Dyeus Phater

     aka Jupiter, Deus Pater, Dyaus Pita, Dievas, Tiwaz, Astwatz, Dispater; Chief GOD in pre-historic Kurgan religion

Poss. HM George I's 44-Great Uncle.       Poss. HRE Ferdinand I's 42-Great Uncle.       Poss. Agnes Harris's 45-Great Uncle.

 Wives/Partners:       Dino the GRAEAE   ;   Cybele, the Mother GODDESS
 Children:       Hausos   ;   Divine Twins   ;   Sawel (Sun : Helios)   ;   Menot (Moon : Selene)
 Possible Children:       Venila the NYMPH   ;   Tuisto (1st King) of GERMANIA   ;   Arcisius the ARGONAUT   ;   Orseis the NYMPH   ;   Dionysos (GOD of Wine)   ;   Aeacus (King) of AEGINA   ;   Ares (the OLYMPIAN; GOD of War)   ;   Heracles (ALCIDES) of THEBES   ;   Teledice the NYMPH   ;   Hephaestus, GOD of Fire   ;   Rhadamanthys (King) of CRETE   ;   Keroessa   ;   Damocrateia   ;   Aphrodite PANDEMOS the OLYMPIAN   ;   Heracles the Elder   ;   Euterpe the MUSE of Song & Elegy   ;   Perseus of MYCENAE   ;   Epaphus (PHARAOH) of EGYPT [alt ped]   ;   Aglaia of the GRACES   ;   Thalia the MUSE of Comedy   ;   Agdistis the DAIMON [alt ped]   ;   Lysippe (the PROETIDE ?) of ARGOS   ;   Hebe, GODDESS of Youth   ;   Helen of SPARTA [alt ped]   ;   Crinacus of RHODES   ;   Pollux (Polydeuces), DIOSCURI of SPARTA   ;   Lacedaemon (King) of LACEDAEMON   ;   Sabazios (Sky GOD of PHRYGIA)   ;   Persephone, GODDESS of Vegetation   ;   Argus (King) of ARGOS   ;   Polyhymnia the MUSE of Hymns (Sacred Poetry)   ;   Achaios (King) of THESSALY [alt ped]   ;   Iphianassa   ;   Eris (GODDESS of Discord & Strife) [alt ped]   ;   Perimede of PHOENICIA   ;   Iarbas (King) of GAETULIA [alt ped]   ;   Orchomenus (King) of ORCHOMENUS   ;   Macedon   ;   Tityos   ;   Iasion   ;   Ate (GODDESS of Illusion & Folly)   ;   Iphicles of THEBES   ;   Hermes (the OLYMPIAN; the Messenger GOD)   ;   Magnes of THESSALY   ;   Apollo the OLYMPIAN   ;   Minos `the Elder' (King) of CRETE   ;   Erato the MUSE of Love Poetry   ;   Manes (1st King) of LYDIA   ;   Pasithea the GRACE   ;   Endymion (King) of ELIS   ;   Archis the RIVER GOD   ;   Sarpedon (King) of LYCIA   ;   Artemis (the OLYMPIAN; GODDESS of the Hunt)   ;   Calliope the MUSE of Epic Poetry   ;   Pelasgus (1st King) of the PELASGIANS   ;   Amphion (King) of THEBES   ;   Megapenthes (King) of ARGOS   ;   Clotho of the FATES   ;   Ahura Mazda (Zoroasterian Creator GOD)   ;   Thanatos, GOD of Death   ;   Minerva (Athena) GODDESS of Wisdom   ;   Diana the AMAZON   ;   Urania the MUSE of Astronomy   ;   Melpomene the MUSE of Tragedy   ;   Clio the MUSE of History   ;   Terpsichore the MUSE of Dance & Song   (List of possible children may be incomplete)
 Alternative Fathers of Possible Children:       Tyr (YMIRSSON)   ;   Zeus the OLYMPIAN
/-- INDO-EUROPEAN Pantheon
/   | or: Purusha (the GIANT), q.v.
- Dyeus Phater
\-- Amalthea goat's milk
| OR: poss. source: Ninsun `the Wise' (Cow GODDESS)   +====> [ 6]

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