Elizabeth (of Argyle?) COUTTS

HRH Charles's 12-Great Aunt.       Lady Diana's 13-Great Aunt.

 poss. Husbands/Partners:       William (of Menstrie) ALEXANDER   ;   Andrew (of Menstrie) ALEXANDER (William's uncle or great-uncle)
 Probable Child:       Alexander (of Menstrie) ALEXANDER
 Alternative Mother of Probable Child:       Andrew's wife
/-- prob.  Alan (of Bowhill) COUTTS  (1498? - ?)
- Elizabeth (of Argyle?) COUTTS
\-- Marjory WALWOOD

  Her (poss.) 3-Great Grandchildren:       Thomas(?) MONTGOMERY   ;   Catherine MONTGOMERY   ;   Henry MONTGOMERY 3rd Earl of MOUNT ALEXANDER   ;   John ALEXANDER   ;   Margaret ALEXANDER
  Her (poss.) 4-Great Grandchildren:       Deborah MONTGOMERY [alt ped]   ;   Patrick CALHOUN   ;   William ALEXANDER   ;   William JOHNSTON   ;   John JOHNSON

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