Musa Keita I (9th Mansa) of MALI EMPIRE

     (EMPEROR at NIANI; annexed Timbuktu in 1324; 1st Wealthiest Person in all of history); aka Mali-koy Kankan MUSA, Kango Moussa, Gonga Musa `the Lion of Mali'; Emir of MELLE, Lord of the Mines of WANGARA, Conqueror of GHANATA, etc.; (sometimes shown as 10th Mansa instead of 9th)

    External page: Ruled 24 Kings; reigned during Mali's `Golden Age'; his Hajj to Mecca was spectacular with 70,000 servants and slaves and 30 tons of gold, his gifts of gold destabilized the economies of Egypt and Arabia, and angered his own people.

     Born:  abt. 1280    Died:  abt. 1337


 Wife/Partner:       Inari Kunate (senior wife)
 Child:       Magha (10th Mansa : ancestor of 13th/14th/15th Mansas)
/-- Bilal `the Slave'
/-- Lawalo
/-- Latal KALABI
/-- Damul KALABI
/-- poss.  Lahilatoul KALABI of MANDEN at NIANI
/-- poss.  Kalabi Bomba of MANDEN (Mali)
/-- poss.  Mamadi Kani (3rd King/Faama) of MANDEN (Mali)
/-- poss.  Bamari Tagnogokelin of MANDEN (Mali)
/-- poss.  M'Bali Nene (5th King/Faama) of MANDEN (Mali)
/-- poss.  Bello (6th King/Faama) of MANDEN (Mali)
/-- poss.  Bello Bakon (7th King/Faama) of MANDEN (Mali)
/-- Nara Maghann KONATE (8th King/Faama) of MANDEN (Mali) at NIANI
/-- Abu Bakr
/-- Faga Laye
- Musa Keita I (9th Mansa) of MALI EMPIRE
\-- Kankou

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