Jamie Allen's Fabulous Pedigree

Version 82

I added a pedigree for Miguel Cervantes, creator of Don Quixote. This led to a huge increase (many hours of work) in my coverage of medieval Spain. Created an index entry for Prime Minister and added several more PM's. Et cetera.

Et cetera. I also show my agnatic ancestor as descending from a certain Y-chromosome clade, per testing. Two other Allan families and a Gilbert family also descend from the same Iron Age Germanic ancestor.

(In addition to the "262,590 individuals" individual pedigree pages mentioned above, there are about 120 individuals in my pretend-fantasy "Bogus" section -- these are suppressed from the index, but pedigree pages are generated. I was reminded of this when wondering why Leonardo da Vinci was missing from the index. He isn't bogus, but the descent shown for him is. :-) I've now moved Leonardo himself to the non-Bogus section.)

Version 81

Added pedigrees for John Harvey Kellogg, inventor of Corn Flakes; P.T. Barnum the showman; Greta Garbo; the two living claimants to the BAGRATIONI throne of Georgia; a dozen more U.S. cabinet secretaries; etc. I added Reza PAHLAVI, the last Shah of IRAN; E. Howard Hunt of Watergate fame (see below); John Browning, adding to my collection of gun manufacturers; and Louis de Broglie, Duke and Nobel Prize winner. (De Broglie was a huge addition, taking me back to the 12th-century FAUDOAS family I was missing, as well as oodles of more recent French nobles.) I added John Greenleaf WHITTIER (now I have all the Fireside Poets); General Sir Eyre COOTE (Governor of Jamaica); Sophia Amelia PEABODY (Nathaniel Hawthorne's famous wife); several famous Americans' ancestors; the ancient line of de HYNTON; and many families I was missing. I expanded coverage of Johann Wolfgang GOETHE and Donald TRUMP. I added mythical lines, and lines from ancient Rome and Moab.

I move up and down through genealogies when adding new people. For example, I just added Christian Herter to my collection of Secretaries of State; while moving up and down through his ancestors I find that his distant cousin millionaire Oliver Hazard Payne is descended from one of the Salem Witches I was missing: Anne (GREENSLIT) PUDEATOR (nee POYNTER ?).

Descent of E. Howard Hunt from John of Gaunt

One source shows 36 lines of descent for John of Gaunt for the famous Watergate burglar. I d NOT know how accurate that source is, but I added the lineages to my database, and also show it as two reports here.

There are two ways to show that: As a selected(*) ancestor table for Hunt, or as a selected(*) descent tree for John of Gaunt. (Selected means that only descendants of Gaunt, or resp. ancestors of Hunt are shown.)

   1.  Everett Howard (II) HUNT (1918 - 2007) 
   2.  Everett Howard (I) HUNT (1888 - ?) 
   4.  Horace Flavel HUNT (1864 - 1938) 
   8.  Edwin Allen HUNT (1838 - 1906) 
  16.  Flavel Sears HUNT (1814 - 1873) 
  17.  Elizabeth PALMER (1818 - 1900) 
  33.  Mercy Parsons SEARS (1794 - 1882) 
  34.  Reuben PALMER (1784 - 1869) 
  35.  Hulda CLARKE (1785 - 1869) 
  66.  Jasper Peck SEARS (1763 - by 1811) 
  67.  Martha PARSONS (1765 - 1828) 
  68.  Gilbert PALMER (1731 - 1806) 
  69.  Mary SHERMAN (1748 - 1835) 
  70.  Henry CLARKE (1740? - 1832) 
 132.  John (II) SEARS (1736 - 1766) 
 133.  Judith PECK (1740? - ?) 
 134.  Jonathan PARSONS (1735 - 1810) 
 135.  Mary MERRICK (1733 - 1817) 
 136.  William PALMER (1654? - 1723) 
 138.  Edmund SHERMAN (1718 - 1758) 
 140.  Robert CLARKE (1710? - ?) 
 264.  John (I) SEARS (1707 - ?) 
 265.  Elizabeth WATROUS (1708 - ?) 
 266.  Jasper PECK (1708? - 1788) 
 268.  Benjamin PARSONS (1696 - 1774) 
 269.  Martha BLISS (1703 - 1760) 
 271.  Mary LEONARD (1706 - 1779) 
 272.  William (Jr.; Henry) PALMER (1610 - 1661) 
 276.  David SHERMAN (1680? - 1761?) 
 280.  Jeremiah (II) CLARKE (1643? - 1730?) 
 528.  Richard SEARS (? - 1726) 
 531.  Elizabeth BRONSON (1682 - 1767) 
 532.  Joseph (II) PECK (1680? - 1757) 
 536.  Ebenezer PARSONS (1668 - 1752) 
 538.  Thomas BLISS (1688 - 1733) 
 542.  Samuel LEONARD (1677 - 1713) 
 544.  William PALMER (? - 1637 Mass.) 
 545.  Frances BLOSSOM (? - by 1637) 
 552.  Edmund SHERMAN (1641? - 1718?) 
 553.  Dorcas HICKS (1652 - ?) 
 560.  Jeremiah CLARK (1605 - 1651) 
1056.  Silas (Lieut.) SEARS (1637 - 1697) 
1063.  Anna GRISWOLD (1654? - 1721?) 
1064.  Joseph PECK (1636? - 1698 Conn.) 
1072.  Benjamin PARSONS (by 1625 - 1689) 
1076.  Samuel BLISS (Devon 1624 - 1720 Mass.) 
1077.  Mary LEONARD (1647 - 1723) 
1084.  Joseph LEONARD (1644 - 1716) 
1088.  John (Sir; William) PALMER (Essex 1544 - 1587?) 
1091.  Ann PALMER () 
1104.  Philip SHERMAN (Essex 1610 - 1687 Portsmouth, R.I.) 
1106.  Samuel HICKS (1611 - 1676) 
1121.  Mary WESTON (1579 - 1614) 
2112.  Richard SAYERS (SEARS) (Amsterdam 1590+ - 1676 Mass.) 
2126.  Matthew GRISWOLD (1615? - 1698) 
2128.  William (Deacon) PECK (1601 - 1694 Lyme, Conn.) 
2144.  William PARSONS (? - 1654) 
2152.  Thomas (II) BLISS (1589 - 1649? (or '40) Conn./Mass.) 
2153.  Margaret Lawrence HULINS (1595 - 1684) 
2154.  John LEONARD (Staffords. or Wales 1615 - 1675? Mass.) 
2168. [same as 2154]  John LEONARD (Staffords. or Wales 1615 - 1675? Mass.) 
2177.  Catherine STRADLING (1512 - 1585) 
2182. [same as 1088]  John (Sir; William) PALMER (Essex 1544 - 1587?) 
2208.  Samuel SHERMAN (1573 - 1615) 
2213.  prob. not Margaret WINSLOW (1589 - 1665) 
2242.  Jerome (Sir; of Skreens Manor) WESTON (? - 1603) 
4224.  John Bourchier SAYERS (1556? - 1629) 
4253.  Dorothy JAMES (1567 - 1630) 
4256.  William PECK (1580? - 1677) 
4288.  Hugh PARSONS (1563 - 1642) 
4305.  poss. Margaret LAWRENCE () 
4307.  Margaret (of St. Albans) LAWRENCE (Gloucests. 1559 - 1621 Mass.) 
4308.  Thomas LEONARD (Kent 1577 - 1638 Mass.) 
4354.  Edward (Sir) STRADLING (1474? - 1535) 
4416.  Henry (Jr.) SHERMAN (1546? - 1610) 
4426.  Edward WINSLOW (1560 - 1620?) 
4484.  Richard (of Skreens) WESTON (Roxwell 1510? - 1572) 
8448.  John Bourchier SAYERS (1538? - 1561+) 
8507.  Bridget LITTLETON (1537? - ?) 
8512.  Stephen PECK (1562? - 1619) 
8576.  Thomas PARSONS (1530? - 1597?) 
8611. [same as 4307]  Margaret (of St. Albans) LAWRENCE (Gloucests. 1559 - 1621 Mass.) 
8614.  William (of St. Albans) LAWRENCE (Hertfords. 1532? - 1580 (or '84?)) 
8617.  Margaret (Baroness Dacre) FIENES (1541? - 1611) 
8708.  Thomas (of St. Donats) STRADLING (Wales 1454? - 1480) 
8833.  Agnes BUTTER (BUTLER ?) (1521? - 1580) 
8852.  Kenelm WINSLOW (1535 - 1607) 
8853.  Catherine BUCKE (1530? - 1607) 
8969.  Cecilia NEVILLE (1488? - 1573) 
16897.  poss. Anne Bouchier KNYVET (? - 1561+) 
17014.  Roger LITTLETON (1520? - 1601) 
17024.  John PECK (1540? - 1619+?) 
17152.  Richard (of Birr Castle) PARSONS (? - 1634?) 
17153.  Anne Letitia LOFTUS (? - 1633?) 
17229.  Margaret KAYE () 
17234.  Thomas (9th Lord Dacre) FIENES (? - 1541) 
17235.  Mary NEVILL (? - 1576?) 
17416.  Henry (Sir; of St. Donats) STRADLING (? - 1476? Cyprus) 
17667.  Joann (SUTTON ?) (1504 - 1539+) 
17705.  Mary BUCKE () 
17707.  Ellen NEVILLE (1504 - 1547+) 
17938.  Ralph NEVILL (1478 - 1498) 
33794.  Edmund (Sir) KNYVETT (1490 - 1540?) 
34029.  Elizabeth TALBOT (1502? - ?) 
34048.  John PECK (1512? - 1558+) 
34304.  William (1st Baronet; of Bellamont) PARSONS (? - 1650) 
34306.  Adam (Sir; of Rathfarnham) LOFTUS (Dublin, Eire 1581 - ?) 
34307.  Jane VAUGHAN (1585? - 1668) 
34458.  Edward KAYE (1513? - 1591) 
34468.  Thomas (Sir) FIENES (Sussex 1493? - 1528) 
34469.  Jane SUTTON (? - 1539) 
34470.  George (II; K.G.) NEVILL (1483 - 1535) 
34471.  Mary (Lady) STAFFORD (1495? - ?) 
34833.  Joan (Jane) BEAUFORT (Midx. 1402+ - ?) 
35335.  Cecily (Margaret; of Parham) WILLOUGHBY (1463? - 1539) 
35411. [same as 17707]  Ellen NEVILLE (1504 - 1547+) 
35414.  Thomas NEVILLE (1468 - 1546) 
35876.  Ralph NEVILL (1456? - 1498) 
67588.  Edmund (Sir; of Buckenham) KNYVETT (1462? - 1504? (or '28?)) 
68058.  Gilbert (Sir; of Grafton) TALBOT (? - 22/10/1542) 
68059.  Anne (Agnes) PASTON (1472? - ?) 
68096.  John PECK (1490? - 1527) 
68609.  Catherine FENTON () 
68612.  Dudley (Sir; of Rathfarnham) LOFTUS (Dublin 1561 - 1616) 
68613.  Anne BAGENALL (Down, Eire 1563? - ?) 
68615.  Letitia PERROT (? - 1620) 
68917.  Dorothy MAULEVERER (1528? - ?) 
68936.  Thomas (de) FIENNES (Sussex 1472 - 1533) 
68939. [same as 35335]  Cecily (Margaret; of Parham) WILLOUGHBY (1463? - 1539) 
68940.  George (Sir) NEVILLE (1440 - 1492) 
68942.  Edward (K.G.) STAFFORD (Brecknock Castle 1478 - 17/5/1521 Tower Hill) 
68943.  Eleanor (Lady) PERCY (? - 1530 London) 
69666.  Henry (Cardinal of England) BEAUFORT (1376? - 1447) 
70671.  Jane STRANGEWAYS (1434? - 1484) 
70828.  Henry (Sir) NEVILLE (? - 26/7/1469) 
71753.  Anne HOLAND (? - 1486?) 
135177.  Alice de GREY (1430?? - 1474) 
136117.  Elizabeth GREYSTOKE (GREYSTOCK) (1436? - 1483+) 
136119.  Anne (Lady) BEAUFORT (London 1443 - ?) 
136193.  Alice MIDDLETON (1458? - ?) 
137219.  Cecily (of Cole-Orton) BEAUMONT () 
137224.  Adam (Most Rev.) LOFTUS (1533 - 1605 Dublin) 
137226.  Henry BAGNALL (1542? - ?) 
137230.  John (Sir; of Haroldstone) PERROT (1528 - 1592 Tower of London) 
137834.  Robert MAULEVERER (? - 1540?) 
137835.  Alice MARKENFIELD (? - 1552?) 
137873.  Alice FitzHUGH (1450? - by 1516) 
137880.  Edward (Sir) NEVILLE (by 1417 - 1476) 
137884.  Henry (K.G.) STAFFORD (1455 - 2/11/1483 Salisbury) 
137886.  Henry (K.G.) PERCY (1449? - 1489) 
139332.  John (BEAUFORT) of GAUNT (Flanders 1340 - 1399 London) 
141343.  Catherine NEVILLE (1397? - 1478) 
141656.  George (Sir) NEVILLE (1414? - 1469) 
143506.  John (K.G.) HOLLAND (Devon 1396 - 1447) 
270355.  Constance (de) HOLAND (1387 - 1437) 
272234.  Ralph (5th/7th Lord of) GREYSTOKE (Northumb. 1408? - 1487 Northumb.) 
272238.  Edmund (K.G.) BEAUFORT (Midx. 1406? - 22/5/1455) 
272387.  Anne (Catherine) VAVASOR (1438?? - ?) 
274438.  William (of Cole-Orton) BEAUMONT (? - 1529? (or '38?)) 
274449.  poss. Alice SUTTON (Dudley, Worcesters.) 
274453.  Eleanor GRIFFITH (? - 1573) 
274461.  Mary BERKELEY (1511? - 1586?) 
275668.  William (Sir) MAULEVERER (1466? - 1551) 
275669.  Jane CONYERS () 
275670.  Ninian (Sir) MARKENFIELD (Yorks. ? - 1528?) 
275671.  Dorothy GASCOIGNE (? - 1488?) 
275747.  Alice Montagu (Lady) NEVILLE (? - 1503+) 
275761.  Joan (Lady; de) BEAUFORT (1379? - 1440) 
275768.  Humphrey II STAFFORD (1424? - 22/5/1455 (or '57+)) 
275769.  Margaret (de) BEAUFORT (? - 1474?) 
275772.  Henry Algernon PERCY (1421 - 29/3/1461) 
282687. [same as 275761]  Joan (Lady; de) BEAUFORT (1379? - 1440) 
283313. [same as 275761]  Joan (Lady; de) BEAUFORT (1379? - 1440) 
287013.  Elizabeth (of LANCASTER) PLANTAGENET (by 1364 - 1425) 
540711. [same as 287013]  Elizabeth (of LANCASTER) PLANTAGENET (by 1364 - 1425) 
544469.  Elizabeth de FERRERS (1393? - 1434) 
544476.  John `Fairborn' (K.G.; de) BEAUFORT (1373 - 1410 London) 
544775.  Joan GASCOIGNE (1428? - 1462) 
548876.  George (of Stoughton) BEAUMONT (? - 1532) 
548899. [same as 35335]  Cecily (Margaret; of Parham) WILLOUGHBY (1463? - 1539) 
548906.  Edward (Sir; of Port Penryhn) GRIFFITH (1511 - 1540) 
548923.  Susan FitzALAN () 
551336.  Edmond (of Wothersome) MAULEVERER (? - 1494) 
551339.  Alice NEVILL (de FAUCONBERG) (1437 - 1469) 
551341.  Alianor (Eleanor) CONYERS () 
551342.  William (IV; Sir) GASCOIGNE (? - 1487) 
551343.  Margaret (Lady) PERCY (1447? - 1486) 
551494.  Richard (NEVILLE) de NEVILL (1400? - 1460) 
551522. [same as 139332]  John (BEAUFORT) of GAUNT (Flanders 1340 - 1399 London) 
551537.  Anne (de) NEVILLE (1411? - 1480) 
551538. [same as 272238]  Edmund (K.G.) BEAUFORT (Midx. 1406? - 22/5/1455) 
551545.  Eleanor (Lady) NEVILLE (1407? - 1472 (or '63)) 
574026. [same as 139332]  John (BEAUFORT) of GAUNT (Flanders 1340 - 1399 London) 
1088939. [same as 275761]  Joan (Lady; de) BEAUFORT (1379? - 1440) 
1088952. [same as 139332]  John (BEAUFORT) of GAUNT (Flanders 1340 - 1399 London) 
1089551.  Jane (Lady of Oversley) NEVILLE (1443? - ?) 
1097753.  Joan d' ARCY () 
1097813.  Jane STRADLING (1477+ - by 1520) 
1097846.  William (II) FitzALAN () 
1102673.  prob. Jane (Joan Anne) VAVASOUR () 
1102678.  William (K.G.) NEVILL (1409? - 1463) 
1102683. [same as 551339]  Alice NEVILL (de FAUCONBERG) (1437 - 1469) 
1102685. [same as 1089551]  Jane (Lady of Oversley) NEVILLE (1443? - ?) 
1102686. [same as 275772]  Henry Algernon PERCY (1421 - 29/3/1461) 
1102989. [same as 275761]  Joan (Lady; de) BEAUFORT (1379? - 1440) 
1103075. [same as 275761]  Joan (Lady; de) BEAUFORT (1379? - 1440) 
1103091. [same as 275761]  Joan (Lady; de) BEAUFORT (1379? - 1440) 
2179102.  John (Esq.; of Oversley) NEVILLE (1416? - 1482) 
2195507.  Joan (Elizabeth) de GREYSTOKE (1408? - ?) 
2195626. [same as 8708]  Thomas (of St. Donats) STRADLING (Wales 1454? - 1480) 
2195693.  Joan (Lady) NEVILLE (1423? - by 1462) 
2205347. [same as 544775]  Joan GASCOIGNE (1428? - 1462) 
2205357. [same as 275761]  Joan (Lady; de) BEAUFORT (1379? - 1440) 
4358205.  Mary de FERRERS (1394? - 1458) 
4391015. [same as 544469]  Elizabeth de FERRERS (1393? - 1434) 
4391386. [same as 551494]  Richard (NEVILLE) de NEVILL (1400? - 1460) 
8716411. [same as 275761]  Joan (Lady; de) BEAUFORT (1379? - 1440) 

36 paths
Printing depchart
 1.  John (BEAUFORT) of GAUNT (Flanders 1340 - 1399 London) 
  2.  John `Fairborn' (K.G.; de) BEAUFORT (1373 - 1410 London) 
   3.  Edmund (K.G.) BEAUFORT (Midx. 1406? - 22/5/1455) 
    4.  Margaret (de) BEAUFORT (? - 1474?) 
    Husb.  Humphrey II STAFFORD (1424? - 22/5/1455 (or '57+)) 
    4.  Anne (Lady) BEAUFORT (London 1443 - ?) 
     5.  Anne (Agnes) PASTON (1472? - ?) 
     Husb.  Gilbert (Sir; of Grafton) TALBOT (? - 22/10/1542) 
  2.  Henry (Cardinal of England) BEAUFORT (1376? - 1447) 
   3.  Joan (Jane) BEAUFORT (Midx. 1402+ - ?) 
    4.  Henry (Sir; of St. Donats) STRADLING (? - 1476? Cyprus) 
     5.  Thomas (of St. Donats) STRADLING (Wales 1454? - 1480) 
      6.  Edward (Sir) STRADLING (1474? - 1535) 
       7.  Catherine STRADLING (1512 - 1585) 
        8.  John (Sir; William) PALMER (Essex 1544 - 1587?) 
         9.  William PALMER (? - 1637 Mass.) 
         Wife.  Frances BLOSSOM (? - by 1637) 
          10.  William (Jr.; Henry) PALMER (1610 - 1661) 
           11.  William PALMER (1654? - 1723) 
            12.  Gilbert PALMER (1731 - 1806) 
            Wife.  Mary SHERMAN (1748 - 1835) 
             13.  Reuben PALMER (1784 - 1869) 
             Wife.  Hulda CLARKE (1785 - 1869) 
              14.  Elizabeth PALMER (1818 - 1900) 
              Husb.  Flavel Sears HUNT (1814 - 1873) 
         9.  Ann PALMER () 
          10.  Frances BLOSSOM (? - by 1637) 
          Husb.  William PALMER (? - 1637 Mass.) 
      6.  Jane STRADLING (1477+ - by 1520) 
       7.  Edward (Sir; of Port Penryhn) GRIFFITH (1511 - 1540) 
        8.  Eleanor GRIFFITH (? - 1573) 
         9.  Henry BAGNALL (1542? - ?) 
          10.  Anne BAGENALL (Down, Eire 1563? - ?) 
          Husb.  Dudley (Sir; of Rathfarnham) LOFTUS (Dublin 1561 - 1616) 
  2.  Joan (Lady; de) BEAUFORT (1379? - 1440) 
   3.  William (K.G.) NEVILL (1409? - 1463) 
    4.  Alice NEVILL (de FAUCONBERG) (1437 - 1469) 
     5.  Jane CONYERS () 
     Husb.  William (Sir) MAULEVERER (1466? - 1551) 
     5.  Alianor (Eleanor) CONYERS () 
      6.  Ninian (Sir) MARKENFIELD (Yorks. ? - 1528?) 
      Wife.  Dorothy GASCOIGNE (? - 1488?) 
       7.  Alice MARKENFIELD (? - 1552?) 
       Husb.  Robert MAULEVERER (? - 1540?) 
   3.  Richard (NEVILLE) de NEVILL (1400? - 1460) 
    4.  Alice Montagu (Lady) NEVILLE (? - 1503+) 
     5.  Alice FitzHUGH (1450? - by 1516) 
      6.  Thomas (de) FIENNES (Sussex 1472 - 1533) 
       7.  Thomas (Sir) FIENES (Sussex 1493? - 1528) 
       Wife.  Jane SUTTON (? - 1539) 
        8.  Thomas (9th Lord Dacre) FIENES (? - 1541) 
        Wife.  Mary NEVILL (? - 1576?) 
         9.  Margaret (Baroness Dacre) FIENES (1541? - 1611) 
          10.  Thomas LEONARD (Kent 1577 - 1638 Mass.) 
           11.  John LEONARD (Staffords. or Wales 1615 - 1675? Mass.) 
            12.  Joseph LEONARD (1644 - 1716) 
             13.  Samuel LEONARD (1677 - 1713) 
              14.  Mary LEONARD (1706 - 1779) 
               15.  Mary MERRICK (1733 - 1817) 
               Husb.  Jonathan PARSONS (1735 - 1810) 
            12.  Mary LEONARD (1647 - 1723) 
            Husb.  Samuel BLISS (Devon 1624 - 1720 Mass.) 
    4.  Joan (Lady) NEVILLE (1423? - by 1462) 
     5.  William (II) FitzALAN () 
      6.  Susan FitzALAN () 
       7.  Mary BERKELEY (1511? - 1586?) 
        8.  John (Sir; of Haroldstone) PERROT (1528 - 1592 Tower of London) 
         9.  Letitia PERROT (? - 1620) 
          10.  Jane VAUGHAN (1585? - 1668) 
          Husb.  Adam (Sir; of Rathfarnham) LOFTUS (Dublin, Eire 1581 - ?) 
   3.  Edward (Sir) NEVILLE (by 1417 - 1476) 
    4.  George (Sir) NEVILLE (1440 - 1492) 
     5.  George (II; K.G.) NEVILL (1483 - 1535) 
     Wife.  Mary (Lady) STAFFORD (1495? - ?) 
      6.  Mary NEVILL (? - 1576?) 
      Husb.  Thomas (9th Lord Dacre) FIENES (? - 1541) 
   3.  George (Sir) NEVILLE (1414? - 1469) 
    4.  Henry (Sir) NEVILLE (? - 26/7/1469) 
     5.  Thomas NEVILLE (1468 - 1546) 
      6.  Ellen NEVILLE (1504 - 1547+) 
       7.  Mary BUCKE () 
        8.  Kenelm WINSLOW (1535 - 1607) 
        Wife.  Catherine BUCKE (1530? - 1607) 
         9.  Edward WINSLOW (1560 - 1620?) 
          10.  prob. not Margaret WINSLOW (1589 - 1665) 
           11.  Samuel HICKS (1611 - 1676) 
            12.  Dorcas HICKS (1652 - ?) 
            Husb.  Edmund SHERMAN (1641? - 1718?) 
       7.  Catherine BUCKE (1530? - 1607) 
       Husb.  Kenelm WINSLOW (1535 - 1607) 
   3.  Anne (de) NEVILLE (1411? - 1480) 
    4.  Humphrey II STAFFORD (1424? - 22/5/1455 (or '57+)) 
    Wife.  Margaret (de) BEAUFORT (? - 1474?) 
     5.  Henry (K.G.) STAFFORD (1455 - 2/11/1483 Salisbury) 
      6.  Edward (K.G.) STAFFORD (Brecknock Castle 1478 - 17/5/1521 Tower Hill) 
      Wife.  Eleanor (Lady) PERCY (? - 1530 London) 
       7.  Mary (Lady) STAFFORD (1495? - ?) 
       Husb.  George (II; K.G.) NEVILL (1483 - 1535) 
   3.  Catherine NEVILLE (1397? - 1478) 
    4.  Jane STRANGEWAYS (1434? - 1484) 
     5.  Cecily (Margaret; of Parham) WILLOUGHBY (1463? - 1539) 
      6.  Joann (SUTTON ?) (1504 - 1539+) 
       7.  Agnes BUTTER (BUTLER ?) (1521? - 1580) 
        8.  Henry (Jr.) SHERMAN (1546? - 1610) 
         9.  Samuel SHERMAN (1573 - 1615) 
          10.  Philip SHERMAN (Essex 1610 - 1687 Portsmouth, R.I.) 
           11.  Edmund SHERMAN (1641? - 1718?) 
           Wife.  Dorcas HICKS (1652 - ?) 
            12.  David SHERMAN (1680? - 1761?) 
             13.  Edmund SHERMAN (1718 - 1758) 
              14.  Mary SHERMAN (1748 - 1835) 
              Husb.  Gilbert PALMER (1731 - 1806) 
      6.  Jane SUTTON (? - 1539) 
      Husb.  Thomas (Sir) FIENES (Sussex 1493? - 1528) 
      6.  poss. Alice SUTTON (Dudley, Worcesters.) 
       7.  Adam (Most Rev.) LOFTUS (1533 - 1605 Dublin) 
        8.  Dudley (Sir; of Rathfarnham) LOFTUS (Dublin 1561 - 1616) 
        Wife.  Anne BAGENALL (Down, Eire 1563? - ?) 
         9.  Adam (Sir; of Rathfarnham) LOFTUS (Dublin, Eire 1581 - ?) 
         Wife.  Jane VAUGHAN (1585? - 1668) 
          10.  Anne Letitia LOFTUS (? - 1633?) 
          Husb.  Richard (of Birr Castle) PARSONS (? - 1634?) 
   3.  Eleanor (Lady) NEVILLE (1407? - 1472 (or '63)) 
    4.  Henry Algernon PERCY (1421 - 29/3/1461) 
     5.  Henry (K.G.) PERCY (1449? - 1489) 
      6.  Eleanor (Lady) PERCY (? - 1530 London) 
      Husb.  Edward (K.G.) STAFFORD (Brecknock Castle 1478 - 17/5/1521 Tower Hill) 
     5.  Margaret (Lady) PERCY (1447? - 1486) 
     Husb.  William (IV; Sir) GASCOIGNE (? - 1487) 
   3.  Elizabeth de FERRERS (1393? - 1434) 
    4.  Ralph (5th/7th Lord of) GREYSTOKE (Northumb. 1408? - 1487 Northumb.) 
     5.  Elizabeth GREYSTOKE (GREYSTOCK) (1436? - 1483+) 
      6.  Gilbert (Sir; of Grafton) TALBOT (? - 22/10/1542) 
      Wife.  Anne (Agnes) PASTON (1472? - ?) 
       7.  Elizabeth TALBOT (1502? - ?) 
        8.  Roger LITTLETON (1520? - 1601) 
         9.  Bridget LITTLETON (1537? - ?) 
          10.  Dorothy JAMES (1567 - 1630) 
           11.  Matthew GRISWOLD (1615? - 1698) 
            12.  Anna GRISWOLD (1654? - 1721?) 
             13.  Elizabeth BRONSON (1682 - 1767) 
              14.  Elizabeth WATROUS (1708 - ?) 
              Husb.  John (I) SEARS (1707 - ?) 
    4.  Joan (Elizabeth) de GREYSTOKE (1408? - ?) 
     5.  Joan d' ARCY () 
      6.  George (of Stoughton) BEAUMONT (? - 1532) 
       7.  William (of Cole-Orton) BEAUMONT (? - 1529? (or '38?)) 
        8.  Cecily (of Cole-Orton) BEAUMONT () 
         9.  Catherine FENTON () 
          10.  William (1st Baronet; of Bellamont) PARSONS (? - 1650) 
           11.  Richard (of Birr Castle) PARSONS (? - 1634?) 
           Wife.  Anne Letitia LOFTUS (? - 1633?) 
            12.  Thomas PARSONS (1530? - 1597?) 
             13.  Hugh PARSONS (1563 - 1642) 
              14.  William PARSONS (? - 1654) 
               15.  Benjamin PARSONS (by 1625 - 1689) 
                16.  Ebenezer PARSONS (1668 - 1752) 
                 17.  Benjamin PARSONS (1696 - 1774) 
                 Wife.  Martha BLISS (1703 - 1760) 
                  18.  Jonathan PARSONS (1735 - 1810) 
                  Wife.  Mary MERRICK (1733 - 1817) 
                   19.  Martha PARSONS (1765 - 1828) 
                   Husb.  Jasper Peck SEARS (1763 - by 1811) 
   3.  Mary de FERRERS (1394? - 1458) 
    4.  John (Esq.; of Oversley) NEVILLE (1416? - 1482) 
     5.  Jane (Lady of Oversley) NEVILLE (1443? - ?) 
      6.  William (IV; Sir) GASCOIGNE (? - 1487) 
      Wife.  Margaret (Lady) PERCY (1447? - 1486) 
       7.  Dorothy GASCOIGNE (? - 1488?) 
       Husb.  Ninian (Sir) MARKENFIELD (Yorks. ? - 1528?) 
      6.  Joan GASCOIGNE (1428? - 1462) 
       7.  prob. Jane (Joan Anne) VAVASOUR () 
        8.  Edmond (of Wothersome) MAULEVERER (? - 1494) 
         9.  William (Sir) MAULEVERER (1466? - 1551) 
         Wife.  Jane CONYERS () 
          10.  Robert MAULEVERER (? - 1540?) 
          Wife.  Alice MARKENFIELD (? - 1552?) 
           11.  Dorothy MAULEVERER (1528? - ?) 
            12.  Edward KAYE (1513? - 1591) 
             13.  Margaret KAYE () 
              14.  William (of St. Albans) LAWRENCE (Hertfords. 1532? - 1580 (or '84?)) 
               15.  Margaret (of St. Albans) LAWRENCE (Gloucests. 1559 - 1621 Mass.) 
                16.  Margaret Lawrence HULINS (1595 - 1684) 
                Husb.  Thomas (II) BLISS (1589 - 1649? (or '40) Conn./Mass.) 
                16.  poss. Margaret LAWRENCE () 
                 17.  Thomas (II) BLISS (1589 - 1649? (or '40) Conn./Mass.) 
                 Wife.  Margaret Lawrence HULINS (1595 - 1684) 
                  18.  Samuel BLISS (Devon 1624 - 1720 Mass.) 
                  Wife.  Mary LEONARD (1647 - 1723) 
                   19.  Thomas BLISS (1688 - 1733) 
                    20.  Martha BLISS (1703 - 1760) 
                    Husb.  Benjamin PARSONS (1696 - 1774) 
       7.  Anne (Catherine) VAVASOR (1438?? - ?) 
        8.  Alice MIDDLETON (1458? - ?) 
         9.  John PECK (1490? - 1527) 
          10.  John PECK (1512? - 1558+) 
           11.  John PECK (1540? - 1619+?) 
            12.  Stephen PECK (1562? - 1619) 
             13.  William PECK (1580? - 1677) 
              14.  William (Deacon) PECK (1601 - 1694 Lyme, Conn.) 
               15.  Joseph PECK (1636? - 1698 Conn.) 
                16.  Joseph (II) PECK (1680? - 1757) 
                 17.  Jasper PECK (1708? - 1788) 
                  18.  Judith PECK (1740? - ?) 
                  Husb.  John (II) SEARS (1736 - 1766) 
  2.  Elizabeth (of LANCASTER) PLANTAGENET (by 1364 - 1425) 
   3.  John (K.G.) HOLLAND (Devon 1396 - 1447) 
    4.  Anne HOLAND (? - 1486?) 
     5.  Ralph NEVILL (1456? - 1498) 
      6.  Ralph NEVILL (1478 - 1498) 
       7.  Cecilia NEVILLE (1488? - 1573) 
        8.  Richard (of Skreens) WESTON (Roxwell 1510? - 1572) 
         9.  Jerome (Sir; of Skreens Manor) WESTON (? - 1603) 
          10.  Mary WESTON (1579 - 1614) 
           11.  Jeremiah CLARK (1605 - 1651) 
            12.  Jeremiah (II) CLARKE (1643? - 1730?) 
             13.  Robert CLARKE (1710? - ?) 
              14.  Henry CLARKE (1740? - 1832) 
               15.  Hulda CLARKE (1785 - 1869) 
               Husb.  Reuben PALMER (1784 - 1869) 
   3.  Constance (de) HOLAND (1387 - 1437) 
    4.  Alice de GREY (1430?? - 1474) 
     5.  Edmund (Sir; of Buckenham) KNYVETT (1462? - 1504? (or '28?)) 
      6.  Edmund (Sir) KNYVETT (1490 - 1540?) 
       7.  poss. Anne Bouchier KNYVET (? - 1561+) 
        8.  John Bourchier SAYERS (1538? - 1561+) 
         9.  John Bourchier SAYERS (1556? - 1629) 
          10.  Richard SAYERS (SEARS) (Amsterdam 1590+ - 1676 Mass.) 
           11.  Silas (Lieut.) SEARS (1637 - 1697) 
            12.  Richard SEARS (? - 1726) 
             13.  John (I) SEARS (1707 - ?) 
             Wife.  Elizabeth WATROUS (1708 - ?) 
              14.  John (II) SEARS (1736 - 1766) 
              Wife.  Judith PECK (1740? - ?) 
               15.  Jasper Peck SEARS (1763 - by 1811) 
               Wife.  Martha PARSONS (1765 - 1828) 
                16.  Mercy Parsons SEARS (1794 - 1882) 
                 17.  Flavel Sears HUNT (1814 - 1873) 
                 Wife.  Elizabeth PALMER (1818 - 1900) 
                  18.  Edwin Allen HUNT (1838 - 1906) 
                   19.  Horace Flavel HUNT (1864 - 1938) 
                    20.  Everett Howard (I) HUNT (1888 - ?) 
                     21.  Everett Howard (II) HUNT (1918 - 2007) 

I wish there was a way to make reports like this, with user-selected ancestor and descendant, available to Fabulous.Pedigree users, but don't know a nice easy way. I could provide a Windows .EXE file to generate the reports, but the executables I build only work when Cygwin is installed.

Version 80

One of the worst features of my charts is the plethora of alternatives. Was her father this John Bold, or this John Bold, or some other John Bold? Yes, I know this makes my charts confusing but I don't have the time or expertise to figure out which source is correct. (When someone does take the time to point out which data is correct, I do revise my database, marking the correct parent as probable and the wrong one with probably not.) Sorry! As it says on my Home Page: Use my data as Hints!

Some pedigrees show a descent from Scottish nobility to our new President. The databases I examined showed no connections between our new Vice President and royalty or other famous Americans, so I didn't add him.

What was the matter with me?! Charles Darwin's half-cousin was the famous polymath Francis Galton. As soon as I was reminded of this, of course I added Sir Francis and all his known ancestors.

I added the Munro Baronets of Foulis, the 7th Earl of Lucan accused of murder, etc.

I've added several more U.S. Cabinet Secretaries (and noted that one I already had earned a Nobel Peace Prize I hadn't mentioned). Among the Secretries of State I added was John Forsyth. I had very few Forsyths in the database, and their genealogy is somehwat obscure. They claim descent from the Fronsoc family, so I expanded my coverage of them as well. I also added Sec'y of State Cordell Hull, "killing 2 birds with 1 stone" since he also won a Nobel Peace Prize.

As usual I made many miscellaneous additions, e.g. Martin Luther King and his wife, the publisher F.N. Doubleday, T.E. Lawrence of Arabia, and Carrie Fisher, the famous portrayer of Princess Leia. I added some related pedigrees, e.g. that of Senator John Warner, who was married to Liz Taylor (the 3rd wife of Carrie Fisher's father). I added Johann Wolfgang Goethe, though showing only the pedigree of his maternal grandmother, enough to demonstrate that Goethe is 2nd cousin 5x removed of Leka King of Albania. This led to several additions to that tree. Less famous additions include Arthur Augustus Gibbon, Annetje Decker, Borje Jonsson Rosenstrale, Robert (of Bemersyde) Haig, Silas Mercer Parker, Solomon Marchant Lasseter, etc.

Fabulous Pedigree acknowledges our national grief

In Version 79, during February, I intercepted index requests to send political messages. For Version 80, I've restored the indexes, but added relevant links on the individual pedigree pages. I can't march on Washington, or help organize voters, so this is my small effort to help.
    Make America Sane Again!!

I hope all of you Americans find a way to help too.

(I'm sure some will be bitterly angry about the extra click to access the index page. I'm interfering with your God-given right to vote stupidly and to access the Fabulous Pedigree. I can't do anything about the first, but as for accessing my website ... There are webtools you can download that will prevent you from accidentally accessing my site. After you download the tool, you may also want to configure it to redirect accesses to nytimes and other Truthy sites to Alex Jones videos, so you can get your #AlternateTruth!)

Version 79

Added a pedigree for Brooke Shields. Her great-grandfather was an Italian nobleman, so this greatly expanded my coverage of Italian noble families, especially CARACCIOLO, CARAFA, LOMELLINI, GESUALDO, ORSINI, CAPUA, SPINOLA, GAETANI, COLONNA. Other families with many additions in this version include MacLEAN, ACQUAVIVA, VISIGOTHS, THESPIES, PIGNATELLI, MacDONALD, CAYLEY, BURTON, ROTHSCHILD, GRIMALDI, ha-LEVI, SFORZA, ha-DAVID, THERA. I also added pedigrees for William Penn, Lincoln Chafee, another Signer of the Declaration of Independent, another Cabinet Secretary or two, an Oppenheimer family, William W. Winchester, Arthur Cayley (top mathematician), and a few miscellaneous immigrants.

Version 78

Added pedigrees for Johnny Depp and Florence Nightingale. Added two more of the Hundred Most Influential -- Louis Pasteur and Johann Sebastian Bach. Added an index entry for 36 Mathematicians with pedigrees (14 from the Top 200 list, 6 others from the Top 305, 12 other mathematicians, 4 who are ancestral to a Top 200 mathematician). Added index entries for Scientist & Inventor, as well as General & Admiral.

Since I already had an index entry for Speakers of House of Commons, I investigated and found I had 37 such Speakers already in the database but not so identified! In addition to noting these I added a half-dozen more Speakers, in many cases already having the father in the database. One Speaker I was missing, John Smith, was gt-grandfather of the 6th Baronet Tancred; I was missing all those Baronets and the 6th Baronets wife led to many Welsh lines I was missing.

I seldonm update the miscellaneous side pages, but I did add a chart showing the in-bred pedigree of Spain's King Carlos II.

Version 77

Added several U.S. Secretaries of State I was missing, and created an index entry for them. I also added several other Chief Justices and U.S. Cabinet members and created index entries for them also. Johnny Cash and June Carter sang "Jackson" and finally made it into the Fabpedigree database! I added Kepler and Plato, two names I was missing from Hart's List of Most Influential People. I added various "unimportant" people just to broaden my coverage of medieval ancestors and links thereto. I added some of the missing lineages in my pedigree of Audrey Hepburn for the same reason.

I'd stopped at the 1st Earl Dunmure but at the urging of an e-mail correspondent I extended this line all the way to the 7th Earl. I was somewhat shocked -- and didn't know whether to be happy or dismayed! :-) -- that for each of the intervening Earls, the mother-in-law and father-in-law were both already in the database.

And on and on. The pedigree of Richard Croker (Tammany Boss) didn't seem too interesting but it did connect to the Kingsmill family so I looked into it. Samuel Pepys the famous diarist married the daughter of a Kingsmill, so I added Pepys.

Pursuing generalogy has sparked my interest in history, etc.; and vice versa. For example, while reading an account of the historic Battle of Courtai (Battle of the Golden Spurs), I noticed a list of the great French nobles killed at the Battle. Some were in my database but with death date shown as 1302? instead of 11/7/1302. Jean II of Brienne was missing altogether (though I mentioned him at his father's page). He seems to have no living descendants, but I added him and his grandson. (And this is just an example. I'm constantly adding more and more people without mentioning them in this "newsletter.")

Version 76

Added some Knights of St. Patrick I was missing, expanding my coverage of 18th-century Irish nobility. Added some Knights of the Garter including Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery. Added some of the notables who fell at Flodden Field that I was still missing: in many cases I already had the parents. I added the famous Patriot Nathan Hale, and two pop-stars: Madonna and Britney Spears.

WARNING. In between versions 75 and 76 my laptop broke. Version 76 was generated on a new computer, which may have been difficult or impossible to configure the same as the earlier laptop. File permissions were altered, and some files lost. IF YOU HAVE UNUSUAL PROBLEMS WITH THE NEW VERSION, PLEASE INFORM ME.

Version 75

I've noted Knights of St. Patrick and made an index entry for them. There aren't too many, so I added pedigrees for some, and noted the rest in the index list. And speaking of "how way leads on to way" ... I've long shown the ancient King of Thomond, Tal (Taile) Cas MacCONAILL as having a son "Aengus Cinathrac (ancestor of O'Roughan & O'Quin)." With the Quin Marquesses of Dunraven now in the database, as Knights of St. Patrick, I show the line from Quin to O'Quinn all the way back to that ancient King of Thomond!

I also added some of the noble Knights of the Garter I was still missing. In some cases I already had most of their ancestors already, and adding them was easy. For John Henry Guy Nevill, the 5th Marquess Of Abergavenny who died recently, however, this meant adding his maternal grandmother, Lady of Cork, who connects to Earls of Cork I was missing, Earls and Lords of Howth, various Baronets, etc. etc. Another Grter Knight I added, Miles FitzAlan-Howard, also led to many additions. So many ancestors to add, so little time. :-)

Version 74

Will I make an end of it? :-) I now have essentially all the U.S. Presidents, a large majority of the Vice Presidents, over half of the 100 Most Influential Persons, a huge collection of Knights of the Garter, wealthiest people, etc. Among many famous actors and actresses, I have three of the 8 highest-ranked classic American actors, and six of the 8 highest-ranking actresses. (I have both stars of African Queen, both stars of Jezebel, and Brando, Monroe, Taylor, Garland and Audrey Hepburn. From those Top 16 I'm missing Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart, Ingrid Bergman, Fred Astaire, Greta Garbo, Clark Gable and Jimmy Cagney. Of course I have many actors and actresses not among the Classic Sixteen including Brad Pitt, Orson Welles, John Wayne, James Dean, William Holden, Ava Gardner, Bing Crosby, Clint Eastwood, Sarah Bernhardt, etc.)

Audrey Hepburn's pedigree is new with this version, but I've only included part of Audrey Hepburn's huge pedigree of lesser Dutch and German nobles, losing the chance to add several new families including Haersolte, Schimmelpenninck, Hogendorp, van Goes, Duivenvoorde, Westrenen, Stavenisse, Renesse, etc.

Added eleven more of the wealthiest Americans ever, even though extensive pedigrees are available for only five of them: Peter Chardon Brooks, James Buchanan Duke, Isaac Merritt Singer, James J. Stillman, and the Koch brothers. (Although I didn't find a large pedigree for James G. Fair, he seemed worth adding: his daughter married a Vanderbilt; her daughter in turn married the Duke of Marlborough.) I also added Matthew Boulton, the earliest "most influential businessman" I was still missing, and Charles Scribner. Although the first several databases I checked showed Charles Scribner's wife as Emma Elizabeth Blair with no parentage, other sources, including Wikipedia (although it doesn't link Scribner's wife to its mention of the same-named Blair daughter), show that she was the daughter of John Insley Blair, one of the wealthiest Americans I was still missing.

While pursuing the pedigree of the super-rich Koch brothers, I found that they were distant cousins of Karl Marx's wife, so I added her pedigree as well -- she connects to the Chiefs of Galbraith and some other Scottish lines I was missing.

I also added Nancy Mitford, leading to a variety of lineages. The present-day billionaire Duke of Devonshire is Nancy's nephew, so I added him as well, rather easily.

Version 73

Flights of whimsy often lead me to additions. I clicked on an e-mail about a game paradox; the same newsletter had an unrelated item asking if I were interested in executed's last words, so I clicked again. Erskine Childers was executed and his last words were quoted. That name seemed very familiar; could he be related to the Erskine H. Childers, President of Ireland, whose mother was an American related to many American immigrants? Well, duuuuh... the two were father and son. By that point I had to add them to the database!

Early additions for this version in addition to Erskine Hamilton Childers include pedigrees for several American genealogists, for Colonel Sanders (of KFC fame), David Souter (Justice), Melville W. Fuller (Chief Justice), William Drew Washburn (Senator), the Bridges acting family, Halle Berry, Daniel Coit Gilman (educator), Johnny Appleseed, Cole Porter, Elihu Root, Endicott Peabody, two additions to the List of Most Influential Businessmen -- Henry R. Luce and Aaron Montgomery Ward -- and some additions to "other life forms."

The 9th Earl of Granard's mother was a prominent American heiress so I added him as well, forcing the additions of Barons of Petre, several other Earls of Granard, the Barons Clifford of Chudleigh, etc. These led to a huge number of additions, tracing more British gentry back to the 15th century.

As usual, adding these pedigrees helps to fill holes in my previous database. As just one example, I was missing the 8th Earl of Huntingdon (though I had his half-brother the 9th Earl). The 8th Earl's grandmother was Sarah Foote, 2nd cousin of the immigrant Footes ancestral to several famous Americans including President Bush. Sarah Foote's husband was John Lewys, Baronet, but his pedigree was missing from the usual places, so I looked him up in Extinct Baronetcies. There I learned that the Baronet's 2-g grandfather was Lionel Reresby of Thrybergh. So I found pedigrees for Lionel and his wife, and discovered that he had a daughter already in my database for whom I was missing the father. And this was a relatively simple connection. Sometimes flights of fancy lead me all the way back to mythical Hindu pedigrees!

Version 72

As usual, I made a very large variety of additions and corrections since the previous version. I also added pedigrees for several famous Americans including Peter Lawford, Edwin Hubble, Sarah Palin, Elliot Lee Richardson, E.E. Cummings, Ben Bradlee, McGeorge Bundy, William Holden, Lee de Forest, and First Lady Laura Bush; these were all chosen because their pedigrees connect to many other Americans.

Version 71

Additions include a pedigree for the Curie Nobel Prize winners, including Pierre's alleged descent from the great mathematician Johann Bernoulli. Added other pedigrees including Senators John Glenn and Orrin Hatch. And I decided to add an index entry for outlaws and gunfighters; this led me to add pedigrees for Doc Holliday and the famous outlaws Bob Dalton, Johnny Ringo and Clyde Barrow. This led me to new ancestors and medieval lineages I was missing for other lines. With the recent passing of Pete Seeger, we are reminded again of one of America's heroic eras; I include Sheriff J.H. Blair among outlaws and murderers.

Adding a few easy cases, like JFK's brothers and President Taft's son and grandson, I now have pedigrees for 60 U.S. Senators, so I added an index entry for that also. Robert Taft's son is considered to be "one of the five greatest Senators ever." I already had Henry Clay and John Calhoun, so I added Robert LaFollette and Daniel Webster to complete that list.

The way one thing leads to another! An e-mail correspondent kindly sent me the ancient lineage of the Boynton family which I was missing. She mentioned, without details, a line that led to the Boynton Baronets. It turned out I had the 1st Baronet's father and some of his line. Naturally I wanted to add the 1st Baronet, Matthew Boynton. While reviewing all this I noted that I'd previously attached the Baronet's wife to Matthew's gt-grandfather even though that made the chronology absurd. Fixed!

And I added Prestons, Carters, Williams, Prideaux, Underwoods, etc. To celebrate the large number of changes, I've jumped the Version number from 68 all the way to 71. Maybe I really am done now!

Reminder: There are several famous Americans missing from my database but with links to ancient pedigrees which I do show. Enter their name into this search box and click Search:

These famous Americans include Jennifer Anniston actress, Lloyd 'Beau' Bridges, Halle Berry, Benj. C. Bradlee editor, Tom Brokaw, McGeorge Bundy, Johnny Carson, June Carter, Madonna Ciccone, Walter Cronkite, E.E. Cummings, Ruby Dee nee Wallace, Celine Dion, Michael Douglas actor, George Eliot, Lee de Forest inventor, Alan B. Hall hero, Sarah Heath Palin, J.W. Hinckley attempted assassin, Jimmy Hoffa, William Holden ne Beedle, E.P. Hubble astronomer, Peter Lawford actor, Gregory Peck, Anthony Perkins actor, Cole Porter, Debbie Reynolds, Elliot L. Richardson, H.D. `Colonel' Sanders, David Souter Justice, Britney Spears, Jimmy Stewart actor, Laura Welch 1st Lady Bush.

Version 68

The way one thing leads to another! A correspondent wrote that I had the wrong mother for Christine de BAILLEUL; this lead me to a search. I never found that Christine's mother but stumbled across another Christine, granddaghter of Scotland's unfortunate King Edward, who connected to vast medieval lineages I was missing. I've never found the Baliol heir to the throne of Scotland, and most of the new lineages this led me to don't seem ancestral to Kings or famous Americans ... but naturally I added them anyway! :-) As just one example of other additions to French pedigrees, consider Jeanne de CARDILHAC, who married a man in her father's prison and was ancestral to most of today's European royalty. She had a mother from the Montalembert family, a family I was missing completely but which goes back to the 13th century.

I added pedigrees for Judy Garland, Jefferson Davis, Muhammad Ali, and more. Using Google Books and Wikipedia, I was able to add ancestries for some of the British Baronets in my database.

Version 67

A correspondent called the missing links in the Ashby family to my attention; this is a complicated confusing family! I've made many additions, but ended up with errors and confusion. I hope to update a few of the Ashby pages later in September (making an interim Version 67.1).

Britain's Prime Minister Edward Smith-Stanley and his son were both Knights of the Garter, so I added them; I added several other 19th- and 20th-century Garter Knights with noble pedigrees. This led me to add several 18th- and 17th-century English and Scottish lines I was missing; many were ancestral to people I already had but re-examination led me to fill in holes; and even led to missing ancestors from 16th century and earlier.

I added two more from Hart's Most Influential Persons List: Thomas Robert Malthus and William Harvery (dioscovering I already had William's brother Daniel, though with limited pedigree.) I already had Ada Lovelace, the famous first programmer; I added her great-grandson, Earl of Lytton.

To increase coverage of Biblical legends, I added a pedigree for Goliath the Giant whom David slew!

Version 66

A big change for this version was to increase the display depth of pedigrees slightly. For example, here is a Version 65 pedigree and here is the Vers. 66 pedigree page for the same man. Please let me know if you prefer the larger pedigrees. Make them even larger for Version 67?

With the marriage between Paris Hilton's sister and a wealthy Rothschild, I expanded my coverage of those families enough to show pedigrees for bride and groom. I also added pedigrees for Sir Francis Drake, John McCain, David Hume, Michael John Hare (Visc. Blakenham), and Mike Huckabee. I continue to grow my lists, adding Frank Kellogg (Nobel Peace laureate), T.J. Watson, Jr. (inlfuential businessman), William Morton (invented anesthestics, one of "100 Most Influential") and a few Knights of Garter or Thistle.

Version 65

In these "newsletter notes" I usually note additions (among several for this version were Galileo, Geoge Cabot Lodge, and Admiral Horatio Nelson), but don't emphasize corrections. Corrections actually represent much more work than additions. For this revision, thanks to Shelia Menditta, I made substantial corrections to the early de Lacy family.

Much of my data additions are just miscellaneous flights of fancy. I stumble again upon Lilith, supposedly first wife of Genesis' Adam, and though I had her already, pursue some of her fellow succubi. I notice inbreeding in the Rothschild and add more of their pedigrees, discussing one in my page on inbreeding. Musing about the song "Eleanor Rigby" I notice two Lucy Rigbys in my database, reseqarch to learn they're the same person, and add an extensive pedigree of her mother I was missing. And of course I continue to add medieval English pedigrees provided by my indefatigable correspondent Simon Young.

As of Seventh of May, I've also added an index heading: 'Most Influential Businessmen' and added three new life forms: water buffalo, macadamia tree, foraminifer (seabed ooze).

Version 64

I made many compromises in the construction of this pedigree; some of them I deeply regret. My "excuse" is that when I started I never imagined how large this project would become! One compromise I do not regret is my decision to restrict the alphabet to A-Z. One of my frequent correspondents recently reminded me (though not complaining) that the surname I show as Bjornlar should actually be Björnlår. But alternate ISO codings, ordering, searches etc. are all reasons that such alphabets would have made my task more cumbersome.

For this latest version, I connected my own pdigree back to immigrants from the Rush family. I added several famous Americans: George Clooney, Ty Cobb, Helen Keller, Walt Whitman, Alan B. Shepard (astronaut), Albert Einstein, Marlon Brando, Lizzie Borden, Cole Younger, Benjamin Rush. I had many ancestors of Charles Slaughter Morehead, so I added that Governor of Kentucky. His 3-gt grandson is a living British Earl, whose grandfather I already had, so I added him also. I added to the "Most Influential" List by adding part of Simon Bolivar's pedigree. He descends from Martin I King of Aragon who I was missing, While doing that, I noticed I was missing the large pedigree of another descendant of King Martin: Alvarez de BAZAN (2nd Sn. de FINELAS), so I added that; and ended up connecting various loose ends. And on and on and on .... As usual, I extended various pedigrees. I had 1st Viscount Astor; I added his grandson the 3rd Viscount. (I also added "pedigrees" for nine more life forms -- does anyone but me find these interesting?)

Some people may be confused about how I decide which pedigrees to add. Cole Younger was a criminal -- why did I add him instead of a hero? The answer is simple: I seek people who have large known pedigrees. Many famous people do not have large known pedigrees but, like it or not, many Americans will be able to learn from my site that they are distant cousin of Cole Younger. Ty Cobb was also something of an "anti-hero" but it was while pursuing his pedigree back to the Rush family that I realized I am also descended from the Rushes (though a different family than that of the famous Signer Dr. Benjamin Rush.)

Version 63

I've made some additions, and miscellaneous corrections -- some long-overdue.

It is interesting to compare the pedigrees of Neville and Austen Chamberlain. Not only are they half-brothers, but they are 2nd cousins and 3rd cousins. Even odder perhaps is that it as the less famous of the pair who won a Nobel Prize. I posed this as a puzzle on a message board, and learned that there is another half-brother pair where the less famous half-brother won the Nobel Prize.

So I've provided a pedigree for author Aldous Huxley, and his Nobel Prize-winning half-brother.

Version 62

Let me again reiterate that much of this information comes from e-mail correspondents, and from fine on-line genealogies like that of Richard Hodgson. BUT my time is limited, my eyesight is deteriorating, and I have more data coming in than I can enter. If your contribution was just to a link of an image, or some other hard-to-use input, I probably did not incorporate your data.

Working on my indexes; noticed I had almost half of the "100 Most Influential Persons;" I wanted one more to put me over the top! Scanning the list, Machiavelli stuck out as the best pedigree to try for. His pedigree led me to add Pope Clement XII and to hugely expand my coverage of the Strozzi family.

A guestbook correspondent pointed out that John Harrington might be the illegitimate daughter of Queen Elizabeth I. While pursuing that I noticed that Harrington's birth mother might have been an illegitimate child of King Henry VIII. Adding her led me to add two other illegitimate children of Henry VIII that I was missing.

I also obtained pedigrees for six more on the Wealthiest Lists: Andrew Mellon, Marshall Field, Russell Sage, Edward Clark, George Pullman, Warren Buffett, and Oliver Hazard Payne. Since Payne was named after the hero Oliver Hazard Perry, I added his pedigree as well. Ancestors of Russell Sage, e.g. his 4-gt grandmother Abigail Whitmore, connected me to long lineages I was missing, and hundreds of additions to my database. I've added Elvis Presley, another Vice President (Thomas Riley Marshall), a few Supreme Court Chief Justices, and (killing two birds with one stone since he's both a Nobel Laureate and one of the 100 Most Influential Persons) Ernest Rutherford.

The way one thing leads to another, switching between past and present, makes me think I'm schizoid! For example, during the index scan, looking for dupliucates, I wondered if the surnames SAINT-TRIVIER and SAINT-TRIVIERS were the same. Sure enough, Catherine de Saint-Trivier, wife of 16th-century Philibert de Lugny shows it both ways. This connected me to a large pedigree for Philibert de Lugny which of course I added, tracing him all the way back to 13th-century Huart de Bauffremont, whom I was missing. Did he have other descendants I was missing? Through afore-mentioned Philibert de Lugny and his great-grandson, all was the same. BUT another great-great granddaughter of Philibert showed up, ancestral to the present reigning Head of the House of Reuss. I'd been adding more of the Reuss lines, but not the junior branch that finally took over recently. I have it now!

Several versions ago I added Sarah Margaret `Fergie' FERGUSON, daughter in law of the present Heir to the throne of George I King of English and Scots. So I accumulated her ancestors who include, as 5-great grandfather, John Meade, 1st Earl of Clanwilliam. Now, going back this far I'm sure there are many others I am missing from Fergies' pedigrees, and AFAICT no one else in my database descends from the Clanwilliam Earl. Still Clanwilliam's father and grandfather are both Baronets, and I don't mention that. I showed his gt-grandfather Pierce Butler but with no ancestry and without mentioning he was Viscount Ikerrin. So I needed their pedigrees too! On and on it goes.

Version 61

Version 61 was uploaded November 30th, but due to an error by the operator (me), the index pages for that version didn't appear until December 4! Sorry. ☹

Breaking News for Version 61!!! I now show which President in the "U.S. President's 8-gt grandfather" notes. (If a person is ancestral to two or more Presidents, only one (the closest relative) is shown.

Let me caution users again that my database has many errors! Take all data with a "grain of salt." For example, there are many cases where a man is shown marrying a woman with the same name as his mother or grandmother. Coincidences? Maybe, but more likely is that one of the names is incorrect. I don't have the time or talent to research by myself the data in sources I use.

I made a lot of additions and corrections in this revision, but also several dozen deletions. Often, despite my efforts at checking, the same group of people make their way into the database TWICE; I have to merge them, deleting one batch.

To check for these, as well as other errors, and missing surnames aliases, I like to scan, rapidly, through ther entire surname index. But that is a tiring and tedious procedure -- so tiring that I've not done it for several years. For Version 61, I finally did scan the entire index A through K, and plan to do L through Z for Version 62 (if there is such a thing).

One of the bigger problems in my presentation are the numerous "skip this generation?" markers. These just mean that the person depicted as father is possibly or probably a brother instead. I've thought of rewording the marker to be "He is possibly the brother, NOT the father as shown", but I'm afraid this might just increase confusion. Anyway, sources often conflict and I don't want to guess which source is correct. (And I'll admit that deficiencies in my own software make the "skip" approach easiest for me to implement.)

I get enough correction requests that I know the "skip this generation" marks are ignored or misunderstood. Should I make them bolder and bigger? Replace them with "He is possibly the brother, NOT the father as shown"? Advice, please!

I continue correcting and adding to old pedigrees, as well as adding new ones. I try to grow my index lists, and with this version I added more Vice Presidents, more First Ladies, and three more Nobel Laureates: Linus Pauling, J.W. Strutt Lord Rayleigh, and Al Gore. (Two birds with one stone on V.P. Al Gore!) I've also added Henry Clay, and Robert Traill Spence (IV) Lowell, the famous poet who has a huge pedigree, connecting him to many famous Americans. There were several famous Americans named Robert Treat Paine. I had the one who signed the Declaration of Independence but not his famous great-grandson. This was causing me confusion, so I added the great-grandson as well.

I'm frequently reminded how much I'm missing! The pedigrees I show for ancient Rome and Egypt are especially incomplete. Please just view some of my pedigrees as representative.

(You may not want to read this paragraph.) I spend time searching genealogical data in an almost random fashion. I stumbled on a 17th-century surname JESSURUN, and examined the descendancy chart. It was a huge chart with thousands of names so I browsed it at very high speed, just glancing to see if a familiar name stood out, or if someone in the data emigrated to America. But no, most of the lines went extinct before the present-day, and when I glanced at the death-places, they were usually in Poland. Suddenly I became aware of what I was looking at. Over 500 people in that descendancy chart died at Auschwitz 1942-44 and another 400 died at Sobibor. What a heart-wrenching shock that Gedcom is. What a sad duty for the person who created it.

Version 60

It's fun the way jigsaw pieces fall into place. For example, I'd already added pedigrees for Howard Hughes and the Wright Brothers, but hadn't done Hughes' mother. While preparing a list of the "other descendants" who've crept in, I noticed that Nicholas Knapp showed Howard R. Hughes as his 8-g grandson -- why wasn't that in my pedigree for Hughes? The outstanding William Addams Reitwiesner shows a connection from Hughes' mother to Knapp via Mary Sarah STITES, but Stites' husband, Reverned John Gano (said to have baptised George Washington) may be more interesting. I found a site which specializes in the Gano family, tracing them back to Huguenot immigrants. I noticed that Daniel Gano, grandson of the Huguenot and father of John, was already in my database (but with no parents shown) as an ancestor of the Wright Brothers. Kudos to Jamie Bonnalie's Family Tree (same forename as me!) which shows this distant cousin relationship between famous airplane designers -- Howard Hughes and the Wright Brothers.

I prepare the "other descendant" list because I like to add pedigrees for people who have many cousin relationships to others in my database. This led me to add Canadian P.M. Robert L. Borden, Georgia O'Keeffe and Mary Baker Eddy for this version. (Top candidates to add next include Elvis Presley, Alan Shepard the astronaut, Laura Welch 1st Lady Bush.)

I continue to work on my lists. I added a pedigree for Thomas Edison, one of History's Most Influential Persons. And, spurred by one of my strongest fans, I finally added President Ronald Reagan. I'd been procrastinating there because it meant adding his First Lady Nancy Davis who has a HUGE pedigree that meant several days of work. (Adding Nancy's pedigree led me to chunks of other Presidential pedigrees I was missing.)

It's almost embarassing to admit how much of my "research" is due to flights of fancy. President Buchanan's mother's surname was Speer, so I searched for Speer, wondering if I could add to that pedigree. But what showed up was Grijspeere, 15th-century ancestors of the Princes of Monaco, and this hooked me to a large number of that family's ancestors I was missing. Once I had this lead, I realized the Grijspeere family also fit in the pedigree of the 19th-century King of Bavaria. And on and on it goes....

Version 59

It's embarassing how many errors there still are in my database. While adding historical notes regarding the historic 1529 Siege of Vienna, I noticed that commander Nikolaus I (Count) von SALM-OBERSALM had his lieutenant Wilhelm (Freiherr) von ROGENDORF shown as father-in-law instead of brother-in-law, a chronological absurdity. (In my self-defence, many sources do not show any relationship at all between the two.)

I added Elizabeth Taylor. I won't show pedigrees for all her husbands(!) but give one for Nicky Hilton.

I like to build my "Important persons" lists. I've added three more U.S. Vice Presidents, many more Knights of the Garter (though sometimes showing only the father): This led to some French lines I was missing. I added Henry Ford, who's on two lists: Wealthiest Americans Ever, and Most Influential Persons in History. I've added the Kings of Morocco (showing their alleged descent from Mohammed) and, thanks to one of my regular correspondents, another "wealthiest American" -- R.W. Sears, founder of Sears & Roebuck.

Version 58

I continue to fill in the pedigree of the Princes de Ligne, getting more and more medieval French lineages. Another vast missing area are Welsh pedigrees; I've made many additions there. I've also added several Knights of the Garter, including Harold Alexander, the commander who defeated Rommel in North Africa.

Version 57 had about 190,000 actual pedigree pages, with another 50,000 individuals mentioned. I'll stop updating the "Newsletter" with this factoid, which is shown in greater detail on the Home Page, and with historic growth at the bottom of the Stats Page.

Version 57

I've received many e-mails suggesting additions and corrections. I've tried to respond to all suggestions, but please check the pedigrees you reported and e-mail me again if the present version is still incorrect.

Just when I'm trying to take it easier ... I make one of the largest updates ever, by number of individuals. Once I add a person at all, I try to commit myself to that person's pedigree. (Though I'm still missing parts of Lady Diana's public tree!) At some point, because they were sovereign within the Holy Roman Empire, I added the de Ligne Princes. The 11th Prince made a 20th-century marriage to a sister of the Duc de Mouchy; the 4th Duc de Mouchy made an 19th-century marriage to the sister of a Duc Talleyrand, and so on. These French lineages are missing from many of the English and American databases, so I'm happy to add them here. Thanks again to Richard Remmé.

From William Addams Reitwiesner's illustrious website, I copied more ancestors and connections for Senator John Kerry; Reitwiesner presents Kerry's famous distant cousins in an easy-to-read format, so I made more connections. Someone pointed to me a large list of Lusignan descendants, but without connections to a King, President (or de Ligne Prince) etc., I added only a few of the important Lusignans.

I added the Radziwill line for Jackie Kennedy's sister; and added President Clinton and his wife. I now have all the Presidents except Andrew Johnson and Ronald Reagan. I added Vice Presidents George Dallas, Elbridge Gerry, Dan Quayle, Daniel Tompkins, and George Clinton, so am now missing only 15 V.P.s. I added Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., showman Buffalo Bill Cody, actor Raymond Massey, and a partial pedigree for actress Lillian Gish. I added author Herman Melville and, noting that they are distant cousins of Melville, extended the line of Barons Bryon to the late 19th century.

I often add pedigrees for people with no famous descendants if they help to show connections. For example, in this Version I've added John de Peyster DOUW and his wife Cathrine Douw GANSEVOORT, who are distant cousins of many people already in my database. They are ancestors of many Americans.

I also add famous people inadvertantly. For examples, John Pell the mathematician, and Hugo Groot the jurist were added in this version. Fortunately I noticed their claims to fame and mention them; I'm sure I've overlooked many famous people.

My work is helter-skelter to put it mildly! While debating whether to add Elvis Presley's pedigree, my attention wandered to recent news, and thence to trying to place Syria's Alawite sect. I gave up on the Ibn Nusayr who founded the Alawites, but noted that my database already had a different Ibn Nusayr who was a famous conqueror of Spain (though my database showed only "Governor of North Africa"). Using data that correspondents had already sent me, I extended his pedigree back a few generations.

Version 56

Thomas Jefferson's 4-g grandmother was Susanna Hechstetter, whose father emigrated from Bavaria to England. At a correspondent's urging, I added her German ancestry, which led to some minor nobiity I was missing, e.g. the LANGENMANTEL family.

Having added the recent Princes of Lignes, with wives from minor French nobility like de TRAZEGNIES, I've been gradually expanding my coverage of minor medieval French nobles; and most of the individuals added in this latest version are in that category. Thanks again to Richard Henri Remmé for making his comprehensive database public.

I've also added Alan Turing and several Americans: John Calhoun, James Dean, President McKinley, and President Kennedy and his wife. This led to expanded pedigrees for some of McKinley's distant Scottish cousins. JFK had several famous brothers-in-law, but I added only the son of Duke Devonshire, whose mother tied in more English nobility. Now I'm missing only three Presidents.

Version 55

Added pedigrees for several Americans, inlcuding Hoover's First Lady, Richard Gere, Orson Welles, Robert H.Goddard, Laura Ingalls (Wilder), Andrew Carnegie, Joseph W. Alsop, William C. Durant, General Sherman, Samuel Adams. I've also made correction and additions to medieval British lines, etc.

Version 54

One contributer pointed out that I was missing Italy's wealthy and influential Borghese family, which produced Pope Paul V, Cardinals, and Princes down to the present day. A cursory pedigree for the Borgheses would add 300 or so names to my database, but I decided to be thorough, and incorporate details of many of the French lineages from Richard Remmé's huge on-line database. Many of the standard sources focus on British or German lineages, so it is good to have magnificent efforts like Remmé's for France and the Low Countries.

"Unfortunately", the Borghese pedigree leads to many minor French noblemen (some already in my database) who have ancestries not previously shown in my database. To add them pushes my database well over the 200,000 mark! With about 3000 abstract entities, 1000 placeholders, and 1500 alternate pedigrees, it may seem I've cheated to get to 200,000. On the other hand this figure does not include about 20,000 children without clickable links, which would count as individuals in most databases.

With these extensive changes it seemed best to "rush Version 55 into print", evne though I have pending work, especially for the Bagot, Mallory and Bellomonte families.

Reading a book about Edward de Vere, I read of a famous conspirator of the Tudor era, Francis Throckmorton. I was missing him, but had two of his grandparents; should be easy to add, right? Yes ... except that it led me into the Fowke lineage, etc.. I had Fowkes in the database already, but didn't show their ancestry.

A reminder: Some of my choices are whimsical. For example, the index entry for surname of the WEST includes mainly Roman Emperors, but also includes Dale Evans, `Queen of the West.' I'm sorry if my whimsy annoys some people.

I work on certain index entries. (For example, I now have all four of the famous Big Four of the West's railroads -- they all also appear on the list of 45 wealthiest Americans ever.) Noting that a Vice Pres. I was missing (Colfax) descends from a Knight of the Garter I was also missing it was an easy decision to add both.

After several years with my Guestbook disabled, I've started a new one, using the convenient Quick Topic website. Please sign-in and post your comments!

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