renowned Warrior; Regent of Scotland for his grandson Eugene

     Born:  Denmark

Poss. HM George I's 31-Great Grandfather.       Poss. HRE Ferdinand I's 31-Great Grandfather.       Poss. Agnes Harris's 34-Great Grandfather.
The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.

 Wife/Partner:       (NN; Princess) of DENMARK
 Children:       (NN) ... (NN)   ;   daughter of Graym
/-- (NN; Nobleman) of SCOTS or PICTS
- Graym
\-- (NN; Princess) of DENMARK

  His (poss.) Grandchildren:       descendant of Graym   ;   Eugene (King) of Scottish DAL RIATA   ;   Domangart (Reti; I) of DALRIADA
  His (poss.) 2(+)-Great Grandchildren:       Peter (Sir; of Dalkeith) de GRAHAM   ;   John (Alan) de GRAHAM   ;   Conall I (King) of ALBA   ;   Aidan MacGABRAN `the Treacherous' of ARGYLL

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