Ermgard von MANDELSLOH

Poss. Lady Diana's 16-Great Grandmother.       HM Margrethe II's 16-Great Grandmother.       HM Beatrix's 15-Great Grandmother.       `Red Baron' Richthofen's 13-Great Grandmother.
What if imagination and art are not the frosting at all, but the fundamental fountainhead of human experience? What if our logic and science derive from art forms and are fundamentally dependent on them rather than art being merely a decoration for our work when science and logic have produced it?

 Husband/Partner:       Burchard I von BUSCHEN
 Child:       Anna von BUSCHEN
/-- ?
- Ermgard von MANDELSLOH
\-- ?

  Her 2-Great Grandchildren:       Kurt von SCHWEICHOLD   ;   Adelheid von SCHWICHELDT   ;   Sifrid XIII von RAUTENBERG   ;   Ernst von REDEN   ;   Luise von REDEN

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