Sigrida of YORKSHIRE

     (sometimes shown as Arkil's mother instead of wife); (Sigera)

U.S. President [WASHINGTON]'s 21-Great Grandmother.       HRH Charles's 28-Great Grandmother.       PM Churchill's 26-Great Grandmother.       Lady Diana's 24-Great Grandmother.       Poss. Agnes Harris's 21-Great Grandmother.       `Osawatomie' Brown's 27-Great Grandmother.

 Husbands/Partners:       Arkil MOREL (MORE)   ;   Aedulf (Earl of NORTHUMBERLAND)
 Children:       Gospatric FitzARKYL   ;   Oswulf (Earl of NORTHUMBERLAND)
/-- poss.  Oswulf of LUMLEY
/-- Ligulf (poss. of LUMLEY)
/-- Kilvert (poss. of LUMLEY)
- Sigrida of YORKSHIRE
/-- Ealdhun (Bishop) of DURHAM  (950? - 1018?)
\-- Eggfrida (Countess) of NORTHUMBRIA  (980? - ?)

  Her Grandchildren:       Dolfin FitzGOSPATRIC   ;   Gospatric
  Her (poss.) 5(+)-Great Grandchildren:       William de HEBDEN   ;   Hugh (Sir) FitzHENRY   ;   Brian III (Baron?; of Bedale) FitzALAN   ;   William (of Ganthorpe) de LASCELLES   ;   Nicholas (de) HASTINGS   ;   Thomas (of Crosby Ravensworth) de HASTINGS

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