John(?) REID

HRH Charles's 13-Great Uncle.       Lady Diana's 12-Great Uncle.       Philippe of Belgium's 13-Great Uncle.       Grand Duke Henri's 13-Great Uncle.

 Wife/Partner:       Katherine DUMBRECK
 Children:       Katherine REID   ;   Walter (Abbot of Kinloss)
/-- John(?) (of Aikenhead) REID  (? - 9/9/1513)
- John(?) REID
\-- Elizabeth

  His 3-Great Grandchildren:       Duncan (3rd of Culloden) FORBES   ;   Hugh (Sir; of Cawdor) CAMPBELL   ;   George (17th of) BRODIE   ;   James (16th Chief of Brodie) BRODIE
  His 7-Great Grandchildren:       James INNES-KER (6th Duke of Roxburghe)   ;   Hugh (1st Earl) FORTESCUE   ;   John CAMPBELL (1st Baron CAWDOR of CASTLEMARTIN)   ;   Emilia Anne MacLEOD   ;   Norman (23rd Chief of) MacLEOD   ;   Mary Elizabeth FORBES   ;   George (25th of) DUNDAS

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