aka Air, Khaos (Chaeus)

Poss. Jullus of Rome's 5-Great Grandfather.       HM George I's 76-Great Grandfather.       HRE Ferdinand I's 72-Great Grandfather.       Agnes Harris's Ancestor.

 Wives/Partners:       Nyx (Nox), GODDESS of NIGHT   ;   Caligo
 Children:       Hemera (GODDESS)   ;   Erebus (Primordial GOD)   ;   Nyx (Nox), GODDESS of NIGHT   ;   Tartarus of the UNDERWORLD   ;   Domnu   ;   (by Eros) the Birds
 Possible Children:       Izanagi (Japanese Creator GOD)   ;   Izanami (Japanese Creator GODDESS)
 Alternative Fathers of Possible Children:       poss. source: Chaos   ;   Cosmic Egg of chaotic mass
/-- Chronos (Primordial GOD)
\-- Achlys (Primordial GODDESS of Eternal NIGHT)
| or: Caligo
| OR: poss. not Adrasteia (Primordial GODDESS)   +====> [ 6]

  His (poss.) Grandchildren:       Gaia (Gaea) the Earth GODDESS   ;   Thalassa (PRIMORDIAL Goddess of the SEA)   ;   Uranus (1st Ruler GOD of the Universe)   ;   Eros (Amor) `Love' (GOD)   ;   Phaethon of SYRIA   ;   Aether (the Upper Sky; PRIMORDIAL)   ;   Eris (GODDESS of Discord & Strife)   ;   Somnus (GOD) of Sleep   ;   Styx the OCEANID   ;   Domnu   ;   Hemera (GODDESS)   ;   Echidna, Mother of MONSTERS   ;   Hecate of the UNDERWORLD   ;   Typhon (Typhoeus) the GIANT   ;   (NN), immigrant from Africa   ;   Oyamatsuni   ;   Owatatsumi Ryujin (Japanese GOD of the Sea)   ;   Amaterasu Omikami (GODDESS) of the Sun   ;   Susanoo

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