Mary (Heiress) PEARLE


 Husbands/Partners:       John (2nd Baronet) BRYDGES   ;   William (1st & Last Baronet; of Fulham; HINSON) POWELL
 Children:       James (8th Lord Chandos) BRYDGES   ;   Mary POWELL
 Wrongly-shown Mother of Children:       prob. not Mary VANLORE
/-- John (Esq.; of Aconbury) PEARLE
/   | or: James PEARLE
- Mary (Heiress) PEARLE
\-- ?

  Her 3-Great Grandchildren:       Anna Elizabeth BRYDGES   ;   James Henry (of Adlestrop) LEIGH   ;   Henry Edwyn (1st Baronet) STANHOPE   ;   Gregory (3rd Baronet) PAGE-TURNER   ;   Robert Jones ADEANE   ;   Anna Maria Elizabeth (Lady) NEEDHAM   ;   Francis NEEDHAM (2nd Earl of Kilmorey)
  Her 8-Great Grandchildren:       Francis Aungier (K.G.) PAKENHAM   ;   Hugh Denis Charles (K.G.) FitzROY   ;   Pamela Catherine Mabell KAY-SHUTTLEWORTH

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