William (1st Baronet; of THIRKELBY) FRANKLAND

     Born:   ?   Died:  1697


 Wife/Partner:       Arabella BELASYSE
 Children:       Thomas (2nd Baronet; of Thirkelby) FRANKLAND   ;   Grace FRANKLAND   ;   Henry   ;   John (Dean of Gloucester : m. Mary Turton)
/-- William (of Rye) FRANKLAND  (Hertfords.)
/-- Henry (Sir; of Thirkelby) FRANKLAND
/-- Henry (Sir; of Hatfield Woodhall) BUTLER
/  \-- Lucy BUTLER
- William (1st Baronet; of THIRKELBY) FRANKLAND
/-- Arthur (Sir) HARRIS
\-- Anne HARRIS

  His 3-Great Grandchildren:       Thomas Philip (2nd Earl de Grey of Wrest) de GREY   ;   Theresa PARKER   ;   Arthur CAYLEY
  His 7-Great Grandchild:       Noel Anthony Scawen (4th Earl of) LYTTON

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