Claudius AMYAND

     (performed the first recorded successful appendectomy; Surgeon-in-Ordinary to King George II)

     Born:  France abt. 1680    Died:  1740 London


 Wife/Partner:       Mary RABACHE
 Children:       George (1st Baronet; of Moccas Court) AMYAND   ;   Claudius   ;   Anne (m. John Porter)   ;   Wilhelmina   ;   Mary   ;   Mary Catharine (m. Richard Adams (Baron of Exchequer))   ;   Thomas Hans (Rev. : 2-g grandfather of H. Rider Haggard)   ;   Rachel Maria   ;   Judith (m. Thomas Ashton)
/-- Isaac AMYAND
- Claudius AMYAND
\-- Anne HOTTOT

  His 3-Great Grandchildren:       John (Viscount Amberley) RUSSELL   ;   Gilbert (K.G.) ELLIOT-MURRAY-KYNYNMOUND   ;   Wm. George Spencer Scott COMPTON
  His 4-Great Grandchildren:       Bertrand Arthur William (3rd Earl) RUSSELL   ;   William Bingham COMPTON (6th Marquess of Northampton)

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