Henry (Lord de) TANKERSLEY

     Born:   ?   Died:  aft. 1225

U.S. President [JEFFERSON]'s 19-Great Grandfather.       HRH Charles's 24-Great Grandfather.       PM Churchill's 21-Great Grandfather.       Lady Diana's 23-Great Grandfather.       PM Cameron's 26-Great Grandfather.       `Osawatomie' Brown's 21-Great Grandfather.       Jamie's 27-Great Grandfather.

 poss. Wives/Partners:       Agnes PICTAVEUS   ;   Alice de POITEVIN
 Child:       Henry de TANKERSLEY
 Possible Child:       Richard (Sir; le) TANKERSLEY
 Alternative Father of Possible Child:       Henry de TANKERSLEY
/-- Enfulsus
/-- Jordanus fil ENFULSI
/-- Enfulsus de TANKERSLEY
/-- Dolphyn (Lord) de TANKERSLEY
- Henry (Lord de) TANKERSLEY
\-- ?

  His (poss.) Grandchildren:       Alice le TANKERSLEY   ;   Joan TANKERSLEY   ;   (Miss; Heiress; de) TANKERSLEY   ;   Richard (of Burgh Walleys) le TYAS   ;   John (Sir; de) ELAND   ;   Margaret ELAND   ;   Joan ELAND   ;   John (Sir; de) SAVILE

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