Sacagawea, a SHOSHONE

     (key guide and interpeter for the Lewis and Clark expedition); (it is controversial whether Sacagawea is Hidatsa for `bird woman' or Shoshone for `boat pusher'; although shown as dying when still very young, a rumor was started in 1907 that she survived into old age); (eponym of the Sacagawea Dollar)

    External page: When Captains Lewis and Clark negotiated with the Shoshone, Sacagawea translated Shoshone to Hidatsa which her husband could understand; he translated Hidatsa into French for the Corps' Francois Labiche, who finally translated into English. The process was reversed to respond to the Shoshone.

     Born:  Idaho abt. 1787    Died:  1812


 Husbands/Partners:       Toussaint CHARBONNEAU   ;   (NN; Smoked Lodge ?) of the HIDATSA
 Children:       (both her children were raised by Capt. Wm Clark : q.v.) Jean Baptiste `Pomp' Charbonneau   ;   Lizette Charbonneau
/-- First Speaker of C.   +====> [ 33]
/-- First Speaker of Caucaso-Nostratic
/-- First Speaker of Dene-Nostratic
/-- poss.  First Speaker of Amerindo-Nostratic
/   | OR: poss. not Unclassifiab.   +====> [ 33]
/-- First Speaker of Amerindian (Beringian)
/   | OR: source: Q-M1107 y-Haplo.   +====> [ 49]
/-- First Speaker of Amerindian
/   | OR: First Speaker of Amerind [.   +====> [ 35]
/-- First Speaker of North-Central Amerindian
/-- First Speaker of Meso-Amerindian
/-- First Speaker of Uto-Aztecan
/-- First Speaker of Northern Uto-Aztecan
/-- First Speaker of Numic
/-- First Speaker of Central Numic
/-- First Speaker of Shoshone
/-- (NN) ... (NN) of the SHOSHONE
/   | ( many missing generations)
/-- (NN), Chieftain of the LEMHI band
- Sacagawea, a SHOSHONE
\-- ?

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