My E-mail Address

(In order to give other parts of my life priority, I sometimes go for several days without reading my e-mail. So don't be alarmed if my response is slow!)

Thank you, all my correspondents, for not adding this address to any newsletter lists, or posting it on message boards.

I have limited time

I'm the only "employee" here at Fabulous Pedigree, and I'm a part-time unpaid employee at that! It's a pleasure to incorporate input from Dim, who spends much time constructing detailed pedigrees from his sources, by hand. Some input is more difficult to work with. I will probably just start ignoring the Pdf and Jpeg attachments I get by e-mail. Yes, I realize this may be the original and "best" form of data; but frankly I have trouble keeping up with just the data I find myself, or others send me, which is presented in an easier-to-use format.

Before Mailing Me

I can answer a few of the most common questions right now, and save you the bother of e-mailing. Perhaps the most common question I get is the first one in the following list. It does not have an easy answer, but the only answer I can give is shown here.