Victoria of HANOVER (Queen) of ENGLAND

     aka Alexandrina Victoria GUELPH; Queen of the UNITED KINGDOM of Great Britain & Ireland; eponym; `Gloriana'; EMPRESS of INDIA; (her 63-year reign is the 5th longest of any European monarch ever, and the longest of any woman ever, anywhere)

    Note: There is strong evidence that neither Victoria nor her husband was the child of their mother's husband! Baron von Mayern is often proposed as Albert's father; Sir John Conroy is often proposed as Victoria's father. We do not show these conjectured pedigrees here.

     Born:  London 1819    Died:  1901 Isle of Wight

HRH Charles's 3-Great Grandmother.       HM Juan Carlos' Great-Great-Grandmother.       HM Margrethe II's Great-Great-Grandmother.       HM Constantine II's Great-Great-Grandmother.       HM Carl XVI Gustaf's Great-Great-Grandmother.       HM Harald V's Great-Great-Grandmother.       Ksr Wilhelm II's Grandmother.
Men at some time are masters of their fates:
The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars,
But in ourselves, that we are underlings.

 Husband/Partner:       Albert Augustus Charles (Prince) of SAXE-COBURG-GOTHA
 Children:       Alice Maud Mary (Princess) of GREAT BRITAIN & Ireland   ;   Edward VII of SAXE-COBURG-GOTHA (King) of ENGLAND   ;   Victoria Adelaide Marie Luise von SACHSEN-COBURG-GOTHA   ;   Leopold Georg Duncan Albert WETTIN (Duke of ALBANY)   ;   Beatrice (Princess) of GREAT BRITAIN   ;   Arthur William Patrick Albert von SAXE-COBURG-GOTHA   ;   Alfred Ernest Albert (Duke) of SAXE-COBURG-GOTHA   ;   Louise Caroline Alberta von SACHSEN-COBURG-GOTHA
/-- George I Louis HANOVER (King) of ENGLAND   +&&&> [ 255 ,ES,M,&]
/-- George II Augustus (King) of ENGLAND
/  \-- Sophia Dorothea von BRUNSWICK-CELLE   +&&&> [ 255 ,N,T,&]
/-- Frederick Louis (Lewes) (Prince) of ENGLAND
/  \-- Wilhelmina Charlotte Caroline ANSPACH of B.   +&&&> [ 255 ,E,TM,&]
/-- George III (King) of ENGLAND
/  \-- Augusta (Princess) von SACHSEN-GOTHA-ALTENBURG   +&&&> [ 255 ,E,TM,&]
/-- Edward Augustus (Prince) of GREAT BRITAIN & Ireland
/-- Adolphus Frederick II of MECKLENBURG-STREL.   +&&&> [ 255 ,N,T,&]
/  \-- Christiane Emilie Antonie of SCHWARZBURG-S.   +&&&> [ 255 ,N,TM,&]
\-- Sophia Charlotte (Charlotte Sophia) von MECKLENBURG-STRELITZ
/   \-- Elizabeth-Albertine of SAXE-HILDBURGAUSEN   +&&&> [ 255 ,eN,TM,&]
- Victoria of HANOVER (Queen) of ENGLAND
/-- Ernest Frederick of SAXE-COBURG (& Saalfeld)   +&&&> [ 255 ,E,TM,&]
/-- Francis (Franz) Frederick (Duke) of SAXE-COBURG
/  \-- Sophia Antonia of BRUNSWICK   +&&&> [ 255 ,E,TM,&]
\-- Victoria (Duchess) of SAXE-SAALFELD-COBURG
/-- Henry XXIV (Count) of REUSS-EBERSDORF   +&&&> [ 255 ,E,TM,&]
\-- Augusta Caroline Sophia (Princess) of REUSS-EBERSDORF
/-- Georg August (Count) of ERBACH-SCHOENBERG   +&&&> [ 255 ,N,TM,&]
\-- Caroline Ernestine (Princess) of ERBACH-SCHONBERG
\-- Ferdinande Henriette of STOLBERG-GEDERN   +&&&> [ 255 ,E,TM,&]

  Her Grandchildren:       Victoria Alberta (Princess) of HESSE AND BY RHINE   ;   Alexandra Fedorovna von HESSEN   ;   George V WINDSOR (King) of ENGLAND   ;   Maud Charlotte Mary V (Princess) of GREAT BRITAIN   ;   Louise Victoria Alexandra Dagmar of GREAT BRITAIN   ;   Wilhelm II (EMPEROR) of the GERMAN REICH   ;   Sophia Dorothea Ulrica Alice HOHENZOLLERN   ;   Margaret of PRUSSIA   ;   Carl Eduard (Duke) of SAXE-COBURG-GOTHA   ;   Victoria Eugenie Julia Ena von BATTENBERG   ;   Margaret (of CONNAUGHT) von SAXE-COBURG-GOTHA   ;   Arthur Frederick Patrick Albert (K.G.) of CONNAUGHT   ;   Marie Alexandra Viktoria von SACHSEN-COBURG-GOTHA   ;   Victoria Melita of SAXE-COBURG-GOTHA

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