Morgan's sphinx moth

     aka Xanthopan morganii; aka Macrosila morganii; aka X. morganii praedicta (specima found on Madagascar were so named to honor Wallace's prediction, but they are not considered a separate subspecies from the mainland specima); (It was Alfred Russel Wallace who noted that the African sphinx moth had a proboscis long enough to fulfill Darwin's prediction; since the two species depend on each other, this can be considered an example of SYMBIOSIS)

 poss. "Partner(s)":       Darwin's Orchid
/-- Infraclass Neoptera   +====> [ 73]
/-- Superorder Endopterygota
/-- Supraorder Mercopteroidae (Flies, Moths, etc.)
/-- Order Lepidoptera (Moths & Butterflies)
/-- Suborder Glossata
/-- Infraorder Heteroneura
/-- Parvorder/Division Ditrysia
/-- Microorder Apoditrysia
/-- Phalanx Obtectomera
/-- Section Macrolepidoptera
/-- Superfamily Bombycoidea (Silk moths & Hawk moths)
/-- Family Sphingidae (Sphinx moths, Hawk moths, & Hornworms)
/-- Subfamily Sphinginae
/-- Tribe Sphingini
/-- Genus Xanthopan (African hawk moth)
- Morgan's sphinx moth

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