Berry and Wright families


There are Berry's who often appear with Allen's or Givens's. For example there is a Patsy Allen Givens (d. 1894), likely to be related. In 1825 she married William Allen Berry, Jr. (d. 1883), son of William Allen Berry, Sr. (b. 1765) and Amy Moore. Their children include Wm. Alvin, John Allen, Robert, Martha, Jane, Nancy Ann, Amanda, Emma, Mary, Elmira, Green Tifford.

Here is the pedigree of Jane Berry, wife of She might be my ancestor -- there's a gap in her children just right for a Martha.

John Berry was a Presbyterian, and Private in War of 1776. This was taken from Ancestry World Tree, which has more.

Other Givens of Augusta Co., Virg. unaccounted include William and daughter Jennet (Jane) who married John Berry in 1790 (he then married Isabella dau of James Best in 1794). John Berry (1764 - 1816) was son of Thomas Berry (Eire 1718 - 1798 Washington Co., Virg.) and Esther McClure Ward, his 2nd wife.


Two or three Wrights married our Allens, but that is probably just a coincidence rather than evidence of any kinship ties. But disk space is cheap, so I leave these notes intact.

James Allen, b. 1785 Rowan Co., SC married Delilah Wright; they became early settlers of Putnam County, IN. This SC --> to Putnam or Monroe County, usually via Kentucky, is a signature of the Allen-Givens family I'm looking for. Any affinity between Allens and Wrights in Monroe Co. didn't follow from this union of course, but Delilah's brothers may have accompanied them to Indiana. As shown in my Allen charts, some of their descendants continued to live in Putnam or Monroe Cos.

AT of said Delilah Wright:
1. Delilah Wright, b. ca 1785 NC
2. Richard Wright (1757 - 1833+)
3. Mary ``Nancy'' Morgan
4. Richard Wright (1730? - 1784)

I also show one Rebecca Brown Givens, b. 1788 Virginia, marrying Bennett E. Wright, 4 July 1811 in Lincoln Co., KY.. They had a son John Wright who married Nancy Wilson. They also had a son Robert G. Wright (d. 1899 Monroe Co.) who married Amanda Blain. Bennett's first wife was NN Lawless; his 3rd wife Nancy Sloan.

AT of said Bennett E. (Crawford?) Wright:
  1. Bennett E. Wright, b. 1785? Augusta Co.
  2. Isaac Wright (1735? - 1807), Amherst VA
  3. Susannah Ellis
  4. Francis E. Wright, (1720 - 1767)
  5. Mary Hawkins
  6. Charles Ellis (1719 - 1759)
  7. Susanna Harding (1722 - 1817)
  8. John Wright (1708 - by 1767)
  9. Dorothy Awbrey
10. John Hawkins (1685? - 1726)
11. Elizabeth Mosely
12. John Ellis (1661? - 1738)
13. Susannah Ware
14. Thomas Harding (1685? - 1731)
15. Mary Giles (1688 - 1731)
20. Thomas Hawkins (1640? - by 1677)
21. Francis
28. Thomas Harding (1644? - by 1690)
29. Elizabeth
30. William Giles (1650 - 1694)
31. Betheney Knowles (1169 - ?)
60. John Giles
61. Philarite Woodard
62. John Knowles (1612 - 1685)
63. Mary Broadnax (1620 - 1685)
(Mary Broadnax, #63, has a pedigree shown at GenCircles.)

Rebecca Brown Givens was a relative of my Allens, in fact her parents were ``double second cousins,'' both being descended from Samuel Givens (1667 - 1770). Rebecca's father was also a descendant of Robert Allen's putative sister Ruth, Rebecca's mother of Robert's putative daughter Martha.

Rebecca Brown's brother James ends up in Bloomington, Indiana -- right next to the John W. Allen household, no less! Elizabeth Wright of Indian Creek is just the right age to become Eliza Ann Allen of 1860.

Yeah. I know it's an unlikely stretch. Still, where did all these Wrights come from?

Adeline D. Wright married William Allen; their 13 children included Montgomery Fielding Allen b. 1840, husband of Camilla Kidd. Hey! There's another pre-1850 Montgomery Allen. Where'd he come from??

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