cypselus II, Euagoras
1268364204775911719342283:   Melissa (Lyside) of EPIDAURUS; also bore Cypselus II, Euagoras
1268364204775911719342288:   poss. (NN) ... (NN); some missing generations
1268364204775911719342304:   Alcmaeon II (General) of ATHENS; exiled from Athens, served Cleistenes Tyrant of Sicyon, q.v., whose chariot he led to victory in Olympics (592 BC); (Alkmaion II); 625? BC - 556? BC
1268364204775911719342305:   poss. Koisyra (Koisyta)
1268364204775911719342306:   Cleisthenes (Tyrant) of SICYON; (Kleisthenes); 625? BC - 569? BC
1268364204775915892244480:   Sanbar bayt KEDAR; (Sanbir)
A1268364204775915892244480:   Kinanah
1268366440529864903622656:   Fergus (Mor) MacROICH; or: Conmac (Fergus' son)
1268366440529864903622657:   Maeve (Queen) of CONNACHT; also bore Maine (King), Daire `Barrach'; aka Medb (ingen ECHACH) of CRUACHAN; `highest and haughtiest' of Eochaid's six daughters, she and Ailil were subjects of the Irish epic Tain Bo Cuailnge
1268366489224692277182464:   Alexandre the TROJAN; poss. King of TROY; aka Alexandros of CIMMERIANS; ? - 677 BC
1453872099748310683747328:   Capetus (6th King) of ALBA LONGA; reigned for 26 years; aka Atys
1453872099748542075109376:   Eliakim (ben MELEA) ha-DAVID
1453872099748542075142656:   Ginath
1453872099748542075143168:   Rehoboam (3rd King) of ISRAEL; also begat 27 other sons, 60 daughters; also m. 16 other wives, 60 concubines; ha-DAVID; aka Rehbem (Roboam, Rekhav'an) ben SHELMOH; (after division of Kingdom became 3rd King of JUDAH); (in his time Israel was pillaged by Shoshank I of Egypt, q.v., see Kings 1/3 Chapt 14); 1002? BC - 913? BC
1453872099748542075143169:   Macaah of GOSHER; aka Micaiah (Maachah Michaiah Maachlah) bat URIEL; (2nd and favorite wife); (some sources erroneously show this Macaah as wife of Abia)
1453872099748542075143170:   Ahimaaz the NAPHALITE; purveyor to Solomon; (Ahima'az)
1453872099748542075143171:   Basemath bat SOLOMON; poss. aka Besonea bat SALOMON
1453872099748542075143172:   Jeroboam (I; rebel King; 4th King) of ISRAEL; also begat Nadab (5th King); aka Yeroboam (Yerobo'am) ben NEBAT
1453872099748542075143173:   Karamat (Princess) of EGYPT; aka Kara-Ma'at of LIBYA
1453872099748542075143192:   Astarymus (King) of TYRE; (skip this generation?); (Aserymus)
A1453872099748542075143192:   Yahi-Malik (King) of BYBLOS
1453872099748542075143194: *** Same as 1453872099748542075143192 (Astarymus (King) of TYRE)
A1453872099748542075143194: *** Same as 11630976797988336601145536 (Baal-Eser (I; King) of TYRE)
1453872099748542075143196: *** Same as 46523907191953346404582144 (Abibaal (King) of TYRE (& SIDON))
1453872099748542075146255: *** Same as 1237754684887719307525 (Milcah (Milkah) bint HARAN)
1453872099748542075146260:   (NN) ... (NN); many missing generations
1453872099748542075338752:   Assur-resh-ishi II (King) of ASSYRIA; (Ashur-resh-ishi II, Assur-res-isi II); 22nd King of Middle Assyrian Period; ? - 967? BC
1453872099748542075338760:   Nabu-mukin-apli of BABYLON; or: Mar-Biti-Achche-Iddina (Nabu-mukin-apli's son); ? - 943? BC
1453872099748542075338762: *** Same as 363468024937135518834688 (Assur-dan II (King) of ASSYRIA)
1453872099748542075339920:   Shimron ben ISSACHAR; eponym of SAMARIA; (Semron Semran)
1453872099748542075340288:   Ahaz ben MICAH (of ISRAEL)
1453872099748542611980288:   Abishuah ben PHINEHAS; 4th High Priest; aka Abishua (Abisei Abisue) ha-KOHEN
B1453872099748542611980288: *** Same as 46523907191953346404581456 (Moses (Mousos) of EXODUS)
B1453872099748542611980289: *** Same as 46523907191953346404581457 (Zipporah)
A1514272648602903635820544:   Wandler (King) of GERMANS; (eponym of Vandals & Wenden); ? - 1580+ BC
A1516529709854055943110656:   Li Ji
A1516529727831620813062144: *** Same as B309438671221929556618 (Asterius (King) of CRETE)
B1516529727831620813062144: *** Same as 302186202365165636 (Hermes (the OLYMPIAN; the Messenger GOD))
A1516529727831620813062145:   poss. Sybila ERITHREA; (2nd wife)
B1516529727831620813062145:   Erytheia; also bore Eurytion; (Eriteide Erythia)
A1516529727831620813062176:   Romus (King in Ancient SPAIN)

Generation 82    (My 79-great grandparents)

A2487506628731147198660608:   Teres (King) of THRACE
2487506628731154445893632:   Eebitak
A2487506628731154445893664:   Ananghad
2487506628731154445893695:   Zusha
A2487506628731154983608320:   Kshatraujas
2487506628802048386138112:   First Speaker of Early Eurasiatic; ca 10,000 BC
2487506907956167173472256:   Tatianus
2487506907956167173799944:   (NN) ... (NN), BACCHIADAE; some missing generations
2487506907956167173799946:   (NN) ... (NN); some missing generations
2487506907956167173799947:   poss. First Speaker of Etruscan
2487506907956167173799948: *** Same as 693260240434794768 (poss. Caeculus)
C2487506907979869218406402: *** Same as 79216299832814035681354 (Batawil YAPHETIDY)
C2487506907979869218406416:   Tscheng (I Chien) of CHINA; Imperial Prince of CHINA; ? - 894? BC
2489743060574035475693568:   Awtet of ETHIOPIA
2534915253590017804599040:   Scythes of the SCYTHI; also begat poss. Ilbhaeth, poss. Emoth, poss. Bracan; (eponym & progenitor)
A2534921594650047945924608:   Man of the Magdalenian toolkit; or: Ahrensburg culture; also begat Azilian Culture, Tjongerian Culture, Swiderian Culture, poss. Hamburg culture; invented spear-throwers, barbed harpoons; 18,000 BC - 10,000 BC
A2534921594650047945924611:   Woman of the Kebaran culture; or: Woman of the Mashubian culture (in Sinai); also bore Zarzian culture (Zagros hills), Belbasi culture (Anatolia); Levant 13,000 BC - ?
A2534921594650049141801224: *** Same as 309438671221929680910 (Mehajael ben IRAD)
2535911385643055426109440:   Failbe (Failbhe) Ilchorach MacCAS; aka Failbhe Iolcorach; ordered stone walls built on proeprty lines; King of MUNSTER
2535915412989353564045312:   Faobhar (Febri Febric) Glas (King) of GOTHIA; aka Eibach (Feibhricglas)
2535915412989353564046080:   Pami (Pamai Pimay Pemay) (High Priest) of MA'AT; 8th PHARAOH of the 22nd Dynasty of EGYPT; 830? BC - 773? BC
2535915412989353564046081:   Karomat V; (half-sister of King Pamai)
2535915412989353564046096:   First Speaker of Nubian; also begat Midob, Nobiin, Kadaru-Ghulfan, Dongolawi, Birked, etc.
A2535915412989353564046100: *** Same as 1267957706494676782023056 (poss. Piye (I; King) of KUSH)
A2535915412989353564046102: *** Same as 1267957706494676782023056 (poss. Piye (I; King) of KUSH)
2535915412989353564046112:   (NN) ... (NN) of KUSH; many missing generations
2535915412989353564046116:   (NN) ... (NN) in EGYPT; some missing generations
2536502177975268754325504:   Labraid (Labhrahadh) Condilg MacCAIRPRE; King of ULADH
2536722908400789888172032:   Smiorgall MacENBOTH (Prince) of IRELAND; (Smirgoll Smionghall Smiringhall)
2536722908400789888172034:   Mugaeth Morolach MacMAMFEMIS
2536722908400789888172040:   Eochaid Faeburglas MacCONMAEL; aka Eoghaigh Teurglass; subdued Scotland; aka Eochaidh Faobhar Glas; 17th MONARCH of IRELAND; ? - 1472? BC
2536728409547287843307520:   Melchi ha-DAVID; aka Melkia ben MOSHE
2536728409551823396667392:   (King) ... (King) of COLCHIS; some missing generations
A2536728409551823421054976:   Tryinos (King) of EPIRUS; (Tryinus)
2536728409551823421055744:   Haemon of THEBES
2536728409551823421055745:   Antigone of THEBES
2536728409551823421071360:   Maron; (HERACLIDE)
A2536728409551823421071360:   Eurybrades of ARGOS
2536728409551823421259904:   prob. Dascylus of LYDIA
2536728409551823421259908:   poss. (NN) ... (NN) of LYDIA; very many missing generations
2536728409551823421833216: *** Same as 302186202365165650 (Perseus of MYCENAE)
2536728409551823421833217: *** Same as 302186202365165651 (Andromeda of ETHIOPIA)
2536728409551823437824000:   Araj (King) in ARMENIA; also begat P'aretos
A2536728409551823437824000:   Pachouych (King) of ARME-SUPRIA; (Pachoych); ? - 631 BC
2536728409551823437828256:   Deioces (Chieftain) of the MEDES; in tradition, founder of the MEDIAN EMPIRE, but prob. petty chieftain; 775? BC - 715? BC
*A2536728409551823437828256:   poss. Daiukku (Governor) in MANNAEA; also begat son (taken hostage by Urartians); (joined Urartu against Ullusunu; captured and exiled by Sargon II); 775? BC - 715? BC
2536728409551823437828640:   Ashjur
A2536728409551823437828640:   Ilu-bani of BABYLON
A2536728409551823437828641:   Tabiya (Princess) of BABYLON
2536728409551823437828648:   Dastan (Sohrab); poss. aka Zal
2536728409551823437828650:   Mihram (King) of KABUL; (Mihrab)
2536728409551823437828651:   Sindukht
2536728409551823438684544:   Typhon
2536728409551823438684546:   Agamestor I; (Archon) of ATHENS; aka Agamnestor AEACIDES; ? - 778 BC
2536728409551823438684560:   Hippoclides; (skip this generation?)
A2536728409551823438684560:   Agamestor
2536728409551823438684564:   Cypselus (Tyrant) of CORINTH; (overthrew rule of Bacchiadae); (Kypselos)
2536728409551823438684565:   Crateia
2536728409551823438684566:   Procles II (Tyrant) of EPIDAURUS; (Prokles); 667? BC - ?
2536728409551823438684567:   Eristhenea of ORCHOMENUS
2536728409551823438684576:   Euphemos
2536728409551823438684608:   Megacles I (Archon) of ATHENS; (Megakles); 660? BC - 598? BC
2536728409551823438684610:   Peisistratos; also begat Hippokrates (father of Peisistratos (Tyrant of Athens)); (Pisistratus)
2536728409551823438684612:   Aristonymus of SICYON; (Aristonymos); 654? BC - 608+ BC
2536728409551823438684613:   daughter of Orthagoras; Princess of SICYON; 645? BC - ?
2536728409551831784488960:   Yathribi bayt KEDAR; (Yathrabi)
A2536728409551831784488960:   al-'Awwam
2536732881059729807245312:   Ros Ruadh MacRUDRAIGI; also begat Fachtna Fathach MacRossa (92nd M), poss. Elim (105th M); King of ULADH (ULSTER); father of MONARCH of IRELAND
2536732881059729807245313:   Roach Rithfhota ingen ECHACH; also bore Fachtna Fathach MacRossa (92nd M)
2536732881059729807245314: *** Same as 18900058481103106 (Eochaidh (IX) Feidlech (FEIDHLIOCH) MacFINN)
2536732978449384554364928:   Basabelian (Basabiliano) II the TROJAN; poss. King of TROY
2907744199496621367494656:   Alba (5th King) of ALBA LONGA; reigned 39 years
2907744199497084150218752:   Melea ben MENON (ha-DAVID)
2907744199497084150285312:   (NN) ben HOSHEA
2907744199497084150286336:   Solomon ben DAVID (2nd King) of ISRAEL; also begat Taphath (m. Ben-Abinadob of Dor), poss. Qahtan (q.v.); also m. (1st) Abishag of Shunem, (3rd) Bilqis Queen of Arabia (poss. same as Makeda), (4th) daughter of King Hamath of Lebanon, (5th) daughter of King Rezon I of Syria, 1000 secondary wives; aka Jedidiah, Salomo; built Temple for Ark of the Covenant of Yahweh ; aka Shelmoh (Shelomoh) ben DAUD; aka Sulayman, PROPHET of Allah; eponym of SOLOMONIC; (the dating of Solomon's death is certified by Egyptian accounts of their invasion in 925 BC; indeed this leads to confirmation of much of the story of Solomon); (MIPHMHH #152); ? - 930 BC
2907744199497084150286337:   Naamah (Princess) of the AMMONITES; (Nabah); Solomon's 7th wife
2907744199497084150286338:   Uriel (Sheikh) of GIBEAH; or: poss. Abishalom, q.v.
2907744199497084150286339:   Tamar bat ABSALOM
2907744199497084150286340:   Absessalom; (Absalom)
2907744199497084150286341:   Aibra
2907744199497084150286342: *** Same as 2907744199497084150286336 (Solomon ben DAVID (2nd King) of ISRAEL)
2907744199497084150286343:   Nicaule (Nicauli Tashere) of EGYPT; also bore Taphath; (Solomon's 2nd wife)
2907744199497084150286344:   Nebat the EPHRAIMITE; (Neba'at)
2907744199497084150286345:   Zeruiah bat JESSE; also bore Joab (k. by Benaiah), Asahel (k. at Battle of Gibeon); (was she mother or stepmother of King Jeroboam ?); aka Zeruah (Cerouya); prob. aka Sariya
2907744199497084150286346:   Shoshank I (1st PHARAOH) of 22nd Dynasty; also begat Iuput (gt-grandfather of Harsiese the Prophet); aka Shoshenq (Shisak Sheshonq) of the LIBYAN Dynasty of EGYPT; waged war successfully against Israel (under Rehoboam, q.v.) and Judah (Kings 1/3 Chapt. 14); aka Mery-amun; aka Hedj-kheper-re Setep-en-re; Great Chief of the MESHWESH (Ma; MA'AT); 990? BC - 924? BC
2907744199497084150286384:   Methusastartus (King) of TYRE; or: Deleastartus (Prince) of TYRE (Methusastartus' brother); also begat poss. Astartus (King), poss. Phelles (King); (Metuastarte); ? - 906+ BC
A2907744199497084150286384:   Ahi-Ba''al (King) of BYBLOS
2907744199497084150292520: *** Same as 39608149916407017840672 (Shelah (ben CAINAN) of CHALDEA)
2907744199497084150292521: *** Same as 39608149916407017840673 (Mu'ak (Muak) ben KESED)
2907744199497084150677504:   Assur-rabi II (King) of ASSYRIA; (Ashur-rabi II); 21st King of Middle Assyrian Period; ? - 973? BC
2907744199497084150677520:   poss. (NN) of BABYLON
2907744199497084150677521:   (NN) ... (NN) of BABYLON; two missing generations
2907744199497084150679840:   Issachar ibn JACOB; also begat Puaht (Phuvah Phua Puah Puvvah), Jashub (Iob Job Jasub Jeshub : father of Jemima & Kezia & Kerenhappuch), Second Tribe of Israel; (5th son, Yisaskar)
2907744199497084150679841:   Aridah
2907744199497084150680576:   Micah ben MERIBBAAL; also begat Pithon, Melekh, Terea; aka Mikah ha-BENJAMIM
2907744199497085223960576:   Phineas ben ELEAZAR; 3rd High Priest; aka Phinehas (Phinees) ha-KOHEN; (saved Israel from God's wrath ( Numbers 25 ))
A3028545297205807271641088:   Schwab (King) of GERMANS; (eponym of SWABIA); ? - 1521+ BC
A3033059419708111886221312:   Li Dui
A3033059455663241626124290:   Ierion (King) of CADIZ
B3033059455663241626124290:   Geryon the GIANT (King); also begat The Geryones; King in Ancient SPAIN; (Geryoneus); (poss. had three heads, three bodies, wings, etc.)
A3033059455663241626124352:   Testa Libycus (King in Ancient SPAIN)

Generation 83    (My 80-great grandparents)

A4975013257462294397321216: *** Same as 158545525596988964917786 (Oloros (King) of THRACE)
4975013257462308891787264:   Farjishak
A4975013257462308891787328:   Takhmorup
4975013257462308891787391:   Fraguza
A4975013257462309967216640:   Kshemadharman
4975013257604096772276224:   First Speaker of Euro-Kartvelian; ca 12,000 BC
4975013815912334346944512:   (NN) ... (NN); some missing generations
4975013815912334346944513:   poss. (NN) ... (NN); many missing generations
4975013815912334347599888: *** Same as A346630120240410128 (Bacchis (King) of CORINTH)
4975013815912334347599892:   (NN) of TURSHA; (of TURUSHA; of TIRAS; of the TYRSENOI)
*A4975013815912334347599892: *** Same as A86657530060102528 (Tyrsenus)
4975013815912334347599894:   First Speaker of Tyrrhenian; also begat Lemnian, Raetic; aka Tyrsenisch (Tyrsenian)
C4975013815959738436812832:   Tschi-Fa (Kung I-hu) of CHINA; Imperial Prince of CHINA; ? - 934? BC
4979486121148070951387136:   Basyo of ETHIOPIA; (Basyu)
5069830507180035609198080: *** Same as 158494713311968379273216 (Magog ben JAPHETH)
A5069843189300095891849216:   Man of the Solutrean toolkit; invented tanged arrow-head; 18,000 BC - ?
A5069843189300095891849223:   First Woman of the Sickle (Helwan culture); also bore early Kenyan culture; (early grain harvesters); Sudan 14,000 BC - ?
5071822771286110852218880:   Cas Cet Cumnech MacFAELDERGDOIT; aka Cas (Cedchaingnigh) Cead Caingniodh; King of MUNSTER
5071830825978707128090624:   Agnan (Agni) Fionn (King) of GETULIA; (skip this generation?)
5071830825978707128092160:   Shoshenk III (High Priest) of MA'AT; aka Ousimare Setpen-Amon Sheshonq III; 7th PHARAOH of the 22nd Dynasty of EGYPT; 855? BC - 783 BC
5071830825978707128092161:   Djedbastesankh (II); aka Djedbastetiuesanch
5071830825978707128092192:   First Speaker of Macro-Nubian; also begat Aka-Kelo-Molo, Gaam, Nara, Surma (Kwegu : Majang-Shabo etc.)
*A5071830825978707128092192:   First Speaker of Western Astaboran; also begat Taman
5071830825978707128092224:   poss. Awawa (King) of KUSH (NUBIA); (Agaua); 1st King of 3rd (MOSAIC) Kushite Dynasty; ? - 1350?? BC
5071830825978707128092232: *** Same as 81149293215659314049474560 (Osorkon I (PHARAOH) the LIBYAN)
5073004355950537508651008:   Cairpre (Cairbre) MacECHACH; King of ULADH
5073445816801579776344064:   Eanbothadh MacTIGERNMAS (Prince) of IRELAND; (Eiobiothad Enboth Enboath Eanbhoth Eanbhethath); ? - 673? BC
5073445816801579776344068:   Mamfemis MacECHACH
5073445816801579776344080:   Conmael (Conmaol) MacEBER; 12th MONARCH of IRELAND; killed Eithrial; ? - 1621? BC (or 1221 BC) slain by 13th Monarch (Tighernmus)
5073456819094575686615040:   Moshe ha-DAVID; aka Moshe ben AMON
5073456819103646793334784: *** Same as 75546550591291410 (Aeetes (King) of COLCHIS)
A5073456819103646842109952:   Priamos (King) of EPIRUS; (Priamus)
5073456819103646842111488: *** Same as A88737310781544992774 (Creon (7th King) of THEBES)
5073456819103646842111489: *** Same as A88737310781544992775 (Eurydice (Regent Queen) of THEBES)
5073456819103646842111490: *** Same as 1214602982400388186368 (Oedipus (King) of THEBES)
*A5073456819103646842111490:   poss. Oedipus (King) of THEBES [alt ped]; (this gives Oedipus' publicly known pedigree)
5073456819103646842111491: *** Same as 1214602982400388186369 (Eurygania of THEBES)
*A5073456819103646842111491: *** Same as 2429205964800776372737 (Jocasta of THEBES)
5073456819103646842142720:   Ceisus (King) of ARGOS; aka Cisus the HERACLIDE
A5073456819103646842142720:   Larchares of ARGOS
5073456819103646842519808:   Gyges `the Mernmnad' of LYDIA
5073456819103646842519816:   Lydus (King) of LYDIA; eponym of LYDIA, acc. to Herodotus; (Lydos)
5073456819103646875648000:   Arame (1st King) of URARTU; also begat Lutipri (ancestor of Kings of Urartu), Dlak (father of Horoi); ? - 850? BC k. in Battle against Shalmaneser III, q.v.
A5073456819103646875648000:   Pharnavaz II (King) of ARME-SUPRIA; (Pharnawaz); ? - 666 BC
5073456819103646875656512:   prob. Phraortes of the MEDES; prob. village chief in Kar Kashi
A5073456819103646875656512:   poss. Dascylus of MEDIA (King) of CARIA; (of LYDIA); 800? BC - ?
5073456819103646875657280:   Farjir
A5073456819103646875657280:   Bel-Ibni I of BABYLON; (skip this generation?); ? - 700? BC
A5073456819103646875657282: *** Same as 709898486205342810226 (Merodach-Baladan (King) of BABYLON)
A5073456819103646875657283:   Indala of ELAM
5073456819103646875657296:   Sam (Saam)
5073456819103646875657300:   son of Dahak; poss. missing generations
5073456819103646877369088:   Lyces
5073456819103646877369092:   Thespieus (Archon) of ATHENS; ? - 798 BC
5073456819103646877369120:   Tisander
A5073456819103646877369120:   Philaios (Laius)
5073456819103646877369128:   Eetion (Aetion)
5073456819103646877369129:   Labda, a BACCHIAD; (`a disfigured woman')
5073456819103646877369134:   Aristocrates II (King) of ORCHOMENUS; also begat Aristodemus; (also ruled Arcadia, though last of his line to do so); 684? BC - ? stoned to death by subjects
5073456819103646877369152:   poss. (NN) ... (NN); some missing generations
5073456819103646877369216:   (NN) ... (NN) of ATHENS; several missing generations
5073456819103646877369220:   Hippokrates
5073456819103646877369224:   Myron II (Tyrant) of SICYON; (skip this generation?)
5073456819103646877369226:   Orthagoras (Tyrant) of SICYON; also begat Isodemos; (of SICYONE); 675? BC - 608? BC
5073456819103663568977920:   Yahzan bayt KEDAR; (Yahzin)
A5073456819103663568977920:   Muhtamil; 562?? BC - ?
5073465762119459614490624: *** Same as 38703951690296459264 (Rudraige (Ruadhraighe) Mor MacSITTRID)
5073465762119459614490626:   Eochaid Ruad MacCAIRPRE
5073465956898769108729856:   Plesron II the TROJAN
5815488398993242734989312:   Latinus Silvius (4th King) of ALBA LONGA; reigned 51 years
5815488398994168300437504:   Menna (Menam) ha-DAVID; aka Menon ben MATTATHA
5815488398994168300570624:   Hoshea
5815488398994168300572672:   David (1st King) of JUDAH & ISRAEL; also begat (by 2nd wife) Amnon (k. by Absalom), (by 3rd wife) Chileab (Daniel), (by 4th wife) Tamar, (by 7th wife) Ithream (Yitream), (by 8th wife) Ibhar, Elishua (Elishama), Elpalet (Eliphelet), Eliadah (Beeliada), Abishai, Nogah, (by 9th wife) Japhia, Nepheg, Asahel (k. by Abner), Joab (k. Abner), (by 10th wife) son (d infant), Shammuah (Shimea), Shobab; also m. (2nd) Ahinoam the Jezreelite, (3rd) Abigail widow of Nabal the Carmelite, (7th) Eglah; ben JESSE; 1st King of Judah in Hebron; in 1003 BC became 3rd King of Israel, establishing Jerusalem; aka Daud ben YESHY (ben YISHAI; ben ISHAY); aka Tadua; aka David ha-MELEKH `the Anointed'; aka Dawud, PROPHET of Allah; eponym of ha-DAVID; (MIPHMHH #169); 1032? BC - 973? BC
5815488398994168300572673:   Bathsheba (Bathshua) bat AMMIEL; also m. (1st) Uriah the Hittite (k. by order of David); 10th wife of David; aka Batsheva bat ELIAM
5815488398994168300572674:   Zelek ben SHOBI; (skip this generation?)
5815488398994168300572676:   Tahath
5815488398994168300572678:   Abishalom (Crown Prince) of JUDAH & ISRAEL; aka Absalom (Abisholom Abessalom) ben DAVID; slain by order of Joab
5815488398994168300572679:   poss. Tamar
5815488398994168300572680:   Abishai
5815488398994168300572682:   Shebuel
5815488398994168300572686: *** Same as 324597172862637256197898244 (Pinudjem II Khakheperre Setepenamun of THEBES (EGYPT))
*A5815488398994168300572686: *** Same as 2907744199497084150286346 (Shoshank I (1st PHARAOH) of 22nd Dynasty)
5815488398994168300572688:   Azaziah, Chief of the EPHRAIMITES
*A5815488398994168300572688:   Sheba ben BICHRI; (rebelled against King David); beheaded in Battle with David
5815488398994168300572690:   Jesse ben OBED; also begat Abinadab, Chimea (Shimea), Nethnal (Nethaneel), Raddai, Ocem (Ozem), Abigail (m. Jether : mother of Amasa), Shammah; aka Ishay (Isai Asse Yishai Yishay) ben OVED; Bethlehem 1078? BC - ?
5815488398994168300572691:   (NN), a secondary wife
5815488398994168300572692:   Nimlot the LIBYAN; Great Chief of the MESHWESH; (High Priest) of MA'AT (in EGYPT)
5815488398994168300572693:   Tentsepah `the Libyan' of MA'AT
5815488398994168300572768:   Abdastratus (King) of TYRE; (Abdastrato Abdastartus)
A5815488398994168300572768:   Ahiram (King) of BYBLOS
5815488398994168301355008:   Ashur-nasir-apli I (King?) of ASSYRIA; also begat Shalmanesser II (father of Ashur-nirari IV); (Ashurnasirpal I, Assur-nasirpal I); 18th King of Middle Assyrian Period; ? - 1032? BC
5815488398994168301355040:   Kassu-Nadin-Achche of BABYLON; ? - 1006? BC
5815488398994168301355042:   Adad-Apla-Idin (EMPEROR) of BABYLON; (Adad-Apla-Iddina); ? - 1049? BC
5815488398994168301359680: *** Same as 154719335610964913440 (Jacob ibn ISAAC (King of GOSHEN))
5815488398994168301359681: *** Same as 181734012468567759393281 (Leah (Lia) bint LABAN)
5815488398994168301359682: *** Same as 181734012468567759393282 (Jobab)
5815488398994168301361152:   Meribbaal ben JONATHAN
5815488398994170447921152:   Eleazar (Elieazar) ben AARON; 2nd High Priest (`prince of the princes of the Levites'); ha-KOHEN
5815488398994170447921153:   daughter of Putiel
A6057090594411614543282176:   Gampar (King) of GERMANS; (Invented beer brewing); ? - 1667+ BC
A6066118839416223772442624:   Li Tong
B6066118911326483252248580: *** Same as 664989329902635464619439685642 (Chrysaor the GIANT (King) of IBERIA)
B6066118911326483252248581: *** Same as 2417489618921324955 (Callirrhoe the OCEANID)
*C6066118911326483252248581:   Styx the OCEANID; also bore (by Pallas) Zelos (Rivalry), Kratos (Strength), Bia (Force); (Piras' lover); aka Hatred

Generation 84    (My 81-great grandparents)

9950026514924617783574528:   poss. Jishak
A9950026514924617783574656:   Hushang (King) of Mythical IRAN; or: Ayanhatushnanj (Hushang's son); (Ushang Hooshang Hoshang Husheng); discovered fire
A9950026514924617783574657:   Guzak
9950026514924617783574783:   Guza
A9950026514924619934433280:   Kakavarna
9950026515208193544552448:   First Speaker of Nostratic, Eurasian branch; also begat poss. Sumerian; ca 13,000 BC
9950027631824668693889024: *** Same as 5546081923478450176 (Sabinus)
9950027631824668693889026:   Sabus, eponym of SABINES; aka Sheba (Sau); one of the Progenitors of Europe
9950027631824668695199784:   (NN) ... (NN); some missing generations
9950027631824668695199788:   First Speaker of Aegean-Pelasgian; (skip this generation?); also begat Eteocretan (Minoan), Eteocypriot; aka Tyrsenisch (Tyrsenian); (Aegean-Pelasgian may be distinct from the `Old European' language of the Danubian Neolithic)
C9950027631919476873625664:   Mu-Wang (Man) (EMPEROR) of CHINA; ? - 957? BC
C9950027631919476873625665:   Taisi
9958972242296141902774272:   Toma Syon of ETHIOPIA; (Tomasyon)
A10139686378600191783698432:   Man of the Epi-Gravettian toolkit; (invention of tailored clothing by this time); 22,000 BC - ?
10143645542572221704437760:   Faeldergdoit (Aildergoidh) MacMUINEMON; aka Fualdergoid; 26th MONARCH of IRELAND; ? - 1317? BC (or 934? BC)
10143661651957414256181248:   Eimhir Gunfionn MacLAMHFIONN (King) of GOTHLAND; aka Eber Glunfhind; aka Heber Glunfionn (Gluanfionn); ``a prince of uncommon wisdom''
10143661651957414256184320:   Takelot II (High Priest) of MA'AT; 6th PHARAOH of the 22nd Dynasty of EGYPT; 875? BC - 830? BC
*A10143661651957414256184320:   Takelot II (High Priest) of MA'AT [alt ped]; 6th PHARAOH of the 22nd Dynasty of EGYPT; 875? BC - 830? BC
10143661651957414256184321:   Karoma Mertmout II of THEBES
10143661651957414256184322:   Takelot `B' of EGYPT; High Priest of Ptah
10143661651957414256184323:   Djedbastesankh (Dietbast); (3rd wife)
10143661651957414256184384:   First Speaker of Eastern Sudanic; also begat Western Group (Tama : Nyimang : Temein : poss. Daju), prob. Kuliak
A10143661651957414256184384:   First Speaker of Eastern Sahelian; also begat Astaboran, Nara (Barea); 6500? BC
10143661651957414256184448: *** Same as 46523907191953346404581456 (Moses (Mousos) of EXODUS)
10143661651957414256184449:   Tharbis (Princess) of KUSH; (Tarbis); (some sources dispute that Moses had a Cushite 2nd wife, but this is clearly stated in Numbers 12:1 , where Moses' siblings chastised him for the Cushite wife)
10146008711901075017302016:   Ollaman Fotla MacFIACHACH; also begat Finnachta Fionn-sneachta (28th M : father of 31st M), Slanoll (29th M : father of 33rd M), Gedhe Ollghothach (30th M : father of 32nd M); aka Eochaidh; 27th MONARCH of IRELAND; instituted Feis Teamhrach (Parliament); 3 sons & 3 grandsons were MONARCH; ? - 1277? BC
10146891633603159552688128:   Tighearnmhas MacFOLLACH of IRELAND; (Tighearnmas Tigernmas); 13th MONARCH of IRELAND; ? - 692? BC or ? - 1543? BC
10146891633603159552688129:   Sinusa (Princess) of IRELAND; 734?? BC - ?
10146891633603159552688136: *** Same as 2536722908400789888172040 (Eochaid Faeburglas MacCONMAEL)
10146891633603159552688160:   Eber Finn MacMILED; also begat Er (6th M), Orbha/Orba (7th M), Fearra/Fearon (8th M), Feargan/Fergen/Ferga (9th M); aka Heber Fionn (Fiona); 1st MONARCH of IRELAND; five sons were MONARCH (four k. by 10th Monarch); Egypt ? - 1698 BC Eire k. at Battle of Ardeath (Geashill Geiseol) by his brother Heremon
10146913638189151373230080:   Ammon ha-DAVID; aka Amon ben SHIMON
A10146913638207293684219904:   Aretos (King) of EPIRUS; (Aretus)
A10146913638207293684222980:   Polybus (King) of CORINTH; poss. aka Polybus of SICYON, q.v.
A10146913638207293684222981:   Periboea of CORINTH; or: Merope of the DORIANS
*B10146913638207293684222981: *** Same as 154719335610964778345 (poss. Merope the (youngest) PLEIADE)
10146913638207293684285440:   Temenos (King) of ARGOS; also begat Agelaos, Phalces (co-King of Sicyon), Cerynes, Eurypylos, Callias, Archelaos (King of Aegee), Hyrnetheo, Agraeos; aka Temenus the HERACLIDE
A10146913638207293684285440: *** Same as 10146913638207293684285440 (Temenos (King) of ARGOS)
10146913638207293684285441:   Dor...
10146913638207293685039616:   poss. (NN) ... (NN); some missing generations
10146913638207293685039632: *** Same as A173315060120205056 (Atys (King) of the MAEONIANS (LYDIA))
*A10146913638207293685039632:   poss. Attis (Atys), GOD in Anatolia; or: source: Dumuzi Tammuz, q.v.; (worshipped by Phrygians and Romans; associated with a resurrection myth)
10146913638207293685039633:   Callithea of LYDIA; or: poss. Omphale of LYDIA, q.v. or: poss. Cybele, the Mother GODDESS, q.v. or: poss. Agdistis the DAIMON, q.v.
*A10146913638207293685039633:   Ia of PHRYGIA
10146913638207293751296000:   Teshebu
A10146913638207293751296000:   Hratchia (King) of ARME-SUPRIA; (Hracheay); ? - 679 BC
10146913638207293751313024:   poss. (NN) ... (NN); many missing generations
A10146913638207293751313024: *** Same as 10146913638207293685039616 (poss. (NN) ... (NN))
10146913638207293751314560:   Hir
A10146913638207293751314560: *** Same as 709898486205342810226 (Merodach-Baladan (King) of BABYLON)
A10146913638207293751314566:   Humban-Nikash I (King) of ELAM; (Humbanigash)
10146913638207293751314592:   Nariman
10146913638207293751314600:   Dahak (Evil King of Snakes & Dragons); aka Zohak `the Hideous' Shah of IRAN; (Zahak; poss. OutLaw)
10146913638207293751314601: *** Same as A77734582147848576434177 (poss. Arnavaz)
10146913638207293754738176:   Olius
10146913638207293754738184:   Ariphron
10146913638207293754738240: *** Same as 634182102387955859671136 (Agamestor II (Archonte) of ATHENS)
A10146913638207293754738240:   Iophon
10146913638207293754738256:   Echecrates of THESSALY; or: poss. Caeneus the ARGONAUT (of THESSALY); (Echekrates); 712? BC - ?
10146913638207293754738258:   Amphion of CORINTH; (BACCHIADAI)
10146913638207293754738268:   Hicetus (King) of ORCHOMENUS; aka Hicetas (King) of ARCADIA
10146913638207293754738304:   Rhesus of Peirous & Akamas
10146913638207293754738432:   Alcmaeon (last Perpetual Archon) of ATHENS; (Alkmaion); poss. eponym of ALCMEONIDAE Clan
10146913638207293754738440:   (NN) ... (NN); some missing generations
10146913638207293754738448:   Myron I of SICYON; Olympic Champion; (Myrton); 684? BC - 648+ BC
10146913638207293754738452:   Andreas of SICYON; of humble origin; poss. a cook; poss. aka Mageiros
10146913638207327137955840:   Yalhan bayt KEDAR; (Yahan)
A10146913638207327137955840:   Ra'imah
10146931524238919228981252:   Cairpre Cennderg MacLUGAID
10146931913797538217459712:   Helenus II the TROJAN
11630976797986485469978624:   Aeneas (3rd King) of ALBA LONGA; reigned 31 years
11630976797988336600875008:   Mattatha ben NATAN (ha-DAVID); (Mathatha Mattathan)
11630976797988336601141248: *** Same as 5815488398994168300572688 (Azaziah, Chief of the EPHRAIMITES)
11630976797988336601145344: *** Same as 5815488398994168300572690 (Jesse ben OBED)
11630976797988336601145345:   Abala (Habalith); or: Maachah (Princess) of GESHUR, q.v. or: Amrat bat OTHAN
*A11630976797988336601145345:   Nahash bat EDAL; or: Nahash bas TALMAI; (Nizbeth)
11630976797988336601145346:   Ammiel (Eliam) the GILONITE; aka Eliam (Allion) ben AHITOFEL (ben ACHITHOFEL)
11630976797988336601145348:   Shobi ben NAHASH
11630976797988336601145352:   Assir
11630976797988336601145356: *** Same as 5815488398994168300572672 (David (1st King) of JUDAH & ISRAEL)
11630976797988336601145357:   Maachah (Princess) of GESHUR; also bore Tamar; (4th wife; she is sometimes shown as David's mother, not wife)
11630976797988336601145360:   Suri the NAPHALITE
11630976797988336601145361: *** Same as 2907744199497084150286345 (Zeruiah bat JESSE)
*A11630976797988336601145361:   poss. Zeruiah [alt ped]; also m. Nebat; (Zeruiyah)
11630976797988336601145364:   (NN) ben ELIEZAR
11630976797988336601145376:   (NN) ... (NN) of EPHRAIMITE Tribe; some missing generations
A11630976797988336601145376:   Bichri, a BENJAMITE; (the exact genealogical relationship among these names is unclear; one source claims Micah, Sheba, and Nebat were all the same person)
11630976797988336601145380:   Obed (ben BOAZ) the EPHRATHITE; or: descendant of Obed; (Oved; 'Oved); 1125? BC - ?
11630976797988336601145381:   poss. Abalit bas SONAS; or: Nafut bas SHELAH, q.v.
11630976797988336601145384:   Shoshenk of MA'AT; (Sheshonk; Shoshenq; Shisak; Sheshak)
11630976797988336601145385:   poss. Djedmutesankh of THEBES; or: poss. Mehtenweshket
11630976797988336601145386: *** Same as 11630976797988336601145384 (Shoshenk of MA'AT)
11630976797988336601145387: *** Same as 11630976797988336601145385 (poss. Djedmutesankh of THEBES)
11630976797988336601145536:   Baal-Eser (I; King) of TYRE; (Beleazarus Balezer Baal-azor); ? - 927? BC
11630976797988336602710016:   Shamshi-Adad IV (King) of ASSYRIA; 17th King of Middle Assyrian Period; (Samsi-Adad IV); ? - 1050? BC
11630976797988336602710017:   (Miss) of BABYLON
11630976797988336602710080:   Simmasch-Schichu of BABYLON; ? - 1010? BC
11630976797988336602710084:   Enlil-Nadin-Aplis (King) of BABYLON; also begat father of Ea-Mukin-Schumi (King); ? - 1102? BC
11630976797988336602722304:   Jonathan ben SAUL; also begat Mephibosheth
11630976797988340895842304:   Aaron ha-LEVI; also begat Nadab, Abihu (Abiu); 1st High Priest of the Israelites; PROPHET of Allah for Israelites and Copts
11630976797988340895842305:   Elisheba (Elizabeth); also bore Nadab, Abihu (Abiu)
11630976797988340895842306:   Putiel (Phutiel)
A12114181188823229086564352:   Mers (King) of GERMANS; eponym of Merseburg; (in his time Germany was visited by Egyptians under Oryz); ? - 1711+ BC
A12132237678832447544885248:   Li Zong (Zunzu)
C12132237822652966504497162: *** Same as 75546550591291492 (Erebus (Primordial GOD))
C12132237822652966504497163: *** Same as 75546550591291493 (Nyx (Nox), GODDESS of NIGHT)

Generation 85    (My 82-great grandparents)

19900053029849235567149056:   Iraj (Heir of IRAN); also begat Vanitar, Anastob; aka Airij (Aerach Erij); murdered by his brothers
A19900053029849235567149312:   Fravak
*B19900053029849235567149312:   poss. First Speaker of (modern) Persian
A19900053029849235567149313:   Fravakain
A19900053029849235567149314: *** Same as A19900053029849235567149312 (Fravak)
A19900053029849235567149315: *** Same as A19900053029849235567149313 (Fravakain)
19900053029849235567149566: *** Same as 19900053029849235567149056 (Iraj (Heir of IRAN))
A19900053029849239868866560:   Shisunaga
19900053030416387089104896:   First Speaker of Nostratic; ca 15,000 BC
19900055263649337390399568: *** Same as 158432599665628071362708 (Tiras ben JAPHETH)
19900055263649337390399576:   poss. First Speaker of Alarodian; also begat poss. Sumerian
C19900055263838953747251328:   Tung (Chao Hsia) of CHINA; aka Tung CHOU; Prince Regent of CHINA
19917944484592283805548544:   Elalyon of ETHIOPIA; (Ilalyon)
A20279372757200383567396864:   Man of the Gravettian toolkit; Perigordian in Europe; (bow-and-arrow invented in Africa); 26,000 BC - ?
20287291085144443408875520:   Muinemon (Muinhearnhoin) MacCAS; aka Munmoin (Munheamhoin); 25th MONARCH of IRELAND; ? - 1327? BC (or 961? BC)
20287323303914828512362496:   Lamhfionn MacAGNON of CRETE; told by fortuneteller to head for Europe's westernmost island; aka Lamfhind (Lanfhion Laimfinn); ? - ? Gothia (Carthage)
20287323303914828512368640:   Harsiese (Rival King) the LIBYAN; Priest of AMUN; PHARAOH in EGYPT; poss. aka Hedjkheperre Setpenamos Harsiese; 900? BC - ?
A20287323303914828512368640: *** Same as 20287323303914828512368646 (Osorkon II (PHARAOH) the LIBYAN)
20287323303914828512368642:   Nimlot of THEBES
20287323303914828512368644:   Shoshenk `D' (PHARAOH) of EGYPT; or: poss. Nimlot (q.v., Shoshenk's brother); aka Sheshonq (III) the LIBYAN; High Priest of Ptah
20287323303914828512368645:   Istemkheb
20287323303914828512368646:   Osorkon II (PHARAOH) the LIBYAN; aka Ousimare Setpenamon Osorkon II; 5th King of the 22nd Dynasty of EGYPT; 905? BC - 850? BC
20287323303914828512368647:   poss. Taditanebten Istemkheb; (Istemachbit); ? - by 852 BC
20287323303914828512368768:   First Speaker of Chari-Nile; also begat Central Sudanic (Mangbetu : Moru-Madi (Lugbara etc.) : Bongo-Bagirmi (Sara etc.) : Kresh etc.), poss. Kunama, poss. Berta
*B20287323303914828512368768:   First Speaker of Niger-Sudanic [Blench Model]
A20287323303914828512368768:   First Speaker of Trans-Sahel; also begat Western Sahelian (Songhay : Maban)
20287323303914828512368898:   Perehu (King) of KUSH; aka Piori II of NUBIA
20287323303914828512368899:   Iteye `the Corpulent'; (Eti)
20292017423802150034604032:   Fiachu Finscothach MacSETNA; aka Fiacha Fionn Scothach; 24th MONARCH of IRELAND; slain by 25th Monarch
20293783267206319105376256:   Follagh MacETHREL (Prince) of IRELAND; (Follac Follach Foll-Aich Follain); 751? BC - 702? BC
20293783267206319105376258:   Eochaidh (I) Eadghadhach (14th MONARCH) of IRELAND; 756? BC - 702? BC
20293783267206319105376320: *** Same as 9905919581989662359554 (Gallamh `Milesius' (King) in SPAIN)
20293783267206319105376321:   Seang (Princess of SYTHIA); or: poss. Scota Tephi, q.v.; also bore Donn de Galicia, Airioch Feabhruadh; (1st wife; Sanga)
20293827276378302746460160:   Simon ha-DAVID; aka Shimon ben TOLA
A20293827276414587368439808:   Xanthos (King) of EPIRUS; (Xanthus)
A20293827276414587368445960: *** Same as 302186202365165636 (Hermes (the OLYMPIAN; the Messenger GOD))
A20293827276414587368445961: *** Same as 1208744809460662325 (Chthonophyle)
20293827276414587368570880:   Aristomachos (of THEBES); (Aristomakhos; HERACLIDE)
20293827276414587370079232:   Lycus (King) of MARIANDYNIANS in MYSIA
A20293827276414587370079264:   Agdistis the DAIMON; a hermaphrodite
*B20293827276414587370079264:   Agdistis the DAIMON [alt ped]; a hermaphrodite; (the Greco-Roman version of his/her pedigree)
A20293827276414587370079265:   Nana `the Virgin' the NAIAD
20293827276414587370079266:   Choraeus of LYDIA
A20293827276414587370079266:   Midas (King) of PHRYGIA; poss. aka Mita (King) of MUSHKI; (several Kings of Phrygia were named Midas, their relationships uncertain)
A20293827276414587370079267:   poss. Demodike of KYME; (prob. historic but uncertain which King Midas she married)
20293827276414587502592000:   Haldi
A20293827276414587502592000:   Paroyr (King) of ARME-SUPRIA; ? - 701 BC
20293827276414587502592001:   Bagbart of MEDIA
20293827276414587502626048:   Medus (Medeus) of COLCHIS; legendary King (& eponym) of MEDIA
20293827276414587502629120:   Jashudan
A20293827276414587502629132:   Humban-Tahrah I (King) of ELAM
20293827276414587502629184:   Kurgan (Prince of SISSTAN)
20293827276414587502629200:   Mirtas (King in ARABIA); aka Khrutasp
20293827276414587502629201:   Uta
20293827276414587509476352:   Agenor
20293827276414587509476368:   Pherekles; ? - 845? BC
A20293827276414587509476480:   Polykles
20293827276414587509476512:   (NN) ... (NN); some missing generations
20293827276414587509476513:   (NN) ... (NN); some missing generations
20293827276414587509476516:   (NN) ... (NN), BACCHIADAE; some missing generations
20293827276414587509476536:   Aristocrates (King) of ORCHOMENUS; also m. (raped) virgin priestess; slain by stoning by his subjects
20293827276414587509476608:   poss. (NN) ... (NN); some missing generations
20293827276414587509476864:   Aeschylus (Perpetual Archon) of ATHENS; also begat Charops (1st Decennial Archon); (Aischylus)
20293827276414587509476880:   Peisistratus; (Pisistratus)
20293827276414587509476896: *** Same as 10146913638207293754738452 (Andreas of SICYON)
20293827276414654275911680:   Ar'awa bayt KEDAR; (Ar'awi)
A20293827276414654275911680:   al-'Ayqan
20293863048477838457962504:   Lugaid MacLUG
20293863827595076434919424:   Priam II Trianus the TROJAN; (it was during his reign that the CIMMERIANS may have migrated from Anatolia to the Pontic)
23261953595972970939957248:   Silvius (2nd King) of ALBA LONGA; reigned 29 years
23261953595972970939957249:   Odela
23261953595976673201750016:   Nathan ha-DAVID; also begat Azariah, Zabud; aka Natan ben DAVID
23261953595976673202290690:   (NN; 'Edal?; Abrias?) ben IBZAN
A23261953595976673202290690:   Adael; or: Talmai
23261953595976673202290692:   Ahithophel the GILONITE; (Achitophel); (a counselor of King David); (some srcs show him as father-in-law of Ammiel, rather than father)
23261953595976673202290696:   Nahash
23261953595976673202290697: *** Same as 11630976797988336601145345 (Abala (Habalith))
23261953595976673202290704:   Ebiasaph
23261953595976673202290714:   Talmai (King) of GESHUR; (of GUECHOUR); 1060? BC - ?
*A23261953595976673202290714:   poss. Talmai (King) of GESHUR [alt ped]; (of GUECHOUR); 1060? BC - ?
23261953595976673202290720:   (NN) ... (NN), NAPHALITE; some missing generations
A23261953595976673202290722: *** Same as 93047814383906692809162784 (Nahash (King) of the AMMONITES)
A23261953595976673202290723: *** Same as 11630976797988336601145345 (Abala (Habalith))
23261953595976673202290728:   Eliezar ben MOSHE; also begat Rehabiah (father of Isshiah : 3-g grandfather of Shelomoth)
23261953595976673202290752:   Kemuel, Chief of the EPHRAIMITES
A23261953595976673202290752:   Micah; aka Micaiah (Michaihu Michah); (poss. introduced idolatry to Israeli worship)
23261953595976673202290760:   Boaz ben SALMON; also m. (1st) NN; aka Booz (Boa Bo'az) the ISRAELITE; poss. aka Ibzan of BETHLEHEM; 1150? BC - ?
23261953595976673202290761:   Ruth (bat EGLON) of MOAB; (her descent from Moab Kings may have helped legitimize the Kingship of her gt-grandson David); aka Aroof bat LOT
23261953595976673202290762:   Sonas
23261953595976673202290768:   Paihut (High Priest) of MA'AT; (Payhuti; in EGYPT)
23261953595976673202290770:   Djedkhonsefankh of THEBES
23261953595976673202290771:   Djedmutesankh
23261953595976673202291072:   Hiram (II?; King) of TYRE; (of BYBLOS)
23261953595976673205420032:   Tiglath-pileser I (King) of ASSYRIA; also begat Ashared-apil-Ekur, Ashur-bel-kala (father of Eriba-Adad II); aka Tukulti-apil-Esharra; reigned 39 years; 14th (& most powerful) King of Middle Assyrian Period; (famous for his cruel laws, which have survived in carved tablets); ? - 1077 BC
23261953595976673205420160:   (NN) ... (NN) of BABYLON; few missing generations
23261953595976673205420168:   Nebuchadnezzar I (EMPEROR) of BABYLON; aka Nebukadnezar (Nabu-Kudurri-Usur) of BABYLON; ? - 1106? BC
23261953595976673205444608:   Saul ben KISH (1st King) of ISRAEL; also begat Melchisua (Malkishua Malchi-Shua : k. at Battle of Mt.Gilboa), Abinadab (k. at Battle of Mt.Gilboa), Merab (m. Adriel the Meholathite), Ishvi (Ishui), (by Rizpah) Armoni; aka Shaul ben QYSH (ben KISH); ``there was not among the children of Israel a goodlier person than he''; poss. King only of Ephraim, Manasseh & Benjamin Tribes; poss. aka Labya (King) of the HABIRU; ? - 1013? BC k. in Battle
23261953595976673205444609:   Ahinoam bat AHIMAAZ
23261953595976681791684608:   Amram ben KOHATH ha-LEVI
23261953595976681791684609:   Jochebed (Yocheved) ha-LEVI; or: (NN), first wife of Amram; (Jokebed Jocabel)
23261953595976681791684610:   Aminadab (Amminadab) bar RAM; aka Aminadav (Amminadav) ben RAM; 1464? BC - ?
A24228362377646458173128704:   Herman (King) of GERMANS; (introduced arts of war to Germans); ? - 1757+ BC
A24264475357664895089770496: *** Same as 90392214647177218 (Lao-tzu `the Sage' of DAOISM)

Generation 86    (My 83-great grandparents)

39800106059698471134298112:   Fereydun (King) of Mythical IRAN (PERSIA); also begat Selm (Rum Salm); aka Feridun (Afridun Faridoon); defeated King Zohak (his hideous uncle)
A39800106059698471134298624:   Syamak (Prince of PERSIA); (Saiamuk Siyamak); murdered
B39800106059698471134298624:   First Speaker of Old Persian
A39800106059698471134298625:   Nasak
A39800106059698471134298626: *** Same as A39800106059698471134298624 (Syamak (Prince of PERSIA))
A39800106059698471134298627: *** Same as A39800106059698471134298625 (Nasak)
39800106060832774178209792:   First Speaker of Amerindo-Nostratic; (this human proto-culture may coincide roughly with the origin of Laurasian Mythology); ca 17,000 BC
39800110527298674780799152:   First Speaker of Hurro-Hattic; also begat Hattic (Khattic)
C39800110527677907494502656:   Kang-Wang (EMPEROR) of CHINA; aka K'ang Chao, Zhao; ? - 1052? BC
39835888969184567611097088:   Awseya of ETHIOPIA
A40558745514400767134793728:   Man of the European Aurignacian; manufactured Venus doll; 30,000 BC - ?
40574582170288886817751040:   Cas (Cos) Clothach MacAIRER; Prince of IRELAND; poss. King of MUNSTER
40574646607829657024724992:   Agnon (Adnoin Agnomain) MacTAIT of SCTHIA; aka Adhoin; killed rival king, fled; Scythia ? - ? Caspian Sea
40574646607829657024737280:   Sheshonq (Shoshenk) II the LIBYAN; poss. aka Heqakheperre Setpentre Sheshonq II; Great Priest of Amun; 920? BC - 883? BC
40574646607829657024737281:   Nesitanebetashru; (Nestanebtashru)
40574646607829657024737284: *** Same as 20287323303914828512368646 (Osorkon II (PHARAOH) the LIBYAN)
40574646607829657024737285:   poss. Djedmutesankh
40574646607829657024737288: *** Same as 20287323303914828512368646 (Osorkon II (PHARAOH) the LIBYAN)
40574646607829657024737289:   Karomat (Karomama) III; 897? BC - ?
40574646607829657024737292:   Takelot I (PHARAOH) the LIBYAN; 3rd King of the 22nd Dynasty of EGYPT; 935? BC - 874? BC
40574646607829657024737293:   poss. Kapes; 925? BC - ?
40574646607829657024737294: *** Same as 20287323303914828512368640 (Harsiese (Rival King) the LIBYAN)
40574646607829657024737536:   First Speaker of Nilo-Saharan Proper; also begat Maban (Masalit etc.), Fur
A40574646607829657024737536:   First Speaker of Sahelian; also begat Fur; 7000? BC
B40574646607829657024737536:   First Speaker of Kado-Sudanic; also begat Kado (incl. Kadugli)
40574646607829657024737796:   (NN) ... (NN) of KUSH; several missing generations
40574646607829657024737798:   Payuti (King) of PUNT (LIBYA); aka Pasote of PHUT (PUTA)
40584034847604300069208064:   Setna (Sedna) Art MacARTRAICH; 23rd MONARCH of IRELAND; killed 22nd Monarch
40587566534412638210752512:   Ethrial MacIAREL FAITH of IRELAND; aka Eithrial (Eitreol Ethrel); 11th MONARCH of IRELAND; 769? BC - 711? BC k. at Battle of Soirrean by 10th Monarch
40587566534412638210752516:   Daire of IRELAND; 779? BC - 733? BC
40587566534412638210752642:   Reafloir (King) of SYTHIA; (Rafficor)
40587654552756605492920320:   Tola ha-DAVID; aka Tolah ben EZRAM
A40587654552829174736879616:   Argos (King) of EPIRUS; (Argus)
40587654552829174737141760:   Cleodaeos the HERACLIDE; also begat Leonassa; aka Kleodaios (Cleodaios Cleodemos Kleiodaios Klodeos) of THEBES
40587654552829174740158464:   Dascylus (King) of MYSIA (MARIANDYNE); also begat Priolas, Otreus; (Daskylos; eponym of Dascylium)
40587654552829174740158465:   Anthemoisia; eponym of Lake Anthemoisis
A40587654552829174740158528:   Sabazios (Sky GOD of PHRYGIA); (poss. source for legend of St. George)
B40587654552829174740158528: *** Same as 37773275295645698 (Zeus the OLYMPIAN)
A40587654552829174740158529: *** Same as B151093101182582933 (Cybele, the Mother GODDESS)
B40587654552829174740158529:   poss. Agdos, the Mountain GODDESS; Zeus masturbated on the mountain to produce Agdistis; poss. aka Cybele
A40587654552829174740158530: *** Same as A1444122933394931718 (Sangarius the RIVER GOD)
A40587654552829174740158531: *** Same as 302186202365165643 (Metope)
*B40587654552829174740158531: *** Same as B151093101182582933 (Cybele, the Mother GODDESS)
A40587654552829174740158532:   Gordios(?) (King) of PHRYGIA
A40587654552829174740158534:   Agamemnon (King) of KYME; poss. patron of Homer
40587654552829175005184000:   Amasias (King in ARMENIA)
A40587654552829175005184000:   Skayordi (King) of Ancient ARMENIA; ? - 748 BC
40587654552829175005184002:   (NN; King) of MEDIA
40587654552829175005252096:   Jason of IOLCUS (Leader of the ARGONAUTS); (Medea's 1st husband); King in IOLCUS & CORINTH; aka Iason (the HERO)
*A40587654552829175005252096: *** Same as 18886637647822864 (poss. Aegeus (King) of ATHENS)
40587654552829175005252097:   Medea of COLCHIS
40587654552829175005258240:   Ambut
A40587654552829175005258264:   (NN) ... (NN) of ELAM; many missing generations
40587654552829175005258368:   Garshasp (1st King) of SISSTAN
40587654552829175005258400:   Zainigaw; (Zainigav)
40587654552829175005258403:   Bayak
40587654552829175018952704:   Acestor
40587654552829175018952736:   Diognetos
A40587654552829175018952960:   Oulios
40587654552829175018953024:   Leonteus
40587654552829175018953026:   Thessalus (King & eponym) of THESSALY; also begat Antiphus, Pheidippos (grandfather of Thessalos), Nesson
40587654552829175018953027:   poss. Chalciope
40587654552829175018953032: *** Same as A346630120240410128 (Bacchis (King) of CORINTH)
40587654552829175018953072:   Aechmis (King) of ORCHOMENUS (& ARCADIA); (war between Lacedaemonians and Messenians (Arcadians' allies) came during his reign)
40587654552829175018953216:   Musaeus
40587654552829175018953728: *** Same as 2536728409551823438684546 (Agamestor I; (Archon) of ATHENS)
40587654552829175018953760:   Nestor (King) of PYLOS; also begat Polycaste (m. Telemachus), Peisidice, Antilokhos (father of King Paeon), Perseus, Stratichus, Aretus, Echephron; ('wisest' of the Greeks who fought at Troy, poss. semi-historical; in 2011 the oldest Linear B writing was discovered in Iklaina, in Pylos domain, dating from about the time of Nestor)
40587654552829308551823360:   'Ayfa bayt KEDAR; (Aid)
A40587654552829308551823360:   'Allah
40587726096955676915925008:   Lug Luath MacCEITHNENN
40587727655190152869838848:   Antenor I the TROJAN; King of TROY; (Antoenor)
46523907191945941879914496: *** Same as 9443318823911424 (Aeneas `the Dardanian' (King) of LATIUM)
46523907191945941879914497:   Lavinia of LATIUM; (betrothed to Turnus)
46523907191945941879914498:   Melus; also begat Bosses (m. Grata)
46523907191953346403500032: *** Same as 5815488398994168300572672 (David (1st King) of JUDAH & ISRAEL)
46523907191953346403500033:   (NN), 9th wife of David
*A46523907191953346403500033: *** Same as 5815488398994168300572673 (Bathsheba (Bathshua) bat AMMIEL)
46523907191953346404581380:   Ibzan of BETHLEHEM; also begat 30 sons, 30 daughters; 10th Judge of ISRAEL; poss. aka Boaz ben SALMON; (Bethlehem in Galilee; Ibzan prob. of Tribe of Zebulon, poss. of Asher)
*A46523907191953346404581380: *** Same as 23261953595976673202290760 (Boaz ben SALMON)
46523907191953346404581392:   Hanun (King) of JORDAN
46523907191953346404581408:   Elkanah
46523907191953346404581428:   Ammihud (King) of GESHUR
A46523907191953346404581428:   (NN) of GESHUR
46523907191953346404581440:   Naphtali ibn JACOB; also begat Jahziel (Jahzeel Jaziel Jesiel Yachzeel), Guni, Jezer (Jeser Jazer), Shillem (Sallem Sellem Shalem), Twelfth Tribe of Israel; (10th son, Nephthali)
46523907191953346404581456:   Moses (Mousos) of EXODUS; aka Moses (Moshe) ben AMRAM the Deliverer of ISRAEL; Prince (High Priest) of EGYPT; `the Lawgiver'; ordered built the Ark of the Covenant of Yahweh ; led Israelites to Promised Land; aka Musa, 3rd Ulul Azmi of ISLAM; eponym of MOSAIC Law; poss. aka Ramses Khamenteru (Chancellor) of EGYPT; poss. aka Mochus (Moschus) the PHOENICIAN; (some speculation equates him with Akhenaton (10th PHARAOH) of 18th Dynasty, q.v.); Philosopher; (MIPHMHH #15)
46523907191953346404581457:   Zipporah; also bore Gershom (Gersam), Eliezer; aka Tzipporah (Sephora); (comely & fit)
46523907191953346404581504:   Shiphtan
A46523907191953346404581504:   (NN), a BENJAMITE; or: poss. Samson the NAZARITE
A46523907191953346404581505:   Delilah (Dalila); (2nd wife; betrayed Samson for 5500 pieces of silver); (poss. of JUDAHITE descent); Wadi Sorek
46523907191953346404581520:   Salmon ben NAHSHON; also m. poss. Saphila (Saleen?) bat Aminadab; aka Salma (Shalmon) the ISRAELITE; Sinai 1214? BC - ? Judah
46523907191953346404581521: *** Same as 88737310775667884039 (Rahab (Rachab) `the Harlot')
*A46523907191953346404581521:   Rachab (Rahab) `the Harlot' bas BEZALEEL [alt ped]; also bore daughters of Joshua; (taverner, saved the lives of Israel's spies in Jericho, so was saved in destruction of Jericho; Harlot may mean widow)
46523907191953346404581522:   Eglon (King) of MOABITES & Amalikites; or: poss. (NN), son of Eglon; (ruled Israel for 18 years); ('Eglon); slain by Ehud ben Gera
46523907191953346404581523:   poss. (Miss) of MOAB
46523907191953346404581525:   poss. Nafut bas SHELAH; poss. few missing generations
46523907191953346404581536:   Nabnasi (High Priest) of MA'AT; (Nabneshi; Nebnashi; in EGYPT)
46523907191953346404581540:   Pinudjem I (PHARAOH) of EGYPT; High Priest of Amen Re; Great Commander of the Army; 3rd King of 21-B Dynasty
46523907191953346404581541:   Istemkheb I of THEBES
46523907191953346404582144:   Abibaal (King) of TYRE (& SIDON); (Abi-Ba''a; of BYBLOS); ? - 978? BC
46523907191953346410840064:   Ashur-reshi-ishi I (King) of ASSYRIA; reigned 18 years; 13th King of Middle Assyrian Period; (Assur-res-isi I); ? - 1115? BC
46523907191953346410840320: *** Same as 11630976797988336602710084 (Enlil-Nadin-Aplis (King) of BABYLON)
46523907191953346410840336:   Itti-Marduk-Balatu (EMPEROR) of BABYLON; ? - 1134? BC
46523907191953346410889216:   Kish ben ABIEL, the BENJAMINITE; aka Kisj (Cis) of ISRAEL
46523907191953346410889218: *** Same as 5679187889642744578048 (Ahimaaz ben ZADOK)
46523907191953363583369216:   Koath (Kohath Caath) ben LEVI; also begat Hebron, Uzziel (Oziel : father of Mishael & Elzaphan & Sithri); eponym of the CAATHITES
46523907191953363583369217:   poss. Fahir
46523907191953363583369218: *** Same as 45433503117141939848320 (Gerson ben LEVI)
46523907191953363583369220:   Ram (Aram) (Prince) of ISRAEL; (Arni Rama; ben HETZRON); Egypt 1589? BC - 1464+ BC
46523907191953363583369221:   Kiya-Tasherit; aka Kuja-Tasherit; (there are various ways Moses may be connected with Akhenaton and his relatives; we just show a few possibilities)
*A46523907191953363583369221:   Phozib bat SHELAH; (Phosib Safuza)
A48456724755292916346257408:   Ausstaeb (King) of GERMANS; (Istaevon); poss. same as Instio of Istaevones (shown here as his uncle); ? - 1820+ BC

Generation 87    (My 84-great grandparents)

79600212119396942268596224:   Aspyan-i Pur-gav; also begat Barmayun, Katayun; aka Abtiian (Abtin Abtyan)
A79600212119396942268597248:   Mayshye; aka Musa (Mashyo)
B79600212119396942268597248:   First Speaker of Southwestern Iranian; also begat Tati, Luri, Fars
A79600212119396942268597249:   Mashyak
A79600212119396942268597250: *** Same as A79600212119396942268597248 (Mayshye)
A79600212119396942268597251: *** Same as A79600212119396942268597249 (Mashyak)
79600212121665548356419584: *** Same as A379132427463513994428416 (First Speaker of Dene-Nostratic)
79600221054597349561598304:   First Speaker of Hurro-Vasconic; also begat Vasconic (Basque); aka Dene-Caucasian T-Group; poss. aka Ibero-Caucasian
C79600221055355814989005312:   Tscheng-Wang (EMPEROR) of CHINA; aka Ch'eng Sung Yung; ? - 1078? BC
C79600221055355814989005313:   poss. (NN), granddaughter of Emperor Zhou; (speculation)
79671777938369135222194176:   Warada Dahay of ETHIOPIA
A81117491028801534269587456:   Man of the Aurignacian toolkit; invented burin; Cro-Magnon man; 35,000 BC - ?
81149164340577773635502080:   Airer Ard MacROTHECHTAID; aka Firarda (Fearard); Prince of IRELAND
81149293215659314049449984:   Tait (Tat) MacOGAMAIN (King) of SCTHIA; continued war with old Scythian rulers
*A81149293215659314049449984:   Ogmhan
81149293215659314049474560:   Osorkon I (PHARAOH) the LIBYAN; 2nd King of the 22nd Dynasty of EGYPT; aka Sekhem-kheper-re; aka Sekhemkheperre Sepentre Osorkon I; 955? BC - 889? BC
81149293215659314049474561:   Maat `Ka Re' (Maatkare V) of EGYPT; 955? BC - ?
81149293215659314049474562:   Shedsunefertem
81149293215659314049474563:   Nesmut I
81149293215659314049474578: *** Same as 20287323303914828512368640 (Harsiese (Rival King) the LIBYAN)
81149293215659314049474579:   Karomat II
81149293215659314049474584: *** Same as 81149293215659314049474560 (Osorkon I (PHARAOH) the LIBYAN)
81149293215659314049474585:   Tashedkhonsu; (Taschedchons)
81149293215659314049475072:   First Speaker of Nilo-Saharan [standard model]; also begat Saharan (Kanuri etc.), Berta, poss. Komuz (Koman : Gumuz), Kunama, Songhai, poss. Kuliak
A81149293215659314049475072:   First Speaker of Saharo-Sahelian; also begat Saharan (Kanuri etc.); 7500? BC
B81149293215659314049475072:   First Speaker of Niger-Saharan [Blench Model]; also begat other Nilo-Saharan groups; aka Kongo-Saharan; poss. aka Melano-African
81149293215659314049475592: *** Same as 619318459363238084640 (Hor-Khem (King) of KUSH)
81149293215659314049475596:   (NN) ... (NN); many missing generations
81168069695208600138416128:   Artrach MacAIRTRI
81175133068825276421505024:   Irial (Iarel Eurialus) Faidh (Faith) MacEREMOIN; 10th MONARCH of IRELAND; could foretell the future; 784? BC - 741? BC
81175133068825276421505032:   Eadngall of IRELAND; ? BC - 759? BC
81175309105513210985840640:   Ezram ha-DAVID; aka Ezram ben YEHORUM
A81175309105658349473759232:   Nessos (King) of EPIRUS; (Nessus)
81175309105658349474283520:   Hyllus (Chief; of THEBES) HERACLIDE; also begat Evaechme; aka Hyllos (King) of the DORIANS
81175309105658349474283521:   Iole of OECHALIA; also m. Heracles (Hyllus' father : unm.); favorite concubine of Heracles, after his death married his son Hyllus
81175309105658349480316928: *** Same as 151093101182582920 (Tantalus (King) of PHRYGIA (LYDIA))
81175309105658349480316929: *** Same as 151093101182582921 (Dione the HYADE)
81175309105658349480316930:   Lycus the RIVER GOD
A81175309105658349480317057: *** Same as B151093101182582933 (Cybele, the Mother GODDESS)
B81175309105658349480317059: *** Same as B151093101182582933 (Cybele, the Mother GODDESS)
A81175309105658349480317064:   (NN) ... (NN) of PHRYGIA; poss. missing generations
A81175309105658349480317068:   (NN) ... (NN); several missing generations
81175309105658350010368000:   (NN) ... (NN); many missing generations
A81175309105658350010368000:   Pharnak II (King) of Ancient ARMENIA; ? - 765 BC
81175309105658350010504192:   Aeson of IOLCUS; rightful heir to Cretheus, but throne was usurped by Pelias
81175309105658350010504193:   Alcimede of PHOCIS; or: Amphinome of IOLCUS
*A81175309105658350010504193:   Rhoeo
81175309105658350010504194: *** Same as 75546550591291410 (Aeetes (King) of COLCHIS)
81175309105658350010504195:   Idyia the (youngest) OCEANID; aka Eidyia (Knowledge)
*A81175309105658350010504195: *** Same as 75546550591291411 (Hecate of the UNDERWORLD)
81175309105658350010516480:   Nabjan
A81175309105658350010516528: *** Same as 316865199331256142725156 (Elam ben SHEM)
81175309105658350010516736:   Asrit; (Esrit)
*A81175309105658350010516736:   Esrit [alt ped]; (Esret)
81175309105658350010516800:   Avirafshyang; (Virafshang)
81175309105658350010516807:   Tambayak
81175309105658350037905408:   Epidycus
81175309105658350037905472:   Megakles (poss. 6th Perpetual Archon) of ATHENS
A81175309105658350037905920:   Agenor
81175309105658350037906048: *** Same as 1298804945690533600606486530 (Coronus the ARGONAUT)
81175309105658350037906052: *** Same as 162350618211316698948567040 (Heracles (ALCIDES) of THEBES)
81175309105658350037906053:   Chalciope (Princess) of COS
81175309105658350037906144:   Briacas of ORCHOMENUS
81175309105658350037906432:   Orpheus
81175309105658350037906433:   Eurydice; (d. by snakebite fleeing from Aristaeus, brought back to life by tears of the Furies, died a 2nd time when disobedient Orpheus gazed on her); d. fleeing from Aristaeus
81175309105658350037907520: *** Same as 1208744809460662322 (Neleus (King) of PYLOS)
81175309105658350037907521: *** Same as 1208744809460662323 (Meliboea (Chloris) of THEBES)
81175309105658617103646720:   Dayshan bayt KEDAR; (Deshan)
A81175309105658617103646720:   al-Shahdud
81175452193911353831850016:   Ceithnenn Cas MacDANANN
81175455310380305739677696:   Plaserius II the TROJAN
93047814383891883759828994: *** Same as 9443318823911428 (Latinus (King) of LATIUM)
93047814383891883759828995:   Amata
93047814383891883759828996:   Franco
93047814383906692809162760:   (NN) of BETHLEHEM; some missing generations
93047814383906692809162784:   Nahash (King) of the AMMONITES; also begat Zeruiah, Abigail (m. Ithra)
*A93047814383906692809162784:   poss. Nahash (King) of the AMMONITES [alt ped]
93047814383906692809162816:   Assir (Aser)
93047814383906692809162856:   Tolmai (King) of GESHUR; poss. progenitor of NEPHILIM
*B93047814383906692809162856:   poss. Laadan
A93047814383906692809162856:   Asshur (eponym) of GESHUR; poss. aka Puzur Asshur I (King) of ASSYRIA, q.v.; eponym of ASSYRIA
93047814383906692809162857:   (Miss; Ma'acha?) of GIBEON; aka daughter of GIBE'AH
93047814383906692809162880: *** Same as 154719335610964913440 (Jacob ibn ISAAC (King of GOSHEN))
93047814383906692809162881: *** Same as 154719335610964913441 (Bilhah, the Handmaid)
93047814383906692809162912: *** Same as 23261953595976681791684608 (Amram ben KOHATH ha-LEVI)
93047814383906692809162913: *** Same as 23261953595976681791684609 (Jochebed (Yocheved) ha-LEVI)
93047814383906692809162914:   Jethro (Priest) of MIDIAN; also begat six other daughters, poss. Hobab, poss. Eliasaph; aka Reuel (Reuel Hobab); (Yitro; of MADIAN); poss. aka Shoaib, PROPHET of Allah for the MIDIANITES; Chief PROPHET (& progenitor) of the DRUZE
93047814383906692809162915:   poss. (NN), a CUSHITE; (the wife of Moses was called a Cushite; several explanations have been speculated, Cuhsite mother being one)
93047814383906692809163008:   Elishama
A93047814383906692809163008:   (NN) ... (NN); some missing generations
93047814383906692809163040:   Nahshon ben AMMINADAB (Prince of JUDAH); Prince of Tribe of JUDAH during journey through wilderness; aka Naasson (Nahasson Nahahon Nahason Nachshon Nashon) Pitiel the ISRAELITE; 1339? BC - ?
93047814383906692809163041:   Simar bat YUHANNAS; or: Aram bat ADAM
A93047814383906692809163042:   Beseleel ben URI; (constructed the Ark of the Covenant of Yahweh , assisted by Ooliab bin Achisamech of Dan); (Bezeleel Bazaleel Bezaleel)
93047814383906692809163044:   Balak (King) of MOABITES
93047814383906692809163046:   Jehozabad of MOAB
93047814383906692809163050:   Shelah ben JUDAH; also begat Er (father of Lecah), Laadah (father of Mareshah); (Sela)
93047814383906692809163072:   Mawasen (High Priest) of MA'AT; (Mawasata; in EGYPT)
93047814383906692809163080:   Piankh (Piankhi) I of EGYPT; 2nd King of 21-B Dynasty; ? - 1060? BC
93047814383906692809163081:   Hrere of EGYPT
93047814383906692809163082: *** Same as 93047814383906692809163080 (Piankh (Piankhi) I of EGYPT)
93047814383906692809163083:   Henttawy
93047814383906692809164288:   Hiram I (King) of BYBLOS; (some srcs show Hiram I as son of Abibaal, with no Hiram II)
93047814383906692821680128:   Mutakkil-Nusku (King) of ASSYRIA; reigned less than 1 year; (Mutak-Kil-Nusku); ? - 1133+ BC
93047814383906692821680672:   Marduk-Kabit-Achcheschu (EMPEROR) of BABYLON; King of ISIN; ? - 1142? BC
93047814383906692821680673:   (Miss) of BABYLON
93047814383906692821778432:   Abiel ben ZEROR
*A93047814383906692821778432:   poss. Ner ben JEIEL of GIBEON; or: Jehiel (Ner's father); (Bible books Kings and Chronicles seem to differ on whether Ner was Kish's father or brother)
93047814383906692821778433:   Maacah of GIBEON; aka Maacha of JUDAH
93047814383906727166738432: *** Same as 90867006234283879696640 (Levi ibn JACOB)
93047814383906727166738433:   poss. Melcha bat ARAM; (Mekhaliah Milkah); (same person as Benjamin's wife?)
93047814383906727166738434: *** Same as 90867006234283879696640 (Levi ibn JACOB)
93047814383906727166738435: *** Same as 90867006234283879696641 (Adinah bint JOBAB)
93047814383906727166738440:   Hezron ibn PHARES (Prince of JUDAH); also begat Jerameel (Jerahmeel : 5-g grandfather of Ahlai etc.), Kenaz (father of Othniel (1st Judge of Canaan) : gt-grandfather of Geharashim), (by Abia) Ashur (father of Thecua etc.); eponym of the Hesronites; aka Esrom (Hetzron Chazron Esron Hesron Ezrom) the JUDAHITE; Palestine 1715? BC - ?
93047814383906727166738441:   Abijah (Abia); or: poss. Abiah(?) bint MACHIR or: prob. not Jephunneh
*A93047814383906727166738441:   poss. Kanita bat ZEBULUM; also bore Kenaz (father of Othniel (1st Judge of Canaan) : gt-grandfather of Geharashim); (bint ZEBULUN)
93047814383906727166738442: *** Same as 46523907191953346404581456 (Moses (Mousos) of EXODUS)
A93047814383906727166738442:   (NN) ... (NN); some missing generations
93047814383906727166738443: *** Same as 46523907191953346404581457 (Zipporah)
A96913449510585832692514816:   Ingio (King) of GERMANS; also begat ancestors of Norse & Gothic & Burgundian Kings; aka Eingeb (Ingaevon Ing); King and eponym of INGAEVONES; ? - 1870+ BC
A96913449510585832692514817: *** Same as 344305737793 (Frigga (GODDESS of the Clouds))

Generation 88    (My 85-great grandparents)

159200424238793884537192448:   Aspyan-i Sok-gav
A159200424238793884537194496:   Kayumars (1st Shah of PERSIA); also begat poss. Fars, poss. 'Irak, poss. Tuz, poss. Sham, poss. Damaghan; Founded the PISHDADIAN Dynasty; First man (in Zoroasterian & Persian myth); aka Kaiumers (Keyumars, Gayomard, Gayomart, Keiomarz); poss. aka Purusha (q.v.); poss. aka Ymir (q.v.)
B159200424238793884537194496:   First Speaker of Late Western Iranian; also begat Northwestern Iranian (Baluchi : Caspian : Kurdish : Talysh : Azari : Parthian etc.)
A159200424238793884537194498: *** Same as A159200424238793884537194496 (Kayumars (1st Shah of PERSIA))
159200442109194699123196608:   First Speaker of Macro Caucasian; also begat prob. Burushaski; aka Ibero-Caucasian, Macro-Caucasic; (Bengtson-Ruhlen, unlike Gordon, do not place Caucasian and Sino-Dene into separate macro-families)
C159200442110711629978010624:   Fah-Wu-Wang (EMPEROR) of CHINA; Founder of the TSCHOU Dynasty; (Wu-Wang); ? - 1115? BC
C159200442110711629978010626:   (NN) SHANG
159343555876738270444388352:   Abralyus WIYANKIHI of ETHIOPIA
A162234982057603068539174912:   Modern Man in Northern Asia; Upper Paleolithic Era; (earlier Neanderthal man was still dominant); ca 45,000 BC - ?
*B162234982057603068539174912:   Man of the Chatelperronian toolkit; aka `Mode 4' toolkit of the Upper Paleolithic Era; invented blades; (according to Harpending & Eller, Mode 4 tools, which didn't appear in Australia, are not diagnostic of human modernity, but rather arise in societies where parentage customs allow male leisure); 45,000 BC - ?
162298328681155547271004160:   Rothechtaid (Rotheachta Rotheacta) MacROS
162298586431318628098899968:   Ogaman (Ogamain Agnamon) (King) of SCTHIA; aka Ogmhan; or King of CRETE
A162298586431318628098899968:   Heber
162298586431318628098949120: *** Same as 2907744199497084150286346 (Shoshank I (1st PHARAOH) of 22nd Dynasty)
162298586431318628098949121:   Kar'oma (Karamat I) of EGYPT
162298586431318628098949122:   Psusennes II (III) of THEBES; High Priest of Amun; last PHARAOH of the 21st Dynasty of EGYPT; 990? BC - 940? BC
*A162298586431318628098949122:   Psusennes II of THEBES [alt ped]; High Priest of Amun; PHARAOH of the 21st Dynasty of EGYPT; 990? BC - 940? BC
162298586431318628098949123:   poss. descendant of Inyotef VII
162298586431318628098949126: *** Same as 2907744199497084150286346 (Shoshank I (1st PHARAOH) of 22nd Dynasty)
162298586431318628098949127:   Penreshnes
162298586431318628098949158:   Iuput (Iuwelot) (Prince) of EGYPT
162298586431318628098949170:   Shedsu-nefertum (High Priest) of PTAH; aka Shedsounefertem; High Priest of MEMPHIS; (the long lineage of Priests is largely conjectural)
162298586431318628098949171:   Mehtenwesket of EGYPT
162298586431318628098950144:   poss. First Speaker of Congo-Saharan; aka Kongo-Saharan; aka Zinj; poss. aka Melano-African
A162298586431318628098950144:   First Speaker of North Sudanic; also begat Kunama; 9000? BC
B162298586431318628098950144: *** Same as 162298586431318628098950144 (poss. First Speaker of Congo-Saharan)
162298586431318628098951192: *** Same as 2892550868709670976 (poss. Put (Phut Punt Phuth) HAMITIDY)
162298586431318628098951193:   Bakht YAPHETIDY; also bore Gebul, Hadan (Adan), Benah
162336139390417200276832256:   Airtri (Artra) MacEBRIC; King of Uladh
162350266137650552843010048:   Heremon (2nd MONARCH) of IRELAND; also begat Muimhne (3rd M), Luighine (4th M), Laighean (5th M); aka Eremon (Eermon Eremoin Ereamhon) MacMILED; aka Ghedhe the Ereamhon; father of 4 Monarchs; 824? BC - 796? BC or ? - 1699+ BC
162350266137650552843010049:   poss. Tamar (TEPHI) of JUDAH; aka Tamar-Telphi; (impossible dates)
*A162350266137650552843010049:   Tea ingen LUGDACH
162350266137650552843010064: *** Same as 1238239947748707794944 (Eadamhuin (Edaman) MacMAL)
162350618211026421971681280:   Jehoram ha-DAVID; aka Yehorum ben NATAN
A162350618211316698947518464:   Eubios (King) of EPIRUS; (Eubius)
162350618211316698948567040:   Heracles (ALCIDES) of THEBES; also begat Phaestus (founder of Phaistos : grandfather of Hippolytus (King of Sicyon)), poss. Lydus of Lydia (q.v.), prob. not Alcaeus (q.v.), Celeustanor, Agathyrsus, several others; also m. Hebe (Goddess of Youth), poss. Parthenope (dau of Stymphalus (q.v.)), several others; aka Hercules (Herakles) the HERO; did many famous exploits, especially the twelve Labours; poss. defeated Troy; (poss. aka Targitaus of SCYTHIA, q.v.)
162350618211316698948567041:   Deianira of CALYDON; aka Djanira (Dejanire Deianeira) of KALYDON
162350618211316698948567042:   Eurytus (Prince) of OECHALIA; also begat Iphitus, poss. Dryope the Nymph (q.v.); famed archer who tutored Heracles but denied him Iole decades later; slain by Heracles
162350618211316698948567043:   Antiope of OECHALIA
162350618211316698960633860: *** Same as 75546550591291398 (Oceanus the TITAN)
162350618211316698960633861: *** Same as 75546550591291399 (Tethys the TITAN)
A162350618211316698960634128:   Midas (King) of PHRYGIA; also begat Anchurus (King of Ancyra : m. Timothea), Lityerses, Zoe; aka Mita (King) of MUSHKI; King of PESSINUS; (with the ability to turn everything he touched into gold, myths considered him among the wealthiest people)
A162350618211316698960634136:   prob. Cometes of IONIA; or: one of Cometes's brothers (Daimenes, Leontomenes, Sparton, Tellis)
162350618211316700020736000:   Armaneak (eponym of ARMENIA); also begat Kadmos; (Armenak); ? - 1980? BC
A162350618211316700020736000:   Parnawaz (King) of Ancient ARMENIA; ? - 805 BC
162350618211316700021008384: *** Same as 2417489618921324640 (Cretheus (King) of IOLCUS)
162350618211316700021008385: *** Same as 2417489618921324641 (Tyro of THESSALY)
162350618211316700021008386:   Phylacus of PHOCIS; or: Cephalus of CEPHALLENIA (q.v. : Phylacus' brother); (Phylagus)
A162350618211316700021008386:   Staphylus
162350618211316700021008387: *** Same as 664988132193553203510521626657 (Clymene of the MINYANS)
A162350618211316700021008387:   Chrysothemis
162350618211316700021008390: *** Same as 75546550591291398 (Oceanus the TITAN)
162350618211316700021008391: *** Same as 75546550591291399 (Tethys the TITAN)
162350618211316700021032960:   Tafar
162350618211316700021033472:   Shahr
A162350618211316700021033472:   Sham (King of SEISTAN); (Saum)
162350618211316700021033600:   Taz (King & eponym) of the TAZIKS; aka Taj
162350618211316700021033601:   Tazak
162350618211316700021033615:   Owoikhm
162350618211316700075810816:   Daiclus (Aeclus)
162350618211316700075810944:   Phorbas; ? - 922? BC
A162350618211316700075811840:   Akestor
162350618211316700075812106:   Eurypylus (Princess) of COS
162350618211316700075812288:   Aeginetes (King) of ORCHOMENUS; also begat Polymestor (King); (given this name due to friendship between Arcadians & Aeginetans)
162350618211316700075812864:   Oeagrus; also begat Marsyas, Linus
*A162350618211316700075812864: *** Same as 19339916951370597208 (Apollo the OLYMPIAN)
162350618211316700075812865:   Calliope the MUSE of Epic Poetry; also bore Marsyas, Linus, The Corybantes, Crinacus, Rhesus; also m. Strymon, Oeagrus; (eldest muse; her emblem is a writing tablet)
162350618211317234207293440:   'Isar bayt KEDAR; (Aisar)
A162350618211317234207293440:   al-Zarib Khatim al-NAR
162350904387822707663700032:   Danann Derg MacEITHEOR
162350910620760611479355392:   Gaberiano (Zaberian) the TROJAN; (Zaberion)
186095628767783767519657990:   Pilumnus
186095628767783767519657992:   Hector the TROJAN; Champion Warrior of TROY; slain by Achilles, q.v.
186095628767783767519657993:   Andromache of THEBE; became Pyrrhus' wife as a spoil of war; aka Andromaque of THEBES
186095628767813385618325520:   Beth-Lehem
186095628767813385618325568:   Benammi (Ammon) of the AMMONITES; aka Ben-Ammi, eponyn of AMMONITES; (Killed Reffeoir, King of Scythia, in hand-to-hand combat)
A186095628767813385618325568:   Tehennah
186095628767813385618325632:   Core (Korah) ha-LEVI; also begat Elcana; eponym of the CORITES
186095628767813385618325712:   Anak (King) of HEBRON; eponym of the ANAKIM
A186095628767813385618325712: *** Same as 158432599665628071362576 (Shem (Sceaf Sam Sem) ibn NOAH)
B186095628767813385618325712:   Tahan (Thehen)
A186095628767813385618325713: *** Same as 158432599665628071362577 (Sedeqetelebab)
186095628767813385618325714:   Shimean of GIBEON; (Samaan Shemea'an Sheme'an)
186095628767813385618325828:   poss. Dadardo; or: prob. not Henoch (Dadardo's 2-g uncle)
186095628767813385618325830:   (NN) ... (NN); many missing generations
186095628767813385618326016:   Ammihud
A186095628767813385618326016:   Beker ha-BENJAMIN; also begat Zemirah, Joash, Eliezer, Elionai, Omri, Jerimoth, Abiah, Anathoth, Alemoth; (Becher Bechor Bekher)
186095628767813385618326080: *** Same as 23261953595976681791684610 (Aminadab (Amminadab) bar RAM)
186095628767813385618326081:   Thehara bat ARAM; or: Baruma bat HESRON
A186095628767813385618326084:   Uri ben HUR
186095628767813385618326088:   Tzipor the MOABITE; (Zippor, `Sparrow')
186095628767813385618326092:   Shimrith of MOAB
186095628767813385618326100: *** Same as 372191257535626908666953760 (Judah (Judas Juda) ibn JACOB)
186095628767813385618326101:   Aliyath bat SHUA (of ZEMAR); aka Bath-shua
186095628767813385618326144:   Buyuwawa (High Priest) of MA'AT; (in EGYPT; of 22nd Dynasty)
186095628767813385618326160:   Hrior of EGYPT; aka Herihor (Herihor Hemnet Jertepyeamen) of THEBES (21st Dynasty); High Priest of Amun; 1150? BC - 1070? BC
186095628767813385618326161:   Nodjmet of EGYPT
186095628767813385618326162: *** Same as 186095628767813385618326160 (Hrior of EGYPT)
186095628767813385618326163: *** Same as 186095628767813385618326161 (Nodjmet of EGYPT)
186095628767813385618326166:   Nebseny; aka Nebseni; (a judge)
186095628767813385618326167:   Tayu-Herat
186095628767813385618328576:   (NN) ... (NN); many missing generations
186095628767813385618328577:   (NN) ... (NN); some missing generations
186095628767813385643360256:   Ashur-dan I (King) of ASSYRIA; reigned 36 or 46 years; 12th King of Middle Assyrian Period; ? - 1134? BC
186095628767813385643361344:   poss. (NN) ... (NN) of the JAKIN Tribe; many missing generations
186095628767813385643361346:   Zababa-Shuma-Iddina (King) of BABYLON; (skip this generation?); ? - 1157 BC
186095628767813385643556864:   Zerror ben BECORATH; (Seror Zeror)
A186095628767813385643556864: *** Same as 744382515071253542473302856 (Jehiel (Jeiel Ya'el) of GIBEON)
*B186095628767813385643556864:   Jehiel (Jeiel Ya'el) of GIBEON [alt ped]; also begat Abdon, Sur (Zur), Cis (Kish), Baal, Nadab, Gedor, Ahio, Zacharias (Zacher Zechariah), Macelloth (Mikloth : father of Samaan (Shimean)); aka Abigabaon (progenitor of GABAON)
A186095628767813385643556865: *** Same as 93047814383906692821778433 (Maacah of GIBEON)
186095628767813385643556866:   Gibea'ah of GIBEON
186095628767813454333476866:   Aram
*A186095628767813454333476866: *** Same as 95280961929120453449501115442 (Aram)
186095628767813454333476880:   Perez (Phares); also begat Hamul; the twin of Zerah; eponym of the PEREZITES; (Peretz); 1738? BC - 1638? BC
186095628767813454333476881:   Barayah (bas JACOB ?); or: poss. Tamar; (Barijah)
186095628767813454333476882:   poss. Nachit; or: poss. Machir
A186095628767813454333476882: *** Same as 372191257535626908666953764 (Zebulum ibn JACOB)
A186095628767813454333476883: *** Same as 372191257535626908666953765 (poss. Nilman (Ni'Iman) of PADDAN-ARAM)
A186095628767813454333476884: *** Same as 93047814383906692809163050 (Shelah ben JUDAH)
A193826899021171665385029632: *** Same as 302304163641950208 (Mannus)

Generation 89    (My 86-great grandparents)

318400848477587769074384896:   Aspyan-i Bor-gav
A318400848477587769074388992:   poss. Spenta Mainyu (GOD of Benevolence)
B318400848477587769074388992:   First Speaker of Western Iranian
318400884218389398246393216:   First Speaker of Caucaso-Nostratic; also begat poss. Austric; poss. aka Borean; ca 25,000 BC
*A318400884218389398246393216: *** Same as A189566213731756997214208 (First Speaker of Buro-Dene)
C318400884221423259956021248:   Tschang-Wen-Wang (King) of TSCHOU & TSCHIN; Viscount of the West; (Inventor of milfoil divination); aka Chang Hsi-Bo Wen; ? - 1135? BC
*D318400884221423259956021248:   Tschang-Wen-Wang (Chang Hsi-Bo Wen) [alt ped]; ? - 1135? BC
C318400884221423259956021252:   Zhou, (28th & last King) SHANG; aka Hsi Wen, Ti Hsin, Djou, Di Xin; EMPEROR of CHINA; Invented chopsticks and novel tortures; reigned 1154 - 1134 BC; ? - 1134? BC
C318400884221423259956021253:   Ta Ji
318687111753476540888776704:   Tawasya II of ETHIOPIA; (Tahawasya)
A324469964115206137078349824:   Modern Man in Southern Asia; ca 60,000 BC - ?
B324469964115206137078349824:   Man of the Advanced Mousterian toolkit; 60,000 BC - ?
324596657362311094542008320:   Ros (Ross Rosa) Rigairled MacGLAS
324597172862637256197799936:   Beman (Baouman Boamain Beagamon) (King) of SCTHIA
A324597172862637256197799936: *** Same as 5193554765802196099164798976 (Gaodhal (Gadelas) Glas of EGYPT)
324597172862637256197898242: *** Same as 162298586431318628098949122 (Psusennes II (III) of THEBES)
324597172862637256197898244:   Pinudjem II Khakheperre Setepenamun of THEBES (EGYPT); High Priest of AMUN; 9th PHARAOH of the 21st Dynasty; aka Kha-kheper-re Setep-en-amun; 1025? BC - 945? BC (or 969)
A324597172862637256197898244:   Siamon (Si-Mentu) of THEBES; 6th King of the 21-A Dynasty; ? - 959? BC
324597172862637256197898245:   prob. Esemkhebe of THEBES; (Istemkheb)
*B324597172862637256197898245:   Neskhonsu (Neiskhons) of THEBES; (his 3rd wife)
A324597172862637256197898245:   Nesitaneb
324597172862637256197898246:   poss. (NN) ... (NN); many missing generations
324597172862637256197898254:   Psinnakhes
324597172862637256197898316: *** Same as 81149293215659314049474560 (Osorkon I (PHARAOH) the LIBYAN)
324597172862637256197898317: *** Same as 81149293215659314049474585 (Tashedkhonsu)
324597172862637256197898340:   Ankhefenshekhmet (High Priest) of PTAH
324597172862637256197898341:   Tapeshenese (1st Chief of Harem of PTAH); PROPHETESS of MUT
324597172862637256197898342: *** Same as 5815488398994168300572692 (Nimlot the LIBYAN)
324597172862637256197898343: *** Same as 5815488398994168300572693 (Tentsepah `the Libyan' of MA'AT)
324597172862637256197900288: *** Same as 636801768436778796492786432 (First Speaker of Congo-Nostratic)
*B324597172862637256197900288:   Unclassifiable language families; also begat Nihali (Nahali); (placeholder for language families which cannot be confidently placed)
A324597172862637256197900288:   First Speaker of Sudanic; also begat Central Sudanic, poss. Niger-Congo (q.v.); (in Blench's Niger-Saharan hypothesis, the whole Niger-Congo family is in a clade with Central Sudanic within a Kado-Sudanic subfamily)
324597172862637256197902386: *** Same as 79216299832814035681354 (Batawil YAPHETIDY)
324672278780834400553664512:   Hebric (hEbric) MacEBER; also begat Cearmna Finn (15th M), Sobhrach (16th M); two sons were MONARCH of IRELAND
324700532275301105686020096: *** Same as 9905919581989662359554 (Gallamh `Milesius' (King) in SPAIN)
324700532275301105686020097: *** Same as 9905919581989662359555 (Scota Tephi (Princess) of EGYPT)
*A324700532275301105686020097:   poss. daughter of Nectanebo II
324700532275301105686020098:   Zedekiah (Mattaniah) (22nd & last King) of JUDAH; or: prob. Johanan (q.v., Zedekiah's brother); also begat Malchijah (Crown Prince); during his reign Judah was conquered by Nebuchadnezzar II, q.v., who appointed Gedaliah (a descendant of King Joatham, q.v.) its Gov.; aka Tzidqiyahu ben YEHUYCHYN; deposed, blinded & exiled; ? - 577? BC
A324700532275301105686020098: *** Same as 4952959790994831179776 (Lugaid (Luy Luighaidh) MacITHA)
A324700532275301105686020099: *** Same as 44368655387833925633 (Tamar (Heiress) of the DAVIDIC Dynasty)
324701236422052843943362560:   Nathan ha-DAVID; aka Natan ben YOSHUA
A324701236422633397895036928:   Pielos (King) of EPIRUS; (Pielus)
324701236422633397897134080:   Amphitryon of MYCENAE; (of TREZENA)
*A324701236422633397897134080: *** Same as 37773275295645698 (Zeus the OLYMPIAN)
324701236422633397897134081:   Alcmena of MYCENAE; aka Alkmena (Alcmene, Leda?) of MYKENES; mortal wife of Amphitryon who was seduced by Zeus
324701236422633397897134082:   Oeneus (King) of CALYDON; also begat Gorge (m. Andraemon : gt-grandmother of Oxylus King of Elis); also m. Periboea (dau. of Hipponoos of Olenos); (Oenee Oineus); poss. STEPFATHER
*A324701236422633397897134082:   Dionysos (GOD of Wine); also begat poss. Alexander III the Great (q.v.); aka Bacchus; aka Dionysus; (Althea's lover); (the legend of his birth may be borrowed from the legend of Kenkenes Horus, q.v.)
324701236422633397897134083:   Althaea of CALYDON; also bore Gorge (m. Andraemon : gt-grandmother of Oxylus King of Elis)
324701236422633397897134084:   Melaneus (King) of the DRYOPIANS; aka Melas I
*A324701236422633397897134084:   Melas I (King) of the DRYOPIANS [alt ped]
324701236422633397897134085:   Oechalia of the DRYOPIANS; or: Stratonice of OECHALIA; eponym of City of Oechalia
324701236422633397897134086:   Pylo of the DRYOPIANS
A324701236422633397921268256: *** Same as 39636381399247240954242 (Gordios (1st King) of PHRYGIA)
A324701236422633397921268257: *** Same as B151093101182582933 (Cybele, the Mother GODDESS)
A324701236422633397921268272:   Tisamenus (King) of ARGOS, Mycenae & Sparta; after his defeat in battle, Argos passed to Heracleids of Doria
324701236422633400041472000:   Hayk (eponym and founder of HAYKID Dynasty); also begat Armenians (Ermenilerin); (legendary chief of the SOMEKHI who led migration from Mesopotamia to present-day Armenia; progenitor of ARMENIANS; first-born son of Togarmah; inherited Mount Ararat); aka Hayos (Hiak Haik) YAPHETIDY; ? - 1000?? BC
A324701236422633400041472000:   Kaypak (King) of Ancient ARMENIA; ? - 838 BC
324701236422633400042016772: *** Same as 604372404730331264 (Deioneus (King) of PHOCIS)
A324701236422633400042016772: *** Same as A324701236422633397897134082 (Dionysos (GOD of Wine))
324701236422633400042016773: *** Same as 604372404730331265 (Diomede of PHOCIS)
A324701236422633400042016773: *** Same as A9443318823911433 (poss. Ariadne (Princess) of CRETE)
324701236422633400042065920:   Tafuk
324701236422633400042066944:   Kurang
A324701236422633400042066944:   Tovorg
324701236422633400042067200: *** Same as A19900053029849235567149312 (Fravak)
324701236422633400042067201: *** Same as A19900053029849235567149313 (Fravakain)
324701236422633400042067202: *** Same as A19900053029849235567149312 (Fravak)
324701236422633400042067203: *** Same as A19900053029849235567149313 (Fravakain)
324701236422633400042067231:   Pairiurvo
324701236422633400151621632:   Philaeus of SALAMIS; ruled Salamis, then gave it to Athens in exchange for citizenship; eponym of PHILAIDES Clan
324701236422633400151621888:   Thersippos
A324701236422633400151623680:   Epilykos
324701236422633400151624212: *** Same as 302186202365165616 (Poseidon (the OLYMPIAN; GOD of the Sea))
324701236422633400151624213:   Astypalea; or: Alcyone the PLEIADE, q.v.; also bore Periclymenus
324701236422633400151624576:   Pompus (King) of ORCHOMENUS
324701236422633400151625728:   Charops
324701236422633400151625731: *** Same as C302186202365165867 (Mnemosyne the TITAN)
324701236422634468414586880:   Aqnad bayt KEDAR; (Afnam Afnad)
A324701236422634468414586880:   'Abqar; 694?? BC - ?
324701808775645415327400064:   Eitheor MacECHACH
324701821241521222958710784:   Eliacor the TROJAN
372191257535567535039315980:   Daunios
372191257535567535039315984: *** Same as 18886637647822850 (Priam Podarces (High King) of TROY)
372191257535567535039315985: *** Same as 18886637647822851 (Hecuba (Hecabe) of PHRYGIA)
372191257535567535039315986:   Eetion (King) of (Cicilian) THEBE; (Aetion Etion)
372191257535626771236651040:   Salma ben HUR
372191257535626771236651136:   Lot (of UR) ibn HARAN; also begat Paltith; aka Lut, PROPHET of Allah for SODOM and GOMORROH; Ur, Chaldea ? - ? Zoar, Canaan
A372191257535626771236651136:   Eshton
372191257535626771236651137:   Thamma; aka second daughter of LOT
372191257535626771236651264:   Isaar (Izehar) ha-LEVI; also begat Nepheg, Zicri (Zichri); (Izhar); poss. aka Aminadab
372191257535626771236651424:   Arba (King) of HEBRON; (skip this generation?)
B372191257535626771236651424: *** Same as 1419796972410686144628 (Ephraim ben JOSEPH)
372191257535626771236651428:   Mikloth of GIBEON; (Macelloth)
372191257535626771236651656:   Dadirad
372191257535626771236651660: *** Same as 4954547674905904677120 (Cush ben HAM)
372191257535626771236652032:   Eran of the ERANITES; (Heran)
A372191257535626771236652032: *** Same as 47640480964560226724750557184 (Benjamin (Benoni) ibn JACOB)
372191257535626771236652162: *** Same as 46523907191953363583369220 (Ram (Aram) (Prince) of ISRAEL)
372191257535626771236652163: *** Same as A46523907191953363583369221 (Phozib bat SHELAH)
A372191257535626771236652168:   Hur (Jephunneh) ben CALEB; (Yefuneh); Egypt 1562? BC - ?
A372191257535626771236652169:   Miriam (the PROPHETESS) bat AMRAM
372191257535626771236652176:   (NN) ... (NN) of the MOABITES; several missing generations
*A372191257535626771236652176: *** Same as 93047814383906692809162914 (Jethro (Priest) of MIDIAN)
372191257535626771236652184:   Shemai of MOAB
372191257535626771236652202:   Shua the CANAANITE; aka Shuah of ZEMAR
372191257535626771236652203:   poss. descendant of Parsaba (King) of ADULLAM; (speculation)
372191257535626771236652320:   Amenhotep (Amenothes) of EGYPT; Great Priest of Amun
372191257535626771236652321:   Isis
372191257535626771236652322: *** Same as 372191257535626771236652320 (Amenhotep (Amenothes) of EGYPT)
372191257535626771236652323:   Hrere of EGYPT
372191257535626771236652334:   Ramses (Ramesses) IX (PHARAOH) of EGYPT; 8th King of the 20th Dynasty; 1160? BC - 1108 BC
372191257535626771236652335:   Baktwernel; 1158? BC - ?
372191257535626771236657152:   Sidon ben CANAAN (eponym) of SIDONIANS; (Zidon; first-born son of Canaan)
372191257535626771236657154:   Melqart (1st King) of TYRE; (Melicertes Melkrat)
372191257535626771286720512:   Ninurta-apil-Ekur (King) of ASSYRIA; 11th King of Middle Assyrian Period; ? - 1180? BC
372191257535626771286720513:   (Miss) of BABYLON
372191257535626771286722688:   poss. Jakin ibn SIMEON; (Jachin Jokhin Jarib)
372191257535626771286722692:   Marduk-Apal-Iddina (EMPEROR) I of BABYLON; (Merodach-Baladan); ? - 1159? BC
372191257535626771287113728:   Bechorath ben APHIAH
B372191257535626771287113728:   Elphaa'el
372191257535626771287113732:   Sheva of GIBEON
372191257535626908666953732:   Kemuel
372191257535626908666953760:   Judah (Judas Juda) ibn JACOB; also begat Er (Her : k. by God), Onan (k. by God), First Tribe of Israel; (4th son); (Yehudah); King of GOSHEN; poss. assoc. with Jupiter (Iubiter); Palestine 1805 BC - 1676+ BC Egypt b. Hebron 1564? BC d. Goshen
372191257535626908666953761: *** Same as 19339916951370604545 (Tamar of KADESH)
372191257535626908666953762: *** Same as 90867006234283879696640 (Levi ibn JACOB)
372191257535626908666953764:   Zebulum ibn JACOB; also begat Sered (Sared), Elon, Jahleel (Jahelel Jalel Yachleel), Third Tribe of Israel; (6th son; Zebulun Zabulon Zevulun; of PADDAN-ARAM)
372191257535626908666953765:   poss. Nilman (Ni'Iman) of PADDAN-ARAM

Generation 90    (My 87-great grandparents)

636801696955175538148769792:   Aspyan-i Siya-gav
A636801696955175538148777984:   Ahura Mazda (Zoroasterian Creator GOD); also begat Amesha Spentas (seven sparks), the Yazatas, Angra Mainyu (the Destructive Principle); (relation of Zoroasterianism to other religions is unclear: it has relationships to other Dharmic religions, influenced Abrahamic and Manicheist religions, and may borrow from the ancient Kurgan religion itself)
B636801696955175538148777984:   First Speaker of Old Southern Iranian; also begat Southeastern Iranian (Pashto : Pamir)
636801768436778796492786432:   First Speaker of Congo-Nostratic; also begat poss. Nilo-Saharan; ca 30,000 BC
C636801768442846519912042496:   Tscheng-I-Wang; High King of TSCHOU; ? - 1168? BC
D636801768442846519912042496:   Ji Li (CHOU)
C636801768442846519912042504:   Di Yi, (27th King) SHANG; also begat Wei Zi; aka Fu I; EMPEROR of CHINA; reigned 1191 - 1154 BC; ? - 1154? BC
637374223506953081777553408:   Awseyo Sera II of ETHIOPIA; (Awsabyos)
A648939928230412274156699648:   Homo sapiens sapiens; Modern Man in Africa; 120,000 BC - ?
B648939928230412274156699648:   Man of the Middle Mousterian toolkit
649193314724622189084016640:   Glas (Glass) MacNUADAT
649194345725274512395599872:   Eimher (Iara Eubher) Scot (Scut) of CRETE; aka Heber Scot (Sat); wrested Scythia from Noemus' father; Crete - Scythia slain by Noemus
649194345725274512395796488:   MenKheperre' Hemnetjertepyenamun of THEBES; High Priest of Amun; 7th PHARAOH of the 21st Dynasty of EGYPT; 1065? BC - 992? BC
A649194345725274512395796488: *** Same as 649194345725274512395796508 (Osochor (Osokhor) of THEBES)
649194345725274512395796489:   Esemkhebe (Princess) of EGYPT; (Isiemkheb Istemkheb)
649194345725274512395796490: *** Same as 649194345725274512395796488 (MenKheperre' Hemnetjertepyenamun of THEBES)
A649194345725274512395796490: *** Same as 324597172862637256197898244 (Pinudjem II Khakheperre Setepenamun of THEBES (EGYPT))
B649194345725274512395796490:   Smendis II of THEBES; High Priest of AMUN
649194345725274512395796491: *** Same as 649194345725274512395796489 (Esemkhebe (Princess) of EGYPT)
A649194345725274512395796491: *** Same as B324597172862637256197898245 (Neskhonsu (Neiskhons) of THEBES)
B649194345725274512395796491:   prob. Tabent-Thuty
649194345725274512395796492:   Inyotef VII (PHARAOH) at THEBES; also begat poss. Sekenenre Tao II; aka Sekhemre-Heruhirmat Inyotef VII; 8th PHARAOH of the 17th Dynasty of EGYPT; 1630? BC - 1580 BC
649194345725274512395796508:   Osochor (Osokhor) of THEBES; 5th King of the 21-A Dynasty; aka Aakheperre Osorkhor of EGYPT; ? - 978? BC
649194345725274512395796680:   Askhabet (High Priest) of PTAH; 1030? BC - 960? BC
A649194345725274512395800576:   First Speaker of Nilo-Saharan [Ehret Model]; also begat Komuz (Koman : Gumuz); 15000? BC
B649194345725274512395800576: *** Same as 2547207073747115185971145728 (First Speaker of Middle Pan-afroasian)
649344557561668801107329024:   Eber (Heber) Donn MacIR; first King of ULSTER (ULADH); Spain
A649401064550602211372040194: *** Same as 154829614840809534978 (Nectanebo II (King) of EGYPT)
649401064550602211372040196: *** Same as 177474621551335702532 (Josias (Josiah) ha-DAVID (18th King) of JUDAH)
649401064550602211372040197: *** Same as 309658558154393296901 (Hamutal (Hamnutal) bat JEREMIAH (mi-LIBNAH))
649402472844105687886725120:   Joshua ha-DAVID; aka Yoshua ben YOASH
A649402472845266795790073856: *** Same as A39636381399247241229312 (Pyrrhus (King) of PTHIA & EPIRUS)
A649402472845266795790073857: *** Same as 186095628767783767519657993 (Andromache of THEBE)
649402472845266795794268160:   Alcaeus of MYCENAE; (Alceus Alkaios)
649402472845266795794268161:   Astydamia (II) of PISA; or: Laonome or: Hipponome of THEBES; (Astydameia)
649402472845266795794268162:   Electryon (King) of MYCENAE
649402472845266795794268163:   Anaxo of MYCENAE
*A649402472845266795794268163:   Eurydice (Lysidice) of PISA
649402472845266795794268164:   Porthaon (King) of PLEURON; also begat Agrius (King of Calydon); (also King of CALYDON)
A649402472845266795794268164: *** Same as 37773275295645698 (Zeus the OLYMPIAN)
649402472845266795794268165:   Euryte (I) of PLEURON; also bore Agrius (King of Calydon)
A649402472845266795794268165:   Semele of THEBES
*B649402472845266795794268165:   Lethe (IMMORTAL); River of Forgetfulness
649402472845266795794268166:   Thestius of PLEURON (of AETOLIA); also begat Iphiclus, Euippus, Prothous, Plexippus, Eurypylus; also m. Paneidyia; (Thestios)
649402472845266795794268167:   Laophonte of PLEURON; or: Eurythemis of PLEURON, q.v.
649402472845266795794268168: *** Same as 19339916951370597208 (Apollo the OLYMPIAN)
A649402472845266795794268168: *** Same as 649402472845266795794268164 (Porthaon (King) of PLEURON)
A649402472845266795794268169: *** Same as 649402472845266795794268165 (Euryte (I) of PLEURON)
649402472845266795794268172:   Naubolus of the DRYOPIANS
A649402472845266795842536544: *** Same as 44368655387827601408 (Orestes (King) of ARGOS, MYCENAE & Sparta)
A649402472845266795842536545:   Hermione of SPARTA; also m. Neoptolemus of Pthia
649402472845266800082944000: *** Same as 593067795940376592 (Togarmah (Tugarna) ben GOMER of UR)
A649402472845266800082944000:   Ambak II (King) of Ancient ARMENIA; ? - 883 BC
649402472845266800084131840:   Vaizanj
649402472845266800084133888:   Bidasp
A649402472845266800084133888:   Eurang
649402472845266800084134463:   Urvaesm
649402472845266800303243264:   Ajax `the Great' of SALAMIS; aka Aias (Aiax) ek ATHINAI; aka Aivas TLAMUNUS; (HERO of the Iliad , competed with Odysseus for Achilles' armor); suicide in shame when denied Achilles' armor
649402472845266800303243265:   Lyside; or: prob. not Tecmessa of PHRYGIA, q.v.
649402472845266800303243776:   Archippos
A649402472845266800303247360: *** Same as 324701236422633400151621632 (Philaeus of SALAMIS)
649402472845266800303248426: *** Same as 75546550591291466 (Phoenix (King & eponym) of PHOENICIA)
649402472845266800303248427: *** Same as 75546550591291467 (Perimede)
649402472845266800303249152:   Simus (King) of ORCHOMENUS
649402472845268936829173760:   Ayham bayt KEDAR; (Aiham Aihan)
A649402472845268936829173760:   Ibrahim Jami' al-SHAML
649403617551290830654800128:   Eochaid Fidmuine MacCONGAL
649403642483042445917421568:   Plesron (King of CIMMERIANS)
744382515071135070078631960:   Lykaon
744382515071253542473302080: *** Same as A372191257535626771236652168 (Hur (Jephunneh) ben CALEB)
744382515071253542473302081: *** Same as A372191257535626771236652169 (Miriam (the PROPHETESS) bat AMRAM)
744382515071253542473302272: *** Same as 1237754684887719307522 (Haran (Harran) ben TERAH)
A744382515071253542473302272:   Mehir
744382515071253542473302274: *** Same as 372191257535626771236651136 (Lot (of UR) ibn HARAN)
744382515071253542473302275:   Ado, Lot's first wife; also bore Paltith; (fled Sodom, looked back, turned to salt)
744382515071253542473302528: *** Same as 46523907191953363583369216 (Koath (Kohath Caath) ben LEVI)
744382515071253542473302529: *** Same as 46523907191953363583369217 (poss. Fahir)
744382515071253542473302848:   Yaphia (King) of HEBRON
744382515071253542473302856:   Jehiel (Jeiel Ya'el) of GIBEON; also begat Abdon, Sur (Zur), Cis (Kish : q.v.), Baal, Nadab, Gedor, Ahio, Zacharias (Zacher Zechariah); aka Abigabaon (progenitor of GABAON)
744382515071253542473302857: *** Same as 93047814383906692821778433 (Maacah of GIBEON)
744382515071253542473303312:   Hudino
744382515071253542473304064:   Shithelah; (Suthala)
A744382515071253542473304336: *** Same as 1488765030142507085148454928 (Caleb ben HEZRON)
*B744382515071253542473304336:   poss. Caleb ben HEZRON [alt ped]; also begat Jerioth, Mareshah (grandfather of Rekem & Shema), Ashhur, etc.; also m. (1st) Azuba, poss. Jerioth, poss. Hammoleketh, poss. Ephah, poss. Jahdai; aka Caleb ben JEPHUNNEH; (Calubi Chelubai); King of HEBRON
A744382515071253542473304337: *** Same as 2977530060285014170296909857 (Ephratha bint MACHIR (of MANESSEH))
A744382515071253542473304338: *** Same as 23261953595976681791684608 (Amram ben KOHATH ha-LEVI)
A744382515071253542473304339: *** Same as 23261953595976681791684609 (Jochebed (Yocheved) ha-LEVI)
744382515071253542473304352: *** Same as 762247695432963627492663672832 (Moab ibn LOT)
744382515071253542473304368:   Mesha of MOAB
744382515071253542473304404:   grandson of Zemar; (skip this generation?)
744382515071253542473304406:   Parsaba (King) of ADULLAM
744382515071253542473304640:   Ramessenakht of EGYPT; Great Priest of Amun
744382515071253542473304641:   Adjedet-Aat
744382515071253542473304642:   Ramses VI (Montjuhirkopshef) (PHARAOH ?) of EGYPT; or: poss. Montu Khopshef (Ramses VI 's brother); poss. 5th King of the 20th Dynasty; 1185? BC - 1136 BC
744382515071253542473304668: *** Same as 744382515071253542473304642 (Ramses VI (Montjuhirkopshef) (PHARAOH ?) of EGYPT)
744382515071253542473304669:   poss. Takhat; or: poss. Isis
744382515071253542473304670:   Rameses V (PHARAOH) of EGYPT; also m. Henutwati, Tawerettenru; 5th King of the 20th Dynasty; ? - 1143? BC
744382515071253542473314304: *** Same as 39608149916407017840676 (Canaan (eponym of CANAAN))
744382515071253542473314308:   (NN) ... (NN); many missing generations
744382515071253542573441024:   Ili-ihadda of ASSYRIA; (Ilu-ihadda)
744382515071253542573441026:   Adad-shuma-usur of BABYLON; ? - 1187? BC
744382515071253542573445376:   Simeon (Shim'on) ibn JACOB; also begat Jemuel (Nemuel Mumuel), Jamin (Yamin), Ohad, Zohar (Sohar : Zerah Zochar), Shaul (Saul : father of Shallum), Sarasadai; (2nd son; progenitor & eponym of ha-SIMEON)
744382515071253542573445377:   (NN), a CANAANITE; or: Dinah; also bore Jemuel, Jamin, Ohad, Zohar (Sohar : Zerah), Shaul (Saul : father of Shallum); (2nd son)
744382515071253542573445384:   Melishipak II (EMPEROR) of BABYLON; (Melischipak); ? - 1174? BC
744382515071253542573445385:   (Miss) of the HATTI
744382515071253542574227456:   Aphiah of GOSHEN; (Aphia Abijah)
*A744382515071253542574227456:   Aphiah ben SHCHORA of GOSHEN; (Aphia Abijah)
B744382515071253542574227456:   Shaharaa'im the BENJAMINITE; (of BeniAmin)
B744382515071253542574227457:   Hushim
744382515071253542574227464:   Shaaph of GIBEON; (Sha'aph)
744382515071253817333907464: *** Same as 1237754684887719307524 (Nahor (ben TERAH) the ARAMEAN)
744382515071253817333907465: *** Same as 1237754684887719307525 (Milcah (Milkah) bint HARAN)
744382515071253817333907520: *** Same as 154719335610964913440 (Jacob ibn ISAAC (King of GOSHEN))
744382515071253817333907521: *** Same as 181734012468567759393281 (Leah (Lia) bint LABAN)
744382515071253817333907528: *** Same as 154719335610964913440 (Jacob ibn ISAAC (King of GOSHEN))
744382515071253817333907529: *** Same as 181734012468567759393281 (Leah (Lia) bint LABAN)

Generation 91    (My 88-great grandparents)

1273603393910351076297539584:   Aspyan-i Spet-gav
B1273603393910351076297555968: *** Same as 37956338940460943392 (First Speaker of Iranian)
1273603536873557592985572864:   First Speaker of Late Pan-afroasian; ca 40,000 BC
C1273603536885693039824084992:   Li-Wah; Royal Prince of TSCHOU & TSCHIN; ? - 1200? BC
D1273603536885693039824084992:   Gu Gong Tan Fu T'ai Wang; Founder of the CHOU DYNASTY
C1273603536885693039824085008:   T'ai Ding, (26th King) SHANG; aka Wen-Wu Ting, Wen Ding; EMPEROR of CHINA; reigned 1194 - 1191 BC; ? - 1191? BC
1274748447013906163555106816:   Aksumay Ramissu of ETHIOPIA
A1297879856460824548313399296: *** Same as 40755313179953842975538331648 (Homo sapiens idaltu)
B1297879856460824548313399296:   Homo neanderthalis; aka Neanderthal Man; (Neanderthal man interbred with H. sapiens to some extent, as did, in East Asia, Denisovan Man)
1298386629449244378168033280:   Nuadu (Nuaghat) Declam MacECHACH; poss. aka Eanna Airgthach; poss. 21st MONARCH of IRELAND
1298388691450549024791199744:   Sru (Sruth Syruth) MacESRU; (driven out of Egypt); Egypt - Crete
1298388691450549024791592976: *** Same as 46523907191953346404581540 (Pinudjem I (PHARAOH) of EGYPT)
1298388691450549024791592977:   Henuttawy (I; Queen) of EGYPT; (Hanttwy); 1090? BC - 1055? BC
*A1298388691450549024791592977:   poss. Henuttawy (I; Queen) of EGYPT [alt ped]; (Hanttwy); 1090? BC - 1055? BC
1298388691450549024791592978:   Psusennes I (PHARAOH) of EGYPT; aka Akheperre Psusennes I; (Psibkhaemne Pesibkhenno); 3rd King of the 21-A Dynasty; ? - 1001?? BC
1298388691450549024791592979:   poss. Wiay
B1298388691450549024791592980: *** Same as 649194345725274512395796488 (MenKheperre' Hemnetjertepyenamun of THEBES)
B1298388691450549024791592981: *** Same as 649194345725274512395796489 (Esemkhebe (Princess) of EGYPT)
1298388691450549024791592984:   poss. Sobekemsaf Sekhemre-Shedtawi (PHARAOH) of EGYPT
1298388691450549024791592985:   poss. Nubkhas (Queen) of EGYPT
1298388691450549024791593016:   Amenemope (Amenophthis) of THEBES; 4th King of the 21-A Dynasty; aka Usermare Amenemope of EGYPT; ? - 984? BC
1298388691450549024791593360:   Neter-Kheper-re Mery-ptah (High Priest) of PTAH; (at time of Pharaoh Siamun)
A1298388691450549024791601152: *** Same as 162298586431318628098950144 (poss. First Speaker of Congo-Saharan)
*B1298388691450549024791601152: *** Same as B324597172862637256197900288 (Unclassifiable language families)
1298689115123337602214658048:   Ir (na IRENA) MacMILED; Isle of Irena slain along with 4 brothers on landing in Ireland
1298804945688211375773450240:   Joash ha-DAVID; aka Yoash ben GILHON
1298804945690533591588536320: *** Same as 302186202365165650 (Perseus of MYCENAE)
1298804945690533591588536321: *** Same as 302186202365165651 (Andromeda of ETHIOPIA)
1298804945690533591588536322: *** Same as 75546550591291460 (Pelops (King) of PISA, LYDIA and/or MYCENE)
1298804945690533591588536323: *** Same as 75546550591291461 (Hippodamia of PISA)
1298804945690533591588536324: *** Same as 302186202365165650 (Perseus of MYCENAE)
1298804945690533591588536325: *** Same as 302186202365165651 (Andromeda of ETHIOPIA)
1298804945690533591588536326: *** Same as 649402472845266795794268160 (Alcaeus of MYCENAE)
A1298804945690533591588536326: *** Same as 75546550591291460 (Pelops (King) of PISA, LYDIA and/or MYCENE)
1298804945690533591588536327: *** Same as 649402472845266795794268161 (Astydamia (II) of PISA)
A1298804945690533591588536327: *** Same as 75546550591291461 (Hippodamia of PISA)
1298804945690533591588536328:   Agenor (I; King) of PLEURON
1298804945690533591588536329:   Epicaste; (Epikaste)
1298804945690533591588536330:   Hippodamus of PLEURON
A1298804945690533591588536330: *** Same as 38679833902741194344 (Cadmus (King) of THEBES)
B1298804945690533591588536330: *** Same as 302186202365165830 (Ares (the OLYMPIAN; GOD of War))
A1298804945690533591588536331: *** Same as A2839593945009439768771 (Harmonia (of THEBES) the NYMPH)
B1298804945690533591588536331:   Eris (GODDESS of Discord)
1298804945690533591588536332: *** Same as 302186202365165830 (Ares (the OLYMPIAN; GOD of War))
1298804945690533591588536333:   Demonike; (Demonice Demodoce Androdice)
1298804945690533591588536334:   Pleuron (King) of PLEURON
1298804945690533591588536335:   poss. Xanthippe
A1298804945690533591685073090: *** Same as A9669958475685298644 (Menelaus (King) of SPARTA (LACEDAEMON))
A1298804945690533591685073091:   Helen of SPARTA; also bore poss. Iphigenia (by King Theseus), (by Paris) Bunomus, Idaeus; also m. poss. Deiphobus, poss. Achilles; aka Helen of TROY; (Paris' 2nd wife); her capture by Paris led to the Trojan War; slain by Polyxo (q.v.)
*B1298804945690533591685073091:   poss. Helen of SPARTA [alt ped]; aka Helen of TROY; her capture by Paris led to the Trojan War
A1298804945690533600165888000:   Husak (King) of Ancient ARMENIA; ? - 910 BC
1298804945690533600168263680:   Zanj
1298804945690533600168267776:   Tur
A1298804945690533600168267776:   Sedasp
1298804945690533600168268927:   Gadwithw
1298804945690533600606486528:   Telamon of AEGINA; exiled to (and King of) SALAMIS (Cyprus)
1298804945690533600606486529:   Periboea of PISA; (Perioboca)
1298804945690533600606486530:   Coronus the ARGONAUT; or: one of his brothers; (General of LAPITH)
1298804945690533600606487552:   Akastos (King) of ATHENS; ? - 1013? BC
1298804945690533600606498304:   Phialus (King) of ORCHOMENUS
1298804945690537873658347520:   Muqsir bayt KEDAR; (Muksar)
A1298804945690537873658347520:   Isma'il Dhu al-MATABIKH
1298807235102581661309600256:   Congal Costudach MacECHACH
1298807284966084891834843136:   Plaserio (Plaserius I) the TROJAN
1488765030142270140157263920:   Macedon
1488765030142270140157263921:   Oreithyia
A1488765030142507084946604544:   Chelub ben EZER; also begat Achsah (m. Othniel), Shobal (father of Kirjathjearim), Salma, Hareph; (Caleb)
1488765030142507084946605696:   (NN) ... (NN), PHILISTINE; some missing generations
1488765030142507084946605712: *** Same as 186095628767813385643556864 (Zerror ben BECORATH)
1488765030142507084946606624:   Abidah; aka Frysh, Abida, Avida
1488765030142507084946608128: *** Same as 1419796972410686144628 (Ephraim ben JOSEPH)
B1488765030142507084946608672:   Jephunneh the KENEZITE; (Yefuneh)
1488765030142507084946608736:   (NN) of MOAB
1488765030142507084946608808:   son of Zemar
1488765030142507084946608812: *** Same as 154719335610964836364 ((NN) ... (NN))
1488765030142507084946609280:   Merybast I of EGYPT
1488765030142507084946609282:   Setau (High Priest of NEKHBET)
1488765030142507084946609284:   Ramses (Ramesses) III `Hikon' (PHARAOH) of EGYPT; aka Usermaatre Meryamun (User-maat-re Mery-amun) Ramesses Heqaiunu (Ra-messes heqa-iunu) RAMESSIDE; aka Ra-messes heqa-iunuposs. aka Rhampsinitos; 2nd King of the 20th Dynasty; 1217? BC - 1151 BC
1488765030142507084946609285:   Isis; or: Tiye
1488765030142507084946609338:   poss. Amenmesse (Pharaoh) of EGYPT; ? - 1200 BC
1488765030142507084946609339:   poss. Tiya (Tiy Tija)
1488765030142507084946609340:   Rameses IV (PHARAOH) of EGYPT; 4th King of the 20th Dynasty; ? - 1147? BC
1488765030142507084946609341:   Duatentopet (Queen); (Tentopet)
1488765030142507084946628616:   Baal of TYRE; poss. aka Bel (Nimrod's posthumous son)
1488765030142507085146882048:   (NN) ... (NN) of ASSYRIA; poss. missing generations
1488765030142507085146882052:   Kashtiliash (IV; King) of BABYLON; aka Kaschtiliasch IV; (fought wars against Elam & Assyria at once, and was defeated by Tukulti-Ninurta I, q.v.); ? - 1225? BC
1488765030142507085146882053:   (Miss) of ASSYRIA
1488765030142507085146890752: *** Same as 154719335610964913440 (Jacob ibn ISAAC (King of GOSHEN))
1488765030142507085146890753: *** Same as 181734012468567759393281 (Leah (Lia) bint LABAN)
1488765030142507085146890768:   Enlil-Nadin-Schumi (EMPEROR) of BABYLON; (drove the Assyrians out, founding the 3rd Babylonian Dynasty); ? - 1224?
1488765030142507085146890770:   (NN) of the HATTI
1488765030142507085148454912:   (NN; Becher?) of JEMINI; poss. aka (NN) ben MATRI
*B1488765030142507085148454912:   great-grandson of Ehud
A1488765030142507085148454912:   Shchora ben UZIAH
B1488765030142507085148454912:   (NN) ... (NN); some missing generations
1488765030142507085148454928:   Caleb ben HEZRON; also begat Jerioth, Mareshah (grandfather of Rekem & Shema), Ashhur, etc.; also m. (1st) Azuba, poss. Jerioth, poss. Hammoleketh, poss. Ephah, poss. Jahdai; aka Caleb ben JEPHUNNEH; aka Carmi (Calubi Chelubai) the JUDAHITE; King of HEBRON
1488765030142507085148454929:   Maacha bat SEGUB, concubine; or: Jahdri; (Maachah)

Generation 92    (My 89-great grandparents)

2547206787820702152595079168:   Aspyan-i Gepr-gav
2547207073747115185971145728:   First Speaker of Middle Pan-afroasian; also begat Indo-Pacific (West Papuan : East Papuan : Nuclear New Guinea : Melanesian : Great Andamanese : Tasmanian : etc.) & Kusundu (Kusunda : isolate in Nepal), Carpentarian (No. Australian), prob. Pygmy (extinct); ca 50,000 BC
C2547207073771386079648169984:   Kilik (Duke) of TSCHOU
D2547207073771386079648169984:   Gong Shu Zu Lei (CHOU)
C2547207073771386079648170016:   Wu Yi, (25th King) SHANG; aka Wu Tsu, Wu I; EMPEROR of CHINA; reigned 1198 - 1194 BC; ? - 1194? BC
C2547207073771386079648170017:   Pi Mou
2549496894027812327110213632:   Amen Hotep Zagdur of ETHIOPIA; (Zagedur; Za-Gedur)
B2595759712921649096626798592:   Clade of Neanderthal and Denisovans; also begat Denisovan hominin
2596773258898488756336066560: *** Same as 2536722908400789888172040 (Eochaid Faeburglas MacCONMAEL)
2596777382901098049582399488:   Asruth (Easru Esru) of CRETE; assisted Moses, q.v., in Israeli escape; Egypt - Crete
2596777382901098049583185954:   Ramesses (Ramses) XI of EGYPT; 10th (and last) PHARAOH of 20th Dynasty; 1110? BC - 1069 BC
A2596777382901098049583185954: *** Same as 5193554765802196099166371912 (Smendes (Nesbanebdjed) I (PHARAOH) of EGYPT)
2596777382901098049583185955:   Baktwernel (Queen) of EGYPT
A2596777382901098049583185955: *** Same as 5193554765802196099166371915 (Tentamum)
2596777382901098049583185956:   Pinedjem I of EGYPT
2596777382901098049583185957:   Duathathor-Henuttawy (Princess then Queen) of EGYPT; `Adorer of Hathor, Mistress of the Two Lands'
2596777382901098049583185968:   Sekhemre-Se'ankhtawi Neferhotep (PHARAOH) of EGYPT
2596777382901098049583185970:   Sobkdudu (Chief Justice)
2596777382901098049583186032: *** Same as 1298388691450549024791592978 (Psusennes I (PHARAOH) of EGYPT)
2596777382901098049583186033:   Istemkheb; (2nd of six wives)
2596777382901098049583186720:   Harsiese (High Priest) of PTAH
2597378230246675204429316096: *** Same as 9905919581989662359554 (Gallamh `Milesius' (King) in SPAIN)
2597378230246675204429316097: *** Same as 9905919581989662359555 (Scota Tephi (Princess) of EGYPT)
2597609891376422751546900480:   Gilhon (ben EFRAIM) ha-DAVID
2597609891381067183177072656: *** Same as 1298804945690533591588536334 (Pleuron (King) of PLEURON)
2597609891381067183177072657: *** Same as 1298804945690533591588536335 (poss. Xanthippe)
2597609891381067183177072658:   Calydon (King) of CALYDON
2597609891381067183177072659:   poss. Aeolia
2597609891381067183177072660:   Achelous the RIVER GOD; or: Achelous's brother Sperchius, q.v.; (Acheloos Akheloos)
2597609891381067183177072661:   Perimele (Perimede)
B2597609891381067183177072662: *** Same as 37773275295645698 (Zeus the OLYMPIAN)
B2597609891381067183177072663: *** Same as 604372404730331661 (Hera the OLYMPIAN (Queen of the GODS))
2597609891381067183177072666: *** Same as 1298804945690533591588536328 (Agenor (I; King) of PLEURON)
2597609891381067183177072667: *** Same as 1298804945690533591588536329 (Epicaste)
2597609891381067183177072668:   Aetolus (King) of AETOLIA; aka Aetolos (Aitolos) (King) of ELIDE; (eponym)
2597609891381067183177072669:   Pronoe
2597609891381067183177072670:   Dorus (King) of the DORIANS; aka Doros (King) of CORINTH; eponym
A2597609891381067183370146182: *** Same as 177474621551310405634 (Tyndareus (King) of SPARTA)
B2597609891381067183370146182: *** Same as 37773275295645698 (Zeus the OLYMPIAN)
A2597609891381067183370146183: *** Same as 177474621551310405635 (Leda of AETOLIA (of PLEURON))
B2597609891381067183370146183:   Nemesis the OCEANID; or: Leda of AETOLIA, q.v.
A2597609891381067200331776000:   Hoy (King) of Ancient ARMENIA; ? - 941 BC
2597609891381067200336527360:   May Shub
2597609891381067200336535552:   prob. (NN) ... (NN); several missing generations
A2597609891381067200336535552:   Tur [alt ped]; aka Tuj
2597609891381067200336537855:   Drujaskap
2597609891381067201212973056:   Aeacus (King) of AEGINA; because his island bore the name of his mother (Zeus' favorite concubine), Hera visited a plague on it; `keeps keys of Underworld'; (Aiakos)
2597609891381067201212973057:   Endeis of MEGARA (Princess of SKYROS)
2597609891381067201212973058:   Alcathous (King) of MEGARA; (Alcathus)
2597609891381067201212973059:   Pyrgo of PISA; or: poss. Euachme, q.v.; (1st wife)
2597609891381067201212973060: *** Same as 302186202365165616 (Poseidon (the OLYMPIAN; GOD of the Sea))
2597609891381067201212973061:   Caeneus of the LAPITHS; also bore Phocus, Priasus, poss. Leonteus; aka Caenis; turned into an invulnerable man by her lover Poseidon; (poss. Calydonian Hunter); buried alive by Centaurs
2597609891381067201212975104:   Medon (King) of ATHENS
2597609891381067201212996608:   Bucolion (King) of ORCHOMENUS
2597609891381075747316695040:   Nahath bayt KEDAR; (Nahith Nahish)
A2597609891381075747316695040:   Yazan
2597614470205163322619200512:   Eochaid Apthach MacFINN; 41st MONARCH of IRELAND; ? - 591? BC
2597614569932169783669686272:   Bosabiliano (Basabelian I) the TROJAN; King of TROY
2977530060284540280314527840: *** Same as 37773275295645698 (Zeus the OLYMPIAN)
2977530060284540280314527841:   Thyia of PTHIA; poss. aka Melantheia
2977530060284540280314527842: *** Same as 75546550591291456 (Cecrops II (King) of ATHENS)
2977530060284540280314527843: *** Same as 75546550591291457 (Metiadusa (Queen) of ATHENS)
A2977530060285014169893209088:   Ezer ben HUR; (skip this generation?)
A2977530060285014169893209089: *** Same as A372191257535626771236652169 (Miriam (the PROPHETESS) bat AMRAM)
2977530060285014169893211392:   Philistim ben CASHLUHIM; (progenitor & eponym of PHILISTINE)
2977530060285014169893213248:   Midian (Madian) ibn ABRAHAM; also begat Ephah (Efah), Elda'ah, the Qeynites; (of HEBRON)
B2977530060285014169893217344:   (NN) ... (NN); some missing generations
B2977530060285014169893217345:   poss. (NN) ... (NN); some missing generations
2977530060285014169893217472:   Balakh of MOAB
2977530060285014169893217616:   Zemar (HAMITIDY) of the ZEMARITES; progenitor & eponym of ZEMARITES (Samarites)
2977530060285014169893218568:   Nekhtseth (Prince) of EGYPT; (skip this generation?)
2977530060285014169893218571:   Habadjilat of ASIA; aka Habadilat of SYRIA
2977530060285014169893218676:   Merneptah (PHARAOH) of EGYPT; 4th King of the 19th Dynasty; (14th of Ramses' 96 sons); aka Mer-ne-ptah Hetepher-maat; aka Thithonus, Aktisanis, Ptissonius, Pah Tissonius, Binere-meramun Merneptah-hotphirmae; defeated Libyans and Nubians; gave grain to Hittites (former enemy) during their famine
2977530060285014169893218677:   Takhat; (certainly Amenmesse's mother and the wife of his Pharaoh father, but which Pharaoh is uncertain)
2977530060285014169893218680: *** Same as 1488765030142507084946609284 (Ramses (Ramesses) III `Hikon' (PHARAOH) of EGYPT)
2977530060285014169893218681:   Titi; (poss. his 1st wife, poss. daughter-wife)
2977530060285014169893218682: *** Same as 1488765030142507084946609284 (Ramses (Ramesses) III `Hikon' (PHARAOH) of EGYPT)
2977530060285014169893257232: *** Same as 39608149916407017840674 (Nimrod (King) of ASSYRIA & BABYLON)
2977530060285014169893257233:   poss. not Semiramis (Queen) of BABYLON; (prob. based on Sammuramat, q.v.)
2977530060285014170293764096: *** Same as 2977530060285014170293764106 (prob. Shalmaneser I (King) of ASSYRIA)
2977530060285014170293764104:   (NN) ... (NN) of BABYLON; prob. missing generations
2977530060285014170293764106:   prob. Shalmaneser I (King) of ASSYRIA; (skip?); 6th King of Middle Assyrian Period; ? - 1244? BC
2977530060285014170293781536:   poss. Shagarakti-Shuriash of BABYLON; (skip this generation?); ? - 1233? BC
2977530060285014170293781537:   daughter of Kastiliash
2977530060285014170293781540:   Supiluliumas II (King) of the HATTI; (Suppiluliuma II); (last King, Hattusa falling ca 1178 BC); ? - 1178? BC
2977530060285014170296909824:   poss. Matri ben HUPHUM
A2977530060285014170296909824:   Uziah ben SHESHAK
C2977530060285014170296909824:   grandson of Ehud
B2977530060285014170296909824:   Abed the BENJAMINITE
2977530060285014170296909856: *** Same as 93047814383906727166738440 (Hezron ibn PHARES (Prince of JUDAH))
2977530060285014170296909857:   Ephratha bint MACHIR (of MANESSEH); prob. not aka Abiah; (Ephrata Ephrath, Hammoleketh, Molecheth)
*A2977530060285014170296909857: *** Same as A93047814383906727166738441 (poss. Kanita bat ZEBULUM)
2977530060285014170296909858:   Segub ben HEZRON

Generation 93    (My 90-great grandparents)

5094413575641404305190158336:   Aspyan-i Rama-gav
5094414147494230371942291456:   First Speaker of Early Pan-afroasian; also begat Australian (Pama-Nyungan : Murrayian); ca 65,000 BC
C5094414147542772159296339968:   Tschan-Fu (Duke) of TSCHOU
D5094414147542772159296339968:   Ya Yu (CHOU)
C5094414147542772159296340032:   Geng Ding, (24th King) SHANG; aka K'ang Ting, Kang Ding, Xiao; EMPEROR of CHINA; reigned 1219 - 1198 BC; ? - 1198? BC
C5094414147542772159296340033:   Pi Hsin
5098993788055624654220427264:   Sera I (Tomai) of ETHIOPIA; (Tomay; Tamay)
B5191519425843298193253597184: *** Same as 81510626359907685951076663296 (Homo heidelbergensis)
5193554765802196099164798976:   Gaodhal (Gadelas) Glas of EGYPT; also begat (in some versions) Eremon; cured by Moses; eponym of Gaelic (Irish Celts); (Gaythelos Gaedel Gael); 1571 BC - ?
5193554765802196099166371908:   Ramses (Rameses) X (PHARAOH) of EGYPT; 9th King of the 20th Dynasty; 1137? BC - 1099 BC
5193554765802196099166371909:   Tiye (Tyti) of EGYPT
5193554765802196099166371910: *** Same as 5193554765802196099166371908 (Ramses (Rameses) X (PHARAOH) of EGYPT)
5193554765802196099166371911: *** Same as 5193554765802196099166371909 (Tiye (Tyti) of EGYPT)
5193554765802196099166371912:   Smendes (Nesbanebdjed) I (PHARAOH) of EGYPT; 1st King of the 21-A Dynasty; 1100? BC - 1043? BC
5193554765802196099166371913:   Tentamum of EGYPT; aka Thent-Amun II
5193554765802196099166371914: *** Same as 2596777382901098049583185954 (Ramesses (Ramses) XI of EGYPT)
5193554765802196099166371915:   Tentamum; aka Thent-Amun I
5193554765802196099166371936:   Sekhemre-Sementawi Djehuti (PHARAOH) of EGYPT; The 17th Dynasty seized control from the Hyksos (Semites?); David Hughes speculates that it was at this time that the Hebrews were enslaved.
5193554765802196099166371937:   Mentuhotep (Queen) of EGYPT
5193554765802196099166373440:   Pipi (High Priest) of PTAH; ? - 992 BC
5195219782752845503093800960:   Ephraim ha-DAVID; aka Efraim ben MENASHE
5195219782762134366354145316: *** Same as 2597609891381067183177072668 (Aetolus (King) of AETOLIA)
5195219782762134366354145317: *** Same as 2597609891381067183177072669 (Pronoe)
5195219782762134366354145318: *** Same as 1208744809460662320 (Amythaon of IOLCUS)
5195219782762134366354145319:   Rhodope
5195219782762134366354145320: *** Same as 75546550591291398 (Oceanus the TITAN)
5195219782762134366354145321: *** Same as 75546550591291399 (Tethys the TITAN)
5195219782762134366354145322: *** Same as 302186202365165648 (Aeolus of THESSALY)
5195219782762134366354145323: *** Same as 302186202365165649 (Enarete of THESSALY)
5195219782762134366354145336: *** Same as 38679833902741194584 (Endymion (King) of ELIS)
5195219782762134366354145337:   Hyperippe of ARCADIA; or: Iphianassa or: one of his other wives
*A5195219782762134366354145337: *** Same as 38679833902741194585 (Chromia of THESSALY)
5195219782762134366354145338:   Phorbas (co-King) of OLENOS
5195219782762134366354145339:   Hyrmine
5195219782762134366354145340: *** Same as 604372404730331296 (Hellen (King) of the HELLENES)
5195219782762134366354145341: *** Same as 604372404730331297 (Orseis the NYMPH)
B5195219782762134366740292366: *** Same as 75546550591291398 (Oceanus the TITAN)
B5195219782762134366740292367: *** Same as 75546550591291399 (Tethys the TITAN)
A5195219782762134400663552000:   Bazuk (King) of Ancient ARMENIA; ? - 985 BC
5195219782762134400673054720: *** Same as 1214602846060134006784 (Nauzar (King) of Mythical IRAN)
*A5195219782762134400673054720:   poss. Nauzer; (poss. another descendant of Manushchyhr with same name as King)
5195219782762134400673071104:   Jamshid al-MALIK; also begat Zohak (Zahhak) (2nd King); (Yama); legendary Great King of IRAN; Invented wine and much more; aka Jamshed (Jam)
A5195219782762134400673071104: *** Same as A77734582147848576434176 (Feridoun (Shah) of PERSIA)
A5195219782762134400673071105:   Shahrnavaz
5195219782762134400673075711:   Gana-minuy
5195219782762134402425946112: *** Same as 37773275295645698 (Zeus the OLYMPIAN)
5195219782762134402425946113:   Aegina the NYMPH
5195219782762134402425946114:   Cheiron (Chiron) the CENTAUR; also begat Melanippe (mistress of Aeolus of Thessaly); (Kheiron)
*A5195219782762134402425946114:   Sciron of MEGARA (King of SKYROS); unsuccessful claimant to Megara throne; became a bandit; (Skeiron); slain by Theseus of Athens
5195219782762134402425946115:   Chariclo (Princess) of SALAMIS; also bore Melanippe (mistress of Aeolus of Thessaly); (Khariklo)
*A5195219782762134402425946115:   daughter of Pandion II
5195219782762134402425946116: *** Same as 75546550591291460 (Pelops (King) of PISA, LYDIA and/or MYCENE)
5195219782762134402425946117: *** Same as 75546550591291461 (Hippodamia of PISA)
5195219782762134402425946122: *** Same as 38679833902741194268 (Elatus (King) of ARCADIA)
5195219782762134402425946123:   Hippeia; also bore Polyphemus (Argonaut), Ischys; (Hippea Hippe)
5195219782762134402425950208:   Codrus (King) of ATHENS; also begat Andraemon, Androclus (King of Ephesus and Ionia), Cleopus, Cnopus, Cyaretus, Cydrelus, Promethus (King of Colophon), Hippotes, Medo, Naoclus; (eponym of Clan CODRID; last Basileus of Athens, his successors taking the title Archon; Sacrificed himself to thwart the destiny of Aletes, King of Corinth, q.v.); (Kodros); ? - 1068? BC
5195219782762134402425950209:   prob. descendant of Alcmaeon
5195219782762134402425993216:   Holaeas (King) of ORCHOMENUS
5195219782762151494633390080:   Rizah bayt KEDAR; (Zarih)
A5195219782762151494633390080:   A'waj
5195228940410326645238401024:   Finn (Fionn) MacAILELLA
5195229139864339567339372544:   Gelio the TROJAN; (Zelius Gelso Zelis)
5955060120569080560629055682: *** Same as 1208744809460662592 (Deucalion (King) of PTHIA)
5955060120569080560629055683: *** Same as 1208744809460662593 (Pyrrha of PTHIA)
A5955060120570028339786418176: *** Same as A372191257535626771236652168 (Hur (Jephunneh) ben CALEB)
5955060120570028339786422784:   Casluhim ben MIZRAIM; (Chasluim Casloch Chesloim Casluchim Chasloth)
5955060120570028339786426496: *** Same as 618877342443859653760 (Abraham (Avraham Ibrahim) of GENESIS)
5955060120570028339786426497:   Keturah (Qatura Cetura), concubine; also bore Jokshan (Jecsan), Medan (Madan), Shuah (Sue); (some scholars believe she is same person as Hagar)
*A5955060120570028339786426497: *** Same as A4744542900074709509 (Hagar `the Egyptian')
B5955060120570028339786434688:   Kenaz the EDOMITE; (Cenez Kanaz); eponym of KENEZITE
B5955060120570028339786434690:   poss. Jephunneh; (Yefuneh)
5955060120570028339786434944:   Zippor of MOAB
5955060120570028339786435232: *** Same as 39608149916407017840676 (Canaan (eponym of CANAAN))
5955060120570028339786435233: *** Same as 39608149916407017840677 (Arsal YAPHETIDY)
5955060120570028339786437136:   Setakht (Sethnakhte) of EGYPT; 1st PHARAOH of the 20th Dynasty; 1240? BC - 1184 BC
*A5955060120570028339786437136:   Setakht (Sethnakhte) of EGYPT [alt ped]; 2nd PHARAOH of the 20th Dynasty; 1240? BC - 1184 BC
5955060120570028339786437137:   Tiye-Mereniset of EGYPT
*A5955060120570028339786437137:   Tiye-Merenese (Heiress) of EGYPT [alt ped]
5955060120570028339786437352:   Ramses (Ramesses) II (PHARAOH) of EGYPT; aka Usirmare Setepenre (User-maat-re Setep-en-re) Ramesse II; 3rd/4th King of the 19th Dynasty; `the Great'; poss. the `Pharaoh of the Oppression' of EXODUS; aka Ozymandias; (his 66-year reign is the 2nd longest of any Pharaoh); (MIPHMHH #194); 1302? BC - 1213 BC
5955060120570028339786437353:   Istnofret of EGYPT; (Isetnofret I)
5955060120570028339786437354: *** Same as 1488765030142507084946609284 (Ramses (Ramesses) III `Hikon' (PHARAOH) of EGYPT)
5955060120570028339786437362: *** Same as 1488765030142507084946609284 (Ramses (Ramesses) III `Hikon' (PHARAOH) of EGYPT)
5955060120570028339786514466: *** Same as A618877342443859345408 (Mizraim (1st PHARAOH of ZOANITE Dynasty))
5955060120570028339786514467: *** Same as A618877342443859345409 (Isis)
5955060120570028340587528208: *** Same as 2977530060285014170293781536 (poss. Shagarakti-Shuriash of BABYLON)
5955060120570028340587528212:   Adad-Nirari I (King) of ASSYRIA; 5th King of Middle Assyrian Period; ? - 1274? BC
5955060120570028340587563072:   Kudur-Enlil (I) of BABYLON; ? - 1246? BC
5955060120570028340587563074:   Kastiliash (EMPEROR) of BABYLON
5955060120570028340587563080:   Tudkhaliash IV (King) of the HATTI; also begat Arnuwandas III (King); (Tudhaliya IV); ? - 1209? BC
5955060120570028340593819648:   Huppim ben BENJAMIN; (Ophim Hupham Chupim)
A5955060120570028340593819648:   Sheshak ben MICHAEL
B5955060120570028340593819648:   (NN) ... (NN); some missing generations
C5955060120570028340593819648:   Gera(?) ben EHUD; also begat Uzzah, Ahihud
5955060120570028340593819714:   Machir (Makir) ben MANASSEH; also begat Peresh (father of Ulam), Sheresh; progenitor (& eponym) of MACHIRITE; (MANASSEHITE)
5955060120570028340593819715:   Maachah bas BENJAMIN; also bore Peresh, Sheresh (father of Ulam)
5955060120570028340593819716: *** Same as 93047814383906727166738440 (Hezron ibn PHARES (Prince of JUDAH))
5955060120570028340593819717: *** Same as 2977530060285014170296909857 (Ephratha bint MACHIR (of MANESSEH))

Generation 94    (My 91-great grandparents)

10188827151282808610380316672:   Aspyan-i Vapro-gav
10188828294988460743884582912:   First Speaker of Afro-Khoisan; also begat Khoisan (Bushman (San) : Hottentot (Khoikhoi) : Tshu-Khwe etc. : Sandawe : !Kung1), Hadza (Hatsa); (neither the Hadza language nor Hadza people are closely related to Khoisan language or people); ca 95,000 BC
C10188828295085544318592679936:   Tan-Fu (Duke) of TSCHOU; Ruler of Mount Pin; ? - 1327+ BC
D10188828295085544318592679936:   Gao Yu (CHOU)
C10188828295085544318592680064:   Zu Jia, (22nd King) SHANG; also begat Bing Xing (Feng Hsin/Hsiung Hsien/Lin Xin : 23rd King : r. 1235 - 1219), aka Tsu Chia; EMPEROR of CHINA; reigned 1258 - 1235 BC; ? - 1235? BC
C10188828295085544318592680065:   Pi Chi; or: Pi Mou
10197987576111249308440854528:   Menelik (1st King) of ETHIOPIA; aka Menlik (Menilek, Menyelik) ibn EL-HAKIM; aka Bayna-Lehkem; aka David (Davit)
10387109531604392198329597952:   Niul (Nel) Nemnach of EGYPT; Prince of SCYTHIA; favorite of Pharaoh (Cinqueris or Ankhkheperure)
10387109531604392198329597953:   Scota of EGYPT; eponym of SCOTS
*A10387109531604392198329597953:   Merytaten `the Younger' of EGYPT; aka Meritaten Ta-Sherit
10387109531604392198332743816: *** Same as 372191257535626771236652334 (Ramses (Ramesses) IX (PHARAOH) of EGYPT)
10387109531604392198332743817: *** Same as 372191257535626771236652335 (Baktwernel)
10387109531604392198332743818: *** Same as 372191257535626771236652334 (Ramses (Ramesses) IX (PHARAOH) of EGYPT)
10387109531604392198332743819: *** Same as 372191257535626771236652335 (Baktwernel)
10387109531604392198332743824: *** Same as 186095628767813385618326160 (Hrior of EGYPT)
10387109531604392198332743825: *** Same as 186095628767813385618326161 (Nodjmet of EGYPT)
10387109531604392198332743826: *** Same as 2596777382901098049583185954 (Ramesses (Ramses) XI of EGYPT)
10387109531604392198332743827: *** Same as 5193554765802196099166371915 (Tentamum)
10387109531604392198332743830: *** Same as 186095628767813385618326166 (Nebseny)
10387109531604392198332743831: *** Same as 186095628767813385618326167 (Tayu-Herat)
10387109531604392198332743874:   Senebhanef
10387109531604392198332743875:   Sebekhotep (Princess) of THEBES
10387109531604392198332746880:   Ashakhet (High Priest) of PTAH; ? - 1040 BC
10390439565505691006187601920:   Manasseh ha-DAVID; aka Menashe ben YEDIA
10390439565524268732708290674: *** Same as 38679833902741194264 (Arcas (King) of ARCADIA)
10390439565524268732708290676: *** Same as 154719335610964777062 (Lapithus of the LAPITHS)
10390439565524268732708290677: *** Same as 154719335610964777063 (Orsinome of the LAPITHS)
10390439565524268732708290678:   Anaxagoras (co-King) of ARGOS; also begat Alector (King), Hipponous (grandfather of Cylarabes King of Argives)
A10390439565524268801327104000:   Perch II (King) of Ancient ARMENIA; ? - 1035 BC
A10390439565524268801346109440:   prob. (NN) ... (NN); several missing generations
10390439565524268801346142208:   Vivanjahan; also begat Tahmurasp, Spityur, Narsahi (Rashnu-Chini), poss. Yima (Jamshid's twin); (Vivangah Vivianjhan)
A10390439565524268801346142210: *** Same as A155469164295697152868354 (Jamshid (Shah) of PERSIA)
A10390439565524268801346142211: *** Same as A155469164295697152868355 (Yimak)
10390439565524268804851892226: *** Same as 302186202365165642 (Asopus the RIVER GOD)
10390439565524268804851892227: *** Same as 302186202365165643 (Metope)
10390439565524268804851892228: *** Same as 75546550591291396 (Cronos (Kronos) the TITAN)
A10390439565524268804851892228:   Canethus of TROEZEN; or: Pelops of PISA, q.v. or: Poseidon (GOD of the Sea)
*B10390439565524268804851892228:   poss. Pylas of MEGARA; (Pylus)
10390439565524268804851892229:   Philyra the OCEANID; (Philyre)
A10390439565524268804851892229: *** Same as 75546550591291459 (Henioche of TROEZEN)
10390439565524268804851892230:   Cychreus (King) of SALAMIS; also begat Aeneus (King of Aenus : father of Cyzicus King of Cyzicus & Dolionians); (Kykhreus Cychree)
A10390439565524268804851892230: *** Same as 37773275295645728 (Pandion II (King) of ATHENS & MEGARA)
10390439565524268804851892231: *** Same as 309438671221929554125 (Stilbe the NYMPH)
A10390439565524268804851892231: *** Same as 37773275295645729 (Pylia (Princess) of MEGARA)
10390439565524268804851892246:   Antippus
10390439565524268804851900416:   Melanthus (King) of MESSENIA (and later ATHENS); (lost Messenia to Cresphontes and Temenos; he sought refuge in Athens where he eventually succeeded childless Thymoetes); (Melanthos)
10390439565524268804851900417: *** Same as 2417489618921324661 (Iphianira of ARGOS)
10390439565524268804851900418:   (NN) ... (NN); poss. missing generations
10390439565524268804851986432:   Cypselus (King) of ORCHOMENUS; also begat poss. wife of Aristomachus; King of ARCADIA & BASILIS
10390439565524302989266780160:   Shamma bayt KEDAR; (Sami Sama)
A10390439565524302989266780160:   al-Mut'im
10390457880820653290476802048:   Ailill (Oilill) Laebchor MacLOND
10390458279728679134678745088:   Esdron the TROJAN
11910120241140056679572845568: *** Same as A618877342443859345408 (Mizraim (1st PHARAOH of ZOANITE Dynasty))
B11910120241140056679572869376: *** Same as 593067862509338688 (Eliphaz the TEMANITE (of EDOM))
B11910120241140056679572869380:   Jether
11910120241140056679572869888:   Sheth of MOAB
11910120241140056679572874272: *** Same as 5955060120570028339786437352 (Ramses (Ramesses) II (PHARAOH) of EGYPT)
A11910120241140056679572874272:   Rameses (Prince) of EGYPT
11910120241140056679572874273:   Maetnefrure (Princess) of KHATTI; (Manefrure'; Maathornefrure); aka sister of Suppiluliumas King of HATTI
11910120241140056679572874274: *** Same as 2977530060285014169893218676 (Merneptah (PHARAOH) of EGYPT)
A11910120241140056679572874274:   Bay of SYRIA; Chancellor of EGYPT; (Tewosre's 2nd husband); slain by order of Pharaoh Siptah
11910120241140056679572874275:   Isitnofret (II) of EGYPT; (Isetnofert, name means `beautiful Isis')
A11910120241140056679572874275:   Tewosre (Twosret) (Queen) of EGYPT; also m. (1st) Pharaoh Seti II; final Ruler of 19th Dynasty
11910120241140056679572874704:   Seti I (PHARAOH) of EGYPT; 2nd/3rd King of the 19th Dynasty; 1323? BC - 1279 BC
11910120241140056679572874705:   Tuya (Thuya) of EGYPT
11910120241140056679572874706:   (NN; Prince) of EGYPT
11910120241140056681175056424:   Arik-dan-ili of ASSYRIA; 4th King of Assyrian Period; ? - 1308? BC
11910120241140056681175126144:   Kadashman-Enlil II of BABYLON; ? - 1255? BC
11910120241140056681175126160: *** Same as 23820240482280113359145748546 (Khattushilish III (Great King) of KHATTI)
11910120241140056681175126161: *** Same as 23820240482280113359145748547 (Pudu-Kheba (Puduhepa) of LAWAZANTIYA)
11910120241140056681187639296:   Ir ben BELAH; or: poss. Benjamin ibn JACOB (Ir's grandfather); also begat Maakah, Shuppim
A11910120241140056681187639296:   Michael ben ELYAEL
B11910120241140056681187639296: *** Same as 47640480964560226724750557184 (Benjamin (Benoni) ibn JACOB)
C11910120241140056681187639296:   Ehud ben GERA; Judge; (Murdered King Eglon)
B11910120241140056681187639297: *** Same as 47640480964560226724750557185 (poss. Aribath bint SHOMRON (of ZABRAN))
11910120241140056681187639428:   Manasseh ben JOSEPH; also begat Jair, Eighth Tribe of Israel; (Manesseh Manasses)
11910120241140056681187639429:   Ashriel, a concubine of ARAMAA; (Aramitess)
11910120241140056681187639430:   Iri ben BELA ben Benjamin; or: prob. not Benjamin (Ir's grandfather); (Ir)

Generation 95    (My 92-great grandparents)

20377654302565617220760633344:   Aspyan
20377654302565617220760633345:   Zareshum
20377656589976921487769165824:   First Advanced Speaker; ca 100,000 BC
D20377656590171088637185359872:   Gong Fei (CHOU)
C20377656590171088637185360128:   Wu Ding, (20th King) SHANG; also begat Xiao Ji, Zu Geng (Tsu Keng : 21st King : r. 1265 - 1258); aka Wu (Wo) Ting, Kao Tsung; EMPEROR of CHINA; reigned 1324 - 1265 BC; (records from his reign were found (1899) inscribed on bone, making him the first Chinese King attested with contemporary written documents); ? - 1265? BC
C20377656590171088637185360129:   Pi Mou; or: Pi Hsin or Pi Kuai; also bore Zu Geng (Tsu Keng : 21st King : r. 1265 - 1258)
20395975152222498616881709056: *** Same as 2907744199497084150286336 (Solomon ben DAVID (2nd King) of ISRAEL)
20395975152222498616881709057: *** Same as 19353701855101190145 (poss. Makeda Nikaule (Queen) of SHEBA)
20774219063208784396659195904:   Foenius Farsaid (King) of SCYTHIA [alt ped]; also begat Nenual; aka Feinius (Phoenusa) Farsaid MacGLUNFHIND; aka Feninsa Farsa; studied at Tower of Babel; ? - 1800? BC
*A20774219063208784396659195904: *** Same as B1208744809460662604 (prob. Phenius Pharsa (King) of SCYTHIA)
20774219063208784396659195905:   Belait of LATIUM
20774219063208784396659195906:   Cinqueris (PHARAOH) of EGYPT
A20774219063208784396659195906:   Smenkhkare (Ankhkheperure Djeserkheperu Smenkhkare') of EGYPT; or: poss. Akhenaton (Meritaten's own father); 11th PHARAOH of 18th Dynasty; 1361? BC - 1336 BC
A20774219063208784396659195907:   Meritaten (Royal Daughter) of EGYPT
20774219063208784396665487748:   Yauyebi
20774219063208784396665487749:   Renressonb
20774219063208784396665487750:   Sobekhotep IV Khaneferre (PHARAOH) of 13th Dynasty; aka Kenephres of EGYPT; he or his father was poss. the PHARAOH of EXODUS
20774219063208784396665487751:   Tjan
20774219063208784396665493760:   Ptahemakhet (High Priest) of PTAH
20780879131011382012375203840:   Jedija ha-DAVID; aka Yedia ben MAAHA
20780879131048537465416581356: *** Same as 4834979237842649322 (Megapenthes (King) of ARGOS)
20780879131048537465416581357: *** Same as 4834979237842649323 (daughter of Alector)
A20780879131048537602654208000:   Arbun (King) of Ancient ARMENIA; ? - 1075 BC
A20780879131048537602692218880: *** Same as 9716822768481072054272 (Manushchyhr al-MALIK)
20780879131048537602692284416:   Abuchyhr; (Abuchihr Abichihr Ayanhat)
A20780879131048537609703784456: *** Same as 2417489618921326772 (Lycaon (King) of ARCADIA)
B20780879131048537609703784456: *** Same as 302186202365165830 (Ares (the OLYMPIAN; GOD of War))
B20780879131048537609703784457: *** Same as 1298804945690533591588536333 (Demonike)
20780879131048537609703784458: *** Same as 75546550591291398 (Oceanus the TITAN)
20780879131048537609703784459: *** Same as 75546550591291399 (Tethys the TITAN)
20780879131048537609703784460: *** Same as 302186202365165616 (Poseidon (the OLYMPIAN; GOD of the Sea))
20780879131048537609703784461:   Salamis the NYMPH
20780879131048537609703800832:   Andropompus (King) of MESSENIA; aka Andropompos of MESSENE
20780879131048537609703800833:   Henioche
20780879131048537609703800836:   Alcmaeon (King) of MESSENIA; eponym of ALCMEONIDAE Clan; expelled by Temenus (q.v.) and Cresphontes of the Heraclides; (Alkmaion); last life-Archon of ATHENS
20780879131048537609703972864:   Aepytus (King) of ORCHOMENUS (ARCADIA); (blinded when he entered sanctuary of Poseidon at Mantineia, where no mortal was allowed)
20780879131048605978533560320:   Mizza bayt KEDAR; (Mazzi Marza Marha)
A20780879131048605978533560320:   al-Tamh; 826?? BC - ?
20780915761641306580953604096:   Luind MacROTHRUAID; aka Flann Ruadh
20780915761641306580953604097:   poss. Fligusia
20780916559457358269357490176:   Franco of the SCYTHIANS; aka Francus the TROJAN
B23820240482280113359145738760: *** Same as A709898486205343072314 (Asher (Aser) ibn JACOB)
23820240482280113359145739776:   (NN) of MOAB
A23820240482280113359145748544: *** Same as 23820240482280113359145748550 (Kha'emweset (Prince) of EGYPT)
23820240482280113359145748546:   Khattushilish III (Great King) of KHATTI; King of the HITTITES; aka Hattusilis (Hattushilish Hattusili) III; 1326? BC - 1265? BC ? - 1245? BC
23820240482280113359145748547:   Pudu-Kheba (Puduhepa) of LAWAZANTIYA; aka Pudheppa (Pudu-Hepa) II (Queen) of HATTI
A23820240482280113359145748548:   (NN) of SYRIA or CANAAN; also begat poss. Tiaa; poss. of the HURRIANS
23820240482280113359145748550:   Kha'emweset (Prince) of EGYPT; (Khaemwaset Khaemwese Khawmwase); High Priest of Ptah; 1272? BC - ?
A23820240482280113359145748550: *** Same as 2977530060285014169893218676 (Merneptah (PHARAOH) of EGYPT)
A23820240482280113359145748551:   Bintah (Bintanath)
23820240482280113359145749408:   Ramses I (PHARAOH) of EGYPT; 1st/2nd King of the 19th Dynasty; aka Userkheperure Setepenre Seti Merenptah Ramessid ?; 1345? BC - 1294 BC
23820240482280113359145749409:   Sitre Meryamun Twosret Setepenmut; aka Twosret (Queen) of EGYPT
23820240482280113359145749410:   Raia (Reyja) of THEBES; Lieutenant of the Chariotry; poss. aka Ruia
23820240482280113359145749411:   Thuya (Ruia) of THEBES
23820240482280113359145749412:   Horemheb of EGYPT; 1st King of the 19th Dynasty; (Horemheb=`The Hawk in Festival'); usurping General; aka 14th (& last) PHARAOH of 18th Dynasty, poss. PHARAOH of EXODUS; Alabastronopolis?
23820240482280113359145749413:   Amenia; (1st wife, died before Horemheb ascended throne)
23820240482280113362350112848:   Enlil-nirari I of ASSYRIA; or: poss. Ashur-Uballet I (Enlil-nirari's brother); 3rd King of Assyrian Period; ? - 1320? BC
23820240482280113362350252288:   Kadashman-Turgu of BABYLON; ? - 1264? BC
23820240482280113362350252289:   (Miss) of the HATTI; (or was she mother of Kadashman-Enlil II instead of wife?)
23820240482280113362375278592:   Belah (Bela) ben BENJAMIN; also begat Naaman (Noeman), poss. Addar, Abihud, Abishua, Ahoah, Huram, Shephupham
A23820240482280113362375278592:   Elyael ben AMIHUD
C23820240482280113362375278592:   Gera ben BELA; also begat Uzza
23820240482280113362375278856:   Joseph ben JACOB; (7th son, he won birthright when Reuben defiled his father's bed, sold into slavery by brothers, became Grand Vizier of EGYPT, poss. to Pharaoh Senwosret III, q.v.); aka Yousuf, PROPHET of Allah for COPTS; aka Zaphnath-Paaneah (Zaphenath-Paneah; Tzafenat Paneah; Zaphanathpaaneah) of PADDAN-ARAM; (Yosef Yosuf); aka Yehoseph of ISRAEL
23820240482280113362375278857:   Asenath (bint SHECHEM); (taken as orphan to Egypt, poss. by Archangel Michael); (Osnath)
23820240482280113362375278860:   Bela ben Benjamin; (Belah)

Generation 96    (My 93-great grandparents)

40755308605131234441521266688: *** Same as 5195219782762134400673071104 (Jamshid al-MALIK)
40755308605131234441521266689:   Jami
40755308605131234441521266690: *** Same as 5195219782762134400673071104 (Jamshid al-MALIK)
40755308605131234441521266691: *** Same as 40755308605131234441521266689 (Jami)
40755313179953842975538331648:   Homo sapiens idaltu; (fossil recently found in Ethiopia); 200,000 BC - ?
D40755313180342177274370719744:   Hui Yu (CHOU)
C40755313180342177274370720256:   Xiao Yi, (19th King) SHANG; aka Hsiao I; EMPEROR of CHINA; reigned 1352 - 1324 BC; ? - 1324? BC
C40755313180342177274370720257:   Pi Keng
41548438126417568793318391808:   Glunfind MacLAMFIND; this lineage, making Foenius Farsaid 18-great grandson of Noah instead of 2-great grandson, is a later embellishment on the earliest legendary pedigree
41548438126417568793318391810: *** Same as 9443318823911428 (Latinus (King) of LATIUM)
*A41548438126417568793318391810:   Latinus (King) of LATIUM [alt ped]
A41548438126417568793318391812: *** Same as 95280961929120453436582997634 (Akhenaton (Iknaton) (10th PHARAOH) of 18th Dynasty EGYPT)
A41548438126417568793318391813:   Kiya; or: Mutnodjme, q.v. (Amenhotep III 's minor wife) or: Miriam the PROPHETESS bat AMRAM, q.v.; poss. aka Tadukhipa of MITTANI; (Akhenaton's 2nd Queen)
*B41548438126417568793318391813:   poss. Tadukhipa (Princess) of MITTANI; or: prob. not Tiye-Nefertari, q.v.; poss. aka Nefernefruaten-Nefertiti; prob. aka Tadu-heba; poss. related to Hebat (GODDESS), q.v.
A41548438126417568793318391814: *** Same as 95280961929120453436582997634 (Akhenaton (Iknaton) (10th PHARAOH) of 18th Dynasty EGYPT)
A41548438126417568793318391815: *** Same as 95280961929120453436582997639 (Nefertiti (Chief Queen) of EGYPT)
41548438126417568793330975498:   Id
41548438126417568793330975500:   Neferhotep I (PHARAOH) of EGYPT; 13th Dynasty; aka Khasekhemre-Neferhotep I; poss. stepfather of Moses
41548438126417568793330987520:   Neferrenpit (High Priest) of PTAH; ? - 1127 BC
41561758262022764024750407680:   Maacha ha-DAVID; aka Maaha ben NATAN
A41561758262097075205308416000:   Perch (King) of Ancient ARMENIA; ? - 1102 BC
41561758262097075205384568832: *** Same as A9950026514924617783574656 (Hushang (King) of Mythical IRAN)
41561758262097075205384568833: *** Same as A9950026514924617783574657 (Guzak)
41561758262097075219407568922: *** Same as 302186202365165642 (Asopus the RIVER GOD)
41561758262097075219407568923: *** Same as 302186202365165643 (Metope)
41561758262097075219407601664:   Borus (King) of MESSENIA; aka Boreas of MESSENE
41561758262097075219407601665:   Orythyia of ATHENS; or: Lysidike; also bore Kleopatra (mother of Pandion III)
41561758262097075219407601666:   Armenius
41561758262097075219407601672:   Sillus (King) of MESSENIA
41561758262097075219407945728:   Hippothous (King) of ARCADIA
41561758262097211957067120640:   'Aws bayt KEDAR; (Awda Saiqan Samar)
A41561758262097211957067120640:   al-Qasur
41561831523282613161907208192:   Roth Ruad MacMAIRTHENED; aka Rothlan
41561833118914716538714980352:   Genger of the SCYTHIANS; (Zenter)
47640480964560226718291479552:   Saraph of MOAB
47640480964560226718291497092:   Murshilish II (King) of KHATTI; also begat NN (m. Masturis of Sekha); also m. Gaschschulawija; King of the HITTITES; aka Mursilis (Mursilish Mursili) II; 1370? BC - 1320? BC or ? - 1295? BC
47640480964560226718291497093:   prob. Tanu-Hepa (Queen) of HATTI; (Danuhepa Tanuhepa)
47640480964560226718291497094:   Bentib-sharre (King) of LAWAZANTIYA; aka Bentisharri (Priest) of KIZZUWATNA
47640480964560226718291497100: *** Same as 5955060120570028339786437352 (Ramses (Ramesses) II (PHARAOH) of EGYPT)
47640480964560226718291497101: *** Same as 5955060120570028339786437353 (Istnofret of EGYPT)
A47640480964560226718291497102: *** Same as 5955060120570028339786437352 (Ramses (Ramesses) II (PHARAOH) of EGYPT)
A47640480964560226718291497103: *** Same as 5955060120570028339786437353 (Istnofret of EGYPT)
47640480964560226718291498816:   Seti (Setymeramen); (military Commander; prob. Not same person as Ramose (Vizier to Amenhotep III)); aka Baenre Merynetjeru Merneptah Hetephermaat Ramessid ?
47640480964560226718291498817:   Ankhesenpaaten II (Heiress) of EGYPT; aka Ankhesenpaaten-te-sherit
47640480964560226718291498818:   Ra-Ser-Khepferu (Usurper-King) of EGYPT
47640480964560226718291498819:   Atenmert
47640480964560226718291498820:   prob. Pay; also begat Nebre, Mahu, (instead) poss. a different Raia; (overseer of Tutankhamun's harem; his tomb was excavated and much studied)
47640480964560226718291498821:   prob. Repyt; also bore Nebre, Mahu, (instead) poss. a different Raia
47640480964560226718291498822:   Bekra (Usurper-King) of EGYPT
47640480964560226718291498823:   Baktaten of EGYPT; (Baketaten Beketaten)
47640480964560226718291498824:   Ity-Tawy; (Horemheb was prob. a descendant of Thutmose III, though the details are not certain)
47640480964560226724700225696:   prob. Eriba-Adad I (King) of ASSYRIA; also begat Ashur-Uballet I (2nd King); (Iriba-Adad I); 1st King of Middle Assyrian Period; ? - 1366? BC
47640480964560226724700225697:   prob. (Miss) of MITANNI
47640480964560226724700504576:   Nazi-Maruttash of BABYLON; ? - 1282? BC
47640480964560226724700504578:   Mursilish III (King) of the HATTI; (Mursili III; Urhi-Teshub); ? - 1265? BC
47640480964560226724750557184:   Benjamin (Benoni) ibn JACOB; also begat Ashbel (Asbel), Aharah, Nohah, Rapha, Naaman, Ehi (Echi), Rosht (Rosh Ross), Muppim (Mophim), Ard (Ared), Supham (Shupham : Shephupham), Ahiram, Ninth Tribe of Israel; aka Binyamin ben YA'AKOV; (8th son); eponym of BENJAMINITE; (Nenoni = `son of my pain', Benjamin = `son of the right hand')
A47640480964560226724750557184:   Amihud ben SHEPHATYA
C47640480964560226724750557184:   (NN) ... (NN); 12 missing generations
47640480964560226724750557185:   poss. Aribath bint SHOMRON (of ZABRAN); also bore Ahiram (Ehi)
47640480964560226724750557712: *** Same as 154719335610964913440 (Jacob ibn ISAAC (King of GOSHEN))
47640480964560226724750557713:   Rachel bint LABAN; (Rachael); Paddan Aram ? - ? nr. Bethlehem d. in (Benjamin's) childbirth
47640480964560226724750557714:   Shechem the HIVITE (Prince) in CANAAN; aka Sikhem (Sichem) of HEV; (raped Dinah); circumcised and slain by Jacob's sons
47640480964560226724750557715:   Dinah (Dina) bint JACOB; also m. poss. Potipherah (Priest of On); (raped by Shechem, her brothers spared her and her child)
47640480964560226724750557720: *** Same as 47640480964560226724750557184 (Benjamin (Benoni) ibn JACOB)
47640480964560226724750557721:   Mechalia bat ARAM
*A47640480964560226724750557721: *** Same as 47640480964560226724750557185 (poss. Aribath bint SHOMRON (of ZABRAN))

Generation 97    (My 94-great grandparents)

81510617210262468883042533378: *** Same as 10390439565524268801346142208 (Vivanjahan)
81510626359907685951076663296:   Homo heidelbergensis; aka H. rhodesiensis; Middle Paleolithic Era; Early Mousterian (`Mode 3') toolkit: core flaking, spearhead, wooden shelters; 0.8 M BC - 0.2 M BC
D81510626360684354548741439488:   Chai Fu (CHOU); (Cha Fu)
C81510626360684354548741440512:   Zu Ding, (14th King) SHANG; also begat Yang Jia/Chia (16th King : r. 1408 - 1401 : moved capital to Yin), Pan Kang (P'an Keng : 17th King : r. 1401 - 1372 : moved capital to Beimeng), Xiao Xing (Hsiao Hsin : 18th King : r. 1372 - 1352); aka Tsu Ting; EMPEROR of CHINA; reigned 1465 - 1433 BC; ? - 1433? BC
83096876252835137586636783616:   Lamfind MacFETHEOIR; (Lamfionn)
A83096876252835137586636783620: *** Same as 162350618211316698948567040 (Heracles (ALCIDES) of THEBES)
A83096876252835137586636783621:   (NN), a Hyperborean
A83096876252835137586636783626: *** Same as 95280961929120453436582997646 (Nebma'atre' Amenhotep III (PHARAOH) of EGYPT)
B83096876252835137586636783626:   Tusratta (King) of MITANNI; (Tushratta)
A83096876252835137586636783627:   poss. Gilukhipa (Princess) of MITTANI; aka Kilu-Hepa, Kirgipa; (her wedding was well commemorated)
B83096876252835137586636783627:   Pyhi (Princess) of EGYPT
83096876252835137586661951000:   Sobekhotep III (PHARAOH) of EGYPT; 13th Dynasty; ? - 1745? BC
83096876252835137586661975040:   Ptah-em-het (High Priest) of PTAH; (Ptahemhat; at time of Pharaoh Ramses III)
83123516524045528049500815360:   Nathan ha-DAVID; aka Natan ben DANIEL
A83123516524194150410616832000:   Shawarsh II (King) of Ancient ARMENIA; ? - 1137 BC
83123516524194150438815203328:   Penthilus (King) of MESSENIA; (some srcs reverse Penthilus & Borus)
83123516524194150438815203329:   Anchirrhoe; also bore poss. (instead) Andropompus
83123516524194150438815203330: *** Same as 4721659411955716 (Demophon of ATHENS)
83123516524194150438815203331: *** Same as 4721659411955717 (Phyllis of the CHERSONESE)
83123516524194150438815203332:   Zeuxippos
83123516524194150438815203344:   Thrasymedes of PYLOS; King of MESSENIA
83123516524194150438815891456:   Cercyon of ARCADIA
83123516524194423914134241280:   'Arram al-Nabit bayt KEDAR; aka Arram (Aram) ben KEDAR
A83123516524194423914134241280:   'Anud
83123663046565226323814416384:   Mairthened (Mairtine) (MacFINN ?)
83123666237829433077429960704:   prob. Helenus of TROY (King of the SCYTHIANS); aka Helenus the TROJAN; King of EPIRUS
83123666237829433077429960705:   poss. daughter of Scythes; (speculation); (this speculation due to Dim I Nticoudis)
95280961929120453436582959104:   (NN) of MOAB
95280961929120453436582994184:   Shuppiluliumash I (King) of KHATTI; also begat Arnuwandas II (King); King (EMPEROR) of the HITTITES; aka Suppiluliumas (Suppiluliuma) I; defeated the Mitanni in battle; 1405? BC - 1346? BC or ? - 1330? BC
95280961929120453436582994185:   Malnigal of BABYLON
95280961929120453436582994186:   prob. (NN) ... (NN) of HURRIANS; many missing generations
95280961929120453436582997632: *** Same as 23820240482280113359145749412 (Horemheb of EGYPT)
95280961929120453436582997633:   Mutnodjme; (2nd wife)
95280961929120453436582997634:   Akhenaton (Iknaton) (10th PHARAOH) of 18th Dynasty EGYPT; (skip this generation?); also begat Meketaten, Sotenpenre, Neferneferure, Neferneferuraten-te-sherit, Kiya-te-sherit; aka Neferkheperure-Wa'enre Akhenaten; aka Amenhotep IV; first monotheist; (`Akhenaton' = `He Who is of Service to Aten'); (some descents shown from his daughters are probably from one of his sisters, e.g. Baktaten, q.v.); (MIPHMHH #198); ? - 1336? BC
95280961929120453436582997635:   Ankhesenpaaten I (Heiress) of EGYPT; also m. poss. Smenkhare (Pharaoh), poss. Ay (Pharaoh), Zannanza (Prince) of the Hittites (not consumated); aka Ankhesenamon the THUTMOSID
95280961929120453436582997638: *** Same as 95280961929120453436582997634 (Akhenaton (Iknaton) (10th PHARAOH) of 18th Dynasty EGYPT)
95280961929120453436582997639:   Nefertiti (Chief Queen) of EGYPT; (skip?); also bore Meketaten, Sotenpenre, Neferneferure, Neferneferuraten-te-sherit; aka Neferneferuaten; aka Nefernefruaten-Nefertiti; poss. aka Smenkhkare; poss. 2nd woman (after Hatshepsut, q.v.) to be titled PHARAOH; poss. aka Tadukhipa (Princess) of MITTANI; (MIPHMHH #151)
*A95280961929120453436582997639: *** Same as B41548438126417568793318391813 (poss. Tadukhipa (Princess) of MITTANI)
95280961929120453436582997646:   Nebma'atre' Amenhotep III (PHARAOH) of EGYPT; also begat Thutmose, Isis, Henuttaneb, Nebetah; 9th King of the 18th Dynasty (House of AMARNA); ? - 1344? BC
95280961929120453436582997647:   Henutaneb of BABYLON; or: poss. Tiye-Nefertari, q.v.; `Lady of All Lands'; (in a famous diplomatic incident, her identity was challenged by Babylonian envoys, when Amenhotep III presented hsi wife to them)
*A95280961929120453436582997647: *** Same as 11910120241140056679572874273 (Maetnefrure (Princess) of KHATTI)
95280961929120453436582997648:   Webensenu (Neby); also begat poss. Ramose (Vizier to Amenhotep III)
95280961929120453436582997649:   Ta-Usert (Ipuia)
95280961929120453449400451392:   Ashur-bel-nisheshu (King) of ASSYRIA; reigned 8 years; 46th King of Old Assyria; ? - 1409+ BC
95280961929120453449400451394:   Shuttarna II (King) of MITANNI (& HURRIANS); also begat Artatama II; (Shutarna Sudarna)
95280961929120453449401009152:   Kurigalzu II of BABYLON; ? - 1308? BC
95280961929120453449401009156:   Muwatallish II (King) of the HATTI; (Muwatalli II); (waged Battle of Kadesh ca 1274 BC); ? - 1272? BC
95280961929120453449401009157:   Danuhepa II; ? - 1265+ BC
95280961929120453449501114368: *** Same as 154719335610964913440 (Jacob ibn ISAAC (King of GOSHEN))
A95280961929120453449501114368:   Shephatya ben PTUEL
C95280961929120453449501114368:   Ard (Hered) ben BELAH
95280961929120453449501114369: *** Same as 47640480964560226724750557713 (Rachel bint LABAN)
95280961929120453449501114370:   Shomron ibn MOLICH
95280961929120453449501115426: *** Same as 363468024937135518786562 (Laban ibn BETHUEL)
95280961929120453449501115427: *** Same as 363468024937135518786563 (Adinah)
95280961929120453449501115428:   Hamor (King/Chief) the HIVITE; aka Chamor of HIVI; aka Hemor the HEVITE; aka Haman HAMITIDY; slain by Jacob's sons
95280961929120453449501115429:   Zeresh
95280961929120453449501115430: *** Same as 154719335610964913440 (Jacob ibn ISAAC (King of GOSHEN))
95280961929120453449501115431: *** Same as 181734012468567759393281 (Leah (Lia) bint LABAN)
95280961929120453449501115442:   Aram

Generation 98    (My 95-great grandparents)

163021252719815371902153326592:   Homo antecessor; (skip this generation?); aka H. mauritanicus; 1.1 M BC - 0.8 M BC
D163021252721368709097482878976:   Huang Pu (CHOU)
C163021252721368709097482881024:   Zu Xing, (12th King) SHANG; aka Tsu Hsin, Zu Xin; EMPEROR of CHINA; reigned 1506 - 1490 BC; ? - 1490? BC
C163021252721368709097482881025:   Pi Chia; or: Pi Keng
166193752505670275173273567232:   Fethuir (Fetjuir, Fetebir I); aka Fetheor MacAGNOMAIN; poss. related to Buri of Norse myth
166193752505670275173273567233:   Rehea Silvia; aka Rhea Silvvia; aka Reesilue
B166193752505670275173273567252: *** Same as 95280961929120453449400451394 (Shuttarna II (King) of MITANNI (& HURRIANS))
A166193752505670275173273567254: *** Same as 95280961929120453449400451394 (Shuttarna II (King) of MITANNI (& HURRIANS))
B166193752505670275173273567254: *** Same as 190561923858240906873165995292 (Menkheprure' Thutmose IV (PHARAOH) of EGYPT)
B166193752505670275173273567255:   Iaret-Wadjet; (his 2nd wife)
166193752505670275173323902000:   Khendjer (PHARAOH) of EGYPT; 13th Dynasty; ? - 1747? BC
166193752505670275173323950080:   Nesh-nehet of EGYPT
166247033048091056099001630720:   Daniel (ben SHEFATIA) ha-DAVID
A166247033048388300821233664000:   Zarmayr (King) of Ancient ARMENIA; ? - 1180 BC
166247033048388300877630406656:   Periclymenus, an ARGONAUT
166247033048388300877630406657:   Peisidice; (Pisidice)
166247033048388300877630406664:   poss. Eumelus (King) of PHERAE (in Thessaly)
166247033048388300877630406665:   Iphthime
166247033048388300877630406688: *** Same as 40587654552829175018953760 (Nestor (King) of PYLOS)
166247033048388300877630406689:   Anaxibia of MYCENAE; or: Anaxibia, daughter of Cratieus of PYLOS
*A166247033048388300877630406689:   poss. Eurydice of MINYAN ORCHOMENUS
166247033048388300877631782912:   Agamedes of ARCADIA
166247033048388300877631782913:   Epicaste; also m. poss. Apollo the Olympian
166247033048388847828268482560:   Kedar of the SEMITES; (Cedar Qedar Khedar; 2nd born son)
A166247033048388847828268482560:   Da'da'
166247326093130452647628832768:   Finn MacSITHCHENN; (skip this generation?)
166247332475658866154859921408: *** Same as 18886637647822850 (Priam Podarces (High King) of TROY)
166247332475658866154859921409: *** Same as 18886637647822851 (Hecuba (Hecabe) of PHRYGIA)
166247332475658866154859921410:   Scythes (1st King) of SCYTHIA; (eponym of SCYTHIA)
*A166247332475658866154859921410:   Scythes (1st King) of SCYTHIA [alt ped]; (eponym of SCYTHIA)
190561923858240906873165918208:   Chamudan (Khamudan) of MOAB
190561923858240906873165988368:   Tudkhaliash II (King) of KHATTI; (skip this generation?); also begat Tudkhaliash III (assassinated); (Tudhaliya II); ? - 1344? BC
190561923858240906873165988369:   Nikalmati II; (skip?)
190561923858240906873165988370:   Burnaburiash II of BABYLON; (Burna-Buriash II); ? - 1333? BC
190561923858240906873165988371:   Muballitat-Sherua of ASSYRIA
190561923858240906873165995266:   Ay (Eye) (Grand Vizier) of EGYPT; 13th Ruler (PHARAOH) of the 18th Dynasty
190561923858240906873165995268: *** Same as 95280961929120453436582997646 (Nebma'atre' Amenhotep III (PHARAOH) of EGYPT)
190561923858240906873165995269:   Tiye-Nefertari (Tiy) of EGYPT; also bore Thutmose, Isis, Henuttaneb, Nebetah, poss. Baktaten (q.v.); 1382 BC - 1344 BC
190561923858240906873165995270: *** Same as 95280961929120453436582997634 (Akhenaton (Iknaton) (10th PHARAOH) of 18th Dynasty EGYPT)
190561923858240906873165995271: *** Same as 95280961929120453436582997639 (Nefertiti (Chief Queen) of EGYPT)
190561923858240906873165995278: *** Same as 190561923858240906873165995266 (Ay (Eye) (Grand Vizier) of EGYPT)
190561923858240906873165995279:   Tey (Chief Queen) of EGYPT; poss. STEPMOTHER
190561923858240906873165995292:   Menkheprure' Thutmose IV (PHARAOH) of EGYPT; `the Dreamer'; 8th King of the 18th Dynasty; (noted for restoring the Great Sphinx); ? - 1392? BC
190561923858240906873165995293:   Mutemwiya; (his 3rd wife)
190561923858240906873165995294:   Kurigalzu I of BABYLON; ? - 1390+ BC
190561923858240906873165995296:   Amenemhat (Crown Prince) of EGYPT; ? - by 1424? BC
190561923858240906873165995297:   Ta-Thuia
190561923858240906898800902784:   Ashur-nirari II (King) of ASSYRIA; also begat poss. Ashur-Rim-Nisheshu, Ashur-Nadin-Ahhe II; 45th King of Old Assyria; 1451? BC - 1419? BC
190561923858240906898800902788:   Artatama (I; King) of MITANNI
190561923858240906898800902789:   Menwi (Princess) of EGYPT; or: Menhet or Merti (Menwi's sister)
190561923858240906898802018304:   Kara-Hardasch (II) of BABYLON; (skip this generation?); ? - 1333? BC
190561923858240906898802018312: *** Same as 47640480964560226718291497092 (Murshilish II (King) of KHATTI)
190561923858240906898802018313: *** Same as 47640480964560226718291497093 (prob. Tanu-Hepa (Queen) of HATTI)
A190561923858240906899002228736:   Ptuel ben PISON
C190561923858240906899002228736: *** Same as 23820240482280113362375278592 (Belah (Bela) ben BENJAMIN)
190561923858240906899002228740:   Molich ibn ZIMRAN
190561923858240906899002230856:   (NN) ... (NN) the HIVITE; some missing generations
190561923858240906899002230884:   Zobah of UR; (Zoba)

Generation 99    (My 96-great grandparents)

326042505439630743804306653184:   Homo ergaster; also begat Homo naledi; 2.4 M BC - 1.5 M BC
D326042505442737418194965757952:   Qing Jie (CHOU)
C326042505442737418194965762048:   Zu Yi, (11th King) SHANG; aka Tsu I; EMPEROR of CHINA; moved capital from Xiang to Geng then to Xing; reigned 1525 - 1506 BC; ? - 1506? BC
C326042505442737418194965762049:   Pi Chi; or: Pi Keng
332387505011340550346547134464:   Ogomuin; aka Ougomun, Agnoman MacTHOE
332387505011340550346547134466: *** Same as 354949243102620680194 (Numa Pompilius (2nd King) of ROME)
*A332387505011340550346547134466:   poss. Numa Pompilius (2nd King) of ROME [alt ped]; also begat poss. Pinus (progenitor of Pinarii), poss. Numa; (reigned 44 years); 753? BC - 673? BC
332387505011340550346547134467:   Egeria the NYMPH or CAMENAE; also bore Virbius (King of Aricia); also m. Hippolytus (son of Theseus); (Aegiria Hegeria; ancient Latin GODDESS of Healing, Springs, Sacred Knowledge and Inspiration; CAMENAE equated with Greek MUSE); (Nennius shows Egeria as daughter of Ascanius, with a peculiar variation of Ascanius' ancestry)
*A332387505011340550346547134467: *** Same as 354949243102620680195 (Tatia (Princess) of SABINES)
332387505011340550346647804000:   Sobekhotep II (PHARAOH) of EGYPT; 13th Dynasty; ? - 1750? BC
332387505011340550346647900160:   Ptah-hetep (Priest of AMON); (Chief Architect under Rameses II)
332494066096182112198003261440:   Shephatiah (Chefatiah) ben DAVID; (Shefetiah)
A332494066096776601642467328000:   Horoy (King) of Ancient ARMENIA; ? - 1194 BC
332494066096776601755260813312: *** Same as 1208744809460662322 (Neleus (King) of PYLOS)
332494066096776601755260813313: *** Same as 1208744809460662323 (Meliboea (Chloris) of THEBES)
*A332494066096776601755260813313:   Chloris of THEBES
332494066096776601755260813314:   Pelias (King) of IOLCUS (in Thessaly); also begat Acastus, Pelopia, Hippothoe; (usurper King)
332494066096776601755260813315:   Anaxibia
332494066096776601755260813328:   Admetus (King) of PHERAE
332494066096776601755260813329:   Alcestis
332494066096776601755260813330: *** Same as 37773275295645706 (Icarius (Prince) of SPARTA)
332494066096776601755260813331:   Dorodoche; also bore Arnacia, Arnaea
332494066096776601755260813378: *** Same as A19339916951370597288 (Plisthenes (King) of MYCENAE)
A332494066096776601755260813378:   Clymenus (King) of MINYAN ORCHOMENUS; also begat Azeus, (by Budeia) Erginus (King), Stratius, Arrhon, Pyleus; also m. Budeia; slain, prob. by Perieres
332494066096776601755260813379: *** Same as A19339916951370597289 (Cleolla of MYCENAE)
A332494066096776601755260813379:   Byzyge; also bore Azeus
332494066096776601755263565824:   Stymphalus (King) of ARCADIA; or: poss. Apollo the OLYMPIAN, q.v.; also begat Gortys, Parthenope (m. Herakles), Agelaus; also m. Ornis
*A332494066096776601755263565824: *** Same as 19339916951370597208 (Apollo the OLYMPIAN)
332494066096777695656536965120: *** Same as A2372271450037354754 (Ishmael (Isma'il) ibn ABRAHAM)
A332494066096777695656536965120:   Mahmud
332494066096777695656536965121: *** Same as A2372271450037354755 (Ra'la (al-SAYYIDA) bint MUDAD)
332494652186260905295257665536:   Sithchinn (MacEOIN ?); (Sithceann)
332494664951317732309719842820: *** Same as 162350618211316698948567040 (Heracles (ALCIDES) of THEBES)
A332494664951317732309719842820:   Colaxais (King of SCYTHIA)
332494664951317732309719842821:   Echidna (Mother of MONSTERS ?); also m. Orthrus; `She-Viper'; aka Monster of SCHYTIA
381123847716481813746331836416:   Tarsus; or: (aka) Mayon of MOAB
381123847716481813746331976736:   Khattushilish II of KHATTI; King of the HITTITES; aka Hattusilis II; (Note: different sources give different orderings of the early Hittite emperors); (Hattusili II); 1435? BC - 1380? BC or ? - 1400? BC
381123847716481813746331976740:   Kadashman-Enlil I of BABYLON; ? - 1360? BC
381123847716481813746331976742: *** Same as 47640480964560226724700225696 (prob. Eriba-Adad I (King) of ASSYRIA)
381123847716481813746331976743: *** Same as 47640480964560226724700225697 (prob. (Miss) of MITANNI)
381123847716481813746331990532:   Yuya (Yuia Yaya) of EGYPT; Master of The Horse (Adjutant of the Chariotry); Priest of Akhmin; chancellor; poss. aka Zaphnath-Paaneah
*A381123847716481813746331990532: *** Same as 23820240482280113362375278856 (Joseph ben JACOB)
381123847716481813746331990533:   Thuyu (Tuia Tuya) of EGYPT; Lady of The Harem of Min
381123847716481813746331990538: *** Same as 381123847716481813746331990532 (Yuya (Yuia Yaya) of EGYPT)
381123847716481813746331990539: *** Same as 381123847716481813746331990533 (Thuyu (Tuia Tuya) of EGYPT)
381123847716481813746331990584:   Akheperure Amenhotep II THUTMOSID (PHARAOH) of EGYPT; 7th King of the 18th Dynasty; ? - 1401? BC
381123847716481813746331990585:   Tio (Tiye Tiaa)
381123847716481813746331990586: *** Same as 190561923858240906898800902788 (Artatama (I; King) of MITANNI)
381123847716481813746331990587: *** Same as 190561923858240906898800902789 (Menwi (Princess) of EGYPT)
381123847716481813746331990588:   Kadashman-Kharbe I of BABYLON; (Kadaschman-Charbe)
381123847716481813746331990592:   Thutmose (Tuthmosis) III `the Great' (PHARAOH) of EGYPT; 6th King of the 18th Dynasty; (called ``the Napoleon of ancient Egypt'' for his vast conquests; battled the Hurrian/Mitanni; some think Homer's Iliad was based on Thutmose's capture of Joffa); aka Djehutymes III; ? - 1424? BC
381123847716481813746331990593:   poss. Neferure
*A381123847716481813746331990593: *** Same as 381123847716481813797601805579 (poss. Sitiah (Satiah Sitioh))
381123847716481813797601805568:   Enlil-nasir II (King) of ASSYRIA; or: Ashur-nadin-ahhe I (Enlil-nasir's brother); 44th King of Old Assyria; ? - 1426? BC
381123847716481813797601805576:   Shaushshatar (King) of MITANNI; (Saushatara); ? - 1450? BC
381123847716481813797601805578: *** Same as 381123847716481813746331990592 (Thutmose (Tuthmosis) III `the Great' (PHARAOH) of EGYPT)
381123847716481813797601805579:   poss. Sitiah (Satiah Sitioh); (his 1st wife); (Sitiah = `daughter of the Moon')
381123847716481813797604036608: *** Same as 190561923858240906873165988370 (Burnaburiash II of BABYLON)
381123847716481813797604036609: *** Same as 190561923858240906873165988371 (Muballitat-Sherua of ASSYRIA)
A381123847716481813798004457472:   Pison ben MALIKH
381123847716481813798004457480:   Zimran (Zamram) ibn IBRAHIM; (Zimram)
381123847716481813798004461712: *** Same as 9489085800149419024 (Hivi (Eueus))
381123847716481813798004461768: *** Same as 1237754684887719307520 (Terah (Thare Terih) (King?) of AGADE)
381123847716481813798004461769:   Pelilah

Generation 100    (My 97-great grandparents)

652085010879261487608613306368:   Genus Homo (H. habilis); also begat prob. Homo rudolfensis, prob. Homo georgicus; Man of the Oldowan (`Mode 1') toolkit (choppers, scrapers); 2.6 M BC - 1.8 M BC
D652085010885474836389931515904:   Gong Liu (CHOU)
C652085010885474836389931524096:   Zhong Ding, (8th King) SHANG; or: He Tan Jia (Zhong's son); also begat Wai Ren (Pu Jen : 9th King : r. 1549 - 1534), He Tan Jia (10th King : r. 1534 - 1525 : moved capital to Xiang); aka Chung Ting; EMPEROR of CHINA; moved capital from Hao to Xico; united with Deng Kingdom; reigned 1562 - 1549 BC; ? - 1549? BC
C652085010885474836389931524097:   Pi Chi; or: Pi Kuei; also bore Wai Ren (Pu Jen : 9th King : r. 1549 - 1534), He Tan Jia (10th King : r. 1534 - 1525)
664775010022681100693094268928:   Thoi (Thous); aka Thoe (Toe) MacBAINB; poss. aka Dohe ben BODB
A664775010022681100693094268932: *** Same as 4721659411955712 (Iulus ASCANIUS (founder & 1st King) of ALBA LONGA)
A664775010022681100693094268933: *** Same as 154719335610964777057 (Artemis (the OLYMPIAN; GODDESS of the Hunt))
664775010022681100693295608000:   Hor (PHARAOH) of EGYPT; 13th Dynasty; ? - 1760? BC
664775010022681100693295800320:   Neter-wi-hetep (High Priest) of PTAH; ? - 1279 BC
664988132192364224396006522880: *** Same as 5815488398994168300572672 (David (1st King) of JUDAH & ISRAEL)
664988132192364224396006522881:   Abital (Avital); (6th wife)
A664988132193553203284934656000:   Gilak (King) of Ancient ARMENIA; (Glak); ? - 1197 BC
A664988132193553203510521626626:   Tiresias `the Blind Prophet' of THEBES; also begat Historis; (spent 7 years as a woman; poss. blinded by Athena for seeing her naked); aka Teiresias
664988132193553203510521626628: *** Same as 2417489618921324640 (Cretheus (King) of IOLCUS)
*A664988132193553203510521626628: *** Same as 302186202365165616 (Poseidon (the OLYMPIAN; GOD of the Sea))
664988132193553203510521626629: *** Same as 2417489618921324641 (Tyro of THESSALY)
664988132193553203510521626630: *** Same as 604372404730331160 (Bias (King) of the ARGIVES)
664988132193553203510521626631: *** Same as 604372404730331161 (Pero of PYLOS)
664988132193553203510521626656: *** Same as 2417489618921324642 (Pheres (King) of PHERAE)
664988132193553203510521626657:   Clymene of the MINYANS; also bore Atalanta (m. Meilanion), Lycurgus (King of Nemea), etc.; also m. Iasus
664988132193553203510521626658: *** Same as 332494066096776601755260813314 (Pelias (King) of IOLCUS (in Thessaly))
664988132193553203510521626659: *** Same as 332494066096776601755260813315 (Anaxibia)
664988132193553203510521626662:   Ortilokhos; also begat Medusa (m. Polybus)
A664988132193553203510521626756:   Presbon of MINYAN ORCHOMENUS
A664988132193553203510521626758:   Lycus
664988132193553203510527131648: *** Same as 38679833902741194268 (Elatus (King) of ARCADIA)
664988132193553203510527131649: *** Same as 38679833902741194269 (Laodice (Princess) of CYPRUS)
A664988132193555391313073930240:   al-Za'id
664989304372521810590515331072:   Riaghlan; (skip this generation?)
A664989329902635464619439685640:   Targitaus of SCYTHIA; also begat Leipoxais, Arpoxais; (progenitor of the SCYTHIANS; poss. same as Heracles of THEBES, q.v.)
664989329902635464619439685642:   Chrysaor the GIANT (King) of IBERIA; or: Piras; aka Khrysaor
664989329902635464619439685643: *** Same as 2417489618921324955 (Callirrhoe the OCEANID)
*A664989329902635464619439685643: *** Same as C6066118911326483252248581 (Styx the OCEANID)
762247695432963627492663672832:   Moab ibn LOT; also begat Ed, Mayon, Kanvil; progenitor (eponym) of the MOABITES
762247695432963627492663953472:   Arnuwandash I of KHATTI; King of the HITTITES; (Arnuwandas I); 1465? BC - 1420? BC or ? - 1380? BC
762247695432963627492663953473:   daughter of Tudhaliya I
762247695432963627492663953480: *** Same as 190561923858240906873165995294 (Kurigalzu I of BABYLON)
762247695432963627492663981064:   Yey; Master of The Horse; poss. of Asian descent
762247695432963627492663981065:   Tey
762247695432963627492663981066: *** Same as 762247695432963627492663981064 (Yey)
762247695432963627492663981067: *** Same as 762247695432963627492663981065 (Tey)
762247695432963627492663981168: *** Same as 381123847716481813746331990592 (Thutmose (Tuthmosis) III `the Great' (PHARAOH) of EGYPT)
762247695432963627492663981169:   Meryetre Hatshepsut of EGYPT
762247695432963627492663981170: *** Same as 381123847716481813746331990592 (Thutmose (Tuthmosis) III `the Great' (PHARAOH) of EGYPT)
762247695432963627492663981171:   Nibitou; (his 3rd wife)
762247695432963627492663981176:   Karaindash I of BABYLON; (Karaindasch)
762247695432963627492663981184:   Thutmose (Tuthmosis) II (PHARAOH) of EGYPT; 4th King of the 18th Dynasty; poss. aka Belus of EGYPT, q.v.; 1510? BC - 1479? BC
762247695432963627492663981185:   (NN), concubine; or: poss. Isis
762247695432963627492663981186: *** Same as 762247695432963627492663981184 (Thutmose (Tuthmosis) II (PHARAOH) of EGYPT)
762247695432963627492663981187:   Hatshepsut (Queen & PHARAOH) of EGYPT; 5th Ruler of the 18th Dynasty; (Hatsepsut); among other great deeds, imported myrrh and ivory from East Africa; (her mummy was discovered in 2007); ? - 1482 BC poss. murdered by Thutmose III, q.v.
762247695432963627595203611136:   Ashur-rabi I (King) of ASSYRIA; (Assur-rabi); 42nd King of Old Assyria; ? - 1451? BC
762247695432963627595203611152:   Parsatatar (King) of MITANNI; (skip this generation?)
762247695432963627595203611158:   poss. Ahmose Pen-Nekhebet; also m. (instead) poss. a different Ipu
762247695432963627595203611159:   Ipu (Royal Nursemaid)
A762247695432963627596008914944:   Malikh ben JERUBAAL
762247695432963627596008914960: *** Same as 618877342443859653760 (Abraham (Avraham Ibrahim) of GENESIS)
762247695432963627596008914961: *** Same as 5955060120570028339786426497 (Keturah (Qatura Cetura), concubine)

Generation 101    (My 98-great grandparents)

1304170021758522975217226612736:   Australopithecus sediba; 3.0 M BC - 2.0 M BC
D1304170021770949672779863031808:   Ju (CHOU)
C1304170021770949672779863048192:   T'ai Wu, (7th King) SHANG; also begat Wai Ren, He Dan Jia; aka Da Wu; aka Ta Mou; expanded Shang Kingdom; reigned 1637 - 1562 BC; ? - 1562? BC
C1304170021770949672779863048193:   poss. Pi Jen
1329550020045362201386188537856:   Boibus (Boib); aka Bainb (Banb) MacSEIM; poss. aka Bodb
1329550020045362201386591216000:   Ameny Intef (Inyotef) IV (PHARAOH) of EGYPT; 13th Dynasty
1329550020045362201386591600640:   Seker-em-saf (High Priest) of PTAH; ? - 1285 BC
A1329976264387106406569869312000:   Endzak (King) of Ancient ARMENIA; (Yndzak); ? - 1227 BC
A1329976264387106407021043253252:   Everes of THEBES; (shepherd); aka Eueres
A1329976264387106407021043253253:   Chariclo the NYMPH; (servant of Athena)
1329976264387106407021043253314:   Minyas of ORCHOMENUS; also begat Araethyrea (Dionysus' wife), The Mynads (Leucippe : Arsippe : Alcathoe), Cyparissus, Orchomenus; King of the MINYANS; poss. aka Mimas of THESSALY (King of AEOLIS)
*A1329976264387106407021043253314:   poss. Minyas of ORCHOMENUS [alt ped]; also begat Elara (Zeus' lover), Araethyrea (Dionysus' wife), The Mynads (Leucippe : Arsippe : Alcathoe), Cyparissus, Orchomenus; King of the MINYANS
1329976264387106407021043253315:   Euryanassa of ORCHOMENUS; also bore Araethyrea (Dionysus' wife), The Mynads (Leucippe : Arsippe : Alcathoe), Cyparissus, Orchomenus
1329976264387106407021043253324:   Alpheios the RIVER GOD
1329976264387106407021043253325:   Telegone (Princess) of PHARAI
A1329976264387106407021043253512:   Phrixus of THESSALY; also begat Argus, Phrontis, Melas, Cytissorus, Autolycus, Phronius, Demoleon (Deileon), Phlogius
A1329976264387106407021043253513:   Chalciope of COLCHIS; poss. aka Iophossa
A1329976264387110782626147860480:   Nadwan
1329978608745043621181030662144:   Eoin Brecc MacLUGAID; (Eoinbhric)
A1329978659805270929238879371280: *** Same as 37773275295645698 (Zeus the OLYMPIAN)
A1329978659805270929238879371281:   poss. (NN) the NAIAD
1329978659805270929238879371284: *** Same as 302186202365165616 (Poseidon (the OLYMPIAN; GOD of the Sea))
1329978659805270929238879371285:   Medusa the GORGON; also bore Pegasus; (her face turned men to stone); poss. Queen in LIBYA; (Medousa); slain by Perseus of Mycenae, q.v.
*A1329978659805270929238879371285:   Medusa the GORGON [alt ped]; also bore Pegasus; (her face turned men to stone); poss. Queen in LIBYA; slain by Perseus of Mycenae, q.v.
1524495390865927254985327345664: *** Same as 372191257535626771236651136 (Lot (of UR) ibn HARAN)
1524495390865927254985327345665:   Pheine; aka first daughter of LOT
1524495390865927254985327906945:   poss. Nikkal-Mati (Princess) of the HURRIANS
1524495390865927254985327906946:   poss. Tudhaliyas I (1st EMPEROR) of the HITTITES; (the Empire of the Hittites is also called the New Kingdom); ? - 1410? BC
1524495390865927254985327962128:   poss. Yii (Master of The Horse); or: prob. not Thutmose (Tuthmosis) III `the Great' (PHARAOH) of EGYPT, q.v. or: prob. not Isaac ibn ABRAHAM, q.v.
1524495390865927254985327962338: *** Same as 762247695432963627492663981184 (Thutmose (Tuthmosis) II (PHARAOH) of EGYPT)
1524495390865927254985327962339: *** Same as 762247695432963627492663981187 (Hatshepsut (Queen & PHARAOH) of EGYPT)
1524495390865927254985327962342:   Huyu (King) of KUSH
1524495390865927254985327962352:   poss. Agum III of BABYLON
1524495390865927254985327962368:   Thutmose I (PHARAOH) of EGYPT; also begat poss. Belus (q.v.); (Tutmosis); 3rd King of the 18th Dynasty; ? - 1481? BC
1524495390865927254985327962369:   Mutnofret (Mutnofre) of EGYPT
1524495390865927254985327962374: *** Same as 1524495390865927254985327962368 (Thutmose I (PHARAOH) of EGYPT)
1524495390865927254985327962375:   'Amhose (Aahmes II) (Queen) of EGYPT [alt ped]; sister of Pharaoh Amenhotep I
*A1524495390865927254985327962375:   prob. Amhose (Aahmes II) (Queen) of EGYPT
1524495390865927255190407222272:   Enlil-nasir I (King) of ASSYRIA; also begat poss. Nur-Ili, poss. Ashur-Shaduni; 40th King of Old Assyria
1524495390865927255190407222304:   Parrattarna I (King) of MITANNI; (Parattarna)
1524495390865927255190407222316:   Amenhotep (Prince); (wearer of the royal seal, chief treasurer, tutor to Princess Neferure, etc.)
A1524495390865927255192017829888:   Jerubaal ben YERUCHAM

Generation 102    (My 99-great grandparents)

2608340043517045950434453225472:   Australopithecus africanus; 3.4 M BC - 2.4 M BC
D2608340043541899345559726063616:   Bu Zhu (CHOU)
C2608340043541899345559726096384:   T'ai Kang, (4th King) SHANG; also begat Xiao Jia (Hsiao Chia : 7th/5th King : r. 1666 - 1649), Yong Ji (Yung Chi : 8th/6th King : r. 1649 - 1637); aka Da Geng, Ta Keng, Hsiao, Keng Pien; reigned 1691 - 1666 BC; ? - 1666? BC
2659100040090724402772377075712:   Semion (Simeon); or: poss. Jobath (q.v.); aka Seim (Sem) MacMAIR
2659100040090724402773182432000:   Wegaf (PHARAOH) of 13th Dynasty; aka Ugaf of EGYPT; (srcs differ as to whether 12th Dynasty heiress was his mother or wife); ? - 1778? BC
2659100040090724402773182432001:   poss. daughter of Amenemhet IV
2659100040090724402773183201280:   Ptah-em-het `Ty' (High Priest) of PTAH; also begat Hay; (at time of Tutankhamen); ? - 1293 BC
A2659952528774212813139738624000:   Hirant I (King) of Ancient ARMENIA; (Hrant); ? - 1242 BC
A2659952528774212814042086506504:   (NN) ... (NN) of THEBES; some missing generations
2659952528774212814042086506628:   poss. Chryses (King) of PHLEGYANS; or: poss. Aeolus of THESSALY, q.v.
*B2659952528774212814042086506628:   poss. Orchomenus (King) of ORCHOMENUS [alt ped]; (eponym)
A2659952528774212814042086506628:   Orchomenus (King) of ORCHOMENUS; (eponym)
*B2659952528774212814042086506628:   poss. Orchomenus (King) of ORCHOMENUS [alt ped]; (eponym)
2659952528774212814042086506629:   poss. wife of Chryses; or: poss. Enarete of THESSALY, q.v.
A2659952528774212814042086506629:   Hermippe
2659952528774212814042086506630:   Hyperphas of ORCHOMENUS
2659952528774212814042086506648: *** Same as 75546550591291398 (Oceanus the TITAN)
2659952528774212814042086506649: *** Same as 75546550591291399 (Tethys the TITAN)
2659952528774212814042086506650:   Pharis (King) of PHARAI (in MESSENIA)
A2659952528774212814042086507024: *** Same as 2417489618921326604 (Athamas of THESSALY)
A2659952528774212814042086507025:   Nephele (Cloud) the OCEANID
A2659952528774212814042086507026: *** Same as 75546550591291410 (Aeetes (King) of COLCHIS)
A2659952528774212814042086507027: *** Same as 81175309105658350010504195 (Idyia the (youngest) OCEANID)
A2659952528774221565252295720960:   Atamah; 980?? BC - ?
2659957217490087242362061324288: *** Same as 4952959790994831179776 (Lugaid (Luy Luighaidh) MacITHA)
A2659957319610541858477758742562:   Borysthenes the RIVER GOD; also begat Thoas (King of Lemnos); aka Dnieper
2659957319610541858477758742570:   Gorgon the GORGON; or: poss. Poseidon, q.v. or: poss. Phorcus the TITAN, q.v.; also begat Stheno, Euryale; female (Mother of the Gorgons) in some traditions
*B2659957319610541858477758742570:   Gorgon the GORGON [alt ped]; also begat Stheno, Euryale; female (Mother of the Gorgons) in some traditions
A2659957319610541858477758742570:   Seth, GOD of Storms; poss. aka Typhon the GIANT, q.v. (Greek counterpart); (Egyptian myth)
2659957319610541858477758742571: *** Same as 302186202365165711 (Ceto (IMMORTAL))
A2659957319610541858477758742571:   Taweret, GODDESS of Maternity & Fertility; or: Nepthys GODDESS of Death (q.v.); also m. Sobek (God of Crocodiles), Bes (God of Protection); (Egyptian myth)
3048990781731854509970654691330: *** Same as 372191257535626771236651136 (Lot (of UR) ibn HARAN)
3048990781731854509970654691331: *** Same as 744382515071253542473302275 (Ado, Lot's first wife)
3048990781731854509970655813890:   poss. Ischtaparaija (of the HATTI ?)
3048990781731854509970655813891:   prob. Alluwanna of LUWIA
3048990781731854509970655813892:   father of Tudhaliyas I; (the pedigree of Tudhaliyas I may be uncertain; the earlier Kings are listed as a possible lineage); Note: Hittites are distinct from Khatti people, but adopted the name of the country they conquered
3048990781731854509970655924704:   Kaschtiliasch III of BABYLON
3048990781731854509970655924705:   (Miss) of BABYLON
3048990781731854509970655924736:   Amenhotep I Djeserkare (PHARAOH) of EGYPT; 2nd of 18th Dynasty; ? - 1493? BC
3048990781731854509970655924737:   Senisonb (Seneseneb) of EGYPT
3048990781731854509970655924738:   Ahmose I (1st PHARAOH) of 18th Dynasty; also begat 'Ahmose Sipar (first-born son : poss. k. in 10th plague); aka Nebpehtyre Ahmose (Ahmes); founded the NEW KINGDOM (EGYPT); poss. the `Pharaoh of the Oppression' of EXODUS; 1555? BC - 1514? BC
3048990781731854509970655924750: *** Same as 3048990781731854509970655924738 (Ahmose I (1st PHARAOH) of 18th Dynasty)
A3048990781731854509970655924750: *** Same as 3048990781731854509970655924736 (Amenhotep I Djeserkare (PHARAOH) of EGYPT)
3048990781731854509970655924751:   Nefretiri; poss. aka Ahmose Nefertari
A3048990781731854509970655924751:   Ahhotep II
3048990781731854510380814444544:   Puzur-Ashur III (King) of ASSYRIA; 39th King of Old Assyria; ? - 1498? BC
3048990781731854510380814444608:   Shuttarna I (King) of MITANNI; (Shutarna)
3048990781731854510380814444632:   (NN) ... (NN); some missing generations
A3048990781731854510384035659776:   Yerucham ben CHANANYA

Generation 103    (My 100-great grandparents)

5216680087034091900868906450944:   Australopithecus afarensis; also begat A. garhi, Paranthropus; 3.9 M BC - 2.9 M BC
D5216680087083798691119452127232:   Jesharelah; `Upright to God'
*E5216680087083798691119452127232:   Hou Chi (CHOU), legendary King of CHINA; aka Hou Ji (Houji); Minister of Agriculture (Lord of Millet) under Emperor Shun; `Upright to God'
C5216680087083798691119452192768:   Tai Jia, (2nd King) SHANG; also begat Wo Ding (aka Qiang Ding : 3rd King : r. 1720 - 1691); aka Ta Chia; (killed Yi Yin (attempted usurper); established capital at Hao; reigned 1753 - 1720 BC); ? - 1720? BC
C5216680087083798691119452192769:   Pi Hsin; also bore Wo Ding (3rd King : r. 1720 - 1691)
5318200080181448805544754151424:   Mair; aka Mar MacETHECT
5318200080181448805546364864000:   prob. (NN), consort of Queen Sebeknefru
5318200080181448805546364864001:   prob. Sebeknefru (Queen) of EGYPT; 8th (& last) PHARAOH of 12th Dynasty; (some sources show her as childless; some sources show her as wife and half-sister of Amenemhat IV); ? - 1785? BC
5318200080181448805546364864002:   Amenemhat (Ammenemes) IV (PHARAOH) of EGYPT; 7th of 12th Dynasty; ? - 1790? BC
5318200080181448805546364864003:   poss. Sebeknefru, q.v.
5318200080181448805546366402560:   Seker-em-sap (Priest of AMON-RE)
A5319905057548425626279477248000:   Gorak (King) of Ancient ARMENIA; ? - 1267 BC
A5319905057548425628084173013008:   Udaeus of THEBES
5319905057548425628084173013256: *** Same as 302186202365165616 (Poseidon (the OLYMPIAN; GOD of the Sea))
A5319905057548425628084173013256: *** Same as 37773275295645698 (Zeus the OLYMPIAN)
C5319905057548425628084173013256:   (NN) ... (NN); or: Lycaon of ARCADIA, q.v.; poss. few missing generations
B5319905057548425628084173013256: *** Same as C5319905057548425628084173013256 ((NN) ... (NN))
5319905057548425628084173013257:   Chrysogenia of BOEOTIA; (Chrysogone)
A5319905057548425628084173013257:   Hesione
A5319905057548425628084173013258: *** Same as 151093101182582992 (Boeotus (eponym of the BOEOTIANS))
5319905057548425628084173013300: *** Same as 302186202365165636 (Hermes (the OLYMPIAN; the Messenger GOD))
5319905057548425628084173013301:   Phylodameia
A5319905057548425628084173014050: *** Same as 75546550591291398 (Oceanus the TITAN)
A5319905057548425628084173014051: *** Same as 75546550591291399 (Tethys the TITAN)
A5319905057548443130504591441920:   Daws al-'ITQ
A5319914639221083716955517485124: *** Same as 75546550591291398 (Oceanus the TITAN)
A5319914639221083716955517485125: *** Same as 75546550591291399 (Tethys the TITAN)
5319914639221083716955517485140:   Typhon (Typhoeus) the GIANT; also begat poss. the Anemoi (Storm Winds), poss. Kerberos, poss. Chimera; poss. related to Illuyanka (Hittite GOD); poss. aka Babys (Baous)
A5319914639221083716955517485140: *** Same as 19339916951370615360 (Geb, GOD of the Earth)
B5319914639221083716955517485140: *** Same as A2659957319610541858477758742570 (Seth, GOD of Storms)
5319914639221083716955517485141:   Echidna, Mother of MONSTERS; also bore poss. Agathyrsos of Schytia, poss. Gelonos of Schytia; `She-Viper'; slain by Argus
*B5319914639221083716955517485141:   Echidna, Mother of MONSTERS [alt ped]; `She-Viper'; slain by Argus
A5319914639221083716955517485141: *** Same as 19339916951370615361 (Nut, GODDESS of the Sky)
B5319914639221083716955517485141:   Nepthys, GODDESS of Death; (Nebhet)
A5319914639221083716955517485142: *** Same as A77359667805482461442 (Ra, GOD of the Sun)
6097981563463709019941311627782:   Mursilish I (King) of the HATTI
6097981563463709019941311627783:   Charapsilis of the HATTI
6097981563463709019941311627784:   prob. Zidantas II (14th King) of the HITTITES; (Zidanta II)
6097981563463709019941311849408:   Burna-Buriasch I of BABYLON; ? - 1500? BC
6097981563463709019941311849410:   Milammi-Kuruki of BABYLON; ? - 1482? BC
6097981563463709019941311849472: *** Same as 3048990781731854509970655924738 (Ahmose I (1st PHARAOH) of 18th Dynasty)
6097981563463709019941311849473: *** Same as 3048990781731854509970655924751 (Nefretiri)
6097981563463709019941311849474:   Apepi (Apophis) II of HYKSOS; PHARAOH of 15th Dynasty in EGYPT
6097981563463709019941311849475:   poss. Ahotep
6097981563463709019941311849476:   Sekenenre Tao II (King) of THEBES; 14th PHARAOH of the 17th Dynasty of EGYPT; aka Seqenenre Ta'o; 1580? BC - 1553 BC
6097981563463709019941311849477:   Ahhotep (Ahotop) I (Queen) of EGYPT
6097981563463709019941311849502:   Kamose (King) of THEBES; 15th PHARAOH of the 17th Dynasty of EGYPT
A6097981563463709019941311849502: *** Same as 3048990781731854509970655924738 (Ahmose I (1st PHARAOH) of 18th Dynasty)
6097981563463709020761628889088:   Ashur-nirari I (King) of ASSYRIA; 38th King of Old Assyria
6097981563463709020761628889216:   Kirta (King) of MITANNI
6097981563463709020761628889217:   wife of Kirta
6097981563463709020761628889264: *** Same as 3048990781731854509970655924738 (Ahmose I (1st PHARAOH) of 18th Dynasty)
A6097981563463709020768071319552:   Chananya ben ZAVDI

Generation 104    (My 101-great grandparents)

10433360174068183801737812901888:   Australopithecus anamensis; 4.2 M BC - ?
D10433360174167597382238904254464:   Hoshaiah; `Jehovah to save'
E10433360174167597382238904254464:   Di Ku (EMPEROR) of CHINA; (Diku)
*F10433360174167597382238904254464:   Shangdi (GOD) of the SHANG Dynasty; (it is said that Jiangyuan conceived Hou Chi after stepping into the footsteps of Shangdi)
E10433360174167597382238904254465:   Jiangyuan
C10433360174167597382238904385536:   Ta Ting, SHANG; aka Da (Tai) Ding
10636400160362897611089508302848:   Ecthactus; aka Ethecht (Ethac Ethechr) MacAURTECHT
10636400160362897611092729728002: *** Same as 5318200080181448805546364864002 (Amenemhat (Ammenemes) IV (PHARAOH) of EGYPT)
10636400160362897611092729728004:   Amenemhat (Ammenemes) III Nemare (PHARAOH) of EGYPT; 6th of 12th Dynasty; ? - 1797? BC
10636400160362897611092732805120:   Ipu (Priest of SEKHMET)
A10639810115096851252558954496000:   Kar (King) of Ancient ARMENIA; (Karanni); ? - 1285 BC
A10639810115096851256168346026016: *** Same as 38679833902741194344 (Cadmus (King) of THEBES)
A10639810115096851256168346026017: *** Same as 38679833902741194345 (poss. Dragon of THEBES)
C10639810115096851256168346026512:   prob. Orchomenus of ARCADIA
10639810115096851256168346026514:   Almus of CORINTH; King of ALMONES in Boeotia; (Halmus Halmos)
A10639810115096851256168346026514: *** Same as 2417489618921326770 (Danaus (King) of ARGOS)
10639810115096851256168346026602: *** Same as 2417489618921326770 (Danaus (King) of ARGOS)
A10639810115096886261009182883840:   Hisn
10639829278442167433911034970280:   Tartarus of the UNDERWORLD; (Primordial GOD); Tartaros
10639829278442167433911034970281: *** Same as 18886637647822873 (Gaia (Gaea) the Earth GODDESS)
10639829278442167433911034970282: *** Same as 10639829278442167433911034970280 (Tartarus of the UNDERWORLD)
C10639829278442167433911034970282: *** Same as 302186202365165710 (Phorcus the TITAN)
B10639829278442167433911034970282: *** Same as 19339916951370615360 (Geb, GOD of the Earth)
10639829278442167433911034970283: *** Same as 18886637647822873 (Gaia (Gaea) the Earth GODDESS)
C10639829278442167433911034970283: *** Same as 302186202365165711 (Ceto (IMMORTAL))
B10639829278442167433911034970283: *** Same as 19339916951370615361 (Nut, GODDESS of the Sky)
12195963126927418039882623255564:   (NN) of the HATTI
12195963126927418039882623255566:   (NN) of the HATTI
12195963126927418039882623255568:   prob. Hantilis II (13th King) of the HITTITES; (Hantili II)
12195963126927418039882623698816:   Agum II of BABYLON; aka Agum of the KASSITES; (conquered Babylon, which now extended to the Kassite heartland near the Zagros Mtns.); ? - 1540? BC
12195963126927418039882623698820:   Akurulana of BABYLON
12195963126927418039882623698948:   Apepi (Apophis) I of HYKSOS; PHARAOH of 15th Dynasty in EGYPT
12195963126927418039882623698952:   Sekenenre Tao I (PHARAOH) at THEBES; (skip this generation?); aka Sanakhtenre Ta'o; 13th/9th PHARAOH of the 17th Dynasty of EGYPT; (he followed his father Inyotef VII but there seem to be different numbering schemes); 1605? BC - 1558 BC
*A12195963126927418039882623698952:   Senachtenre (PHARAOH) at THEBES [alt ped]; (many in this pedigree are duplicated in database, but this alternate pedigree is hard to reconcile); 1600? BC - 1560? BC
12195963126927418039882623698953:   Tetisheri of THEBES; (skip?); Queen of EGYPT; (Tetischeri)
12195963126927418039882623698954: *** Same as 12195963126927418039882623698952 (Sekenenre Tao I (PHARAOH) at THEBES)
12195963126927418039882623698955: *** Same as 12195963126927418039882623698953 (Tetisheri of THEBES)
12195963126927418039882623699004: *** Same as 6097981563463709019941311849476 (Sekenenre Tao II (King) of THEBES)
12195963126927418039882623699005: *** Same as 6097981563463709019941311849477 (Ahhotep (Ahotop) I (Queen) of EGYPT)
12195963126927418041523257778176:   Ishme-Dagan II (King) of ASSYRIA; 36th King of Old Assyria; (Isme-Dagan)
A12195963126927418041536142639104:   Zavdi ben ELPOAL

Generation 105    (My 102-great grandparents)

20866720348136367603475625803776:   Ardepithecus ramidus; also begat poss. Kenyanthropus platyops; 4.7 M BC - ?
D20866720348335194764477808508928: *** Same as 181734012468567759393282 (Jobab)
E20866720348335194764477808508928:   (NN); poss. missing generations
F20866720348335194764477808508928:   (NN) ... (NN); some missing generations
E20866720348335194764477808508930:   Youtai
C20866720348335194764477808771072:   Tang, (1st King) SHANG; also begat Wai Bing (2nd King), Zhong Ren (3rd King); aka Ch'eng T'ang; T'ien (Ta) I; overthrew Xia Jie and founded the SHANG DYNASTY; reigned 1816 - 1753 BC; 1816? - 1753? BC
C20866720348335194764477808771073:   Pi Ping
21272800320725795222179016605696:   Aurthack; aka Aurthacht (Aurthach Aurtecht) MacABUITH
21272800320725795222185459456008:   Sesotris III Khakaure (PHARAOH) of EGYPT; (Senusref Senwosret); 5th of 12th Dynasty; (prob. during his reign that Joseph ben Jacob, q.v., came to Egypt); (an astronomical inscription from his reign has been used by modern scientists to calibrate the Egyptian calendar); ? - 1842? BC
21272800320725795222185459456009:   Sebekshedty-Neferu (Queen) of EGYPT
21272800320725795222185465610240:   Wer-mer (High Priest) of PTAH; (Wermer); ? - 1349 BC
A21279620230193702505117908992000:   Vistam (King) of Ancient ARMENIA; (Vstam); ? - 1289 BC
C21279620230193702512336692053024: *** Same as 2417489618921326772 (Lycaon (King) of ARCADIA)
C21279620230193702512336692053025: *** Same as 2417489618921326773 (Nonacris of ARCADIA)
21279620230193702512336692053028: *** Same as 154719335610964778344 (Sisyphus (King) of CORINTH)
21279620230193702512336692053029: *** Same as 154719335610964778345 (poss. Merope the (youngest) PLEIADE)
A21279620230193772522018365767680:   al-Nizal
21279658556884334867822069940560: *** Same as 75546550591291494 (Chaos (PRIMORDIAL))
24391926253854836079765246511128:   Hattushilish I (King) of the HATTI
24391926253854836079765246511132: *** Same as 24391926253854836079765246511128 (Hattushilish I (King) of the HATTI)
24391926253854836079765246511136:   Aluwamnas (11th King) of the HITTITES; (Alluwamna); 1st King of the HITTITE Middle Kingdom
24391926253854836079765246511137:   daughter of Telipinu
24391926253854836079765247397632:   Ur-Zigur-Umasch of KHANA; ? - 1600? BC
24391926253854836079765247397640:   Aidarakalamma of BABYLON; 1579? BC - ?
24391926253854836079765247397896:   Khyan (Khayan) of HYKSOS; PHARAOH of 15th Dynasty in EGYPT
24391926253854836079765247397897:   daughter of Intef VII
24391926253854836079765247397904: *** Same as 649194345725274512395796492 (Inyotef VII (PHARAOH) at THEBES)
A24391926253854836079765247397904:   Ameni (PHARAOH) at THEBES; 1620? BC - by 1560 BC
24391926253854836079765247397905:   prob. Sobkemsaf (Sebekamzaf) of EGYPT; 1635? BC - ?
A24391926253854836079765247397905:   Sebekemheb
24391926253854836079765247397906:   Tjenna, a commoner
24391926253854836079765247397907:   Neferu
24391926253854836083046515556352:   Shamshi-Adad II (King) of ASSYRIA; also begat prob. not Shamshi-Adad III; 35th King of Old Assyria; (Samsi-Adad II)
A24391926253854836083072285278208:   Elpoal ben SHIMRI; (Elpo'al)

Generation 106    (My 103-great grandparents)

41733440696272735206951251607552:   Ardipithecus kadabba; (first recognized as distinct species in 2004); 5.5 M BC - ?
E41733440696670389528955617017856:   Chiao Chi; (Jiaoji)
F41733440696670389528955617017856: *** Same as C20866720348335194764477808771072 (Tang, (1st King) SHANG)
C41733440696670389528955617542144:   Zhu Kui; (Zhu Gui, Zhugui, Shigui)
C41733440696670389528955617542146:   (NN) ... (NN); many missing generations
42545600641451590444358033211392:   Ethec (Ecthet); aka Aboth MacAOY
42545600641451590444370918912016:   Sesotris II Khakheperre (PHARAOH) of EGYPT; (Senusref Senwosret); 4th of 12th Dynasty; (son of predecessor); ? - 1878? BC
42545600641451590444370918912017:   Nofret (Queen) of EGYPT; aka Noferet II
42545600641451590444370931220480:   Pen-pe-nebes (High Priest) of PTAH; (Penpenebes)
A42559240460387405010235817984000:   Norayr (King) of Ancient ARMENIA; ? - 1302 BC
A42559240460387545044036731535360:   al-Qumayr; 1068?? BC - ?
48783852507709672159530493022274:   Telepinus (10th King) of the HITTITES; (Telipinu); (usurped throne from Huzziyas I, his brother-in-law); ? - 1500? BC
48783852507709672159530493022275:   daughter of Ammuna
48783852507709672159530494795264:   Kaschtiliasch II of KHANA; (of the KASSITES); ? - 1625? BC
48783852507709672159530494795280:   Kirgal-darabari of BABYLON; 1597? BC - ?
48783852507709672159530494795281:   (Miss) of ALEPPO
48783852507709672159530494795792:   Yakubber (Yaqub-har) of HYKSOS; (Yakob-Hor); PHARAOH of 15th Dynasty in EGYPT; (David Hughes speculates that his name, Jacob-Hor, shows a Hebrew origin); poss. aka Yaw, Yam, Jehovah; ? - 1660? BC
48783852507709672159530494795794:   Intef VII (PHARAOH) of EGYPT
48783852507709672159530494795795:   Sobkemsaf
A48783852507709672159530494795808:   Rehotep; ? - 1619 BC
A48783852507709672159530494795809:   Sebekemsaf-Haanches
48783852507709672159530494795810:   Nebiryerawet (Nebireraw Nebiryau) I of EGYPT; 7th PHARAOH at THEBES; 1660 BC - 1620? BC
A48783852507709672159530494795810:   Sebekemsaf I (PHARAOH); ? - 1603 BC
A48783852507709672159530494795811:   Nubemhat
48783852507709672166093031112704:   Erishum III (King) of ASSYRIA; (Erishu); 34th King of Old Assyria; (Erisum II)
A48783852507709672166144570556416:   Shimri ben ZECHARYA

Generation 107    (My 104-great grandparents)

83466881392545470413902503215104:   prob. Orrorin tugenensis; 6.3 M BC - ?
E83466881393340779057911234035712:   (NN); poss. missing generations
C83466881393340779057911235084288:   Zhu Ren; (Shi Ren, Zhuren)
C83466881393340779057911235084292:   poss. (NN) ... (NN) of XIA; some missing generations
85091201282903180888716066422784:   Ooth (Oth); aka Aoy (Aboth Boath) MacARA
85091201282903180888741837824032:   Amenemhat (Ammenemes) II Nubkaure (PHARAOH) of EGYPT; 3rd of 12th Dynasty; (son of predecessor); ? - 1895? BC
85091201282903180888741837824033:   Keminnub (Queen) of EGYPT
*A85091201282903180888741837824033: *** Same as A1237754684887719307523 (poss. Tohwait of EGYPT)
85091201282903180888741837824034: *** Same as 85091201282903180888741837824032 (Amenemhat (Ammenemes) II Nubkaure (PHARAOH) of EGYPT)
85091201282903180888741837824035: *** Same as 85091201282903180888741837824033 (Keminnub (Queen) of EGYPT)
85091201282903180888741862440960:   Nehem-em-Ptah (Priest) of PTAH
A85118480920774810020471635968000:   Shavarsh (I; King) of Ancient ARMENIA; (Shawarsh); ? - 1326 BC
A85118480920775090088073463070720:   al-Mushajjir
97567705015419344319060986044550:   Ammunas (8th King) of the HITTITES; (assassinated his father); ? - 1530? BC
97567705015419344319060989590528:   Abirattasch of KHANA; ? - 1654? BC
97567705015419344319060989590560:   Peshgaldaramash of BABYLON; 1616? BC - ?
97567705015419344319060989591584:   Sheshi of 15th Dynasty (Lower EGYPT); aka Salitis of HYKSOS; PHARAOH of 15th Dynasty
97567705015419344319060989591588: *** Same as 20774219063208784396665487750 (Sobekhotep IV Khaneferre (PHARAOH) of 13th Dynasty)
A97567705015419344319060989591616:   Antev (Inyotef) V (PHARAOH) [alt ped]; ? - 1622 BC
A97567705015419344319060989591617:   Sebekemsaf
97567705015419344319060989591620:   Sobekemsaf (4th PHARAOH) II of 17th Dynasty; aka Sebekamzaf of THEBES (EGYPT); 1685 BC - 1622? BC
A97567705015419344319060989591620:   Sebekhotep VII (PHARAOH); ? - 1644 BC
97567705015419344319060989591621:   Nubkha-es (Queen) of EGYPT
97567705015419344332186062225408:   Kidin-Ninua (EMPEROR) of ASSYRIA; also begat Sharma-Adad II (King), Ishme-Dagan (father of Shamshi-Adad III (King)); aka Shu-Ninua (Ninus, Su-Ninua); 32nd King of Old Assyria; (prob. historic Ninus (1st King) of ASSYRIA, q.v.); ? - 1602? BC
A97567705015419344332289141112832:   Zecharya ben MERIMOTH

Generation 108    (My 105-great grandparents)

166933762785090940827805006430208:   Proto-Chimpanzee; also begat Chimpanzee, Bonobo; recent (2006) DNA evidence suggests that after chimp & hominid diverged, they interbred for a million years; 6.8 M BC - ?
166933762785090940827805006430209:   Subtribe Hominina; prototype is Sahelanthropus tchadensis; 7 M BC - ?
E166933762786681558115822468071424: *** Same as 361568858588708872 (Hsuan Hsiao)
C166933762786681558115822470168576:   Bao Ding; (skip this generation?)
C166933762786681558115822470168584:   Yu `the Great' of XIA; (speculation); EMPEROR of HSIA Dynasty; controlled flooding of Huang-He River; 2200? BC - ?
170182402565806361777432132845568:   Aber (Abir); aka Ara (Abor Aoy) MacIARA
170182402565806361777483675648064:   Sesotris I Kheperkare (PHARAOH) of EGYPT; (Senusref Senwosret); 2nd of 12th Dynasty; (son of predecessor); ? - 1928? BC
170182402565806361777483675648065:   Nefrusheri (Princess) of EGYPT
170182402565806361777483724881920:   Neb-re (Priest) of PTAH; (Chief Astronomer, High Priest of HELIOPOLIS)
A170236961841549620040943271936000:   Arnak (King) of Ancient ARMENIA; ? - 1332 BC
A170236961841550180176146926141440:   Mu'damir
195135410030838688638121972089100:   Zidantas I (7th King) of the HITTITES; (Zidanta I); (assassinated his brother-in-law to usurp throne); ? - 1550? BC slain by son
195135410030838688638121972089101:   Harapscheki(?), daughter of Hantilis I
195135410030838688638121979181056:   Kaschtiliasch II of KHANA; ? - 1652? BC
195135410030838688638121979181120:   Gulkisar of BABYLON; 1634? BC - ?
195135410030838688638121979183240:   prob. Inyotef V Nubkheperre of THEBES & of EGYPT; Founder & 2nd PHARAOH of the 17th Dynasty in Egypt; ? - 1635? BC
A195135410030838688638121979183240:   Sebekhotep V (PHARAOH); ? - 1680 BC
195135410030838688638121979183241:   poss. Sobkemsaf (Queen) of EGYPT
A195135410030838688638121979183241:   Chaesnub
195135410030838688638121979183243:   (Miss) of EGYPT
*A195135410030838688638121979183243:   poss. First Speaker of New Kingdom Egyptian; 1550 BC - ?
195135410030838688664372124450816:   Bazaira (King) of ASSYRIA; also begat prob. not Lullaia; (Bazaya Bazaia); 30th King of Old Assyria; (Lullaia of unknown ancestry reigned between Bazaira and his son); ? - 1622? BC
A195135410030838688664578282225664:   Merimoth ben HUSHIM

Generation 109    (My 106-great grandparents)

333867525570181881655610012860416:   Tribe Hominini (Hominids & Chimpanzee); 8 M BC - 7 M BC
333867525570181881655610012860418: *** Same as 333867525570181881655610012860416 (Tribe Hominini (Hominids & Chimpanzee))
C333867525573363116231644940337152:   Bao Bing; (Baobing)
C333867525573363116231644940337168:   (NN) ... (NN); many missing generations
340364805131612723554864265691136:   Ra (Rea); aka Iara (Ara) MacSRU
340364805131612723554967351296128:   Amenemhat I Sehetepibre (Founder) of 12th Dynasty; (vizier of Mentuhotep III); aka Ammenemes PHARAOH of EGYPT; ? - 1962? BC murdered
340364805131612723554967351296129:   Nefrutotenen; (other queens include Sit-Hathor, Dedyet, Nefru-Sobek)
340364805131612723554967351296130: *** Same as 340364805131612723554967351296128 (Amenemhat I Sehetepibre (Founder) of 12th Dynasty)
340364805131612723554967351296131:   Nefru-Sobek (Queen) of EGYPT; aka Neferu
340364805131612723554967449763840:   (NN), son of Ty II
A340473923683099240081886543872000:   Ambak (I; King) of Ancient ARMENIA; ? - 1349 BC
A340473923683100360352293852282880:   Sayfi
390270820061677377276243944178202:   Hantilis I (6th King) of the HITTITES; also begat (heir : killed by Zidantas I); (Murdered Mursili I to usurp throne); ? - 1560? BC
390270820061677377276243944178203:   sister of Mursilis I
390270820061677377276243958362112:   Agum I of KHANA; (of the KASSITES); ? - 1695? BC
390270820061677377276243958362240:   Shishku of BABYLON; 1652? BC - ?
390270820061677377276243958366480:   prob. Rahotep (King) of THEBES
A390270820061677377276243958366480:   Sebekhotep IV (PHARAOH); ? - 1685 BC
390270820061677377276243958366481:   mother of Inyotef V
A390270820061677377276243958366481:   Tjan
A390270820061677377276243958366486:   (NN) ... (NN); many missing generations
390270820061677377328744248901632:   Ib-tar-Sin (King) of ASSYRIA; or: Belu-bani (Ib-tar-Sin's ancestor); aka Iptar-Sin; 29th King of Old Assyria
A390270820061677377329156564451328:   Hushim ben SHCHORA

Generation 110    (My 107-great grandparents)

667735051140363763311220025720832:   Subfamily Homininae; also begat Gorilla; (gorilla prob. split off from the line to man only slightly before chimpanzee); 10 M BC - ?
C667735051146726232463289880674304:   Bao Yi; (Baoyi)
C667735051146726232463289880674336:   (NN) ... (NN); some missing generations
680729610263225447109728531382272:   Esraa (Ezra); aka Sru (Zru) MacESRU
680729610263225447109934702592256:   Sesostris; also begat Dedyet (Amenemhat's wife)
680729610263225447109934702592257:   Nefret; also bore Dedyet (Amenemhat's wife); (of Nubian descent); aka Noferet I
680729610263225447109934702592259:   mother of Nefrutotenen
680729610263225447109934899527680:   Ty II (Priest) of PTAH
A680947847366198480163773087744000:   Haykaka I (King) of Ancient ARMENIA; (Hukkanas); ? - 1363 BC
A680947847366200720704587704565760:   Nabit; 1156?? BC - ?
780541640123354754552487888356406:   son of Hattusili I
780541640123354754552487916724224:   Gandash of KHANA; (Gandasch); ? - 1708? BC
780541640123354754552487916724480:   Samsuditana (King) of BABYLON; (Samsuditani Samsu-Ditana); (defeated by King Mursilis I of the Hittites, effectively ending the 1st Dynasty hegemony of Babylon); ? - 1595+ BC
780541640123354754552487916732960:   father of Rahotep
A780541640123354754552487916732960:   Haanchef
A780541640123354754552487916732961:   Kemi
A780541640123354754552487916732972: *** Same as 683760615614943067790257209115149324 (First Speaker of Middle Kingdom Egyptian)
780541640123354754657488497803264:   Sharma-Adad I (King) of ASSYRIA; aka Sharma-im (Sharma-dim); 28th King of Old Assyria
A780541640123354754658313128902656:   Shchora ben AZZA; (Sh'chora)

Generation 111    (My 108-great grandparents)

1335470102280727526622440051441664:   Family Hominidae (Great Apes); also begat Ramapithecus (ancestor of Lufengpithecus : Gigantopithecus), Subfamily Ponginae (orangutans); possible prototype is Pierolapithecus catalaunicus (discovered 2004); 15 M BC - ?
C1335470102293452464926579761348608:   Shang Jia Wei
C1335470102293452464926579761348672:   son of Di Yu; Hou Ch'i, Chi, Yao, or Ti Chih
1361459220526450894219457062764544:   Hisrau (Izrau) ibn BAATH (?); (ancestors in Irish myth are shown from Esru MacRIFAD; mythical descents from MacRIFAD are shown via Hisrau (this page))
*A1361459220526450894219457062764544:   Esru MacRIFAD; (line in Irish myth; follow Hisrau for Welsh myth)
1361459220526450894219869405184515:   mother of Nefret
1361459220526450894219869405184518:   poss. (NN) ... (NN); several missing generations
1361459220526450894219869799055360:   Pa-hem-red (High Priest) of PTAH; (Pahemred); ? - 1524 BC
A1361895694732396960327546175488000:   Vashtak (King) of Ancient ARMENIA; ? - 1381 BC
A1361895694732401441409175409131520: *** Same as 1209606365943828480 (Salaman bayt KEDAR)
1561083280246709509104975776712812:   Hattusilis I (4th King) of the HITTITES; aka Labarnas II; founded the Hittite capital at Hattusas; ? - 1620? BC
1561083280246709509104975833448448:   (NN) of the KASSITES; (Kassite origin is obscure, but some of their deities are cognate with Hindu-Aryan deities); Zagros Mtns.
1561083280246709509104975833448960:   Ammisaduka (King) of BABYLON; (Ammizaduqa, Ammi-saduqa, Ammisaduqa); ? - 1626? BC
A1561083280246709509104975833465921:   Senebtisi
A1561083280246709509104975833465922:   Amenemhet IV (PHARAOH) [alt ped]; ? - 1763 BC
A1561083280246709509104975833465923:   Sobeknefru (PHARAOH) [alt ped]; ? - 1782 BC
1561083280246709509314976995606528:   Libaia (King) of ASSYRIA; 27th King of Old Assyria; (Libaya)
A1561083280246709509316626257805312:   Azza ben GERA; ('Azza)

Generation 112    (My 109-great grandparents)

2670940204561455053244880102883328:   Superfamily Hominoidea (Apes); also begat Hylobatidae (gibbons : siamang), extinct families (Proconsulidae etc.); aka Megafamily of Apes; 25 M BC - ?
C2670940204586904929853159522697216:   Wang Hai; (Zhen, Wanghai)
C2670940204586904929853159522697344:   Di Yu
2722918441052901788438914125529088:   Bath (Baath Biath Baoth); or: Riphath ben GOMER (q.v., Irish) or: Ethrocht (Bath's son); also begat poss. Ethrocht
A2722918441052901788438914125529088: *** Same as 186445880885280 (Riphath (Ripath) SCOT ben GOMER)
2722918441052901788439738810369036: *** Same as 683760615614943067790257209115149324 (First Speaker of Middle Kingdom Egyptian)
2722918441052901788439739598110720:   Ty (Priest) of PTAH
A2723791389464793920655092350976000:   Havanak (King) of Ancient ARMENIA; (Honak); ? - 1403 BC
3122166560493419018209951553425624:   son or brother of Labarnas I
3122166560493419018209951666897920:   Ammiditana (King) of BABYLON; (Ammi-ditana); ? - 1647? BC
A3122166560493419018209951666931843:   Senetsenbtisi
A3122166560493419018209951666931844:   Amenemhet III (PHARAOH) [alt ped]; ? - 1772 BC
A3122166560493419018209951666931845:   Aat
A3122166560493419018209951666931846: *** Same as A3122166560493419018209951666931844 (Amenemhet III (PHARAOH) [alt ped])
3122166560493419018629953991213056:   Belu-bani (King) of ASSYRIA; (Bel-bani); 26th King of Old Assyria; (prob. historical figure on which Belus the HERACLIDE, q.v. is based); ? - 1691+ BC
A3122166560493419018633252515610624:   Gera ben BINYAMIN

Generation 113    (My 110-great grandparents)

5341880409122910106489760205766656:   Parvorder Catarrhini (Apes & Old World Monkeys); also begat extinct families (Aegyptopithecus etc.); aka Infraorder Catarrhini; (recent fossil discoveries are 25-million-year-old Nsungwepithecus gunnelli (O.W. monkey) and Rukwapithecus fleaglei (ape)); 30 M BC - ?
C5341880409173809859706319045394432:   Ji; or: Ming (Ji's brother); also begat Wang Heng
C5341880409173809859706319045394688:   (NN); poss. missing generations
5445836882105803576877828251058176:   Jobath (Iobaath Jobhath); (Iobath Ibath)
*A5445836882105803576877828251058176: *** Same as 186445880885280 (Riphath (Ripath) SCOT ben GOMER)
5445836882105803576879479196221440:   Men-Tew (Priest) of PTAH; ? - 1546 BC
A5447582778929587841310184701952000:   Sur (King) of Ancient ARMENIA; ? - 1433 BC
6244333120986838036419903106851248:   Labarnas I (3rd King) of the HITTITES; (skip this generation?); (1st King & traditional Founder of the Hittite Old Kingdom); ? - 1650? BC
6244333120986838036419903333795840:   Abi-Eschu (King) of BABYLON; (Abieshu, Abi-eshuh, Abieshu); (destroyed Saeland by damming Euphrates); ? - 1684? BC
A6244333120986838036419903333863686:   Sesostris III (PHARAOH) [alt ped]; ? - 1818 BC
A6244333120986838036419903333863687:   Nofrethenut
A6244333120986838036419903333863688: *** Same as A6244333120986838036419903333863686 (Sesostris III (PHARAOH) [alt ped])
A6244333120986838036419903333863689: *** Same as A6244333120986838036419903333863687 (Nofrethenut)
6244333120986838037259907982426112:   Adasi (King) of ASSYRIA; (the ancestry of Adasi is unknown); (Adari)
A6244333120986838037266505031221248: *** Same as 47640480964560226724750557184 (Benjamin (Benoni) ibn JACOB)
A6244333120986838037266505031221249: *** Same as 47640480964560226724750557721 (Mechalia bat ARAM)

Generation 114    (My 111-great grandparents)

10683760818245820212979520411533312:   Infraorder Simiiformes (Simians); aka Suborder Anthropoidea, Anthropoid Primates; 40 M BC - ?
C10683760818347619719412638090788864:   Cao Yu; also begat Ming; (Caoyu)
C10683760818347619719412638090789376: *** Same as E41733440696670389528955617017856 (Chiao Chi)
10891673764211607153755656502116352:   Joham ben JAPHETH; or: Riphath SCOT ben GOMER, q.v.; also begat Bodb (grandfather of Alanus); (son of Japheth in Nennius' ancient alternate genealogy); poss. same as Javan
10891673764211607153758958392442880:   Me-herew-her (High Priest) of HELIOPOLIS; (Chief Astronomer under Apopi); ? - 1569 BC
A10895165557859175682620369403904000:   Parnak (King) of Ancient ARMENIA; ? - 1478 BC
12488666241973676072839806213702496:   poss. Pusarrumas (2nd King) of the HITTITES; aka Pu-Sharruma of the HATTI; ? - 1680? BC
12488666241973676072839806667591680:   Samsuilluna (King) of BABYLON; (Samsu-Iluna); (conquered Ur); ? - 1712? BC
A12488666241973676072839806667727372: *** Same as 42545600641451590444370918912016 (Sesotris II Khakheperre (PHARAOH) of EGYPT)
A12488666241973676072839806667727373: *** Same as 42545600641451590444370918912017 (Nofret (Queen) of EGYPT)
12488666241973676074519815964852224:   Ashur-Dugul (Usurper King) of ASSYRIA; ? - 1736? BC

Generation 115    (My 112-great grandparents)

21367521636491640425959040823066624:   Suborder Haplorrhini; also begat Tarsiiformes (tarsiers); 55 M BC - ?
C21367521636695239438825276181577728:   Chang Ruo; (Changruo)
21783347528423214307511313004232704: *** Same as 4834979237842651264 (Japhet (Iaphet) ibn NOAH)
21783347528423214307517916784885760:   Wer-hetep (Priest) of PTAH
A21790331115718351365240738807808000:   Zawan (King) of Ancient ARMENIA; ? - 1531 BC
24977332483947352145679612427404992:   poss. Tudhaliyas (1st King) of the HITTITES; ? - 1710? BC
24977332483947352145679613335183360:   Hammurabi (King) of BABYLON; also begat Abbael I; (conquered Amoria, Elam, Larsa, Isin; `the Lawgiver'); ? - 1750? BC

Generation 116    (My 113-great grandparents)

42735043272983280851918081646133248:   Order of Primates; also begat Strepsirrhini (lemurs & aye-aye : lorisids & galagos); (earliest primates were called euprimates); (older systems combine non-simian primates into a Prosimian Suborder); 60 M BC - ?
C42735043273390478877650552363155456:   Xiang Tu; (Xiangtu)
43566695056846428615035833569771520:   Harsiese (Priest) of EGYPT
A43580662231436702730481477615616000:   Arbak (King) of Ancient ARMENIA; ? - 1568 BC
49954664967894704291359226670366720:   Simmubalit (King) of BABYLON; (Sin-muballit); ? - 1793? BC
49954664967894704291359226670366721:   poss. Enanedu; Priestess of ILLUMA at UR

Generation 117    (My 114-great grandparents)

85470086545966561703836163292266496:   Superorder Euarchonta; also begat Order Scandentia (tree shrew), Order Dermoptera (colugo (flying lemur)); poss. aka Grandorder Archonta; (Scandentia was formerly included with Primates; now Scandentia and Dermoptera are believed to clade together as Sundatheria); 65 M BC - ?
C85470086546780957755301104726310912:   Zhao Ming; (Zhaoming)
87133390113692857230071667139543040:   Ir-mer (Priest) of EGYPT
A87161324462873405460962955231232000:   Paret (King) of Ancient ARMENIA; ? - 1612 BC
99909329935789408582718453340733440:   Apil-Sin (King) of BABYLON; ? - 1813? BC
99909329935789408582718453340733441:   (Miss) of AKKAD
99909329935789408582718453340733442:   Kudur-Mabug the ELAMITE; also begat Rimsim I (King of Larsa), Warad-Sin; Overseer of the AMURRU; poss. King of LARSA

Generation 118    (My 115-great grandparents)

170940173091933123407672326584532992:   Legion of Euarchontoglires; 70 M BC - ?
C170940173093561915510602209452621824:   Xie
174266780227385714460143334279086080:   Ka-hep (Priest) of EGYPT
A174322648925746810921925910462464000:   Anushavan `Sosanwer'; ? - 1662 BC
199818659871578817165436906681466880:   Sabium (King) of BABYLON; (Sabum)
199818659871578817165436906681466882:   Nabi-Ilisu of AKKAD
199818659871578817165436906681466884:   Shimti-Shilkhak the ELAMITE

Generation 119    (My 116-great grandparents)

341880346183866246815344653169065984:   Superlegion Boreoeutheria (mammals from Laurasia Supercontinent); also begat Order Erinaceomorpha (hedgehog); aka Exafroplacentalia, Notolegia; poss. aka Magnorder Epitheria; 80 M BC - ?
C341880346187123831021204418905243648:   poss. Gao Xin; (Gaoxin)
348533560454771428920286668558172160:   Hor-em-hetep (Priest) of EGYPT
A348645297851493621843851820924928000:   Ara II; poss. aka Kardos (King) of Ancient ARMENIA; ? - 1725 BC
399637319743157634330873813362933760:   Sumula'el (King) of BABYLON; (Sumulael, Samu-la-El); (contemporary to Erishum I of Assyria)
399637319743157634330873813362933768:   (NN) ... (NN) of ELAM; many missing generations

Generation 120    (My 117-great grandparents)

683760692367732493630689306338131968:   Subcohort Exafroplacentalia; or: poss. Legion Atlantogenata
C683760692374247662042408837810487296:   Jiao Ji; (Jiaoji); (same as Chiao Chi, q.v., ?)
697067120909542857840573337116344320:   Ptah-em-het (Priest) of PTAH
A697290595702987243687703641849856000:   Aray `Geghetsik'; `the Handsom'; (King) of Ancient ARMENIA; ? - 1743 BC
A697290595702987243687703641849856001:   Nuard
799274639486315268661747626725867520:   Sumulawli of BABYLON; (skip this generation?)
799274639486315268661747626725867536: *** Same as 316865199331256142725156 (Elam ben SHEM)

Generation 121    (My 118-great grandparents)

1367521384735464987261378612676263936:   Infraclass Eutheria (Placental Mammals); aka Cohort Placentalia; 90 M BC - ?
C1367521384748495324084817675620974592:   Xuan Ao; (Xuan'ao)
1394134241819085715681146674232688640:   Pa-ser (Priest) of PTAH; (reigned unde the Hyksos)
A1394581191405974487375407283699712000:   Aram (King) of Ancient ARMENIA; ? - 1769 BC
1598549278972630537323495253451735040:   Summuabum (King) of BABYLON; (founded 1st Babylonian Empire); (Sumu-abum, Su-abu); ? - 1981? BC

Generation 122    (My 119-great grandparents)

2735042769470929974522757225352527872:   Clade Holotheria
C2735042769496990648169635351241949184: *** Same as 1446275434354835488 (Huang Di (founder) of HSIA Dynasty)
C2735042769496990648169635351241949185: *** Same as 1446275434354835489 (Lei Zu)
2788268483638171431362293348465377280:   Ser-gem (High Priest) of PTAH; (Sergem)
A2789162382811948974750814567399424000:   Arma (King) of Ancient ARMENIA; ? - 1827 BC
3197098557945261074646990506903470080:   Dadbanaya of AMORRU; (Adi-Banaya); ? - 1984? BC

Generation 123    (My 120-great grandparents)

5470085538941859949045514450705055744:   Subclass Theriiformes (Therial Mammals); also begat Paleaoryctoids (aka Trituberculata :: extinct); aka Supercohort Theria; 140? M BC - ?
5576536967276342862724586696930754560:   (NN; Priest) of PTAH
A5578324765623897949501629134798848000:   Sisak
6394197115890522149293981013806940160:   Shu...mi of AMORRU
6394197115890522149293981013806940161:   (NN) ... (NN) of LAGASH; about 4 missing generations

Generation 124    (My 121-great grandparents)

10940171077883719898091028901410111488:   Class Mammalia; also begat Monotremata (Prototheria :: duck-billed platypus : spiny anteater), Multituberculata (extinct), Triconodonts (extinct), Symmetrodonta (extinct), other extinct orders, 5500 living species altogether; (Theriiformes and Symmetrodonta form Clade Trechnotheria; Monotremata and the other extinct orders form Clade Australosphenida); 180? M BC - ?
11153073934552685725449173393861509120:   (NN), son of Wahet
A11156649531247795899003258269597696000:   Gegham (King) of Ancient ARMENIA; ? - 1858 BC
12788394231781044298587962027613880320:   Mam... of AMORRU
12788394231781044298587962027613880322:   (NN) of LAGASH
12788394231781044298587962027613880323:   (NN) ... (NN) of AKKAD; about 14 missing generations

Generation 125    (My 122-great grandparents)

21880342155767439796182057802820222976:   Superfamily Chiniquodontoidea; also begat Oligokyphus & other extinct mammal-like reptiles
22306147869105371450898346787723018240:   Wahet (High Priest) of PTAH; ? - 1843 BC
A22313299062495591798006516539195392000:   Amasia (King) of Ancient ARMENIA; ? - 1908 BC
25576788463562088597175924055227760640:   Abiditan of AMORRU
25576788463562088597175924055227760644: *** Same as 204614307708496708777407392441822085122 (Ur-Ninsuni of LAGASH)
25576788463562088597175924055227760646: *** Same as 419050102187001259576130339720851630325762 (Bar-Nebo-Az-Beli of AKKAD)

Generation 126    (My 123-great grandparents)

43760684311534879592364115605640445952:   Infraorder Eucynodontia
44612295738210742901796693575446036480:   Sehetep-ib-seneb (Priest) of SOBEK
A44626598124991183596013033078390784000:   Aramaiyis (King) of Ancient ARMENIA; ? - 1940 BC
51153576927124177194351848110455521280:   Abiyamuta of AMORRU

Generation 127    (My 124-great grandparents)

87521368623069759184728231211280891904:   Suborder Cynodontia
89224591476421485803593387150892072960:   Neb-kaure-ankh (High Priest) of PTAH; ? - 1843 BC
A89253196249982367192026066156781568000: *** Same as 162350618211316700020736000 (Armaneak (eponym of ARMENIA))
102307153854248354388703696220911042560:   Ashmadu of AMORRU
102307153854248354388703696220911042561:   daughter of Ur-Ninsuni

Generation 128    (My 125-great grandparents)

175042737246139518369456462422561783808:   Epiclass of Therapsids; also begat extinct orders (Adelobasileus : Sinocodon : Morganucodon : Docodonta : Hadrocodium); poss. aka Mammaliaformes; aka Order Therapsida
178449182952842971607186774301784145920:   Hakore-ankh (High Priest) of PTAH; ? - 1895 BC
204614307708496708777407392441822085120:   Shu-Malika of AMORRU
204614307708496708777407392441822085122:   Ur-Ninsuni of LAGASH

Generation 129    (My 126-great grandparents)

350085474492279036738912924845123567616:   Superclass Synapsida; also begat extinct orders
356898365905685943214373548603568291840:   Se-hetep-ib-re-ankh (High Priest) of PTAH; aka Sehetepebre-ankh; (greatest of directors of craftsmen; time of Pharaoh Senusret I); ? - 1928 BC
409228615416993417554814784883644170240:   Buhazuni of AMORRU
409228615416993417554814784883644170244:   Nammahazi (King) of LAGASH; (Nammahani); ? - 2110+ BC (or 2046+ BC)
409228615416993417554814784883644170245:   daughter of Lugal-Kaku

Generation 130    (My 127-great grandparents)

700170948984558073477825849690247135232:   Microphylum Amniota (Mammals, Reptiles, etc.); (in amniotes, eggs are adapted to land)
713796731811371886428747097207136583680:   Neterwhihetep (Vizier) of EGYPT; (time of Pharaoh Amenemhat I); ? - 1962? BC
818457230833986835109629569767288340480:   Ipti-Yamuta of AMORRU
818457230833986835109629569767288340488:   (NN) of LAGASH
818457230833986835109629569767288340490:   Lugal-Kaku (King) of URUK

Generation 131    (My 128-great grandparents)

1400341897969116146955651699380494270464:   Clade Reptiliomorpha; also begat extinct Reptiliomorphs
1427593463622743772857494194414273167360:   Seker-em-heb; (director of artists)
1636914461667973670219259139534576680960:   Yakrurum of AMORRU
1636914461667973670219259139534576680976:   Kaku (King) of LAGASH; (Kakug)
1636914461667973670219259139534576680980:   Ur-Hegal (King) of ERECH

Generation 132    (My 129-great grandparents)

2800683795938232293911303398760988540928:   Infraphylum Tetrapoda; aka Superclass Tetrapoda
2855186927245487545714988388828546334720:   Nebneferu (Priest) of SATIS
3273828923335947340438518279069153361920:   Amnanum of AMORRU
3273828923335947340438518279069153361960:   Ur-Uttu (King) of ERECH

Generation 133    (My 130-great grandparents)

5601367591876464587822606797521977081856:   Subclass Tetrapodamorpha; also begat extinct orders of terrestrial vertebrates
5710373854490975091429976777657092669440:   Menemheb (Lector Priest)
6547657846671894680877036558138306723840:   Didanu of AMORRU; (relation to Didanu, King near ASSUR, q.v. ?)
6547657846671894680877036558138306723920:   Lugal-Melam (King) of AGADE & UR

Generation 134    (My 131-great grandparents)

11202735183752929175645213595043954163712:   Clade of Rhipidistia; also begat Dipnoi (lungfishes)
11420747708981950182859953555314185338880:   Ptah-hetep (Priest) of EGYPT
13095315693343789361754073116276613447680:   Nanzu of AMORRU; (Namzu)
13095315693343789361754073116276613447840:   Puzur-ili of AKKAD (Ensi/Governor) of URUK

Generation 135    (My 132-great grandparents)

22405470367505858351290427190087908327424:   Class Sarcopterygii (Lobe-finned Fishes); also begat Actinistia (coelacanths :: 2 extant species), Onychodontiformes (extinct); aka Crossopterygii
22841495417963900365719907110628370677760:   Ptah-hetep (Priest) of EGYPT
26190631386687578723508146232553226895360:   Heana of AMORRU
26190631386687578723508146232553226895680:   Kudda (of AKKAD) of URUK

Generation 136    (My 133-great grandparents)

44810940735011716702580854380175816654848:   Superclass Osteichthyes (Bony fishes)
45682990835927800731439814221256741355520:   Nehemen (Priest) of PTAH
52381262773375157447016292465106453790720:   Yamkuzzu-Halama of AMORRU; (Yamquzzu Halami)
52381262773375157447016292465106453791360:   Ur-Girgir (Ensi/Governor) of URUK; aka Ur-Gigir of AKKAD

Generation 137    (My 134-great grandparents)

89621881470023433405161708760351633309696:   Microphylum Teleostomi (Bony fishes & Spiny sharks); also begat Acanthodii (extinct spiny sharks)
91365981671855601462879628442513482711040:   Menemhet (Priest) of PTAH
104762525546750314894032584930212907581440:   Tubti-Yamuta of AMORRU
104762525546750314894032584930212907582720:   Ur-Ningin (Ensi/Governor) of URUK; (Ur-Nigin); Vassal-King of AKKAD; (he & son & gt-grandson constitute the 4th Dynasty of URUK)

Generation 138    (My 135-great grandparents)

179243762940046866810323417520703266619392:   Infraphylum Gnathostomata (Jawed Vertebrates); also begat Placodermi (extinct armored gnathostomes); aka placoderms
182731963343711202925759256885026965422080:   Ptah-em-heb (High Priest) of PTAH; ? - 2010 BC
209525051093500629788065169860425815162880:   Aram-Madara of AMORRU; also begat poss. Puzur-Asher; King of BABYLON
209525051093500629788065169860425815162881:   daughter of Bar-Nebo-Az-Beli
209525051093500629788065169860425815165440:   Shu-Turul (King) of AKKAD; also m. Ushpiya of Assyria; (Shu-Durul); 2241 BC - 2164 BC

Generation 139    (My 136-great grandparents)

358487525880093733620646835041406533238784:   Subphylum Vertebrata; also begat Hyperoartia (aka Petromyzontida :: Lampreys :: incl. Tully monster), extinct classes; (Hagfishes were formerly combined with Lampreys into a Cyclostomata (jawless fish) superclass, but Hagfishes are no longer considered vertebrates); (early fish were ostracoderms with only a single pair of fins); 510 M BC - ?
419050102187001259576130339720851630325760:   (NN) ... (NN) of the AMORITES; some missing generations
419050102187001259576130339720851630325762:   Bar-Nebo-Az-Beli of AKKAD; also begat (in some srcs) Aram-Madara (King : shown here as son-in-law instead); (led resistance against Gutians)
419050102187001259576130339720851630330880:   Dudu (King) of AKKAD

Generation 140    (My 137-great grandparents)

716975051760187467241293670082813066477568:   Clade Craniata; also begat Hyperotreti (aka Myxini :: Hagfishes); aka Skulled Chordates
838100204374002519152260679441703260651524:   Binganiarali (King) of AKKAD; also begat Ilusarsid (Ilu-sar-sid); (Bingani-ar-ali)
838100204374002519152260679441703260661760: *** Same as 838100204374002519152260679441703260651524 (Binganiarali (King) of AKKAD)

Generation 141    (My 138-great grandparents)

1433950103520374934482587340165626132955136:   Phylum Chordata; also begat Urochordata (tunicates : sea squirts), Cephalochordata (lancelets), 100000 species altogether; 540 M BC - ?
1676200408748005038304521358883406521303048:   Naram-Sin `the Great' (King) of AKKAD; also begat Shar-Kali-Sharri (King); (Narim-Sin Naram-Suen); (founded 7th Dynasty of EGYPT, PHARAOH, his conquests extended from Thrace to India); ? - 2218 BC
1676200408748005038304521358883406521303049:   Summarrat (Princess) of SUMER; also bore Shar-Kali-Sharri

Generation 142    (My 139-great grandparents)

2867900207040749868965174680331252265910272:   Superphylum Deuterostomia (Chordates, Echinoderms, & kin); also begat Vetulicolia (extinct)
3352400817496010076609042717766813042606096:   Manikhtusu (King) of AKKAD; also begat Meshalim; (Man-Ishtusu); poss. aka Puzur-Ashur II (10th King) of Old ASSYRIA; ? - 2225 BC
3352400817496010076609042717766813042606097:   daughter of Ka-Kug; also bore Meshalim

Generation 143    (My 140-great grandparents)

5735800414081499737930349360662504531820544:   Infrakingdom (Grade) of Coelomates; or: prob. Clade Nephrozoa; (with the inclusion of Pseudocoelomates & Flatworms in Protostomia, the Coelomate clade may now be considered polyphyletic); 570 M BC
6704801634992020153218085435533626085212192:   Sargon `the Great' (1st EMPEROR) of SUMER & AKKAD; also begat Rimush (King), Ibarum, Abaish-Takal, Enheduanna; aka Sargon (Sharruken) I of AKKAD; cupbearer to Sumerian King of Kish (Ur-Za-Baba or his successor), whom he deposed; (great CONQUEROR becoming King of AKKAD & SUMER & MARI & ELAM as well as King of KISH); 2360? BC - 2279 BC Agade
6704801634992020153218085435533626085212193:   Tashlultum (Princess) of URUK; also bore Rimush, Ibarum, Abaish-Takal, Enheduanna
6704801634992020153218085435533626085212194:   Ka-Kug (King) of UR; (Kaku); ? - 2277? BC

Generation 144    (My 141-great grandparents)

11471600828162999475860698721325009063641088:   Branch Bilateria; also begat prob. Clade Nephrozoa; (older schemes placed Pseudocoelomata (Rotifera etc.) as a separate clade under Bilateria; some phyla may clade together as Acoelomata Grade; Orthonectida & Rhombozoa are called Mesozoa collectively, and with Placozoa, called Agnotozoa, but these clades are probably not monophyletic; in fact Rhombozoa may clade with Nematoda)
13409603269984040306436170871067252170424384:   La'ibum Utte-Bel (Prince) of URUK
13409603269984040306436170871067252170424385:   Azupirana (High-Priestess) of KISH; or: poss. not (NN), a GODDESS; (in legend, Sargon I was born to a goddess)
13409603269984040306436170871067252170424386:   Lugalzagesi (King) of URUK; aka Lugal-Zaggisi of ERECH; (of UMMA); (only King of 3rd Dynasty); ? - 2271+ BC
13409603269984040306436170871067252170424388:   Lugal-Ure (King) of UR; Ensi/Governor of URUK (2nd Dynasty) as vassal to 1st Dynasty Lagash

Generation 145    (My 142-great grandparents)

22943201656325998951721397442650018127282176:   Clade of Bilateria and Placozoa; (skip this generation?)
26819206539968080612872341742134504340848768:   Agga (Prince) of URUK
26819206539968080612872341742134504340848776:   Lugalkisalgi (King) of UR; (Lugal-Kisal-zi); ? - 2337? BC

Generation 146    (My 143-great grandparents)

45886403312651997903442794885300036254564352:   Superphylum Planulozoa; or: prob. not Branch Radiata, q.v.
53638413079936161225744683484269008681697536:   Lugalkitun (King) of URUK; aka Lugal-Ke of ERECH
53638413079936161225744683484269008681697552:   Lugalkishnedudu (Ensi) of URUK; aka Lugal-kinishe-dudu; poss. aka Balulu of UR; ? - 2367? BC
*A53638413079936161225744683484269008681697552:   Lugalkishnedudu (Ensi) of URUK [alt ped]; aka Lugal-kinishe-dudu; poss. aka Balulu; ? - 2367? BC

Generation 147    (My 144-great grandparents)

91772806625303995806885589770600072509128704:   Superbranch Eumetazoa; also begat poss. Ediacara (extinct), Dendrogramma (new family published 2014)
107276826159872322451489366968538017363395072:   Melam-Anna (King) of URUK; aka Melam-anni of ERECH
107276826159872322451489366968538017363395104:   poss. Alla (King) of UR
A107276826159872322451489366968538017363395104:   Enshakushanna (King) of URUK & SUMERIA; (founded the 2nd Dynasty of URUK)
A107276826159872322451489366968538017363395105:   (Miss) of KISH

Generation 148    (My 145-great grandparents)

183545613250607991613771179541200145018257408:   Subkingdom of Metazoa (Multicellular Animals); 700 M BC
214553652319744644902978733937076034726790144:   Meshe (King) of URUK; aka Mes-He of ERECH
A214553652319744644902978733937076034726790210:   Lugalmu of KISH; also begat Puzur-Sin, Urzababa
A214553652319744644902978733937076034726790211:   Ku-baba of KISH; also bore Puzur-Sin, Urzababa

Generation 149    (My 146-great grandparents)

367091226501215983227542359082400290036514816:   Kingdom of Animals; also begat Choanozoa (Choanoflagellates)
429107304639489289805957467874152069453580288:   Ennundaranna (King) of URUK; aka E-nun-dara-anni of ERECH
A429107304639489289805957467874152069453580420:   Inbi-Ishtar of KISH

Generation 150    (My 147-great grandparents)

734182453002431966455084718164800580073029632:   Superkingdom Holozoa; also begat Filasterea (Ministeria & Capsaspora), Icthosporea (aka Mesomycetozoa); (Filasterea & Animalia clade together as Filozoa)
858214609278978579611914935748304138907160576:   Labashum (King) of URUK; aka La-ba'shum of ERECH
A858214609278978579611914935748304138907160840:   Mennuna of KISH

Generation 151    (My 148-great grandparents)

1468364906004863932910169436329601160146059264:   Empire of Opisthokonts (Fungi & Animals); also begat Oomycota (water molds : mildew etc.); 1200 M BC
1716429218557957159223829871496608277814321152:   Utul-Kalamma (King) of URUK; aka Utu-Kalamme (Udul-kalama) of ERECH
A1716429218557957159223829871496608277814321680:   Tuge of KISH

Generation 152    (My 149-great grandparents)

2936729812009727865820338872659202320292118528:   Superempire Unikonta; also begat Myxomycota (slime molds), Amoebozoa (Lobosea : Mycetozoa : Pelobionta)
3432858437115914318447659742993216555628642304:   Ur-Nungal (6th King) of URUK; poss. aka Urlugal of ERECH
A3432858437115914318447659742993216555628643360:   Kalbum of KISH; (relation to Kalibum of KISH, q.v. ?)

Generation 153    (My 150-great grandparents)

5873459624019455731640677745318404640584237056:   Domain of Eukaryotes; also begat Centrohelida, poss. Collodictyonida; (one-celled Eukaryotes are collectively called Protista; various clading schemes have been proposed for Eukaryotes: Archaeplastida, Excavata, Opisthokonts, and S.A.R. are now the most accepted major groups, but clading within these branches is conjectured as shown; Eukaryotes began as a unique SYMBIOSIS); 2100 M BC
6865716874231828636895319485986433111257284608:   poss. not Gilgamesh (5th King) of URUK; aka Bilgames; (reigned for 126 years, two-thirds god & one-third man; poss. Babylonian name for Kenkenes Horus); (MIPHMHH #185); ? - 2750? BC
6865716874231828636895319485986433111257284609:   daughter of Dumuzi
A6865716874231828636895319485986433111257286720:   Magalgalla of KISH

Generation 154    (My 151-great grandparents)

11746919248038911463281355490636809281168474112:   (NN), a Nucleated Cell
11746919248038911463281355490636809281168474113:   Pre-Mitochondrion Bacteria; (Eukaryota was born when an ancient cell engulfed an ancient bacterium (prob. a rickettsia), that reproduced to form mitochondria)
13731433748463657273790638971972866222514569216:   poss. Lugalbanda (3rd King) of URUK; or: (NN) of KULAB; (Ninsun's 1st husband); (at the end of Lugulbanda's reign, Kish under the Etana King Enmebaragesi became the leading power in Sumeria)
13731433748463657273790638971972866222514569217:   Ninsun `the Wise' (Cow GODDESS); `Queen of the wild cow'
13731433748463657273790638971972866222514569218:   poss. Dumuzi Tammuz, GOD of Fertility; (Sumerian and Assyro-Babylonian GOD of Love and Fertility); poss. source for Attis (God, q.v.); (sacrificed by Ishtar to escape from Ereshkigal's trap); 4th King of URUK; aka Dumuzid `the Fisherman' of KUARA
13731433748463657273790638971972866222514569219:   daughter of Lugalbanda
A13731433748463657273790638971972866222514573440:   Dadasig of KISH

Generation 155    (My 152-great grandparents)

23493838496077822926562710981273618562336948224:   (NN), a thermophilic Bacterium
*A23493838496077822926562710981273618562336948224:   (NN), a very special Archaeote; (it's not clear which, if either, the cytoplasm or nucleus derived from an archaeote but if all advanced life descends from a single successful union, that mating must have been very very special indeed)
23493838496077822926562710981273618562336948225:   (NN), a Cell Nucleus; (poss. began as SYMBIOTIC organelle)
23493838496077822926562710981273618562336948226:   Order Rickettsiales
27462867496927314547581277943945732445029138434:   source: Enlil, GOD of Wind; Sumerian GOD (2nd only to Anu), who may have served as source for Judaic GOD; (banished from Dilmun for raping Ninlil, but returned to be Chief GOD)
27462867496927314547581277943945732445029138435:   source: Ninlil, GODDESS of Heaven (Air); or: poss. Ninhursanga, the Mountain GODDESS or: skip this generation; Mother of the GODS
27462867496927314547581277943945732445029138436:   Enki (Ea), GOD of Wisdom; aka Nudimmud; Sumerian Creator GOD, GOD of Water, God of ERIDU, 4th in Annunaki (Assyro-Babylonian) hierarchy; (twin of Ereshkigal)
27462867496927314547581277943945732445029138437:   Ninhursag (Mother GODDESS); also bore the seven deities; also m. poss. Anu (God of the Sky); the Mountain GODDESS; (Nin-Khursag)
*A27462867496927314547581277943945732445029138437: *** Same as 13731433748463657273790638971972866222514569217 (Ninsun `the Wise' (Cow GODDESS))
27462867496927314547581277943945732445029138438: *** Same as 13731433748463657273790638971972866222514569216 (poss. Lugalbanda (3rd King) of URUK)
27462867496927314547581277943945732445029138439:   Ninsu of URUK
A27462867496927314547581277943945732445029146880:   Sushuda of KISH

Generation 156    (My 153-great grandparents)

46987676992155645853125421962547237124673896448:   Class Actinobacteridae; also begat Streptomycetales, Arthrobacteria, Bifidobacteriales, Micrococcineae, etc.
A46987676992155645853125421962547237124673896448: *** Same as 46987676992155645853125421962547237124673896450 (Superdomain of Neomura)
46987676992155645853125421962547237124673896450:   Superdomain of Neomura; also begat Korarchaeota; (the non-Eukaryote Neomura are collectively called the Archaeota Domain, but this is likely paraphyletic, with Euryarchaeotes perhaps clading with Eukaryotes; Archaeotes & Bacteria collectively are called Prokaryota); (some Archaeotes may have developed as a SYMBIOSIS)
46987676992155645853125421962547237124673896452:   Class Alphaproteobacteria
54925734993854629095162555887891464890058276868:   Anu, GOD of the Sky; also begat Ninurta (Lord Plough), poss. Asaru, poss. Asarualim, poss. Asarualimnunna, poss. Asaruludu, poss. En-Ki, poss. Namru, poss. Namtillaku, poss. Tutu; (Murdered Apsu to become Supreme GOD in Sumerian myth); aka An
54925734993854629095162555887891464890058276869:   Ki Urash, GODDESS of the Earth; (skip?); poss. aka Ninhursag, the Mountain GODDESS (q.v.)
54925734993854629095162555887891464890058276870:   Haia, GOD of the Stores; (Hiah)
54925734993854629095162555887891464890058276871:   Ninshebargunu, GODDESS of Agriculture; aka Nidaba Numarsheguni
54925734993854629095162555887891464890058276872: *** Same as 54925734993854629095162555887891464890058276868 (Anu, GOD of the Sky)
54925734993854629095162555887891464890058276873:   Anatu (GODDESS); or: poss. Nammu, GODDESS of the Sea, q.v.; (Antu)
54925734993854629095162555887891464890058276874: *** Same as 54925734993854629095162555887891464890058276868 (Anu, GOD of the Sky)
54925734993854629095162555887891464890058276875: *** Same as 54925734993854629095162555887891464890058276869 (Ki Urash, GODDESS of the Earth)
54925734993854629095162555887891464890058276878:   poss. not Enmerker (2nd King) of URUK; (Lugalbanda was Enmerker's general, not son); (Enmerkar)
54925734993854629095162555887891464890058276879:   Inana
A54925734993854629095162555887891464890058293760:   Meshilim of KISH

Generation 157    (My 154-great grandparents)

93975353984311291706250843925094474249347792896:   Phylum Actinobacteria; also begat Acidimicrobiales, Coriobacteridae, Sphaerobacterales
93975353984311291706250843925094474249347792900:   (NN), a thermophilic Bacterium; (although Eukaryota, Archaeota and Bacteria are considered the three Domains of Life, eukaryotes and archaeotes probably had a common ancestor which was itself an early actinobacterium)
93975353984311291706250843925094474249347792901:   Clostridium; also begat C. botulinum (botulism), C. tetani (tetanus), etc.; (it is hypothesized that Neomura began with a juncture between an actinobacterium and a clostridium)
93975353984311291706250843925094474249347792904:   Phylum Proteobacteria (purple bacteria & kin); also begat Betaproteobacteria (gonorrhea bacillus etc.), Deltaproteobacteria (Myxobacteria etc. : many sulfate-reducing bacteria), Epsilonproteobacteria (Helicobacter etc.), Zetaproteobacteria (single species: Mariprofundus ferrooxydans (iron-oxidizing), poss. Piproteobacteria, poss. Acidobacteria; (Deltaproteobacteria is the largest group of sulfate-reducing organisms))
109851469987709258190325111775782929780116553736:   Anshar, the Primordial GOD; poss. aka Ashur (Assyrian GOD of Sky)
109851469987709258190325111775782929780116553737:   Kishar, the Primordial GODDESS; (Earth)
109851469987709258190325111775782929780116553738: *** Same as 109851469987709258190325111775782929780116553736 (Anshar, the Primordial GOD)
109851469987709258190325111775782929780116553739: *** Same as 109851469987709258190325111775782929780116553737 (Kishar, the Primordial GODDESS)
109851469987709258190325111775782929780116553746: *** Same as 109851469987709258190325111775782929780116553736 (Anshar, the Primordial GOD)
109851469987709258190325111775782929780116553747: *** Same as 109851469987709258190325111775782929780116553737 (Kishar, the Primordial GODDESS)
109851469987709258190325111775782929780116553756:   Meskiaggasher (1st King) of URUK; aka Mes-agga-sheri (Mesh-ki-ang-gasher) of ERECH; (founded new Kingdom breaking from Sumerians of Kish)
*A109851469987709258190325111775782929780116553756:   Meskiaggasher (1st King) of URUK [alt ped]; aka Mes-agga-sheri (Mesh-ki-ang-gasher) of ERECH; (founded new Kingdom breaking from Sumerians of Kish)

Generation 158    (My 155-great grandparents)

187950707968622583412501687850188948498695585792:   Superphylum Endobacteria; (skip this generation?)
187950707968622583412501687850188948498695585800: *** Same as 46987676992155645853125421962547237124673896448 (Class Actinobacteridae)
187950707968622583412501687850188948498695585802:   Family Clostridiaceae; also begat 33 other genera
187950707968622583412501687850188948498695585808:   Clade of Proteobacteria & Planctobacteria; also begat Chlamydiae & Chloroflexi (green nonsulfur bacteria), Planctomycetes, Lentisparae, Verrucomicopbia; (non-Proteobacteria classes here colklectively called Planctobacteria)
219702939975418516380650223551565859560233107472:   Lahmu, the Primordial GOD; (Slime, Mud)
219702939975418516380650223551565859560233107473:   Lahamu, the Primordial GODDESS; (Silt)
219702939975418516380650223551565859560233107474: *** Same as 219702939975418516380650223551565859560233107472 (Lahmu, the Primordial GOD)
219702939975418516380650223551565859560233107475: *** Same as 219702939975418516380650223551565859560233107473 (Lahamu, the Primordial GODDESS)
219702939975418516380650223551565859560233107512:   Hia-Kish of KISH
*B219702939975418516380650223551565859560233107512:   poss. source: Shamash, GOD of Sun; also begat Mesharum, Kittum; aka Utu (GOD) of URUK; poss. same as Shem ibn NOAH, q.v.
A219702939975418516380650223551565859560233107512:   Agga (23rd King) of KISH
219702939975418516380650223551565859560233107513:   Nidaba, Sumerian GODDESS of Writing & Learning; or: a mortal Nidaba; (Nisaba Nanibgal)

Generation 159    (My 156-great grandparents)

375901415937245166825003375700377896997391171584:   Eurybacteria; also begat poss. Tenericutes, prob. Thermotogae, prob. Fusobacteria; aka Gram-positive Bacteria, Posibacteria; aka Unibacteria (when Eurybacteria is restricted to non-Endobactera phyla)
375901415937245166825003375700377896997391171604:   Order Clostridiales (incl. sulfate-reducing bacteria); also begat 13 other families; aka Class Clostridia; (this order includes the 2nd largest group of sulfate-reducing organisms)
375901415937245166825003375700377896997391171616:   Gracilicutes; also begat Spirochaetes, Sphingobacteris (Bacteroidetes & Fusobacteria : Chlorobi (green sulfur bacteria) : etc.); aka Gram-negative Bacteria
439405879950837032761300447103131719120466214944:   Apsu, Ocean of Sweet Water; also begat poss. Anzu; also m. poss. The Wide Earth; (PRIMORDIAL); slain by Enki
439405879950837032761300447103131719120466214945:   Tiamat, Ocean of Salt Water; also bore 11 monsters to avenge Apsu's death; (PRIMORDIAL); poss. aka Mummu the Creator GOD; slain by Marduk
439405879950837032761300447103131719120466214946: *** Same as 439405879950837032761300447103131719120466214944 (Apsu, Ocean of Sweet Water)
439405879950837032761300447103131719120466214947: *** Same as 439405879950837032761300447103131719120466214945 (Tiamat, Ocean of Salt Water)
439405879950837032761300447103131719120466215024:   Melam-Kish of KISH; also begat Pali-Kinatim; (Melem-Kish)
A439405879950837032761300447103131719120466215024:   Enmebaragesi (King) in SUMERIA; aka En-me-barage-si (Me-Baragesi, En-Men-Barage-Si, Enmebaragisi, Enembaragesi) (King) of KISH; (Enmebaragesi is often considered to be the earliest named individual with historical attestation; in legend he reigned 900 years and was overthrown in single combat by Dumuzid the Fisherman, q.v.; his War against the Elamites is considered the first historically attested war; he is mentioned in the Epic of Gilgamesh ); ? - 2700+ BC
B439405879950837032761300447103131719120466215024: *** Same as A9902037479101749788794 (Nanna, GOD of the Moon)
B439405879950837032761300447103131719120466215025: *** Same as A9902037479101749788795 (Ningal, GODDESS of the Moon)
439405879950837032761300447103131719120466215026: *** Same as 54925734993854629095162555887891464890058276868 (Anu, GOD of the Sky)
439405879950837032761300447103131719120466215027:   poss. Uras (Urash), GODDESS; poss. aka Ninhursanga, the Mountain GODDESS

Generation 160    (My 157-great grandparents)

751802831874490333650006751400755793994782343168:   Glycobacteria; also begat Fusobacteria, poss. Nitrospirae (sulfate-reducing), poss. Thermodesulfobacteria (sulfate-reducing), poss. Thermodesulfobium (sulfate-reducing); (coverage of bacteria in this tree is very incomplete, 13 phyla are unmentioned)
751802831874490333650006751400755793994782343208:   Phylum Firmicutes; also begat Bacillales (staphylococcus : etc.), Lactobacillales (streptococcus : etc.); (Bacillales & Lactobacillales together comprise Class Bacilli); poss. aka Endobacteria
751802831874490333650006751400755793994782343232: *** Same as 751802831874490333650006751400755793994782343168 (Glycobacteria)
878811759901674065522600894206263438240932429889:   Nammu, GODDESS of the Sea; also bore Mummu; Creator in Sumerian myth; (formless abyss, Horizon)
878811759901674065522600894206263438240932429891: *** Same as 878811759901674065522600894206263438240932429889 (Nammu, GODDESS of the Sea)
878811759901674065522600894206263438240932430048:   Emennuna (King) of KISH; also begat Barshal-Nunna (King : 3-g grandfather of King En-me-barage-si); (En-me-nuna)
A878811759901674065522600894206263438240932430048:   (NN) ... (NN) of KISH; several missing generations

Generation 161    (My 158-great grandparents)

1503605663748980667300013502801511587989564686336:   Proto-Bacteria; also begat poss. Fusobacteria, Hadobacteria (aka Deinococcus-Thermus), Chloroflexi (Green Nonsulfur Bacteria :: aka Chlorobacteria), Thermotogae, 29 bacterial phyla altogether; (`Children' are listed in approximate order of cladistic closeness to Glycobacteria; the most primitive baceteria, Hadobacteria and Chloroflexi, are collectively called Eobacteria); 3700 M BC
1503605663748980667300013502801511587989564686416: *** Same as 187950707968622583412501687850188948498695585792 (Superphylum Endobacteria)
1757623519803348131045201788412526876481864860096:   Balih (King) of KISH; ? - 2791 BC
A1757623519803348131045201788412526876481864860096:   Atabba

Generation 162    (My 159-great grandparents)

3007211327497961334600027005603023175979129372672:   Last Universal Ancestor of Present Life; also begat poss. viruses; (Based on DNA & Protein)
3515247039606696262090403576825053752963729720192:   Etana `the Shepherd' (King) of KISH; ? - 2831 BC
A3515247039606696262090403576825053752963729720192:   (NN) ... (NN) of KISH; several missing generations
3515247039606696262090403576825053752963729720193:   Haziana

Generation 163    (My 160-great grandparents)

6014422654995922669200054011206046351958258745344:   Earlier Life (Based on RNA and Protein); also begat unknown extinct lineages; 3800+ M BC
7030494079213392524180807153650107505927459440384:   Arwium (King) of KISH
A7030494079213392524180807153650107505927459440384:   Gaur (1st King) of KISH; (of 1st Dynasty)

Generation 164    (My 161-great grandparents)

12028845309991845338400108022412092703916517490688:   Earlier life (Based on RNA); 3850+ M BC
14060988158426785048361614307300215011854918880768:   Mashda (King) of KISH
A14060988158426785048361614307300215011854918880768: *** Same as 28796903748458055779044586101350840344278873867812864 (Ziu-sudra (last King) of BABEL)

Generation 165    (My 162-great grandparents)

24057690619983690676800216044824185407833034981376:   Earliest life (Based on AEG -based nucleic acid chains); or: polyamide nucleic acid or: glycol nucleic acid or: threose nucleic acid; (cyanobacteria synthesize nucleic acid chains with a simpler backbone than RNA or DNA; some scientists speculate that this was the first life-giving molecule)
28121976316853570096723228614600430023709837761536:   Atab (King) of KISH; (A-ba)

Generation 166    (My 163-great grandparents)

48115381239967381353600432089648370815666069962752:   Non-reproducing Precursor Organism; stable energy-driven cyclic system providing a platform for chemical experimentation
48115381239967381353600432089648370815666069962753:   Montmorillonite-based Vesicles
56243952633707140193446457229200860047419675523072:   Zuqaqip (King) of KISH

Generation 167    (My 164-great grandparents)

96230762479934762707200864179296741631332139925504:   Earth of Eoarchean Era (Archean Eon); Geology: granitoid cratons form; 1st life (bacteria, archaea); 3800 M BC - 3600 M BC
112487905267414280386892914458401720094839351046144:   Qalumun (King) of KISH; (Kalumum)

Generation 168    (My 165-great grandparents)

192461524959869525414401728358593483262664279851008:   Earth of Lower Imbrian Era (Hadean Eon); 3850 M BC - 3800 M BC
224975810534828560773785828916803440189678702092288:   Kalibum of KISH; (relation to Kalbum of KISH, q.v. ?)

Generation 169    (My 166-great grandparents)

384923049919739050828803456717186966525328559702016:   Earth of Nectarian Era (Hadean Eon); Oceans form, dissolving carbon dioxide to form carbonates; (about here interaction between Jupiter and Saturn led to a Late Heavy Bombardment Epoch); 3920 M BC - 3850 M BC
449951621069657121547571657833606880379357404184576:   Puannum (King) of KISH

Generation 170    (My 167-great grandparents)

769846099839478101657606913434373933050657119404032:   Earth of Basin Groups Era (Hadean Eon); Geology: Crust solidifies, Oldest known rock (basalt); until here, Earth was bombarded with asteroids melting rocks and boiling oceans; Atmosphere of Hydrogen & Helium changes to one of Carbon Dioxide & Water; 4150 M BC - 3920 M BC
899903242139314243095143315667213760758714808369152:   Babum (King) of KISH

Generation 171    (My 168-great grandparents)

1539692199678956203315213826868747866101314238808064:   Earth of Cryptic Era (Hadean Eon); Geology: igneous rock develops; the Hadean Eon aka Priscoan (Azoic); Hadean & Archean & Proterozoic Eons collectively are called Cryptozoic (Precambrian) Time; 4560 M BC - 4150 M BC
1799806484278628486190286631334427521517429616738304:   Endaranna (King) of KISH; (En-tarah-ana)

Generation 172    (My 169-great grandparents)

3079384399357912406630427653737495732202628477616128:   Earth Collides with Theia; also begat Moon; aka The Big Splat; (scientists believe there was an incredible collision which created Earth and Moon, a bizarre ringed pear-shape blob resulted from the collision, but after about 100 years Moon and Earth were each spherical); 4533 M BC
3599612968557256972380573262668855043034859233476608:   Nangislishima (King) of KISH; (Nangishlishma)

Generation 173    (My 170-great grandparents)

6158768798715824813260855307474991464405256955232256:   Earth before collision; aka Gaia, the Planet of Man; 4567 M BC
6158768798715824813260855307474991464405256955232257:   Pre-collision Theia; (Theia was in a Lagrange point of Earth's orbit, but as its mass increased the 2-planet orbit became unstable)
7199225937114513944761146525337710086069718466953216:   Kullassina-Bel (King) of KISH

Generation 174    (My 171-great grandparents)

12317537597431649626521710614949982928810513910464512:   Condensing solar system; also begat Mercury, Venus, Mars, asteroids, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, comets, poss. Pluto
12317537597431649626521710614949982928810513910464514: *** Same as 12317537597431649626521710614949982928810513910464512 (Condensing solar system)
14398451874229027889522293050675420172139436933906432:   Mashkakatu (1st King) of KISH; aka Ngushur

Generation 175    (My 172-great grandparents)

24635075194863299253043421229899965857621027820929024:   Sol, a Population I star; (1.6% of mass is carbon or heavier)
28796903748458055779044586101350840344278873867812864:   Ziu-sudra (last King) of BABEL; aka Ziusudra of SHURRUPAK

Generation 176    (My 173-great grandparents)

49270150389726598506086842459799931715242055641858048:   Remnants of a supernova; or: Remnants of a Population I supernova
*A49270150389726598506086842459799931715242055641858048:   Remnants of a Type II of Type 1a Supernova
57593807496916111558089172202701680688557747735625728:   Urbar-Tutu of SHURRUPAK; aka Sukurlam (Ubaratutu)

Generation 177    (My 174-great grandparents)

98540300779453197012173684919599863430484111283716096:   (NN), a Population II star; (poor in heavy elements)
A98540300779453197012173684919599863430484111283716096:   a Type II Supernova; also begat poss. neutron star, poss. black hole
*B98540300779453197012173684919599863430484111283716096:   a Type Ia Supernova; (arises from a binary system)
115187614993832223116178344405403361377115495471251456:   En-men-dur-anna; (Enmenduranna)

Generation 178    (My 175-great grandparents)

197080601558906394024347369839199726860968222567432192:   Remnants of a supernova
A197080601558906394024347369839199726860968222567432192:   a Red Supergiant
B197080601558906394024347369839199726860968222567432192:   a White Dwarf; also begat poss. black dwarf
B197080601558906394024347369839199726860968222567432193:   a Helium White Dwarf
230375229987664446232356688810806722754230990942502912:   Ensipazianna

Generation 179    (My 176-great grandparents)

394161203117812788048694739678399453721936445134864384:   (NN), a Population III star; (no heavy elements)
A394161203117812788048694739678399453721936445134864384:   a Massive Star
B394161203117812788048694739678399453721936445134864384:   a Planetary Nebula
B394161203117812788048694739678399453721936445134864386:   a Red Dwarf
460750459975328892464713377621613445508461981885005824:   Dumuzi

Generation 180    (My 177-great grandparents)

788322406235625576097389479356798907443872890269728768:   Milky Way GALAXY
A788322406235625576097389479356798907443872890269728768:   a Proto-Star
B788322406235625576097389479356798907443872890269728768:   a Red Giant; (caused when an oridnary star loses its hydrogen core and implodes)
B788322406235625576097389479356798907443872890269728772:   a Stellar Nebula; also begat poss. brown dwarf
921500919950657784929426755243226891016923963770011648:   Enmenluanna

Generation 181    (My 178-great grandparents)

1576644812471251152194778958713597814887745780539457536:   Our Galactic Cluster; also begat Andromeda Galaxy, Magellanic Clouds
A1576644812471251152194778958713597814887745780539457536: *** Same as B788322406235625576097389479356798907443872890269728772 (a Stellar Nebula)
B1576644812471251152194778958713597814887745780539457536:   an Average Star
B1576644812471251152194778958713597814887745780539457544: *** Same as 12613158499770009217558231669708782519101966244315660288 (Protogalaxies, first stars)
1843001839901315569858853510486453782033847927540023296:   Alimma

Generation 182    (My 179-great grandparents)

3153289624942502304389557917427195629775491561078915072:   Spiral Galaxies; 9 Billion BC
B3153289624942502304389557917427195629775491561078915072:   a Proto-Star
3686003679802631139717707020972907564067695855080046592:   Kidunnu

Generation 183    (My 180-great grandparents)

6306579249885004608779115834854391259550983122157830144:   Quasars, Spherical Galaxies; 11 Billion BC
B6306579249885004608779115834854391259550983122157830144: *** Same as B788322406235625576097389479356798907443872890269728772 (a Stellar Nebula)
7372007359605262279435414041945815128135391710160093184:   Alalgar

Generation 184    (My 181-great grandparents)

12613158499770009217558231669708782519101966244315660288:   Protogalaxies, first stars; aka Stelliferous Age / Reionization Epoch; (gravitational collapse leads to earliest stars); 13.3 Billion BC
14744014719210524558870828083891630256270783420320186368:   Alulim (1st King) of ERIDU; (1st King of SUMER; according to the Sumerian King List, he ruled for 28,800 years; sometimes considered the first human whose name is known); (poss. same as Enosh, q.v., grandson of Adam)

Generation 185    (My 182-great grandparents)

25226316999540018435116463339417565038203932488631320576:   Stelliferous Age / Reionization Epoch; gravitational collapse leads to earliest quasars; 13.5 Billion BC
29488029438421049117741656167783260512541566840640372736: *** Same as 27462867496927314547581277943945732445029138436 (Enki (Ea), GOD of Wisdom)
29488029438421049117741656167783260512541566840640372737: *** Same as 27462867496927314547581277943945732445029138437 (Ninhursag (Mother GODDESS))

Generation 186    (My 183-great grandparents)

50452633999080036870232926678835130076407864977262641152:   Radiation Era / Recombination Epoch; (initial temp 3000 K); (cooling sufficient to produce hydrogen atoms and molecules; the de-ionized universe is transparent to radiation, so the Wmap microwave-images showing earliest universe actually show 380 kyear after Big Bang); 380,000 - 300 Million (dates shown relative to Big Bang)

Generation 187    (My 184-great grandparents)

100905267998160073740465853357670260152815729954525282304:   Radiation Era / Matter Domination Epoch; (initial temp 12000 K); (protons); 10,000 - 380,000 (dates shown relative to Big Bang)

Generation 188    (My 185-great grandparents)

201810535996320147480931706715340520305631459909050564608:   Primordial Age / Subatomic Era / Nucleosynthesis Epoch; (initial temp 10^9 K); (hydrogen, helium form; lone neutrons decay after about 20 minutes); aka Hydrogen Plasma; 3 min - 10,000 years (dates shown relative to Big Bang)

Generation 189    (My 186-great grandparents)

403621071992640294961863413430681040611262919818101129216:   Photon Epoch; (after leptons and anti-leptons annihilate each other, photons dominate the universe); 10 sec - 180 sec (dates shown relative to Big Bang)

Generation 190    (My 187-great grandparents)

807242143985280589923726826861362081222525839636202258432:   Lepton Epoch; (initial temp 10^10 K); (after hadrons and anti-hadrons annihilate each other, leptons dominate the universe); 1 sec - 10 sec (dates shown relative to Big Bang)

Generation 191    (My 188-great grandparents)

1614484287970561179847453653722724162445051679272404516864:   Hadron Epoch; (initial temp 10^13 K); (1st: electrons and positrons appear, annihilating; 2nd: quark/antiquark pairs form mesons (free quarks no longer exist), black holes form; 3rd: remaining lepton-antilepton pairs become photons, pions decay after about 100 microsecs; protons and other hadrons dominate the universe; free neutrinos come into existence at end of epoch); 10^-6 sec - 1 sec (dates shown relative to Big Bang)

Generation 192    (My 189-great grandparents)

3228968575941122359694907307445448324890103358544809033728:   Quark Epoch; (initial temp 10^15 K); (quark-gluon plasma); 10^-11 sec - 10^-6 sec (dates shown relative to Big Bang)

Generation 193    (My 190-great grandparents)

6457937151882244719389814614890896649780206717089618067456:   Subatomic Era / Electroweak Epoch; (universe dominated first by W and Z bosons, then by Electron-quark soup; at end of this epoch, weak and electro forces separate); 10^-32 sec - 10^-11 sec (dates shown relative to Big Bang)
6457937151882244719389814614890896649780206717089618067457:   Baryogenesis; (during the Grand Unification Epoch, quarks are .0000001 percent more common then antiquarks, leading to the matter of the present universe)

Generation 194    (My 191-great grandparents)

12915874303764489438779629229781793299560413434179236134912:   Inflationary Epoch; also begat poss. other universes too distant for us to observe; (initial temp 10^28 K; the universe expands rapidly; astronomical observations in 2014 confirmed this phenomenon); 10^-36 sec - 10^-32 sec (dates shown relative to Big Bang)
12915874303764489438779629229781793299560413434179236134915:   Boundaries and Conditions; aka daughter of Serendipity

Generation 195    (My 192-great grandparents)

25831748607528978877559258459563586599120826868358472269824:   Grand Unification Epoch; universe dominated by Higgs boson; (at end of this epoch strong and electroweak forces separate); 10^-43 sec - 10^-36 sec (dates shown relative to Big Bang)
25831748607528978877559258459563586599120826868358472269830:   Divine Teleology
25831748607528978877559258459563586599120826868358472269831:   poss. Serendipity

Generation 196    (My 193-great grandparents)

51663497215057957755118516919127173198241653736716944539648:   Big Bang Era / Planck Epoch; (during this brief epoch, gravity and the gauge forces may have been united); 0 - 10^-43 sec (dates shown relative to Big Bang)
51663497215057957755118516919127173198241653736716944539660:   Purpose
51663497215057957755118516919127173198241653736716944539662:   Magic; Mystery and Illusion

Generation 197    (My 194-great grandparents)

103326994430115915510237033838254346396483307473433889079296:   Instantiation
103326994430115915510237033838254346396483307473433889079297:   Gravitational Singularity; Time Zero
103326994430115915510237033838254346396483307473433889079320: *** Same as 51663497215057957755118516919127173198241653736716944539660 (Purpose)
103326994430115915510237033838254346396483307473433889079321:   Determination
103326994430115915510237033838254346396483307473433889079324: *** Same as 51663497215057957755118516919127173198241653736716944539662 (Magic)

Generation 198    (My 195-great grandparents)

206653988860231831020474067676508692792966614946867778158592:   Potentiality
206653988860231831020474067676508692792966614946867778158593:   Symmetry Breaking
206653988860231831020474067676508692792966614946867778158642: *** Same as 51663497215057957755118516919127173198241653736716944539660 (Purpose)

Generation 199    (My 196-great grandparents)

413307977720463662040948135353017385585933229893735556317184:   Chaos
413307977720463662040948135353017385585933229893735556317185:   Chance, Randomness; The Uncertainty Principle
413307977720463662040948135353017385585933229893735556317187:   Schrodinger Teleology

Generation 200    (My 197-great grandparents)

826615955440927324081896270706034771171866459787471112634368:   Conception
826615955440927324081896270706034771171866459787471112634369: *** Same as 12915874303764489438779629229781793299560413434179236134915 (Boundaries and Conditions)
826615955440927324081896270706034771171866459787471112634370: *** Same as 51663497215057957755118516919127173198241653736716944539662 (Magic)
826615955440927324081896270706034771171866459787471112634371:   Void; The infinite matrix of possibility
826615955440927324081896270706034771171866459787471112634375: *** Same as 25831748607528978877559258459563586599120826868358472269831 (poss. Serendipity)

Generation 201    (My 198-great grandparents)

1653231910881854648163792541412069542343732919574942225268736:   Impulse of Creation
1653231910881854648163792541412069542343732919574942225268737: *** Same as 826615955440927324081896270706034771171866459787471112634371 (Void)
1653231910881854648163792541412069542343732919574942225268743: *** Same as 826615955440927324081896270706034771171866459787471112634371 (Void)

Generation 202    (My 199-great grandparents)

3306463821763709296327585082824139084687465839149884450537472: *** Same as 25831748607528978877559258459563586599120826868358472269830 (Divine Teleology)
3306463821763709296327585082824139084687465839149884450537473: *** Same as 413307977720463662040948135353017385585933229893735556317187 (Schrodinger Teleology)

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