Robert (Sir) READING

     1st (and last) BARONET of Dublin

Lady Diana's 9-Great Grandfather.       HRH Albert II's 9-Great Grandfather.

 Wife/Partner:       Jane HANNAY
 Child:       Elizabeth READING
/-- ?
- Robert (Sir) READING
\-- ?

  His 2-Great Grandchildren:       George GREVILLE (2nd Earl of Warwick)   ;   William Schaw (1st Earl) CATHCART   ;   Jane CATHCART   ;   John James (K.G.) HAMILTON   ;   William Thomas (of Fonthill Gifford) BECKFORD   ;   Thomas VESEY (1st Viscount de Vesci)
  His 3-Great Grandchildren:       Augusta Sophia (Lady) GREVILLE   ;   Henry Richard GREVILLE (3rd Earl of Warwick)   ;   James MURRAY (1st Lord GLENLYON)   ;   James (Sir; `Viscount') HAMILTON   ;   Susan Euphemia BECKFORD   ;   John VESEY (2nd Viscount de Vesci)

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