Guigues I (Seigneur) d' ANNONAY

     de VIENNOIS

     Born:  abt. 860

HM George I's 23-Great Grandfather.       HRE Ferdinand I's 19-Great Grandfather.       U.S. President [WASHINGTON]'s 27-Great Grandfather.       Wm. von Bismarck's 28-Great Grandfather.       `Red Baron' Richthofen's 28-Great Grandfather.       `Osawatomie' Brown's 31-Great Grandfather.

 Wife/Partner:       Gandalmoda
 Child:       Domnus Guigues II of VION
/-- Rostaing I of SOUTHERN VIENNEOIS  (800? - 844?)
/-- Rostaing II (Sn.) d' ANNONAY  (838? - by 889)
/  \-- Sufficia
- Guigues I (Sn.) d' ANNONAY
\-- Berthilda  (838? - 889+)

  His 2-Great Grandchild:       Guigues V (Count) d' ALBON
  His 5-Great Grandchildren:       Guigues (VIII; VII; III; Count) d' ALBON   ;   Siboud de CLERMONT   ;   Thietburga FAUCIGNY of SAVOY   ;   Amadeus de MAURIENNE

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