Walter (Sir; of Stretton) COLLING


Poss. U.S. President [MADISON]'s 15-Great Grandfather.       HRH Charles's 20-Great Grandfather.       PM Churchill's 18-Great Grandfather.       Lady Diana's 20-Great Grandfather.       Poss. Philippe of Belgium's 21-Great Grandfather.       Poss. Jamie's 21-Great Grandfather.

 poss. Wives/Partners:       Alice STAUNTON   ;   Alice STAUNTON [alt ped]
 Child:       Dorothy COLLING (COLING)
/-- ?
- Walter (Sir; of Stretton) COLLING
\-- ?

  His (poss.) 2-Great Grandchildren:       John JENKES   ;   Richard (of Wolverton) MOORE
  His (poss.) 6-Great Grandchildren:       Elizabeth RICH   ;   Richard (III) RICH   ;   Audrey (Etheldreda) RICH   ;   Frances RICH   ;   Robert (2nd Baron) RICH   ;   Winifred RICH   ;   Mary RICH   ;   Alice RICH

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