Froilhe Alfonso de CELANOVA

HRE Ferdinand I's 10-Great Grandmother.       U.S. President [WASHINGTON]'s 19-Great Grandmother.       PM Churchill's 23-Great Grandmother.       HM Margrethe II's 24-Great Grandmother.       `Red Baron' Richthofen's 25-Great Grandmother.       `Osawatomie' Brown's 22-Great Grandmother.       Jamie's 28-Great Grandmother.
"We have not inherited the Earth from our ancestors. We only borrowed it from our children."

 Husband/Partner:       Goncalo Rodrigues de PALMEIRA
 Child:       Rui Goncalves de PEREIRA
/-- ?
- Froilhe Alfonso de CELANOVA
\-- ?

  Her 3-Great Grandchildren:       Vasco Martins `O Seco' (5th Senor) de TABUA da CUNHA   ;   Martim Afonso (4th Sn.) de MELO   ;   Maria Alfonsez CORONEL   ;   Alvaro Rodrigues PEREIRA   ;   Rui PEREIRA `o Bravo' (Sn. de MONTARGIL)   ;   Alvaro Goncalves de PEREIRA   ;   Rui Vasques PEREIRA   ;   Joana Vasques de PEREIRA

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