Archibald (of Gosford) ACHESON

     (1st Baronet of GLENCAIRNEY)

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     Born:  Edinburgh abt. 1580    Died:  1634 Letterkenny, Donegal


 Wife/Partner:       Margaret HAMILTON
 Child:       Isabella (m. Hector Og MacLean (q.v.))
 Probable Children:       George (3rd BARONET of MARKET HILL) ACHESON   ;   Margaret ACHESON
 Alternative Father of Probable Children:       Archibald (of Gosford) ACHESON [alt ped]
/-- Alexander ACHESON
- Archibald (of Gosford) ACHESON
\-- Helen REID

  His (poss.) 3-Great Grandchildren:       Arthur ACHESON   ;   Anne FFRENCH   ;   Jean FORBES   ;   Andrew (of Greenwells) ELLIOT   ;   Gilbert (3rd Baronet of Minto) ELLIOT   ;   Archibald TROTTER

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