John (2nd BARONET of Barrscourt) NEWTON

     (Member of Parliament for Grantham)

    Note: The 2nd Baronet Barr's Court seems to be only a very distant cousin of the 1st Baronet (grandson of Henry Newton). With 1st B issueless, he inherited per the original patent of baronetcy.

     Born:  1626    Died:  1696


 poss. Wives/Partners:       Mary EYRE   ;   Mary EYRE [alt ped]
 Children:       John (3rd Baronet of Barrscourt) NEWTON   ;   Eleanor (m. John Wade)   ;   Penelope (m. John Seleck)   ;   Hester (m. John Seymour (Gov.))   ;   etc.
 Possible Child:       Elizabeth NEWTON
 Alternative Father of Possible Child:       poss. Thomas (of Gunby & Haydor) NEWTON
/-- poss.  Simon NEWTON
/-- John (of Westby) NEWTON  (? - 1544? (or '15))
/-- William (of Gonerby) NEWTON  (1541? - 1594)
/-- poss.  Thomas (of Gunby & Haydor) NEWTON  (1567? - 1640)
/  \-- Anne KELHAM
- John (2nd BARONET of Barrscourt) NEWTON
\-- poss.  Elizabeth PARKER

  His (poss.) 4-Great Grandchildren:       Thomas William (K.G.) COKE   ;   Elizabeth Jane DUTTON   ;   George Augustus BRIDGEMAN (2nd Earl of Bradford)   ;   William (Rev.) BRIDGEMAN-SIMPSON   ;   Charles William WENTWORTH-FITZWILLIAM   ;   Mary DUNDAS   ;   Lawrence DUNDAS (1st Earl of Zetland)

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