Margaret (of Harris) MacLEOD

Poss. U.S. President [T. ROOSEVELT]'s 10-Great Grandmother.
What if imagination and art are not the frosting at all, but the fundamental fountainhead of human experience? What if our logic and science derive from art forms rather than art being merely a decoration for our work?

 Husband/Partner:       Donald Crumach (4th of Sleat) MacDONALD
 Possible Children:       Donald Gorm (5th of Sleat) MacDONALD   ;   James (of Castle Camus) MacDONALD   ;   Anne MacDONALD
 Alternative Mother of Possible Children:       Margaret (Catherine) MacDONALD
/-- ?
- Margaret (of Harris) MacLEOD
\-- ?

  Her (poss.) 3-Great Grandchildren:       James Mor (2nd Baronet of Sleat) MacDONALD   ;   Donald (1st of Castleton) MacDONALD   ;   John (2nd of Drynoch) MacLEOD   ;   Jean MacKENZIE   ;   John (2nd of Applecross) MacKENZIE   ;   (Miss) MacKENZIE   ;   Alexander CHISHOLM

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