Dorothy LACON


 Husband/Partner:       Thomas (of Walsh Hall) FISHER
 Children:       Clement (3rd Baronet; of Packington) FISHER   ;   Francis (m. Mary Caley)   ;   Robert (4th and Last Baronet)   ;   Lettice (m. Charles Lee & Bishop of Worcester)   ;   Jane (m. Thomas Byrch)   ;   Dorothy (m. Griffin May)   ;   Elizabeth (m. John Jennens)   ;   Mary (m. Edward Bedingfield)   ;   etc.
/-- James (of West Copies) LACON
- Dorothy LACON
\-- ?

  Her 3-Great Grandchildren:       Henry HOWARD (13th Earl of SUFFOLK)   ;   William LEGGE (4th Earl of Dartmouth)   ;   Heneage FINCH (5th Earl of Aylesford)
  Her 6-Great Grandchild:       Humphry LEGGE (8th Earl of Dartmouth)

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