Haplogroups of ALLEN

Allen is a very common surname, but here is a list of some of the most common clades of ALLEN in the Y-chromosome tree, shown with the names used in our index (based on the names from the FtDna Allen/Allin/Allan/Alleyne project, shown in parentheses). I list these groups in approximate decreasing order of frequency, based on occurrences (shown in parentheses) in that Allen project.

There are eleven ALLEN clades shown at R.org. Of these, ALLEN-YYRC and ALLEN-YYRZM have two hits each at R.org; ALLEN-YYRZH, ALLEN-YYRD and ALLEN-YYRY have one hit each. The other six Allens at R.org are in clades Z8191, S271, CTS5396, A1338, BY3726, Z17591 of R1b. These six are not shown on this page but are listed under Allen in the Index.

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