Hugh (Sir) de PAYEN

     Crusader; aka Hugues de PAYENS (PAYNS; PAINS); aka Hugo de PAGANIS; aka Ugo de' PAGANI; co-founder & 1st Grandmaster of Knights Templar; (sources may conflict)

     Born:  Annonay, France abt. 1070    Died:  1136


 Wife/Partner:       Catherine ST. CLAIR
 Children:       Edmund   ;   Theobald (Abbot of St. Columba)
 Possible Child:       Thomas (Sir; of Market Bosworth) PAYNE
 Alternative Father of Possible Child:       prob. not Hugues II de GISORS
/-- Tibaud de PAYEN  (Normandy? 1012? - 1064?)
/-- Tibaud de PAYEN
/-- (NN; Tibaud or Hugh) de PAYEN (poss. Lord of GISORS)
- Hugh (Sir) de PAYEN
\-- poss.  Matilde

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