Erebus (Primordial GOD)

     aka DARKNESS, Erebos

Poss. Jullus of Rome's 5-Great Grandfather.       HM George I's 81-Great Grandfather.       HRE Ferdinand I's 77-Great Grandfather.       Agnes Harris's Ancestor.

 poss. Wives/Partners:       Nyx (Nox), GODDESS of NIGHT   ;   Tethys the TITAN
 Children:       Aether (the Upper Sky; PRIMORDIAL)   ;   Charon
 Possible Children:       Styx the OCEANID   ;   Eros (Amor) `Love' (GOD)
 Alternative Fathers of Possible Children:       Oceanus the TITAN, q.v.   ;   Aether (the Upper Sky; PRIMORDIAL)
/-- Chronos (Primordial GOD)
/-- Chaos (PRIMORDIAL)
| OR: poss. source: Chaos   +====> [ 5]
\-- Adrasteia (Necessity; Primordial GODDESS)
| or: Caligo
/   | OR: Achlys (Primordial GODDESS of Eternal NIGHT)
- Erebus (Primordial GOD)
\-- ?

  His (poss.) Grandchildren:       Cronos (Kronos) the TITAN   ;   Rhea (Rheia) the TITAN   ;   Hyperion the TITAN   ;   Theia the TITAN   ;   Crius the TITAN   ;   Themis the TITAN   ;   Oceanus the TITAN   ;   Tethys the TITAN   ;   Marica the NYMPH   ;   Eurynome the TITAN (or OCEANID)   ;   Mnemosyne the TITAN   ;   Coeus (Koios) the TITAN   ;   Phoebe (Phoibe) the TITAN   ;   Iapetus (Japetus) the TITAN   ;   Halia (the TELCHINE), a NYMPH   ;   Ceto (IMMORTAL)   ;   Eurybia (GODDESS of the Mastery of the Seas)   ;   Nereus the SEA-GOD   ;   Aras of the PHLIASIANS   ;   (NN) the NAIAD   ;   Manes (1st King) of LYDIA   ;   Tyllus of LYDIA   ;   Echidna, Mother of MONSTERS   ;   Cecrops (I; King) of ATHENS   ;   Periboea the NAIAD   ;   Batia the NAIAD   ;   Pontus `the Sea' (GOD)   ;   Thaumas the SEA-GOD   ;   Cranaus (King) of ATHENS [alt ped]   ;   Cleocharia the NAIAD   ;   Creusa the NAIAD   ;   Typhon (Typhoeus) the GIANT   ;   Hygeia (GODDESS of Good Health) [alt ped]   ;   daughter of Geryon   ;   Erytheia   ;   Scythes (1st King) of SCYTHIA   ;   Phorcus the TITAN [alt ped]

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