Genghis (Chinggis) Great KHAN of the MONGOLS

     aka Temudzin (Temujin Temudjin Timurjeen `Finest Steel'), Ghenghis of the BORJIGIN (ALTAN URAG) Clan; Greatest of Rulers, EMPEROR of all Men; (inherited Yakka at age 13, struggled for many years, eventually conquering the largest Empire hitherto seen); (DNA EVIDENCE); (considered one of the Wealthiest autocrats ever)

    External page: Ranked #29 in Michael Hart's list of History's Most Influential Persons
    Note: The ancestry of Genghis, and descents through his daughter Chichegen, were provided by T Stanford M S P F Mommaerts-Meulemans-Browne.
    It has recently been demonstrated that millions of living men bear the Y-chromosome of Genghis, the Mongol Khans being prodigious in affairs other than war.

    External page: Map showing the growth of the Mongol Empire

     Born:  1162    Died:  18 Aug 1227     d. in fall from horse

Poss. HM George I's 16-Great Grandfather.       Poss. HRE Charles VI's 18-Great Grandfather.       HRH Charles's 23-Great Grandfather.       Poss. PM Churchill's 24-Great Grandfather.       Louis XVII's 21-Great Grandfather.

 Wives/Partners:       Borte (Bortei Bourtei Boerke) UJIN   ;   (Miss) of the Jin   ;   Abika of Kherait   ;   2 other wives   ;   8 concubines
 Children:       Chichegen Bilgi   ;   Toloui KHAN   ;   Ogedei KHAN of the GOLDEN HORDE   ;   Chaghatai KHAN of the GOLDEN HORDE
 Probable Child:       Juchi (Juji Jochi Dzoczi Djouchi Djudji) KHAN
 Alternative Father of Probable Child:       poss. Chilger `the Strong' of the MERKIDS
/-- Kharchu (KHAN)   +====> [ 193 ,,qd]
/-- Borjigidai `the Wise' (KHAN)
/-- Torokholjin Bayan (KHAN)
/  \-- Mongqoljin `the Fair'
/-- Debun `the Wise' (KHAN)
/  \-- Borokjin Go'a (Princess) of CHINA
/-- Bodonchar (KHAN)
/-- Khorilartai   +====> [ 1]
\-- Alan Go'a `the Fair' (Queen)
/   \-- Barkhujin Go'a (Princess) of CHINA
/-- Khabichi Ba'atur
/-- Menen-Tudun  (? - 1030+)
/-- Khachi-Khaluk
/  \-- Monulun (Princess) of CHINA
/-- Kaidu KHAN
/  \-- Nomolun-eke
/-- Bai Sankur (Shingkor Dokshin)
/-- Tumbaghai KHAN
| or: Qabal (Tumbaghai's son)
| or: son of Qaidu Khagan
/   | OR: source: C2 y-Haplogroup (P44 M217)   +=====>
/  \-- Sechen (stepmother of Tumbaghai)
/-- Bardam BAHADUR
/-- Qonqirat
/  \-- Goa Kulkua
/-- Yesugai (MIGHTY Man-slayer)  (? - 1176)
/  \-- Sain Maral Khayak
- Genghis (Chinggis) Great KHAN of the MONGOLS
/-- (NN; KHAN) of the MERKIT Clan
\-- Houlon (Hoeeluen Ho'elun) of the MERKIT

  His (poss.) Grandchildren:       Buka-Timur   ;   Hulegu KHAN [alt ped]   ;   Qutuqtu (Mongke?) KHAN of the GOLDEN HORDE   ;   Kublai KHAN (EMPEROR of CHINA)   ;   Hulegu KHAN   ;   Muatukan KHAN   ;   Batu `the Splendid' (1st/2nd) KHAN of the GOLDEN HORDE   ;   Toka-Timour KHAN   ;   Berke Khan (KHAN of the GOLDEN HORDE)   ;   Terval (KHAN) of SIBERIA

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