Alexander (of Middleton; Colonel) RIGBY

     (lawyer, politician; Deputy Lieutenant for Lancashire; Member of Parliament; fought in Civil War; Baron of the Exchequer; purchased Plough Patent in Maine)

     Born:  Lancas. abt. 1594    Died:  1650     d. of infection


 Wife/Partner:       Lucy LEGH
 Children:       Lucy RIGBY   ;   Alexander (3 wives)   ;   Urian   ;   Edward
/-- Alexander (of Middleton) RIGBY
- Alexander (of Middleton; Colonel) RIGBY
\-- Ann (of Wigan) ASSHAW

  His 4-Great Grandchildren:       Henry Charles (K.G.) HOWARD   ;   Henrietta Anne MOLYNEUX-HOWARD   ;   Isabella MOLYNEUX-HOWARD   ;   William Henry Francis (11th Baron) PETRE   ;   Lucy STANLEY   ;   Edward (12th Earl of Derby) STANLEY

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