Childe ROLIM (Seigneur da AZAMBUJA)

     (Flemish Crusader who fought with King Afonso the Conqueror at Lisbon 1147; rewarded with Azambuja; allegedly `5th son of Earl of Chester'); poss. aka Roger Child RAWINS

Poss. Philippe of Belgium's 28-Great Grandfather.       Poss. HM Manuel II's 27-Great Grandfather.       Poss. Grand Duke Henri's 27-Great Grandfather.

 Wife/Partner:       ?
 Child:       Maria ROLIM
/-- poss. not  Roland (Duke) of CHESTER
/   | OR: poss. not Ranulph (Ranulf) III le MESCHINES   +====> [ 255 ,hg,&]
- Childe ROLIM (Sn. da AZAMBUJA)
\-- ?

  His 3-Great Grandchild:       Vasco Esteves de FIGUEIREDO
  His 9-Great Grandchildren:       Isabel de MIRANDA   ;   Aires de MIRANDA   ;   Leonor da SILVA   ;   Fernao SOARES de ALBERGARIA

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