Palatina de TROYES

HM George I's 34-Great Grandmother.       HRE Ferdinand I's 28-Great Grandmother.       Poss. Agnes Harris's 28-Great Grandmother.       `Osawatomie' Brown's 38-Great Grandmother.
Doubt is a pain too lonely to know that faith is his twin brother.

 Husband/Partner:       Bodegisel (I; Duke) of SWABIA
 Children:       Baudgise II (Duke) de AQUITAINIA   ;   Oda (Saint) of SAVOY
/-- Magnus vir CLARISSIMUS  (France)
/-- Gallus Magnus (Bishop) of TROYES  (? - 562+)
- Palatina de TROYES
\-- ?

  Her (poss.) Great Grandchildren:       Ansegisel (Segislius) (Major Domus) d' AUSTRASIE   ;   Clodoule (Saint; Bishop) of METZ   ;   Walchigise (Count) de VERDUN

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