Archimedes `the Wise' of SYRACUSE

     (Mathematician; eponym of Archimedean solids, Archimedean constant (pi), etc.; on Cardano's List of 12 geniuses)

    External page: Possibly the greatest mathematical genius who ever lived.
    External page: Archimedes is omitted from Hart's list, but appears on M.I.T. Pantheon Most Influential List.
    Note: Although he doesn't appear on Hart's List of the 100 Most Influential, he ranks #10 on M.I.T.'s List

     Born:  abt. 287 BC    Died:  212 BC     slain by mistake after Siege of Syracuse


/-- Pheidias, astronomer
- Archimedes `the Wise' of SYRACUSE
/-- grandfather of Archimedes
\-- (Miss), Mother of Archimedes

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