Maddalena STROZZI

Philippe of Belgium's 10-Great Grandmother.
"It is indeed a desirable thing to be well descended, but the glory belongs to our ancestors."

 Husband/Partner:       Lorenzo SALVIATI
 Children:       Giacomo SALVIATI   ;   Isabella SALVIATI
/-- Lorenzo STROZZI  (1539 - 1609)
- Maddalena STROZZI
\-- Dianora BANDINI

  Her 3-Great Grandchildren:       Felicita COLONNA   ;   Caterina Zefirina SALVIATI
  Her 9-Great Grandchildren:       Paola Margherita Guiseppina Maria Antonia Consigla R.   ;   Fulco (Principe) RUFFO di CALABRIA

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