Ailill (Oilill) Laebchor MacLOND

HM George I's 84-Great Grandfather.       HRE Ferdinand I's 83-Great Grandfather.       Poss. Agnes Harris's 84-Great Grandfather.       `Osawatomie' Brown's 90-Great Grandfather.
What if imagination and art are not the frosting at all, but the fundamental fountainhead of human experience? What if our logic and science derive from art forms rather than art being merely a decoration for our work?

 Wife/Partner:       ?
 Child:       Finn (Fionn) MacAILELLA
/-- Nungatt MacNENAIL of G.   +====> [ 112 ,,qy]
/-- Ealloid MacNUADAT of GOTHIA
/-- Earchada MacALLDOIT (King) of GEULIA
/-- Deaghatha (Dea; MacAIRCEDA) of SCYTHIA
/-- Brath (MacDEATHA) of SPAIN
/-- Breogan MacBRATHA of SPAIN
/-- Ith (Ithe Ioth) MacBREGUIN
/-- Lugaid (Luy Luighaidh) MacITHA
/-- Eoin Brecc MacLUGAID
/-- Riaghlan
/   | (skip this generation?)
/-- Sithchinn (MacEOIN ?)
/   | (skip this generation?)
/-- Mairthened (Mairtine) (MacFINN ?)
/-- Roth Ruad MacMAIRTHENED
/-- Luind MacROTHRUAID
- Ailill (Oilill) Laebchor MacLOND
\-- poss.  Fligusia

  His 3-Great Grandchild:       Eitheor MacECHACH
  His 9-Great Grandchild:       Eochaid Ruad MacCAIRPRE

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