Coel (Coyl) Hen GUOTEPAUK (High King) of the HEN OGLED (North Britain)

     aka Coilus (III) Votepacus; Guotepauk (Godhebog Guotepauc Godebog) = `the Magnificent/Splendid'; `Old King Cole' (WLEDIG ?); prob. last Roman Duke of BRITAIN; (sometimes called King of GODODDIN); (his pedigree may be uncertain, he was prob. of Votadini tribe, or perhaps Brigantes)

    Note: Defended Northern Britain from Picts and Irish after Romans left. Possibly the King who invited Saxon mercenaries to Britain.
    Note: Although his domain included much of traditional Gododdin, he didn't rule the Gododdin tribe, who had been ushed north into the Lothians, by the Brigantes.

     Born:  abt. 360    Died:  abt. 420

HM George I's 29-Great Grandfather.       HRE Ferdinand I's 34-Great Grandfather.       U.S. President [HAYES]'s 28-Great Grandfather.       Poss. Agnes Harris's 32-Great Grandfather.       `Osawatomie' Brown's 42-Great Grandfather.

 Wife/Partner:       Ystradwal verch CADFAN
 Children:       (NN) ... (NN)   ;   Ceneu (Saint) ap COEL   ;   Gwawl verch COEL
 Possible Child:       Elen(?) (poss. verch COEL), 2nd wife of Macsen Wledig
/-- Rhydeyrn ap EUDDIGAN of BRITAIN   +====> [ 224 ,,qY,&]
/-- Rhyfedel (Iumetal) ap RHYDEYRN of BRITAIN
/   / (skip this generation?)
/-- Gradd ap RHYFEDEL of BRITAIN
/-- Urban (Vrban Vrba Erb) ap GRAD of BRITAIN
/   / or: poss. Bran (Urban's nephew)
/-- Telpwyll (Triuil) ap URBAN of BRITAIN
/   / (skip this generation?)
/-- Deheweint ap TELPWYLL of BRITAIN
/ (skip this generation?)
/-- Aviragus (King) of the BRITONS   +====> [ 216 ,,q,&]
/-- Meric (Marius Meurig Cyllin) of BRITONS
/ or: Cyllin of SILURIA, q.v.
/  \-- Genuissa Claudia of ROME   +====> [ 121 ,,Y]
/-- Coel I (Cole Coilus) (King) of BRITAIN
/-- Prasutagus (King) of ICENIA  (? - 61?)
\-- Julia (Victoria) verch PRASUTAGUS of the ICENI
/ OR: Penardim (Penardun)   +====> [ 211 ,,qD,&]
/ OR: Penarddun (verch BELI ?)   +====> [ 209 ,,q,&]
\-- Boadicea (Queen) of ICENIANS   +====> [ 210 ,,q,&]
/   / OR: Boadicea of ICENIANS [alt ped]   +====> [ 103 ,,y]
\-- Emerita verch COEL of BRITAIN
/-- Caradoc (ap BRAN) (King) of BRITAIN   +====> [ 216 ,,qD,&]
/-- Cyllin (King; Saint) of SILURIA  (? - 99?)
\-- Eurgain
/ or: Tegau
/   / OR: poss. Cartismandua of BRIGANTES
/   \-- Ystradwl (Stradwawl) of SILURIA
/-- Tegfan Gloff (ap TEUHVANT) of BRITAIN
/   / or: poss. not Guotepauc ap TEGFAN (Tegfan's son)
- Coel (Coyl) Hen GUOTEPAUK (High King) of the HEN OGLED (North Britain)
\-- ?

  His (poss.) Grandchildren:       Morfyn Frych (Prince) of House of COEL   ;   Mor `the Ragged' ap CENEU   ;   Dyfnwal Moelmud ap CENEU (King) of BRYNEICH   ;   Gwrast (Gwrst) LLEDLWM ap CENEU   ;   Dogfael ap CUNEDAG   ;   Dynod ap CUNEDAG   ;   Gwen verch CUNEDAG   ;   Ceredig (Keretic) ap CUNEDAG   ;   Einion `Yrth' ap CUNEDDA (ap CUNEDAG)   ;   Typipion ap CUNEDAG   ;   Ysfael Gwron ap CUNEDDA (King) of YNYS MON   ;   Gratianna verch MACSEN

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