Miles de BALLOW

Poss. HM George I's 18-Great Grandfather.       Poss. HRE Charles VI's 19-Great Grandfather.       Poss. U.S. President [WASHINGTON]'s 18-Great Grandfather.       Poss. PM Churchill's 21-Great Grandfather.       Poss. Lady Diana's 23-Great Grandfather.       Poss. PM Cameron's 25-Great Grandfather.       Poss. Agnes Harris's 17-Great Grandfather.       Poss. `Osawatomie' Brown's 18-Great Grandfather.
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 Wife/Partner:       ?
 Possible Child:       Emma de BATEDON
 Alternative Father of Possible Child:       Drue (Lord) of BALIDOON
/-- Drue (Lord) of BALIDOON
- Miles de BALLOW
\-- ?

  His (poss.) Great Grandchildren:       Walter FitzRichard (de) CLIFFORD   ;   Bertha FitzRichard de CLIFFORD   ;   Lucy (FitzMILES; de GLOUCESTER) of HEREFORD   ;   Margery de GLOUCESTER   ;   Bertha (de GLOUCESTER) de PITRES

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