I interrupt your genealogical queries to bring you the latest astounding news from Washington.

Remember the recent Executive Order that placed Steve Bannon (formerly the operator of an unusually racist website, now, according to some, the de facto U.S. President) on the National Security Council? Replacing the top Generals, who were "no longer needed" for this role? The National Security Council is one of the most important institutions in America, apprised of the most secret secrets, evaluating and reacting to complex geopolitical emergencies. It turns out Donald J. Trump DID NOT EVEN KNOW what he was signing when he signed the Executive Order appointing Bannon to this post. Like a kid sneaking candy bars into his Mom's shopping cart, Bannon snuck the order past our senescent "President." Trump is very angry about this ... but not angry enough to embarrass himself by rescinding the order.

Another development that should be sad and frightening concerns White House press conferences. These are a tradition that goes back many decades and is an important part of democracy. A hateful juvenile blogger from the "Alt-Right" has been given White House press credentials. Meanwhile, reporters from major newspapers and networks no longer get called upon for questions; only "friendly" right-wing media is allowed to pose questions in the White House. I ask Trump supporters -- Is this what you were hoping for?

If this were all happening in a banana republic, we'd be having a good laugh. It's not. It's happening in the U.S.A. Get used to it.

What has Happened to America ???

This analysis from Atlantic Monthly is a must-read for every American.

And here is another sad and frightening story about this horrible horrible "President."

This video caricature of America's new President is so very sad that ... I'm not sure there's any choice but to laugh.

Something that would also be funny if it weren't so sad is that when Americans who voted for Trump were interviewed, and asked ...
... if they supported stupid Trump programs like Building the WALL and denying entry to Muslims, the typical Trump voter answered:
"Oh no; I assume Trump is lying about those things!"                              
(Think about that: They voted for Trump despite hoping that he was lying; they just wanted to vote against Hillary.
Why did they want to vote against Clinton so much? They thought she was a liar!)
Some of these Trump voters have woken up ... but too late.

And from the Washington Post, on 28 January in the First Year of Trump:

Trump and Putin spoke for one hour and vowed to join forces to fight terrorism in Syria and elsewhere, according to the White House and the Kremlin, ...
... Counseling Trump in the effort will be Stephen K. Bannon, the [right-wing website owner turned into sociopath's campaign manaager turned into] White House chief strategist whose influence inside the administration is expanding far beyond politics. In a separate presidential memo, Trump reorganized the National Security Council to, along with other changes, give Bannon a regular seat on the principals committee -- the meetings of the most senior national security officials, including the secretaries of defense and state.

Stephen Bannon, recall, is the right-wing asshole who once told a reporter

I'm a Leninist. Lenin wanted to destroy the state, and that's my goal too. I want to bring everything crashing down, and destroy all of today's establishment.

Or click here to read yet another sad example of the New American politics.

The venerable Voice of America, which once brought truth to those imprisoned behind the Iron Curtain, has been turned into a domestic propaganda tool for right-wing hypocrites.

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