Galadriel (Ruler) of LOTHLORIEN

     aka Artanis; Lady of the GALADHRIM, Lady of Light, Lady of the Wood; ('the mightiest and fairest of all the Elves that remained in Middle-Earth')


 Husband/Partner:       Celeborn of DORIATH
 Child:       Celebrian
/-- Finwe (1st High King) of the NOLDOR
/-- Finarfin (High King) of the NOLDOR in VALINOR
\-- Indis of the VANYAR
/   \-- Ingwe
- Galadriel (Ruler) of LOTHLORIEN
/-- grandfather of Elmo
/-- father of Elmo
/-- Olwe
\-- Earwen of the TELERI

  Her Great Grandchild:       Eldarion Telcontar (36th King) of GONDOR

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