Allens of Monroe County (1825 - 1855)

Almost all persons in this narrative are surnamed ALLEN.

Chronology of William John Allen (1836 - 1915)

William John Allen is mentioned frequently in Bloomington memorabilia from the late 19th century, so let's tell the chronology of his family in his first person voice:

William J. Allen's hardware store in Bloomington made him prominent enough to be written up in a 1884 Indiana book, and much of the above chronology is based on that. His grandfather Montgomery was also well-known, being a co-founder of Kentucky's Allen Dale Farm. The intermediate generation, John W. Allen, is harder to find. The task is complicated because there were many unrelated John Allens in early Indiana, including some who had the same ``W.'' middle initial.

John W. Allen's marriages to Fanny Jane Clark on Feb 22, 1829 and Martha Ann Givens on Sept. 2, 1847 are matters of record, though I have few other particulars of these women. (The on-line marriage of records of early Indiana go only up to 1850, so a third wife might not show up.)

There are also seven land deeds in early Monroe County that mention John W. Allen. (Monroe County has graciously put their old records online.) I show them, along with several others of possible interest:
GRANTOR Grantee Date, etc.
CROSLEY ELIKAIN 794 Allen Ethan B. 1819 10 09 G 131
          First ``Allen'' deed in Monroe Co. -- no relation.
HOWE JOSHUA O. 1599 Allen Jas. D. & R. H. 1827 01 30 B 162
          ``R H'' is probably ``R N'' -- John W.'s brother.
ALLEN JAMES Hall Moses 1828 12 13 K 609 25
MOORE JESS C. 2352 Allen John 1828 10 04 D 187
          First of many ``John'' deeds -- who?
ALLEN J D & R N 44 Read Isaac 1832 08 31 D 78
ALLEN ROBT. N ET AL 84 Warson Dan and others 1834 01 04 D 259
MCCAW JOHN M. 2606 Allen John W. 1843 11 01 I 407
          First of seven ``John W.'' deeds -- my ancestor.
ROGERS HENRY ET AL Allen John W 1843 11 02 J 97 2555
BERRY J. M. COMR Allen John W. 1844 04 28 J 79 89
BERRY J. M. COMR Allen John W. 1844 04 30 J 80 90
BERRY J. M. COMR Allen John W. 1844 05 01 J 82 91
ALLEN JOHN W. Campbell John 1846 02 21 J 561 7
BERRY JOHN M COM 234 Allen Margrat J etal 1853 05 06 O 349
          John W. has died. This is presumably Margaret, his oldest daughter. Who's ``etal''? Is that 17-year old William J.? Did Margaret need a co-signer?
CHARD JOHN W 793 Allen Eliza 1853 11 29 P 48
          Eliza Allen -- hitherto unknown -- purchases land about the same time as Margaret and William J. come to Bloomington. In 1860 census, Eliza and William J. are next-door neighbors. (45-year old Eliza is then in a household with James age 11, and Robert age 9. I presume James is my ancestor and William J.'s half-brother.)
INDIANA STATE OF Allen John W 1855 12 03 M 520 1806
          John W. is dead. Is this some probate action?
ALEXANDER WILLIAM D 56 Allen David 1855 01 01 P 444
ALEXANDER WILLIAM D 57 Allen David 1855 01 01 P 444
ALEXANDER WILLIAM D 58 Allen David 1855 01 01 P 444
ALEXANDER WILLIAM D 59 Allen David 1855 01 01 P 444
ALEXANDER WILLIAM D 60 Allen David 1855 01 01 P 444
                    There are many ``Allen'' land deeds I do not show but mention these just because there was ``Elizabeth Alexander'' age 35 in 1850, and these might be transactions with a son-in-law.
A special thank you to Monroe County for using simple text and encouraging the user to exploit his own search tools, e.g. built in to browser. (Some sites are so insistent on compulsory and hidden search rules, users can't even find what they want!)

In Wm. J. Allen's biography it states, ``he came to Bloomington in 1853 with his mother.'' In fact J.W. Allen's first wife (Wm J. Allen's mother) and second wife were both already dead. The biography must refer to J.W. Allen's third wife, Eliza Ann. Seven years later, when the federal census is taken, there is Eliza living next-door to Wm. J., with his half-brother James, and Robert, also probably a half-brother. (But which wife is Robert's mother?)

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