Al Hussein (King) of the HIJAZ (HEJAZ)

     aka Hussein (al-Husayn) ibn ALI; aka al-Husayn ibn Ali al-HASHIMI; King of the ARABS; Sharif of MECCA; claimant CALIPH (of all the Muslims)

     Born:  Istanbul 1854    Died:  1931 Amman

"We have not inherited the Earth from our ancestors. We only borrowed it from our children."

 Wives/Partners:       Abdiya bint ABDULLAH   ;   Adila Khanum   ;   Madiha
 Children:       Abdullah (King) of (HASHEMITE Kingdom of) JORDAN   ;   Zeid (Prince) bin HUSSEIN   ;   Faisal bin HUSSEIN bin Ali al-HASHEMI   ;   Ali (King of Hejaz)   ;   Hassan (d. young)
/-- 'Ajlan bin RUMAYTHA of M.   +==&=> [ 213 ,,MD,&]
/-- Al-Hassan bin 'AJLAN of MECCA
/-- Barakat I (Emir) of MECCA
/-- Muhammad (Emir) of MECCA
/-- Barakat II (Emir) of MECCA
/-- Muhammad Abu Numayy II (Sharif) of MAKKAH
/-- Humaidan ibn SHAMAN Ben Al-Hussaini
/  \-- Ghubaiya bas AL-HUSSAINI
/-- Al-Hussein ibn MUHAMMAD (Emir) of MECCA
/-- Abdullah bin AL-HASSAN (Emir of MECCA)
/-- Al-Hussein bin ABDULLAH
/-- Abdullah bin AL-HUSSEIN
/   | or: prob. not Abdullah bin AL-HASSAN (Abdullah's grandfather)
/-- Muhsin ibn ABDULLAH
/-- Auon (`Awn) Ra'i al-HADALA (ibn MUHSIN)
/-- Abdul MU'EEN  (? - 1861)
/-- Muhammad III (Emir) of MECCA  (1768 - 1858)
/-- Ali ibn MUHAMMAD (Prince of MECCA)
- Al Hussein (King) of the HIJAZ (HEJAZ)
\-- Salha

  His Grandchildren:       Talal (King) of (HASHEMITE Kingdom of) JORDAN   ;   Ra'ad (Prince) bin ZEID
  His 2-Great Grandchild:       Abdullah II bin al-HUSSEIN (King) of JORDAN

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