Mariota GORDON

Poss. U.S. President's 15-Great Grandmother.       Lady Diana's 13-Great Grandmother.
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 Husband/Partner:       John (3rd of Brux) FORBES
 Children:       Janet (of Brux) FORBES   ;   Alexander (of Brux) FORBES
/-- Robert GORDON
- Mariota GORDON
\-- (missing)

  Her 3-Great Grandchildren:       Alexander (4th of Blackton) FORBES   ;   Helen (Margaret) FORBES
  Her 8-Great Grandchildren:       Katherine Scott FORBES   ;   Neil PRIMROSE (3rd Earl of Rosebery)   ;   Archibald (1st Baronet of DUNTREATH) EDMONSTONE   ;   Caroline CAMPBELL   ;   John CAMPBELL (5th Duke of Argyll)   ;   George (4th of Boyndlie) FORBES   ;   Alexander (4th of BOGNIE) MORISON

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