William (Sir; of South Ockendon) le BRUYN

     (Lacer's 1st husband)

     Born:  abt. 1314    Died:  1362

Poss. U.S. President [GRANT]'s 16-Great Grandfather.       HRH Charles's 18-Great Grandfather.       PM Churchill's 17-Great Grandfather.       Lady Diana's 18-Great Grandfather.       PM Cameron's 19-Great Grandfather.       HRH Albert II's 19-Great Grandfather.

 Wife/Partner:       Alice (of Bromley) (le) LACER
 Child:       Ingelram (Ingram) BRUYN
/-- Maurice (1st Baron) le BRUYN  (? - 1355)
- William (Sir; of South Ockendon) le BRUYN
\-- Maud de la ROKELE  (1286 - by 1355)

  His (poss.) 3-Great Grandchildren:       Margerie BRUYN   ;   John HARLESTON   ;   George HEVENINGHAM   ;   Catherine BRANDON   ;   Charles BRANDON (1st Duke) of SUFFOLK   ;   William TYRRELL   ;   James (Sir) DIGGES   ;   Isabel DYGGS (DIGGES)

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