Nurikabe Puzzle #5 
  1. Paint some unnumbered cells black to form one continuous black chain.
  2. Paint remaining cells white to form white chains, each containing one numbered cell, and exactly as many cells in total as that number.
  3. Diagonal connections do not link chains.
  4. No 2x2 square may be entirely black.
  5. (Read more about Nurikabe.)
  • Click a cell to change its color. (Colors other than black and white may be used for your temporary notes.)
  • Right-button (or left-button with shift-key) gives you more colors, and in a different order.
  •     Verify solution in progress.
  •     Clear response from verify.
  • If you think you've made no mistakes so far, but want to embark on trial-and-error, set a "checkpoint." (Up to five checkpoints are provided for your convenience.)
  • Specify which checkpoint before each Checkpoint or Restore:
  •     Click to set checkpoint.
  •     Click to restore from checkpoint.
 This puzzle is Copyright © 2011 by James Dow Allen