George (of Harrow-on-Hull) EVELYN

     (founded gunpowder business; three Baronetcies were created for his descendants, the first two immediately extinct)

     Born:  abt. 1530    Died:  1603

PM Churchill's 11-Great Grandfather.       Lady Diana's 13-Great Grandfather.

 Wives/Partners:       Rose WILLIAMS   ;   Joan STINT
 Children:       Thomas (Sir; of Long Ditton) EVELYN   ;   Richard (of WOTTON) EVELYN   ;   John (Sir; of Godstone, Lee Place etc.) EVELYN
/-- William (of Harrow on the Hill) AVELYN  (? - 1476?)
/-- Roger AVELYN
/-- John EVELYN
/  \-- Alice AYLWARD
- George (of Harrow-on-Hull) EVELYN
/-- David VINCENT
\-- Mary(?) VINCENT

  His 4-Great Grandchildren:       Stephen Richard (8th Baronet) GLYNNE   ;   Edward (Rt. Rev.) VENABLES-VERNON-HARCOURT   ;   William (Marquess of Dorchester) PIERREPONT   ;   Evelyn (Lady) PIERREPOINT   ;   Mary (Lady) PIERREPONT   ;   Caroline (Lady) PIERREPONT   ;   Evelyn (Lady of Kingston) PIERREPONT

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