Lucius Artorius CASTUS

     (Prefect of 6th Legion); poss. aka Arthur in CAMELOT; (poss. Commander of Sarmatian troops, with their myths of Lady of the Lake and Sword in Stone inspiring tales of British chivalry)

    External page: Synopsis of possible connections between Sarmatians and King Arthur
    External page: Detailed look at connections between Sarmatians and King Arthur


 Wife/Partner:       ?
 Children:       Lucille   ;   daughter of Arthur
/-- poss.  Arnthur the ETRUSCAN
/-- (NN) of gens ARTORIA (in CAMPANIA)
/-- (NN) ... (NN) of gens ARTORIA (in DALMATIA)
/   | ( many missing generations)
- Lucius Artorius CASTUS
\-- ?

  His (poss.) 1(+)-Great Grandchildren:       Gwladys of BRITAIN   ;   (NN) ... (NN) ALLAN
  His (poss.) 3(+)-Great Grandchildren:       Robert ALLAN (ALLEN)   ;   Ruth ALLEN   ;   Mary ALLEN   ;   James ALLEN

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